Precious Gem Twin Sisters, Ch 2 Diamond

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Precious Gem Twin Sisters
Chapter 2 – Diamond

With Ruby’s promise of a surprise that night, I of course came back to the strip club again. I arrived about 9:30pm and was enjoying the stage shows and seeing the pretty girls walking around. I had to turn down several girls offers to provide me with their lapdance services. I didn’t see any sign of Ruby, and I hoped that I wouldn’t be let down.

Then a few minutes after 10pm, after the latest naked girl left the stage, the DJ came on to announce the next dancer. “OK gentlemen, our regulars know them as the ‘Precious Gems’, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Ruby and Diamond!!”

That caught my attention, and I wondered who her dancing partner was. Obviously she must be bisexual if she likes dancing with other girls. Maybe this would turn out better than I imagined!

Then Ruby came through the curtain wearing a shiny black bikini. Her partner came through next and my jaw dropped open, as Diamond was Ruby’s identical twin sister!

I better knew her as Maria. I had also met her at some parties with her sister the month before. She wasn’t quite as sharp as her sister and was always trying to compete with her as well.

Her hair was just at her shoulders and a medium brown, and she had it in done in two pigtails tonight and wearing a white cotton bra and panties.

Seeing these twins dressed in contrasting outfits was so amazing. The crowd was going wild as they danced a synchronized routine on stage for us. The sisters obviously had practiced this and had it down pretty well. Ruby was still acting the erotic tease while Diamond was the playful and easy slut. She even let a few guys get a feel in here and there while on stage. Besides their hair, the only other dead give-away I could see was that Diamond had completely shaved her pussy whereas Ruby had a small strip still. The girls finished their performance by pressing their naked bodies together and kissing each other and then they disappeared through the curtain. The entire place was in a frenzy.

After a few minutes the sisters came out from the back area into the lounge. They passed on several offers being made to them and headed straight for me. Ruby must have been watching for me during their stage performance. When they got there Ruby gave me a big hug and then Diamond did as well. They sat down and we chatted for the next fifteen minutes or so. Diamond/Maria danced with her sister on stage just on weekends, as she had a couple kids she had to care for but their dad took them on the weekends so she was able to make some extra money this way. Ruby was definitely the more experienced and polished dancer, but Diamond made up for it with being more accommodating to special illegal bahis extras.

Eventually Ruby excused herself saying she had to go make some money, and left me with her sister. I asked Diamond if she needed to go as well, but she said no. She had heard about what Ruby and I did the night before, including our time in the VIP booth. She said she wanted me to give her a chance to see how she was better than her sister. I wasn’t about to complain, so I said I’d be a fair judge for her and smiled broadly.

We headed off to the VIP section and she took me to the same booth her sister did. Once the curtain was drawn, she immediately stripped naked and came over to me and climbed up into my lap, straddling me. She pressed her breasts into my face while running her hands over my head and also undoing the buttons on my shirt.

I embraced her vigor and enthusiasm and licked and sucked her breasts that she thrust at me. I cupped her asscheeks and was rubbed them as she was gyrating herself against me. I couldn’t resist and I reached around further and found the same wetness between her legs with my forefingers as I had found in her sister the night before.

As she felt my probing fingers, she leaned backwards and sat back on my legs, and I have a wonderful view of her body. Her hands rubbed over my chest and worked down, and suddenly she was rubbing my cock through my pants. I decided to see if she was like her sister, and my hands ran up her thighs. One hand continued up to her breasts, while my other one reached between her legs and I began to rub her pussy.

Diamond moaned and smiled at me, and rubbed my cock all the harder. I pushed my finger into her pussy and pumped it several times. She began to thrust her hips back at my finger as she road it. Then I pulled my finger out and tasted her sweetness. Ruby begged me to put my finger back in, so I did. She was riding me in earnest, bucking against my finger.

She then told me not to take it out as she moved. She stood up, and raised one leg up over me and twirled around so that she was facing away from me now. She bent over and spread her legs and I slipped a second finger into her then and kept pumping away.

Diamond was going crazy and so I decided to go further and I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her quivering ass cheek. She didn’t object, so I moved in and ran my tongue down her back and over her little asshole and as I reached her pussy she nearly collapsed.

Suddenly Diamond pulled my hand out and stood up. She said “God, I need you now!”

“I’d love to help out, but aren’t there rules?”

Diamond smiled and replied “Yes and no. Come with me” With that she wrapped a silk scarf she had around her body and I grabbed illegal bahis siteleri my shirt and threw it on. We took the rest of our stuff and she led me out of the booth and into what appeared to be a dead end. She reached for a sconce on the wall and gave it a twist. And I’m not kidding but a section of wall suddenly cracked open. Diamond grabbed the edge and swung it open and pulled me inside and then closed it until it clicked, and then locked it.

As I looked around at where we were, I could see a larger bench and some hooks on the wall. It wasn’t much, but obviously this was a secret play room they had.

Diamond unwrapped her body and pushed me down onto the bench. She immediately was undoing my belt and pants. Before I knew it she had her mouth around my cock and was sucking me vigorously. I just laid back and decided to enjoy.

After several minutes, I decided I was being selfish, plus I wanted to lick her pussy and ass some more. I guided her into a 69 position with her on top and I began in earnest to devour her bare pussy. I also licked a finger and began playing with her tiny rosebud, which seemed to make her go wild.

After she was good and very wet, I decided it was time to fuck her. I lifted her off me and laid her on the bench and spread her legs. I positioned my cock at the entrace to her pussy.

Diamond said “Just don’t cum in my pussy, I already have 2 kids” and she giggled.

I pushed my cock in and she arched her back and her eyes rolled back. I slowly pulled out and slid back in again. As I got more and more inside of her, I picked up the pace as well. Soon I was pounding her fast and deep. She wasn’t as tight as her sister, but she sure was energetic. Then she suddenly went rigid as her orgasm swept over her and after a minute or so of me continuing my fucking, she began to move again but only in convulsions until finally she was back in the world with me.

“If I can’t cum in your pussy, where do you want it? Can I cum in your ass? Or mouth? Or do you want to wear it all over your pretty face?”

She looked up at me and whispered “In my ass, oh god I want you in my ass.”

That surprised me a bit actually, as I figured such a petite girl wouldn’t be into anal sex so much. But she reached for her purse and pulled out a small tube of lubricant and gave it to me.

I didn’t want to miss the chance to first get her ass ready more naturally, so I pulled my hard cock out of her pussy and keeping her legs spread wide I knelt down, cupped her ass cheeks and gently spread them and then dived in with my tongue. Her whole body jumped as I shoved my tongue into her. Diamond seemed to very much enjoy being rimmed. I fucked her ass firmly with my tongue, and then I began canlı bahis siteleri working a finger into it as I continued to lick all around.

Then I decided it was time, and I put a healthy amount of lube on her ass and then my cock. I looked down at her and said “Are you ready, my little gem?”

“Fuck yes, shove that cock in my ass” Diamond begged.

Well I couldn’t refuse such a request, so I obliged and placed my cock at her hole and pushed it in. Her entire body arched and she moaned. Again, I slowly worked more and more of my cock into her, but this time up her back door.

And I picked up the pace, fucking her ass faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Diamond was telling me how much she liked it and how good it felt. That spurred me on as I could feel my own cum start to boil in my balls.

After about 5 more minutes of fucking her tight little ass, I shouted out that I was going to shoot. Diamond cried out and wrapped her legs around me as I began to spurt deep up her ass, holding me all the way in. My cock spasmed several times inside of her as I could feel my body empty out into her.

I fell down exhausted on top of her. After a couple minutes, my cock softened and slipped out of her. The little slut actually reached down and stuck her finger in her ass and then fed the cum on her finger to herself, licking and smiling.

I asked her how often this room got used, and she said not too often, as they charged the girls extra for it. Only very special customers ever saw it. I felt pretty special at that moment.

We got ourselves cleaned up and went back to the main lounge. Diamond excused herself and I saw her start to work the rest of the place so she could make some money. Ruby stopped by a few minutes later and asked how I liked her ‘surprise’. I confessed that it was absolutely amazing. She smiled and said she was happy and then she had to move on too.

After the girls second dual performance of the night, they came and sat together with me again. Diamond asked me if I enjoyed her special treat for me. I of course said yes.

Then she asked me if she was a better dancer and fuck than her sister.

Now I recognized this as very dangerous territory, so I had to answer carefully.

“Both of you are totally amazing, but you each have totally different style. I can’t really say one is better than the other. Plus, Diamond, our ‘time’ just happened, whereas Ruby as I played yesterday”

She seemed a little let down and then asked if I would give her another chance to prove herself. I said sure, but the best way to do this would to have them at the same time. I didn’t really expect much of an answer, but they girls looked at each other and then both said “SURE!!”

I was again stunned and didn’t know what to say. We ended up planning it for a few days from then, to let us all recover.

But that will be the next chapter.

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