Play Time at Work

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***Character’s names have been changed for obvious reasons. This is a true story.

I have worked at the funeral home as a funeral director for a number of years now. Amelia had started working there as an assistant to try it out and see if she wanted to go to school to be a director. Turns out it wasn’t what she thought, but she stayed on anyway, enjoying the little side job, helping out with menial tasks here and there. We were close in age, I in my early 30s and she in her mid 20s. A friendship had developed over the years, although we didn’t always have time to hang out. One night I had to stay very late, a double shift you could call it, to finish up some work I won’t bore or disturb you with the details. It was a fairly laid back task which more or less consisted of me just having to be at the funeral home until the task was complete.

Amelia wanted to hang out with me so she decided to stay with me at the funeral home while I completed my task. It was fun, we rarely got the chance to see each other outside of work. We were just two girls, doing what girls do. Talking about sex. Being bisexual I had been with both men and women, but hadn’t gotten very far with my ex-girlfriend, we had dated for a brief time in high school. Amelia had no interest in girls, but she would always tease me when we were at work. She did this thing with her tongue; she would make this slurping sound and flick it at me. Fuck it would drive me insane. I even told her once she had the perfect tongue for licking pussy.

This wasn’t the first time we had talked about our sexual experiences. We had swapped photos of our various casino siteleri toy collections previously. She had this one toy that really intrigued me, it was a leather paddle. I had read erotic stories for years about spanking, it was one of my favorites story tags. But I had never experienced it myself. Needless to say I was fascinated by her paddle, and on a dare she brought it with her just so I could see it. I was amazed by the size, the portability of it, how it felt, the leather caressing my hand. I wanted so badly for her to try it out on me, I just couldn’t think of a way to ask her, I was too shy.

She came to keep me company while I did a little work on the back computer and in her very teasing nature began to rub my shoulders. I love shoulder rubs, they just make me melt. She had firm grasp that was just perfect. While she worked her way down my back I laid my head on the desk because if felt that good. She kept working her way down towards my low back as I leaned forward to give her better access. I held back my moans of pure pleasure at her touch, not wanting to scare her off.

It was turning me on, the feel of her hands on me. It had been too long since I had been touched by another person like that. I asked her if we could move to the couch instead so she could have better access. Amelia obliged me and she had me lay face down as she leaned over and went to work. I held back the best I could, biting my lip and clenching my jaw, but few moans did escape me as she ran her hands over my back, sides and shoulders. My clit tingled as her hands worked on my sore muscles. It made me wet just feeling canlı casino her touch me, over my t-shirt and yoga pants.

When Amelia was done I decided to be brave, I took her hand and said, “Lets go in the garage.” I handed her the paddle and she grinned at me letting me lead her back there. I was so nervous, filled with the excitement of something new, and the chance of being caught doing something so bad.

Once we were there she asked me what I had in mind, after moving a few things around I decided on an empty casket we had stored there. I said, “I want you to spank me…just, you know…to try it out. You know I’ve never done this before though so, please, just take it easy.” I positioned myself in front of the casket, leaned forward and held onto the dust cover for support. I felt so nervous, I was terrified of how it would feel. Sensing this she took the took the edge off with her usual taunting, and started out by running the paddle along my body.

She rubbed it along the backs of my thighs and slowly made her way up to my ass, just teasing me with the feel of it. When she was good and ready Amelia gave me the first light slap. I relaxed a bit, it didn’t hurt, didn’t feel like much of anything really, only a bit startling. She worked up to hitting harder, all the while rubbing that beautiful leather along my body in between spankings. She would rub it along my inner thighs, then spank me. Sometimes she would slap my breasts with it, so gently, just enough to startle me. It had me dripping. Before long I was trembling uncontrollably from the spanking alone.

Amelia would whisper to kaçak casino me, “You’re a dirty girl, so naughty wanting me to spank you while you’re at work.” I was thoroughly enjoying it. I didn’t realize I had been lightly moaning as she spanked me. Never had I thought I would enjoy being spanked. I thought, maybe it would alright, but this, this was enthralling. I wanted, needed more.

I turned my head towards her, and said in a very meek voice, “you can go a little harder, if you want to.”

She grinned at me, “Oh, yeah?” The next strokes were harder, and I moaned louder as she continued to spank me over my pants. She rubbed the paddle against my pussy, and I began to shake more violently. The spankings kept coming, and I couldn’t control my moans any longer. After a few more hard slaps with the paddle I didn’t realize it could happen, but it did.

I came, and I came hard. At that moment I didn’t care if anyone came walking in through the garage door, nothing mattered, it was just pure bliss. I hadn’t had an orgasm in so many years, I had been so neglected sexually, this was the release I had needed for so long. Of all things I never thought it would come from being spanked.

She hadn’t even touched my pussy, other than the occasional rub from the paddle. Once the orgasm subsided, my pants now soaking wet, and me feeling a little embarrassed, I turned around to face her. Still feeling weak in the knees I leaned onto her to keep myself balanced. Amelia had the biggest shit eating grin on her face.

I was in a state of shock. I whispered to her, “that has NEVER happened before.” I stared at her, I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

She helped me straighten myself up and as we made our way to the door together she said, “until next time,” waving the paddle at me before for good measure before stowing it away.

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