picking up Serena

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For as long as I can remember, Hal has been my best friend. We’d hang out almost every night. We could talk about anything, and we would go to clubs. There were other things, sure, but those were what we did most. Hang out and club it up.
That is, until he got his girlfriend, Serena.
Hal was handsome, tan, 6 feet, and could get any girl he wanted, which would explain Serena. She was beautiful. 5’5, blonde hair, DD tits, and a firm, round ass. Easily one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever met. But, being that she was my best friends girlfriend, I would never do anything.
The three of us would hang out all the time. Almost on a daily basis. It was to the point that we were family to each other.
One night, Hal picked me up in his car, bored.
“Hey,” I waved, sitting down in the car.
“Hey, wanna go play pool?” He asked. That’s what we primarily did. He’d pick me up late at night, and we’d go play pool. He took off out of my neighborhood, and by the time we pulled into there, it was about midnight. We picked our normal table, and headed over there.
About 5 minutes into our game, when my phone went off. It was Serena.
“Hal, catch” I said, tossing the phone to him. He answered it, putting the phone to his ear.
“Hey baby.” I could hear babble on the other end, as I aimed my shot, “No, I’m just playin pool with David.” I took my shot, making the ball bounce off the 2, which proceeded to roll into the side pocket. “Yeah, okay baby. You want me to come over?” As I lined up my next shot, I could hear some sort of murmur over the phone. Sounded to me like a ‘no’. “Okay then, baby. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Hal said, sounding dissapointed. Damn I’m good. I took my next shot, bouncing the white ball off the 1, which missed the hole I was going for. “I love you too. Bye.” He hung up the phone and tossed it to me.
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah…” He said, lining up his shot, “She’s just jealous that she can’t be here.” Serena still lived with her parent. She was 17, Hal was 18, 4 months older than me.
“Yeah, cuz the pool house is where all the happenin chicks hang out at midnight.” I said. “Is everything okay between you two?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine…” He said, taking his shot, missing what he was aiming for, and hitting the 8 ball in. He looked at me, and I looked at him. “Game over.” He said.

2 days later, things had become weird. When Hal and Serena were around each other, they fought more. Not big fights, but stupid things. I couldn’t tell what was wrong, but I knew something was up.
It was about 2:30 in the afternoon, and I was bored out of my mind. I called Hal’s house, and his brother answered. He had lost his apartment, and was forced to move back in with his dad for a little bit.
“Hello?” His brother asked, sounding like he had just woken up.
“Hey, Matt, is Hal there?”
“No, he’s out searchin for apartments.”
“Oh, is his cell on?”
“It got turned off, remember?” Shit, that’s right. Damn his greedy parents…
“Oh, yeah…well…tell him I called?”
“Kay, later”
Matt hung up, and I slumped down in the sofa.
That’s when I got the call.
I lifted my phone, and looked at the number. I hit the answer button and put it to my ear.
“Serena?” I asked.
“Hey, Dave. How’s it goin?”
“Good. Hal’s not here. He-s loo-“
“Actually,” She said, cutting me off, “I was wondering if you could give me a ride home.”
“Oh,” I said, feeling a little akward, “Okay. I’ll be right there.”

As I drove to her high school, I kept going over why she would call me, instead of Hal. Maybe she forgot his number? No, that’s just stupid.
Maybe she already tried calling him? Yeah, that could be it. Maybe she already tried, and since his phone was off, she thought she’d try me. Except…why would she not ask for him? I DID begin telling her he wasn’t with me, maybe she just caught on quick?
Best not to think of it, I guess.

As I pulled up, the first thing I noticed was how sexy Serena looked. Though I didn’t ever think of her in a sexual way, I couldn’t help but look at her breasts as she ran up to the car. She was wearing a VERY tight top, not only showing off her beautiful tits, but probably making them look bigger. And she was wearing tight jeans, showing off her beautiful legs, and round, plump, but not too fat, ass. As she got closer, I made sure to catch myself, and look into her eyes. I had never really noticed how amazingly sexy her eyes were before.
“Hey,” she said, breaking me out of my trance, “thanks for picking me up.”
“Uh…no problem” I said, watching as she swung her ass into the car, sitting down. “Hal not answering his phone?” I asked, trying to make the increasingly hardening shaft in my pants go away.
“Oh, I dunno. I didn’t call him.” she said, like it was nothing.
“Oh.” I said. I was about to ask her if everything was okay, when another song came on the radio.
“I love this song!” She squealed in that cute way that girls do, not really making it any easier for me to get my boner down.
She turned it up, and started singing. Her school was in kind of a back-road area, so I sped out of the parking lot, pulling the E brake, and skidding perfectly into the far lane. She squealed, and looked at me, mouth gaping. I smiled back at her, and sped off. Turn after turn, going as fast as the car would let me. A 35 came up, and I hit it goin 60. The car began canlı bahis turning, and as we came out of it, we were facing a 45 foot drop. She reached over, and grabbed for my arm, missing, and grabbing my leg…and the head of my hard cock, through my jeans. I was too focused on turning the car, making us going straight down the road again, coming onto a somewhat busier street.
As we drove on, and the song stopped, I noticed her hand was still clutching my leg, the head of my cock just under her palm. I coughed, but didn’t say anything. She slowly let go, putting her hand inbetween her kneecaps. My eyes couldn’t help but wander up her legs, and to her crotch. I couldn’t tell if it was shadows, or what, but it almost looked like she was a little wet.
Glancing back to the road, and then back to her, I looked further and further up her body, all the way to her eyes…which were staring straight back at me. She was smiling, and I turned red, looking straight at the road. We drove on for another minute or two, not saying a word. Why did I have to do that?! She was my best friends girlfriend! How many times had he told me how much he was in love with her?! IDIOT!
“Can I smoke?” She asked, pulling out a cigarette.
“Uh…sure…” I said, as she rolled down her window.
She lit her cigarette, and I kept looking at the road. However, after a minute or two, I couldn’t help but glance over to her, and watched as she slowly looked out the window, and slid the cigarette seductively inbetween her lips. I wasn’t a smoker, and I usually found it disgusting, but for some reason, watching her suck on her cigarette, and then lightly blow the smoke out the window, I was harder than I’ve ever been before.
We drove in silence, all the way to her house.

A few minutes later, as we pull up to her house, she turned to me.
“Thanks for the ride.”
“No prob,” I said quickly, trying to make her leave. My boner had reduced, but not completely diminished.
“You…wanna come in?” She asked.
“I dunno…” I said, trying to think of a way to get out of it.
“C’mon. You can have something to eat. Least I can do for the ride.”
My mind went in every dirty direction. My mind teased me with a quick image of my eating her pussy as she moaned with ecstasy. “Uhhh…” I stuttered.
“That’s a yes!” She said gleefully, and ran around to my side of the car, and grabbed my hand, pulling me with her to the front door. As she ran, I watched her ass, and legs. She let go of me, and let go of me, unlocking the door. The first thing I noticed was how quiet her house was. She had 4 brothers, along with her parents, and it was never quiet here.
“Where is everyone?” I asked.
“Brothers have school for another hour, and parents are at work till 6. So, it’s just you and me.” She said, bending over right in front of me to untie her shoes. I stared silently at it for a moment, and then caught myself, looking away.
“What about Hal? Where’s he?” I asked, playing dumb.
“Don’t know. Don’t really care…” she said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, I love him, and everything, but he’s getting all weird. He’s being very controling, and so I’ve cut back on him a little. He needs to learn I’m my own person.”
I nodded, sounded good to me. “Cool. You two gonna make it through this?” I asked, looking at her.
She smiled at me, and walked over to me, “Of course. We just need a little time away from each other.” She stood right in front of me, looking deep into my eyes. I was caught in her trance, when she bent down, and picked up the remote, walking away, and tossing it to me. “You can watch whatever you want. Want somethin to drink?”
I took a breath, “No. No, thanks, though.”
I sat down, and flipped through channels. Nothing really on. She came back, and sat down next to me, a banana in her hand. She sat down on the side closest to the television. I kept flipping through, and eventually came to MTV. The song from the car was on, and she bit off the tip of the banana, a humming along with the song, looking back at me, and smiling, as she raised her hands in the air, and began dancing. I watched her, laughing, until she took the banana, and lowered it, so that it was dangling right over her. She leaned her head back, and slowly slid it into her mouth, then out a little, then back in. She cracked an eye open, trying to be sly, but I could see her, and then slid most of it down her throat, then back out.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I became angry. I stood up, and looked at her, “What the hell?” I asked angrily.
“What?” She asked innocently, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes.
“What the fuck is going on, Serena?!”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, calling me, and not bothering with Hal, to pick you up. Watching me in the car, and now this!”
“Hey, you could have said no, and if I remember right, YOU were looking at ME in the car!” She said, getting a little angry, but keeping her cool.
“Serena!” I said, taking a breath, and putting my hands on my hips, “What’s going on?”
“What’s going on, ” She said, standing up, “Is that Hal and I haven’t had sex in about 2 weeks. I’m a woman, and I have needs. I told him the other day, if he doesn’t start having sex with me I’m gonna find someone else.”
I stared at her, trying to think of something to say. “What are you telling me?”
She took a step closer to me, looking me in the eyes “That I’m giving bahis siteleri you a choice. David, you’re one of the sexiest guys I’ve ever met. I need sex, and by the way you were looking at me, I could…tell,” She brushed her leg against my hard cock, “I can tell you want me.”
I stared at her, breathing hard. “So, what’s my choice? Fuck you or not? I choose not! You’re my best friends girl!”
She looked my in the eyes, a cocky smile crossing her puffy lips, “You didn’t let me finish. You can have sex with me, or you can not, and I’ll go out and find a guy. Some stranger.”
“No!” I said, pointing at her, and moving towards the door, “I’m telling Hal!”
“If you tell him, I’ll just say I slept with you.” That stopped me in my tracks. I had no way of proving that was a lie. She had me cornered. “So,” she continued, “you can give me the sex I want, knowing that it’s safe, and I’m not out there getting raped, and maybe being forced to do drugs, or getting some sorta STD. It’s your call, David.”
I turned. Slowly, I looked at her. The sexy body was still there, but now, instead of a beautiful woman, that I considered close enough to be my sister, I saw a manipulative mistress. Instead of love, all I could feel was anger, and relentness.
“What do ya say?” She asked, seductively, slowly walking over to me, and pinning me up against the door, lightly grinding her crotch against my rock hard cock. Why was this turning me on?
She moved her lips inches from mine, and I reluctantly kissed them, answering her question. She smiled, and broke the kiss, moving her hands up and down my chest, and arms. She slid her arms down my stomach, and under my shirt, lifting it up and over my head. Throwing it to the side. She looked at my chest, and smiled widely. I had a pretty good body. Especially for being as tall as I am. She then ran her hands over my chest, rubbing my nipples with her fingers.
This felt so good, that I couldn’t help but lean my head back, and moan lightly. She took a step back, and slid her hands down my stomach, and began undoing my belt. She threw it to the side, and then unbuttoned my pants, watching as they dropped to the floor, and my 9 inch boner popped up.
“Hmm,” she said, “Doesn’t look like you’re TOO oposed to this…” She said.
I turned my head, not wanting to look at her. This was bullshit. Fucking was turning into something…dirty. But not in the way I usually like it to be dirty.
“Mmmmm,” She moaned, taking my cock in her hand, and stroking it up and down. I could feel the tip of her tounge tease the end, as my cock throbbed. She ran it up the slit at the end of my dick, just teasing it. And then stopped. I could feel her tounge begin cupping and sliding over my balls. It felt so good, I could help but release a long breath, and moan a little. One of my hands came up, and rested on the back of her head, and moved the hair away from her face. I looked down, and watched, as she used her tounge to run up the length of my cock. Eventually, she reached the top, and encircled my head. She spread her tounge, and cradled the head of my cock in it, looking up at me before sliding half of my 9 inches into her mouth. I watched as she sucked on my cock, like she did on her cigarette in the car. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, and smiled sweetly up at me, so sweetly it caused me to smile back, and run my hand gently over her head.
All the hate and anger I had earlier felt was now replaced with care, and love. She looked up at me, and parted her lips, gripping my cock in her hand, and running the head over her lips, before downing most of my cock down her throat. I could feel her tounge wander around, licking my hard dick as it throbbed in her mouth. She slowly slid it out a little, and then back down, shoving my cock further down her throat.
“Ahhhhhhh, yeah baby…” I moand, taking a deep breath and leaning my head back.
She slowly slid my cock out a little, before shoving it down further and harder, making her moan, and my cock to throb inside her throat from the vibrations. This caused her to begin choking, and gagging. I looked down, and saw her look at me with alarm, as she began gagging on my cock, I held her head in place. She began choking on my cock, gaging. I held her head for a moment, before letting it go, and letting her fall back, coughing, and holding her throat.
I knelt down besides her, and ran my fingers through her hair.
“You okay?”
She coughed a few times, nodding. As she coughed, I couldn’t help but watch as her breasts bounced up and down.
When she finished coughing, we looked at each other for a moment, and then pulled each other into a deep kiss. Our tounges finding each other, and roaming over each other. As we did so, I pushed myself onto her, causing her to lay on her back, as I began cupping he breast. I quickly moved my hand under her shirt, and undid her bra. We broke the kiss, and watched as I pulled it out, and tossed it to the side. We then resumed kissing, I grinded my hard cock into her jeans. I reached back under her shirt and began caressing her nipple. Pinching it, and rubbing it between my finger and thumb. She moaned into the kiss, wrapping her legs around my waist, and arching her back. I could feel her pussy getting wet, even through her jeans. She broke the kiss.
“AAaaahhhhhhhh…” she moaned and squealed as I continued to grind into her jeans. I continued bahis şirketleri kissing down her cheek, and began kissing down her neck. I began kissing, licking, and sucking on her neck, feeling it get warmer, and turning red.
I let go of her nipple, and stopped kissing her neck. She looked at me, hunger behind her sexy eyes, worried I was going to stop, when I began lifing her shirt. She got the hint, smiled, and lifted her arms over her head. I quickly rolled her shirt over her head, and tossed it to the side.
I was wrong before, her tits didn’t LOOK huge in the shirt. They WERE huge! I was busy admiring then, when I got brought back to reality by the feeling of her grinding her pussy against my dick. I reached down, and began undoing her pants, as I leaned down, and began kissing her, squeezing her tits, and pinching her nipples.
It wasn’t hard to undo her pants, what was hard was getting them off. They were SO tight! I rolled them down, and I finally got it. What I wanted all along. A full view of her sweet, juicy pussy. I kissed her just above her clit, and ran my tounge down, rubbing her sweet clit. I could feel her body shiver, as I pressed hard against her clit, then quickly rubbed it side to side. As I split her pussy apart, and thrusting into her wet pussy. I thrust in and out, faster and faster. Harder and harder.
“AAAAAAhhhhhhh!!! David! David, DAAAAVID!!!” She moaned and squealed. I felt her pussy get wet, the mounds on either side plumping up, and just before I thought she’d cum, I stoped. I felt her legs wrap around my head, and pull me into her juicy cunt, “Don’t STOP!!!” She demanded. I simply blew lightly over her sweet cunt, making sure she wanted move, and then grabbed her legs, unwrapping them enough to lay on top of her, as I slid my cock up and down her pussy, making it wet, and lubing it up, before sliding the head in and out, and then shoving it in. I could tell that she had fucked before, the way she lifted her hips, the fact that she was tight, but not virgin tight. And she wrapped her hands around my back. I pulled out, and then thrust back inside her. She ran her nails over my back, but not hard enough to brake skin. We were both moaning and breathing heavily. I pulled out, and then thrust all 9 inches of my cock inside her. She tightened her grip on my back, and scratched her nails across my back, actually breaking skin this time.
“OH…MY…GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” She screamed each time I thrust into her. I thrust hard and fast, until our bodies began glistening with sweat.
I slowed up, and pulled my cock out of her.
“What?” she gasped, looking at me like she’d done something wrong, “What’s wrong, baby?”
I didn’t say a word as I grabed her by the arms, and flipped her over, causing her to lay on her stomach. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her ass, which I could tell was never fucked before, and shoved it in, as hard as I could, with a grunt, as she screamed at the top of her lungs.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! MY FUCKING GOD!!!” She screamed. I heard the neighbors upstairs moving around, obviously, they had heard. I pulled out some, and then back in, hard. Grunting with each thrust, and causing tears to streak mascara down her beautiful face. I thrust into her again, and held it there, wrapping my arm around her waist, picking her up, and bending her over the couch, which was about 3 feet away. I continued fucking her ass from behind, causing her to clucth, and rip, the couch. And began switching between her ass and her cunt. I wanted her, badly. This was a dream come true!
After a while, I began to only fuck her pussy, and smacked her ass as hard as I could, making it turn pink, and causing her pussy to tighten around my cock, and cum to make my cock glisten, before it squirted a little bit. Not a lot, but enough to notice. It was so hot it sent me over the edge. I shot stream after stream of my cum deep into her waiting cunt. As we came, our bodies tightened, and we pulled eachother close together. Our breaths came in short spurts, and I slid my cock out of her, rubbing it against her clit, as cum continued to shoot up, and land on her stomach and breasts. She looked into my eyes, with a warm look, and pulled me on top of her as we layed down on the couch. We kissed, and just lay there, looking into each others eyes.

After a while, I got a call from Hal. He was at home, and wondered what I was doing. I said nothing, and I’d be right over.
“How are you gonna do it?” Serena asked.
“Do what?” I asked over my shoulder as I slid my shirt back on.
“Tell Hal about this…about us….”
I sighed, and looked around. “I don’t think he should know…” I said.
“I see…” she said, and walked over infront of me. I was sitting on the arm of the couch, where we had just came together. She knelt down, and looked me in the eyes, “I still love you, as a friend. But I’m IN love with Hal. This was the greatest sex I’ve ever had, and I don’t want it to get in the way of anything any of the three of us have.” She put her hands on my cheeks, and pulled me into a kiss, long, and deep. When she broke it, she looked into my eyes, “I don’t want this to end, though. Do you think we could still…”she looked down at her naked body, and then back up to me, “and still be friends?”
I looked at her, and smiled. “We’ll see…” I said, getting up and going over to the door. I stopped, and turned to look at her, as she smiled sweetly at me, I felt my heart melt, and my dick begin to harden. It would be hard to do both, but fuck, I had to try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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