Pictures of You

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It all started about 6 weeks ago. Audrey, my 19 year old big sister, asked me to ‘house sit’ for her and her roommate April during spring break; they had a kitten and wanted me to look in on it for the week and a-half they would be away on a road trip.

‘I’m serious, now: No Parties!! You get me and April thrown out of here and I’ll have you killed! You can have some friends over, whatever–but NO PARTIES!!’

‘Alright, alright,’ I said, ‘No parties. I’ll probably just stop in and out once a day. Don’t worry!’

Audrey and April rented a house on a secluded street in our home town. It was a nice place and they kept it up well. It definitely wasn’t a ‘party house’ and I didn’t intend to screw it up for them. I figured I’d swing by once a day and feed the cat; maybe rent a flick and hang out there on Friday or Saturday to get out of the house for a bit. Just having started my first year of college, it was my spring break as well and after a few days home with Mom I was already looking for escape.

So Friday night after hanging out with some friends, I went over to the house. I let myself in with the key Audrey provided and looked for a light switch. As I walked through the darkened house and into the kitchen, calling the cat, I suddenly felt this strange, exciting feeling; kind of like I was trespassing, I don’t know…Like I had broken in and no one would know what I had done. I felt secret, invisible…powerful. My mind flashed on my sister’s roommate, April…she was kind of hot and it didn’t take long before the idea crossed my mind to take a peek at her things, her private things, her…VERY private things.

I felt a stirring in my groin. I fed the kitty and walked quietly to April’s bedroom. My heart beat quickened as I entered the room, leaving the light off. The hall light illuminated some of her room, which was kind of a mess; and there was her dresser. I headed straight for it. I opened the top drawer and looked in, hoping to see some sexy underwear or lingerie. My cock was about halfway hard. But nope. Just regular old bras and undies, socks etc. I looked through the other drawers, careful not to move anything; my dick was now completely hard and I was determined to find something; to see a private side of my sister’s friend April, to uncover some hidden secret. No one would ever know if I was careful and no one would be hurt. I continued my search.

I looked through her closet, under her bed, in her nightstand; I found tons of picture of her and her friends, tons of boring clothes and shoes, and tons of make-up and hair products. The only thing I found that was remotely exciting to me was a 1/2 empty package of condoms. They were in a desk drawer, covered with other junk, and I guessed that they hadn’t been used in quite a while. What a let down. Free reign over a 19 year old college girl’s room and I found zip. But, I suddenly thought, there was another 19 year old college girl’s room in this house…my sister Audrey’s. Audrey was 5’8″, brunette, she had a great body and my friends constantly reminded me of how unbelievably hot she was. Still possessed by that strange, turned-on urge (and a rock hard cock), I proceeded into Audrey’s room.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked toward her dresser and opened the top drawer…Hey!! This was more like it! First thing I saw was a bunch of bras; I picked out a sheer black one and held it up. Completely see-through. Very sexy. Images of my super-cute sister Audrey wearing it…and ONLY it, filled my imagination. Now that’s really weird, I thought, I’m thinking of Audrey and getting sexually excited…but the stiff rod in my pants was absolute proof. I tossed it on her bed. There were many mundane items in the drawer, but rooting around some more, I came up with a two thongs; one black and one pink. Whoah.

My mind reeled with images of my brunette, 19 year old sister clad in one of these skimpy things; that perfect ass, those long, tanned legs…I was practically feverish. This curious mixture of forbidden knowledge, shame and guilt, and sexual frenzy had completely taken over. I threw the thongs onto the bed. I walked across the room and searched the rest of the places where I thought I’d find some treasure. Not much; a letter from an ex-boyfriend, which I read thoroughly but frankly found pathetic; and a pair of men’s underwear. No big deal; I knew my sister had been around a bit.

She was a beautiful girl and had her fair share of guys chasing her; one must have caught up to her every now and then. Did she keep these as a souvenir or had someone left them here by mistake? My imagination went crazy again; visions of Audrey, wearing the sheer black bra and tiny black thong, blowing a muscled college-dude, his hard penis poking out of the hole in the front of his briefs…Or Audrey, after the fuck of her life, stashing this guy’s undies and sleeping with them every night, clutched at her cheek like a stuffed animal…

In a strange way, fantasizing about ataşehir escort Audrey here in her bedroom made me feel as if I were a part of her sex life. She would never know it, but I had become intimate with her. I took a photo of her and April from her desk and brought it over to her bed. I put it down next to the bra and the thongs and unzipped my pants. Staring down at my sister’s underwear and a picture of her beautiful, smiling face, I pulled my jeans down and began stroking my hard cock. Earlier I had noticed a pair of high heels on the floor among a jumble of other shoes; I trotted over and grabbed them, tossing them into the mix. Jerking off intensely, I imagined my sister Audrey standing in front of me in bra, thong and pumps, smiling as she posed for me while I beat my meat. I went back to the desk to look for more pictures. None seemed suitable to jerk off to…until I found a big manilla envelope in one of the bottom drawers and opened it. What the…

The manilla envelope was filled with pictures of naked women; all posing either nude or in super-hot outfits. They spilled out of the envelope and onto the floor. I reached over for the lamp by the bed and knelt down to pick them up, staring in amazement. It must have took me a full 10 seconds until I realized that these were all pictures of my sister Audrey!!

My imagination paled in comparison to what was in these pictures. Audrey on her bed in stockings and garters, legs spread wide, fingering her cunt. A totally naked Audrey from behind, on all fours, purple vibrator protruding from her ass. Audrey in the chair by her window, sitting up ultra-straight and pulling on her pinched nipples, a look of ecstasy on her face. Audrey…presenting herself to me as the hottest fuck-toy I had ever seen. I was as experienced as any other 18 year old college student, but my girls I had had sex with never came close to this level of sexual heat. There must have been 30 or 40 pics in the pile…almost all of them showed Audrey playing with herself in every way imaginable.

The ones where she was looking directly into the camera were my favorites. She was looking directly at me as she finger-fucked herself, licked her own hard nipples, and pulled her ankles up behind her head for the camera. I went back to the bed and beat off harder than I ever had before. My sister now had no secrets from me. I was getting to know every inch of her young body and every wicked thought in her head. I poured over the pictures one by one; over and over. I finally came in a great gob of cum that flew across her bed and onto the side of the headboard. Some jizz hit her pillow and a few drops landed on the pics. I cleaned up my mess and decided to borrow the pile of pics for a bit; to take them home and try to scan them into my computer for posterity. I would never need a porno mag ever again if I had this collection to jerk off to. I straightened out the room, got my shit together and left for home, ecstatic.

The next morning I spent about 4 hours scanning every last photo onto computer disks but it was well worth it. I beat off 2 or 3 more times as I worked; these pictures got me so hot I couldn’t control myself. Questions formulated in my mind: who took them? Why did she have them, rather than the photographer? Why were they all solo shots? I would wonder about these things as I gazed at the pics; then I would see Audrey dressed in knee high boots and nothing else, squatting with spread legs exposing her completely shaven pussy, or Audrey fucking herself with that purple vibrator, her panties around her ankles, and I’d forget what the hell I was thinking about. I studied the pics like they contained the meaning of life itself; close-ups of her pussy, the knob of her clitoris, the bumps on her nipples, the pucker of her little brown asshole, and every sensual, sexual look that a brother should never know. I was far too turned on for guilt. I had really hit paydirt, but I had to get the pics back before April and Audrey returned home on Sunday. I decided to return later that night and replace them.

I put the envelope in my gym bag and headed for the door to grab some dinner. The phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it, but for some reason, I did. ‘Hello?’

‘Matt–it’s me.’ Holy shit!! It was Audrey! Was she calling to tell me she was coming back home early?

‘Audrey! What’s up? Um, how’s your vaca going?’

‘My vaca’s over, Matt, I was called home for an emergency at work. But listen. I need to talk to you’. Home? Over? Shit–I still had the photos!!

‘Why? What’s up?’ I had a horrible feeling I already knew the answer.

‘Something’s…Did you have a fucking party? I told you not to have a party!’ She was really upset; almost yelling into the phone.

‘No! No, no party…What’s wrong?’

‘You didn’t have any friends over?’

‘No! Just me! Calm down, Audrey!’

‘Just get over here now.’ Then she hung up.

Man. What do I do? Deny everything? Fess kadıköy escort bayan up? Play dumb? I grabbed the envelope, stuffed it into the back of my pants and jumped into my car.

I was at Audrey’s in a matter of minutes. I walked in and she immediately began interrogating me again. April was nowhere to be seen, Audrey was dressed as if she had just gotten home from the office where she worked; heels, stockings, skirt, blouse and jacket. I tried my best to calm her down. After a few deep breaths, she said ‘Something’s missing from my room. Something personal and private. She looked as if she were going to cry. ‘Matty if one of your friends took something from my room I need to know…’ She had no clue that it had been me. I felt terrible; she trusted me and I betrayed her.

I shut her up quick; I could see how upset she was and it was killing me. ‘Audrey. I have the pictures.’

‘What? You? WHAT??’ She was dumbfounded. I was terrified. How would she react to my having seen those pictures of her…secret life? Murder? ‘Oh, thank god!!’ Then, quickly, ‘You haven’t shown them to anyone, have you? Tell me?!’ To my great amazement and relief, she seemed relieved that I had the pics…did she actually say ‘thank god’?

‘No, I didn’t show anyone.’ I swallowed hard. ‘I guess I’m busted for snooping around your room and stuff; I accidentally found these and brought them home overnight. I guess I’m kinda embarrassed myself…’ Hopefully she would think I had taken them home to jerk off to; what I hoped she’d miss was that I had an opportunity to make copies… I took the envelope out and put it on the kitchen table. ‘Sorry, Audrey. You probably think I’m a sicko or something.’

A Pause. ‘No, I don’t. I could see why you might think I was, though…Ah, look–I took those myself for Evan last summer. For when he was away at school…I sent them to him in the mail. It used to really…excite me to pose for him. I stole them from him when we were breaking up because I didn’t trust him anymore; I was afraid he’d plaster them all over town or on the internet and I’d be ruined. I thought maybe you had a party and he or one of his friends stole them back.’ She held the envelope closed as if it were radio-active. ‘Let’s just forget it, Ok? Yes?’

‘Well, yeah, sure, ok…Look, I’m sorry I got you so upset and I’m sorry I snooped through your stuff. Forgive me?’

She smiled at me. ‘Sure. Just not a word of this to anyone. K?’

‘K’, I said as I headed for the door. I couldn’t get over the fact that she seemed to be fine with the fact that I had seen the pictures and most likely had taken them home to masturbate over…I had to ask.

I paused in the doorway. ‘You…It doesn’t bother you at all that…I mean, I’ve…’

She shook her head. ‘No. Well, I’m a little embarrassed, sure, and I’m pissed that you went through my stuff…’ She looked at me, confused, somehow.

‘Audrey, what?’ I asked. ‘What were you going to say?’

She sat in the recliner and continued. ‘You’re my brother…I don’t know…I mean we grew up together. We took baths together! I guess to me it’s not the same as any other guy seeing me like that. Maybe it’s a little weird that you took them home to…uh…’ Audrey paused. She looked me straight in the eye over the top of her glasses. ‘Did you?’

I was stuck. If I said no, I didn’t masturbate to your pictures, she would want to know why I took them home…I had to say yes. She’d be freaked out then, for sure. I sat down on the edge of the couch facing her. Looking down at the carpet, I told her what I had to. ‘Yeah. I did. They’re really hot, Audrey! Any guy would’ve had to do the same thing. I hope you understand’, I pleaded.

She was blushing a little. She smiled and said, ‘I guess that’s a little flattering in a weird way; so I can’t be mad about it, I don’t know.’ She looked up at me. ‘The ones with the purple…vibrator were Evan’s favorites.’ Oh, yes, I thought, I know those pictures very well. Were we really having this conversation? I couldn’t beleive how cool she was being about this. ‘Men love that. Right?’ she asked, a genuinely curious look on her face.

‘Love…pictures of women with vibrators and stuff? Yeah, I guess…Yeah.’

‘Were those your favorites too?’ she asked. What do I say? My cock started to tingle. Tell the truth, I thought. She’s beeing really cool about this whole thing. Just go with the flow.

‘Uh…no. I actually liked the ones where you’re…Jeez, Audrey, I’m sorry but I’m finding it hard to talk about this…I still feel terrible and–‘

‘Oh, come on! We’re both adults, right? We both know everybody masturbates. Besides, you’re my brother! We’ve always been able to talk about anything. So tell me: wich ones did you like best? I’m really curious.’

I shifted my position on the couch to accomidate my hardening penis. ‘OK, well…The ones where you’ve got the knee high boots on and …you’ve…you’re completely shaved. escort maltepe Those…well, I just had to…’ I couldn’t say it.

‘Had to what?’ There was an intense look in her eye that I found vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it…She took off her grey jacket. ‘You just had to do what?’

‘Masturbate,’ I said, perhaps a little too loudly; trying to show that I could keep up my end of the rapidly escalating conversation. ‘Jerk off.’

The look on her face intensified even more. Suddenly I knew where I had seen it before: in the dirty pictures, as she diddled herself for the camera. Was it my imagination, or was her breathing becoming more rapid? I stole a quick glance down at her chest and watched her tits rising and falling with each breath, her obviously hardened nipples impossible to hide, even under her blouse and bra.

‘They really turned you on, huh?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, probably just as much as the posing turned you on. Right?’

She nodded. ‘I loved it.’ She sat back in her chair and crossed her legs. ‘It made me feel sexy and beautiful…Evan would use them to masturbate with, as well. I would get so turned thinking about him jerking off to pictures of me playing with myself, it would really get me off…’ She was really into this confessional now; she was visibly excited and perhaps getting a little carried away. ‘We would get together whenever we could and sometimes I would pick out an outfit for him and just finger myself for him, no camera. He would sit on the chair near my closet and jerk off, watching me do it. Watching him stroke his cock and come was so…’ She shivered in her chair. ‘I miss it a lot’.

‘I guess so…I can tell you’re really turned on right now just thinking about it,’ I said as I looked directly at her protruding nipples. ‘To be honest with you, so am I.’

She looked down at the bulge at the front of my pants, which I was no longer trying to hide. ‘Yes, you are.’ A long moment of silence passed as we checked each other’s body parts for signs of excitement. Then we shot each other slightly embarrassed but intense looks. Then suddenly Audrey looked at me like she was intensely trying to figure something out; like she was trying to read me…

‘So you liked looking at pictures of me…playing with myself…’ she asked, as she slowly opened her knees, giving me a very generous glimpse of her upper thighs; she was wearing garters and white lace panties. ‘And you liked them so much, you had to jerk yourself off…’ she continued, reaching down and slipping her skirt up to her thighs until her pantied crotch was in plain view. ‘Am I reading this right, Matt? Is this OK? Tell me no and we’ll forget it…’ She was undoing the buttons on her crisp white blouse. ‘How about the real thing, Matt?’

I was speechless. My cock raged as I wondered what I should say. I finally stammered, ‘Uh, Audrey…I think we’re both on the same wavelength here…If this is cool with you, it’s definitely cool with me. It’s OK, right?’ We knew what was about to happen, but we needed to be sure; neither one of us wanted to hurt the other. Just then, Audrey looked at me nervously and slumped down in the chair and moved a hand to the front of her panties.

‘My god…’ I said out loud as she started rubbing the crotch of her pretty white undies. She smiled broadly as she heard my comment. I watched her from about 5 feet away, my eyes burning a hole in her groin. She lifted a leg and placed it over one arm of the chair, spreading her legs. Her skirt was now pulled up to her waist. I could see that the panties she wore were thonged. Her eyes were probing mine intensely, trying to be sure I was OK with this. Satisfied, she loosened up and went with it.

‘You like my stockings, Matt?’ She ran a hand up and down the stocking on her thigh with one hand as she rubbed her cunt with the other. I stared like a moron taking it all in.

‘I don’t know what to say, Audrey. This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…’

Now she was perfectly comfortable with the situation. She wanted to have some fun. ‘Am I so hot that you’re getting turned on? Do you want to…take out your cock and stroke it while you watch me?’ she asked, running her hands up and down her thighs. ‘Hmm?’

I didn’t say a word. Audrey had taken a huge chance revealing herself like this, initiating this…whatever it was. I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. Slipping my briefs down, I revealed my hard cock in all it’s glory. It felt so good to be freed from my pants, and I couldn’t believe how much I liked my sister Audrey staring at it like a hungry dog at a bone. She looked a little surprised, I think, at the size and thickness of my dick. I was very proud of it; she was obviously pleased with it as well. ‘Take them off, Matty. All the way off.’ As I complied, Audrey undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and took it off, revealing a sheer white bra. Practically see-through. Her beautiful full breasts looked wonderful through the sheer material. Nude from the waist down, my cock sticking straight up in my lap, I watched Audrey as she squeezed her big c-cup titties in both hands. ‘Mmm… Does this turn you on, Matt? Are you going to beat your meat while you watch me? Hmm?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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