Pigtails and Plugs

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Big Tits

“Good morning, my love.” I feel my husbands hand roving down my back and over my buttocks.

“Mmm, morning.” I stretch out and his hand squeezes my bottom, a finger slipping between the cheeks. I gasp and his finger slips up and down, teasing me, urging me to lift up from the bed. “Someone’s horny this morning.”

“Yes, you must have been having a fun dream, darlin’, you’re sopping wet.” his fingers slip inside me, just a little way and I buck my hips, wanting him to drive further. “Slut.” He hisses and moves his juice-covered fingers higher and plays with my tighter hole, rubbing around then sliding the very tip of a finger inside my arse. I pant and moan, excited by this play, wanting more, so much more, than the tease I’m being offered.

“Yes baby, I know.” Kev croons, stroking my hair. “My little whore wants more, she needs filling. I’m ahead of you on this one.”

Kev’s fingers leave my body, and I whimper. I wait for him to get to his knees behind me, to fill the now aching void between my thighs. My eye brow raises quizzically as I hear a plastic sounding click-clack from the area of the bedside cabinet. I’m just about to ask, when something cold and gooey lands between my cheeks, just above my anus.

“I’ve got something special for you baby, today is a special day.” I quickly flick through my mind, making sure I’ve not forgotten a birthday or anniversary, then Kev continues as he slips his now cold, lubed finger back into my arse. “five years ago, to this very day, I took your virginity. Today, I’m planning to celebrate that in a very unique way.”

He slips a second finger into my aching rectum and I mewl with pleasure. It always feels so dirty, so perverted, when he plays with my arse. I love how narrow the gap is between pain and pleasure when his fingers are inside such a private, personal place. I can’t believe the bliss that shoots through me as he manages to push in another finger. He begins to see-saw them in and then out of me, making me gasp and pant and grasp tightly at the pillow cradling my head.

“I love you so much, my horny slut. I am going to fill you with my plug now, baby.” He feels me stiffen with fright and his spare hand gently rubs my back. “I know, I know, baby. You’re going to love it so much, you’re going to leave it in till I come home from work.” erotik film izle

Now I really begin to struggle, all friggin’ day? I don’t bloody well think so! I’m just about to voice my objections when his calm voice continues. “But I will be back at noon. I have booked some time off work. We’re going on holiday, somewhere where we can celebrate this very special anniversary.” His fingers slip from my hole, and I feel empty.

My mind is reeling. The feeling of my virgin ass being plied and stretched coupled with the exciting news about a surprise getaway is almost too much to bear, so when I feel a hard, un-giving object between my butt cheeks I cannot think clearly. It is obviously the plug, and it has been well lubricated. I can feel the coolness of it as the rubberised stopper presses against my tight hole, until my body gives, letting it inside.

Fuck, it feels big. I’ve seen it, and I know it is not that wide, an inch or so at most, but it feels massive and I keen with pain and struggle beneath my husbands hand.

“Hush darlin’ relax, you can take this.” his free hand slips beneath me and manipulates my clit. The pleasure buds from there, throbbing throughout my whole cunt, spreading to my buttocks and finally to my arsehole. I mange to relax, and feel the plug slipping a little further. The full feeling is not nice, it’s uncomfortable and I’m so tempted to scream out, to yell out for him to stop, but he keeps his finger gently on my clit and the ecstasy pulsing from there urges me on.

It slips deeper and deeper and I writhe, I breathe deeply and moan as it slides in further. It’s exciting me now, and not just because of the constant pleasure on my clit. I can feel real, sexy vibes pulsing from around the plug, and as I feel the tips of my husbands fingers retreating, I know it is now properly seated inside of me.

His fingers retreat from my clit and I cry out from the cruelty of it. “Not now slut. I’ve got to go. I will be back in oh, two and a half hours or so. Pack our bags, find the passports and be waiting for me when I come home, dressed in your uniform. Keep the plug in till I return. Good girl.”

And with that, he jumps off the bed and out of the bedroom door. I’m left on all fours, something protruding from my bottom. I roll over gingerly, and wince film izle as my bottom hit’s the mattress and the plug pushes in a fraction more. It’s painfully erotic, like I’ve been denied an orgasm for hours and I’m almost cramping in need.

The damn thing has only been in for five minutes, I’ve got to make it for at least another couple of hours. I ease myself out of bed, Kev didn’t tell me not to masturbate, but I know instinctually that I shouldn’t. Now where the hell are those passports?

This damn plug is driving me crazy, I’m mincing around like a gay guy at Mardi Gras and still every move sends shock waves through me. Sometimes I feel it’s so pleasurable I can’t stand it and at others it’s too painful to bear. The suitcase is packed, the passports have been found and now I’m pulling myself into my uniform. I’ve got my hair into pigtails (it seems to be my most frequent hair-do now, I can level them up with my eyes closed!) and within moments, I’m fully uniformed.

I hope I don’t have to wait much longer. I think I may just explode, and possibly not in a good way either. It aches, it throbs, it just keeps my focus on my butt and I swear I have no idea what I’ve packed. All I can think about is my bottom and how much I need to get this thing out, or at least have it moved slowly in and out, in and out, in…

The door startles me and I jump a little, becoming yet more aware of my anal tormentor and I am very, very relieved to see my darling husband striding in through the front door.

I want to run into his arms, but I stay very still, hoping he’ll relieve me of this pain in the arse!

“Hey love!” He smiles. “I see you’ve managed to pack the bags, great. Are you ready to go?”

My face must have dropped like a grand piano from a top floor flat. I swear, I was on the verge of tears, I couldn’t cope with thinking about this thing being in place for even ten more minutes.

Kev laughs loudly. “I’m joking baby, I’m joking. Come on upstairs with me, I’m going to give you some relief.”

“Thank God!” I sigh and join in his laughter, following his tight, tasty bottom up the stairs.

“On the bed, love.” He barely has to ask , I’m there on my knees, proffering up my posterior. His hand flips up my skirt and rips down the damp, white cotton panties until they hang seks filmi izle loosely around my knees.

“Oh God, that is one hell of a sight.” He groans, then I feel his fingers in my crack, prising my buttocks apart. I can feel the plug holding on to me as I’m stretched wide, I feel it slip a little, and I gasp, waiting for his fingers to pull the plug, so to speak, but he doesn’t. I hear his pants being discarded, and I wonder, I wonder where that cock is going to end up.

I am not left wondering for long. A hot, wet cock tip is soon rubbing up and down my slit and a moment later it smoothly slips inside. My pussy pulls him in, and I am shocked at how different it feels, with the plug still snuggled in my arse. With every thrust into me, I feel the plug strain deeper and I gasp as the cock and the plug meet and rub against one another, through the thin barrier that is me.

Words, sounds, hisses are dripping from my lips, but my mind is not aware of what they are. I just have to let it out, this build up of sheer sexiness, it has to be released.

“You know, I’ve been thinking of you,” Kev pants, thrusting harder “thinking of you with this plug inside of you and I’ve been hard, oh fuck, so hard thinking about doing this.” He moans and his hips thrust harder, and I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, hitting my sweet spot and making me gurgle in pleasure.

“Fuck me, baby.” I whisper it, the words sticking in my dry throat. “Cum for me, fill me. Oh God Kev, yes, oh fuck, yes!”

“My Slut, my sweet slut.” he groans and the tempo increases, the plug in my ass moving in unison with the cock in my cunt, rubbing me in all the right places, teasing me and taunting me to orgasm. As I peak, I hear him roar and I shriek as my orgasm screams from inside me. It rips through my body, devastating me, pulling me apart with high intensity pleasure.

“I love you.” my husband whispers as he slips from me and gently insinuates his fingers between my cheeks and oh, at last, relieves me of the pressure in my arse. I swear that I orgasm again as the plug is pulled, and I fall flat down on my stomach, panting.

“Happy Anniversary,” Kev nuzzles up to me, kissing the back of my neck. “but we need to get to the airport. Are you up to walking?”

“Uh huh.” I pant and pull myself up. “I think I can just about manage that.”

“Good.” he replies with a grin. “because once we get where we’re going, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in bed or on your back, or on all fours -but not walking, I promise you that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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