Pool Fun Ch. 2

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Amber smiled at me knowingly. She proceeded to run her hand over my freshly emptied dick and told me not to worry she knew of many ways to get it back up. She began stroking me slowly and softly. I kissed her lips and moaned. Her hand on me was doing wonders. I wasn’t sure how I was going to last the whole afternoon with this much attention.

“John, sit on the edge of the pool and let me suck you.”

I felt myself getting harder just from her words. I quickly got out and sat on the edge positioning my dick in front of her face. Her tongue came out of her mouth and circled the head. All I could do was moan. I was hard as a rock yet again. With her flicking her tongue back and forth across my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was to come again.

When I felt my cock get sucked into her mouth I was in heaven. Her mouth was so soft and wet. She was sucking at a very steady rhythm. Cupping my nuts in her hand she sucked all of my seven inches into her mouth. I could feel her tongue running up and down my cock. I was so ready to come and then I felt her finger rubbing against my asshole. I was just about to tell her to stop when I felt it enter me and the words were unable to leave my mouth. It was painful at first. Then I began eryaman escort to feel what it was doing to me. I had never in all my years of masturbating thought that it could be this good. I knew it would be better, but never like this. It was like she was in her own world worshipping my dick. My load wasn’t going to hold off. I began to come in her mouth. She pulled my shooting cock from her mouth and I shot my load all over her face. She just stood there with her eyes closed pumping my gizzim all over her face all the while her finger never left my ass. She pumped my ass with the same rhythm that she pumped my cock. It seemed to take forever for all the come to empty from my dick. When it was all done she pulled her finger from my ass and ran her hands over her face. Rubbing my juices into her perfect skin. Licking her fingers as she went.

My dick was unable to stay down after watching her give herself a facial with my juices. She was so into what she was doing. This was so much more then I’d ever imagined in all my fantasies. I began to rub myself watching her and when her eyes finally opened she watched me.

“So are you going to sit there rubbing yourself or are you going to stick it in my soaking wet pussy?” What could I say to that sincan escort I slid into the pool in front of her and ran my hands over her firm breasts. Pinching her nipples into hard points. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I bent my head and sucked one of the points into my mouth. She ran her hands through my hair pulling me closer to her. As I sucked her nipple I ran my hands down the front of her body and began to finger her. She screamed pulling my head harder into her breasts. I began to lightly bite her nipples. I felt her pussy grasp my finger when I did this so i did it again to see what would happen. Sure enough her pussy responded by grasping my finger again. I continued to bite her nipples and feel her pussy tighten on my finger. It felt like waves moving up and down my finger.

I put another finger in her and she began to shake. I was so hard at that moment. I had to feel her wet pussy on my throbbing cock. I removed my fingers and lifted my head to look into her face. Amber began to protest.

“I thought you wanted to feel my cock pounding into you?” I smiled as I watched her.

“I do. Please give it to me fast. I need IT NOW!!”

I thought it would be fun to play with her for a while. So batıkent escort I just stood and watched as she began to run her hands down her body. She was begging me to help her and when I didn’t respond she began to finger herself. Moaning was all I heard from her after that.

“John Please help me your hard cock would feel so much better in me.”

Upon hearing those words I couldn’t resist I grasped her ass in my hands. Pulling her closer to me. Her hands didn’t want to remove themselves from her hungry pussy. My rock hard cock couldn’t be ignored. After rubbing my cock against the back of her hands a few times she finally made room for me to slide my cock in. Her fingers busied themselves with her clit as I pounded into her.

In and out my cock was going at a speed I’d never known I could handle. Her moans were turning into screams. I watched as she quivered in pleasure. Her nipples stood out from her tits begging for attention. I bent my head and took one into my mouth biting just the way she liked it. I felt her hand go to the back of my head pulling me into her more. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this before I shot my load again.


I looked up to see the look of pleasure on her face. I lost it at that moment. I came more then I thought possible.

“Oh John! That was so good. I’m glad we have the whole afternoon.”

Upon hearing this I was lost. To think I could play with this beautiful girl all afternoon.

End part 2 – More to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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