Project Incest: Marie C.

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I’m a former journalist turned researcher and writer. A year ago June, I was contacted by a private foundation in Miami, Florida. The foundation had commissioned a report on incest in America, with the results to be circulated privately amongst the foundation’s board members, all of whom belonged to the elite of the elite. My job was to contact a select group of psycho-therapists and assorted individuals, and to run a series of classified ads seeking contact with “family lovers.” I’d interview participants, write up their stories, and submit my report to the Foundation. I signed a confidentiality agreement, but the money involved was enough to encourage my silence. With the permission of the Foundation, not be imprudent to illustrate the situation of “family lovers” more generally. What follows are short narratives and case histories. The people are real; names and locals have been changed.


Marie C.

[Marie is a 58 y.o. mother and grandmother. She was referred by Dr. B of Yorba Linda, CA. Marie is an attractive woman – – dark-haired, large green eyes, shapely, a lively demeanor. She completed high school. Her deceased husband was a real estate salesman. This is a summary of my interview.]

Well, Dr. B. thought I should help out with your project. I was a little nervous at first, but if everything is anonymous then I feel better. Right now, I live with my grandson. He’s 20 and attends the local junior college. His name is Jimmy. He’s a real cutie: tall, dark hair, really, really good shape. [Marie giggles] As they used to say, we are “co-habitating.” And we love it. Of course, nobody else knows. escort ataşehir We just pretend we’re a grandmother and her grandson and that he’s living with me while he goes to college to save money. But, oh baby, once the door is closed and the lights are off . . or on. [Giggle] You probably want to know how it started. Sure you do. Ok.

My daughter divorced about a year and a half ago. She was having a hard time making ends meet. She has three kids, all boys. Jimmy is the oldest. Sandy, my daughter, had to move to a smaller place. She thought Jimmy was just getting too big to share a room with his brother, plus he was getting ready to start college. So, we agreed that he could come and live with me.

I’ve been a widow for almost ten years and although I’ve dated some guys, I was never really attracted to bald, fat, creaky guys. Like most girls, I like my men sexy and good-looking. Sexually, I was pretty frustrated. I had a stack of Playgirl magazines and some videos to help me out. When Jimmy moved in, I hid all that stuff and played the part of the sweet grandmother.

That was hard. Like I said, Jimmy is one hot stud. And, it didn’t help when he’d walk around the apartment in gym shorts and tank tops. Pretty soon, I’d serve Jimmy his breakfast and then retreat to my bedroom to play with myself. At first, I’d fantasize about the hunks in Playgirl. But one day, I fantasized about Jimmy, about feeling his hard body and kissing him. And after that, I’d fantasize about Jimmy and his hard young body just about every morning and every night. It got so if he even brushed up against me I’d flush and feel all prickly. kadıköy escort My fantasies were getting hotter and hotter – – in my imagination, Jimmy would come into my bedroom, take off his shorts, pull out his dick [giggle], and just stick it in me.

Finally, one night, Jimmy told me his date had cancelled on him but he still wanted to go out. I offered to go out with him. He laughed but agreed. We went miniature golfing. How sexy could that be? But it was. I made sure Jimmy just had to teach me how to putt. Oh my god. I was dying while he wrapped his arms around me and showed me how to hit that little golf ball. And, I played so stupid. By the time we were halfway through, Jimmy was just automatically sidling up behind me and pressing himself against my ass and guiding my putter. Pretty soon, I was ever so gently wiggling my ass when he helped me. And pretty soon, I could feel him rotating his hips against my ass. I was practically panting by the time we finished up. Jimmy suggested we go get some ice cream, but I said I thought we should get home. So, we drove home.

Once we got home, I went into my bedroom and stuck my hand right up my skirt to give my pussy a good workout. Then I had an idea. I changed into a nice, sexy panty and bra set and put on a sheer robe. I called Jimmy into the bedroom. I could see him gasp when he saw my outfit. With a big sweet smile, I asked him for one more golf lesson. He gulped hard and agreed.

Pretty soon he was hunched over me from behind with his hands on mine in front. I wiggled my ass and asked him if that was good. He panted yes. I stood up a little and his hands maltepe escort bayan dropped onto my hips. I reached around behind me and put my hand on his cock. He gasped. I arched my back and his hands went right to my tits. I leaned back into him and told him: “Come on Jimmy, give your grandma a real lesson.” With that, I turned around to kiss him. Our tongues met and he started squeezing my nipples. In about two seconds flat, I’d turned around and we were necking furiously. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my pussy.

I reached down with both hands into Jimmy’s shorts and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. Jimmy moaned and I pulled him backward onto the bed. As I fell onto the bed, my grandson fell on top of me. We were both going nuts with lust, and in a couple of minutes his dick was deep inside of me and we were fucking like mad.

I can’t tell you how good it felt – -running my hands over Jimmy’s muscles and his nice tight butt while feeling him slide in and out of me. It was like fucking one of those models in Playgirl. And, Jimmy loved it too. He was like a man on fire as he pushed his dick in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed his ass. I came first with a shout. Then Jimmy came. We were grunting and groaning together.

Afterward, we kissed a lot. I told him how much I loved him, and he told me he loved me. We made love again. Since then, it’s just been heaven. At the end of his first semester when his final exams came around, I told Jimmy that I’d give him a blowjob for every “A” he got. Well, he got a 4.0 that semester and we had a lot of fun together.

It’s been over a year since we first made love and we’re really happy. My daughter doesn’t know about it, ‘tho she does think it’s funny that Jimmy doesn’t have a college girlfriend yet. I know it’s wrong, what we do. But is it really? I don’t know. How’s that? [end of interview]

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