Pleasing Amelia

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**For obvious reasons, names have been changed. This is a true story.

We were in Amelia’s room. I climbed on the bed with her. Once she had her arm around me, and I was snuggled into her, I completely relaxed. It was really nice laying there with her, snuggling. She began rubbing my body, sliding her hand inside my pants she discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You’re such a bad girl!” Amelia smiled at me.

“I haven’t been wearing panties all day, even when I went with you and your mom to get the pies.” I said with a smirk on my face.

“Nikki are you serious?! You’re so bad!” She exclaimed as she slapped my thigh.

Amelia slowly began rubbing the outside of my pussy, and then she slid her fingers inside not taking long at all to find that sweet spot. She gently scrape my clit with one of her acrylic nails, the feeling was amazing. Just the right kinda of touch to make me squirm. It all felt so good. I moved from my side to my back to give her a better angle. I switched between grabbing my hair and my breasts, moaning loudly as kept pumping her fingers inside me. I was getting wetter, it felt so good.

I decided I wanted her to have a turn, as I turned around to face her she removed casino siteleri her hand. I began rubbing her thighs and eventually made my way towards what I really wanted. I rubbed her over her leggins, she was so warm and damp. I slid my hand inside and found she was wearing a thong. I loved it! I was so excited. I moved it aside so I could play with her pussy. Amelia began to breath heavily. Before long I decided I wanted more access.

“Take off your pants,” I demanded, “I want to play with you.” She obliged hurriedly without hesitation and laid on her back.

“Mmmmm I love that navy blue thong,” I commented as she removed that too.

I quickly got back to work. I rubbed the outside of her pussy gently. I enjoyed feeling how soaking wet and warm she was. I slid two fingers in immediately, just because I love how tight she is and her reaction. I laid next to her, but soon after I slowly slid down lower for better range of motion eventually putting myself between her legs. I could go faster and deeper if I was in front of her like that. I fingered her the way I would finger myself, rubbing inside, looking for that spot. I went faster, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I went. She made the most wonderful canlı casino small noises. I adored the look on her face.

I could tell when she was getting close, so I made sure to rub her g spot more, rub her clit with my other hand and pump my fingers faster. Before I knew it, it was happening, she started squirting. I pumped harder and faster pinching her clit between my thumb and index finger as I went, while my fingers were inside her. She seemed to enjoy that like I do. I watched her juices splash, but decided I wanted to watch her face too. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to look it was all so much!

I kept going after that, because she didn’t tell me to stop. She grabbed my left arm with her hand and squeezed hard.

“You squeeze as hard as you need to, you wont hurt me,” I whispered to her.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned softly.

It was like when I grabbed her hand, or my hair or anything I could when I was having an orgasm. Shortly after she came again and I couldn’t believe it, at first I wasn’t even sure it had actually happened.

I kept fingering her pussy and I leaned over her so I could be sure she heard me “I’m not going to stop until you tell me, so when you’ve had enough kaçak casino let me know.” I had the biggest grin on my face as I said it. Amelia was moaning softly, her breathing labored. I continued rubbing her clit with my left and while I fingered her with my right. She seemed to really be enjoying all of it. I just wanted her to feel good.

My fingers started to go a bit numb, but I didn’t want to stop because she was still enjoying herself, and I was loving it. It was making me so wet just watching her, knowing that I was cause of her pleasure. So I just powered through it, eventually the feeling coming back as I positioned my hand at a different angle.

Amelia came one last time before she finally conceded. “Ok, that’s enough,” she was breathing heavily. “I came at least five times!”

I couldn’t hold back my grin as I looked at her. “Honestly, I kinda lost count, somewhere after the second time. I just wanted to keep making you feel good. I told you I wasn’t going to stop until you told me to.”

She looked over at the bed, “Fuck you knew that was going to happen!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her, the bed was wet from her squirting, and I knew she had just changed the sheets.

“No I didn’t.” I tried to look at her innocently, but she wasn’t buying it. I helped her clean up and she walked me out to my car.

Amelia gave me a big hug and I whispered to her, “next time I’ll bring the big black dick with me.”

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