Professor Vinci’s Delivery

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Tabitha stretched luxuriously, enjoying the way her red silk sheets whispered against her new black stockings. It was a rainy Tuesday in October and she’d spent the evening relaxing in bed wearing nothing but her favorite chemise and the incredibly sexy new thigh-highs. Needless to say, she was horny as hell and ready to let someone else admire the way the black lingerie matched the lacy top and sheer fabric of the stockings. She rolled over again, dragging her leg across the sheets with a satisfying “shh-shh-shh” sound. Tom, her regular booty call, hadn’t answered her phone call. She assumed he was at work in the Student Accounts office; he probably wouldn’t get off until ten.

Tabitha sighed. Sitting up, she ran one hand from the soft toe of her left stocking up her leg, playing with the lace top and drawing small circles on her thigh. She hadn’t bothered to turn on a lamp and her tiny studio apartment was washed in gentle grey moonlight. Letting her hand move up her thigh toward the heat radiating from her crotch, Tabitha let her mind drift over the undergraduate men in the Spanish Literature class she was TA-ing for this semester. There was Joey, a blonde football god with piercing green eyes; her fingers moved up a little further, slipping under the folds of her chemise. There was Derek, a brooding long-haired artist who stayed after class to talk to her about Latin American politics; she drew a long nail across the delicate shaved folds of her outer pussy lips. Could she call either of them? Of course she could—Tabitha was a brown-haired goddess with rich chocolate eyes, smooth tanned skin and full, sensuous lips. She was naturally very slim but her firm breasts were generous C-cups. She relished the hungry looks the students gave their sexy graduate assistant, helping their lust by wearing tantalizing nylons and garters that just showed under her short pinstriped skirts. The only man who seemed unaffected by Tabitha’s sexual magnetism was Belen Vinci, the aloof, brooding Spanish Literature professor.

Tabitha’s other hand moved to the underside of her full breasts, cupping them gently as she imagined Vinci’s tousled black hair and dark Spanish complexion against her red silk sheets. She squeezed her right breast, pinching her nipple gently through the sheer net of her chemise. The index finger of her other hand ran along her slit, moving inside and connecting almost unexpectedly with her hot clit. Shivering with the escort çankaya delicious contact, Tabitha bit her lip and wondered why Vinci never responded to the not-so-subtle sexual signals she sent out when they met alone in his office. She loved to lean over the papers they were discussing, allowing more and more of her cleavage to peer out through the top of her low-cut dress as they went over the class’ latest assignments. Vinci never seemed to notice, even when she was sure he had a full view of her pink, pert nipples. Tabitha’s long nail tickled her clit, flicking against it gently. Her breath quickened as she pinched her nipple, the heat of her arousal causing her face to flush gently in the cool October air.

The doorbell rang.

“Shit,” she breathed. Tabitha held still a moment, planning to let whoever it was give up and go away; however, the chance that Tom might have received her phone message and arrived without calling first made her roll out of bed and pad across the floor to the front door. Staring through the peephole, she caught her breath. It was Belen Vinci. “Tuesday,” she thought, “of course—he’s here to drop off today’s assignments.”

“Hold on a second, Belen,” she called, reaching to grab a chenille robe from the closet. Her hand paused in midair as a devious thought entered her mind. How would he react? The sexy stockings, the sheer chemise, no panties… She knew she looked unbelievably tempting. Before she could lose her nerve, Tabitha threw back her gorgeous dark-brown curls and opened the door.

Belen Vinci wore expensive jeans with carefully ripped knees, leather boots, a fitted black t-shirt and a very surprised expression. Tabitha gently took the pile of student papers he held and walked back inside her apartment, saying casually, “Thanks, Belen… Why don’t you come in for a second?” He followed her and she felt his eyes raking up her form, from the rich curve of her ass to the round outline of her areolas through the delicate mesh chemise.


“Yes, Belen?”

“What are you doing?”

“Belen. You’re an attractive man. I’ve come on to you at least a dozen times and you’ve never so much as reacted to it.”

“Don’t you think that might have something to do with our position?”

“I don’t recall you ever putting me in a position, Belen.”

“You’re my graduate assistant. No matter how attracted I am to you or how your skirts seem to be getting steadily otele gelen escort shorter as the semester progresses, I am not supposed to fuck you.”

Tabitha set the papers on her kitchen table and turned around deliberately. Belen Vinci was standing in her doorway, his intense grey eyes concealing a spark of mischief. She smiled. Vinci stepped into her apartment and casually shut the door behind him as he spoke. “However much I might be tempted to.”

“Tempted to what?”

“Fuck you. In the office, during a lecture. I can’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to be inside of you.” The sexy Spanish lilt and deep, smooth voice made Tabitha’s face flush slightly with desire and anticipation. Belen stepped toward her and she could see the hard bulge of his cock through the expensive jeans. She swallowed.

“I had no idea. I thought you didn’t notice—”

“The way you hang your breasts in my face? How you bend over in my office, showing me your tight little ass and those amazing nylons you always wear?” He reached out and took her thigh in his hand, squeezing hard, letting his thumb rub over the soft fabric of the stockings. “I noticed, Tabitha.” His hand suddenly rose under her chemise to her wet slit, and, after one exploratory caress, Tabitha gasped as two of Vinci’s strong fingers entered her pussy forcefully. His other hand circled around her ass and pulled her close to him as she moaned with pleasure. His fingers slipped in and out, hitting her g-spot expertly with every stroke. She ground against him as he added a third finger, moving his other hand up under her lingerie to cup her firm, naked ass.

Just as Tabitha began to ride the brink of a colossal orgasm, Vinci removed his fingers and half-carried her toward her bed, throwing her onto it and pulling off his black t-shirt with one powerful movement. She helped him unbutton his jeans and soon he stood in front of her wearing nothing but sleek, tight black shorts that showcased the enormity of his rock-hard cock. Tabitha trailed her nails along the smooth sides of the sexy shorts, enjoying the way her fingers slipped over the cool black fabric. Once she felt the hardness of his giant bulge, however, she couldn’t wait any longer. Slipping her fingers underneath the waistband, she dropped the shorts to the ground and exposed the largest cock she’d ever seen. Tabitha wrapped a hand around it and brought her lips to the head, etlik bayan escort tasting, letting her tongue play with the tip. Impatient, Vinci grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deep into her mouth, groaning with pleasure as she eagerly began to deep-throat him. He fucked her mouth slowly, wrapping his fingers around her hair so he could manipulate her and ensure she was taking him deep enough with every suck.

Tabitha had waited long enough. She let go of Vinci’s dick and fell back, intentionally causing him to lose his balance and fall on top of her because his fingers were still entangled in her hair. When they fell, she immediately wrapped her stocking-clad legs around Vinci’s tight ass and pulled his pelvis to hers.

His cock moved across her clit and parted her pussy lips, hovering at her entrance as he positioned himself above her. Not bothering to remove her chemise, he merely pulled it up over her breasts and took one in each hand before entering her hard, his huge cock forcing itself into her wet, waiting cunt. She cried out with the intensity of the sensation, which hovered between pleasure and pain. Vinci fucked her faster and faster. His hands squeezed her breasts and his eyes closed in ecstasy as his dick moved in and out of Tabitha’s pussy, harder and faster with every stroke. She spread her legs and held on to his shoulders as they moved toward climax. Tabitha’s head spun and tingles shot through her body; she cried out, feeling Vinci thrusting hard against the back of her cunt. He grabbed her breasts and came, pumping rapidly as he grew impossibly hard inside of her. She went over the edge and lost all sense of time as her orgasm rocked through her body. They collapsed, shaking, Tabitha contracting against Vinci’s still-throbbing dick.

After a minute or two Vinci pulled out of her and stepped into her tiny bathroom, emerging seconds later wearing the smooth shorts again. He dressed rapidly as she watched from the bed, still recovering from the earth-shattering orgasm she’d just experienced.

Vinci paused with his hand on the door. “I’ll see you Monday in class, Tabitha.”

She smiled coyly and fluffed her chemise. “Yes, Professor.”

“And Tabitha?”


“You’ll want to wear stockings again. They’ll be necessary later… In my office.”

“Yes, sir.” He was gone. She lay back, elated, her breath only now returning to normal. Less than thirty seconds had passed when the doorbell rang. Tabitha stood and walked to it curiously, wondering if Vinci had somehow forgotten something in her apartment. Through the peephole, she saw Tom’s blonde hair, deep California tan and athletic build and smiled. This was going to be a good night, indeed.

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