Phil, my new black neighbor

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Phil, my new black neighbor
Lurking out the semi-closed blinds, I noticed Phil, our new black neighbor, was privately stroking his huge dark manhood as I peered out my bedroom window. I was spying on that hot black guy, attempting to see more of that ever rising bulge in his shorts that had ignited a deep burning fire in me…

Carefully I opened a few slats on the blinds fully, as I allowed the towel to drop to the floor. Fully naked, I stood there wanting him to see me touch myself, as I was so aroused imaging about being alone with him in my bed.
The sight of his well cut black body; right outside my bedroom window was driving me wild with lust and passion.

My nipples were aching to be touched, as my hungry pussy quivered at
the sight of his hands gliding over his erection. I nastily thought about his big black frame all over my body and how far I could go. I was fucking hot and horny. Nobody would ever know, not even my own loving husband…

Hungry to be satisfied, my eyes locked in on his growing cock as I began
stroking the top of my damp outer labia lips with the palm of my hand. Back
and forth slowly, I began to moan softly, thinking about his cock stroking these labia lips.
Pressing my hand completely between my now saturated spread lips I slipped a couple fingers inside my now creamy furnace, thinking that I wanted to feel his big black cock. Closing my eyes I pretended it was Phil’s huge hard thick black cock penetrating me deeply, as I fell backwards onto my bed.

Fantasizing about my delicious black neighbor sitting outside my window
got me so excited that I came quickly. I wanted him and I wanted him to
know it. I wanted his ebony cock to fill me up.

Returning to the open blinds, I stood there gazing at his muscular body.

Looking through my closet, I found a hot little sun dress that simply
wrapped around my body. It would allow him to see my ass and even allow my dark nipples to flash through. I saw the dress barely covered my breasts, as I slowly wrapped it around my body.

I wanted to entice him, knowing that my cleavage would be fully visible
and that my shapely ass would basically be covered.

Grabbing a pair of high heels, I went out to the front door where Phil was.
He also wanted to fuck me; then we had arranged a date. But I had told him we could go out while my loving husband was busy at work.
Phil agreed with no hesitation.
There he stood, waiting for me and I wanted him so bad. I was burning with desire and he knew it as he teased me.

Phil eagerly followed me to the front driveway with a massive erection
quite visible. I couldn’t get this beautiful black man and his extended cock out of my mind as my pussy was a raging passion needing relief..

“Are you ready for me, white bitch…?” He whispered softly.
“I am always ready for you… you filthy nigger…” I replied defiantly…

Then he grinned nastily as he checked me out from head to toe. Looking me up and down as we headed towards my own car.
That nasty look was all it took to get my pussy creamy all over again.

I went to the passenger door so I could move the seat backwards to allow
his tall huge ebony frame to get canlı kaçak bahis in. As I leaned over the seat, a light breeze fluttered my dress upwards, giving him a complete view of my heart shaped round ass and my fresh shaven pussy…

Then he got a good glimpse of what I wanted to show him.
Getting into the car, I had to lift the dress from under my buttocks, exposing my ass cheeks as I sat down, while the skimpy front rested on my naked wet crotch. I picked my hem up a little, allowing my horny kitty to peak out.

My black new friend was looking down into my cleavage. His broad dark hand rested on the huge bulge in his lap, as I could not keep my eyes off of his over sized cock. It was making me crazy. My own juices were flowing.

My nipples were painfully erect against the thin material as I figured I
was about to make my next move. Easing my hand onto my unclad leg, I
began to stroke my inner thighs slowly for him to see.
Moments later, he watched as my fingers brushed between the moistened thick lips and teased playfully around my fully visible clit.

Looking into the rear view mirror, I could see his eyes following the
slow motion of my fingers. The growing erection on his lap indicated me he was enjoying the show. He watched happily as I slipped two fingers inside my raging fire hole, planting them knuckle deep. Then I moaned softly:

“Ah… Phil… I am coming like a little nasty slut for you…”

He watched me intensely as I softly sucked my juices off each finger and
reinserted them for more as I began letting out more moans.

Then I saw his thick snakelike cock growing bigger, filling my body with desire. I wanted to see it, hold it and so much more as I looked at it.

That black guy no longer attempted to hide his own desire. Instead, he slowly began tracing every inch of the outline with a finger, paying a great
deal of attention to that plum shaped head. He taunted me with its size,
now fully straining against his tight shorts.

His cock was fucking enormous and I could not take my eyes off of it.
Nor did I want to. I wanted to see his black erect fuck stick and he
knew what I wanted. I was becoming delirious with the thoughts of his monstrous black cock buried deep inside of me and what it would feel like.

Pulling into a large parking garage, I could no longer concentrate on
driving and Phil knew it. All I could think about was his fucking big
black cock in me, wherever he wanted to put it.

Reaching up, I freed my large firm boobs. Opening my mouth, I swirled my hot tongue around my dark hard nipples… My boobs glistened with my saliva in the sunlight, as his cock was now throbbing against his tight shorts.
My pussy was primed and ready as my hand was completely saturated in my own sweet juices and I had to have more and I have to have it now.

Propping my left foot onto the seat, I began to pull the saturated thick
lips from side to side, showing him how far they could be stretched.
Inserting one, then two, then three, and finally the fourth finger until
I could feel my hot lips on the top of my hand.

I twisted my thumb under my palm and pressed my hand forward. Then güvenilir casino I felt my stretched lips working over my. I was gushing cum all over the place…

With my hand still lodged inside of my wet stretched cunt, I leaned over and placed my head on his lap. I could feel his throbbing dick on my cheek…

My eyes couldn’t believe the length of his fucking cock, as I sat there
rocking back and forth on my buried hand. Feeling my face slid over his dick, made Phil squirm in his seat.

Unzipping his pants, he slowly freed his big black snake to show me what a
monster it was. He was proudly stroking it from the head down to the base.
He teased me, as he stroked it to a massive erection right in front of my face. It looked so much different than other black cocks I had fucked…
I have never seen such a monster black cock.
I felt my pussy quivering at the sight of that magnificent piece of black meat.
Phil flipped it to my direction as he continued pumping it in and out of
his hand, faster and faster. His black stallion size cock now looking
right at me only a couple of inches from my cock sucking mouth looked so inviting. I wanted to kiss it so bad, as he seemed to be enjoying teasing me.
I wondered who could give his dick a full blow job. I was
actually thinking about it in my mouth and in other places as well…

I turned facing him with my fingers fully spreading my wet pussy apart,
showing off the stretched entrance to my sticky honey pot.
I was so hot with the thought of having that black snake in my wet mouth.
Then Phil waved his meaty cock fully erect at me.
I wanted to feel it in my hand. I needed to have it between my sticky fingers.

Still banging my nasty pussy with my own fingers, his hard cock brushed against my arm, then my hand and finally worked its way against my boobs. He kept his cock head right there, rubbing it over my dark areola, easing it closer towards my wet mouth.
I moaned, as my eyes were locked onto his manhood close to my face.
Again my hungry cunt was spewing juices all over my hand as Phil eased his hard cock even closer to my sucking red lips, until it touched them…
Then I felt his massive knob touching my lips softly, as I felt it parting them.
I was on fire, feeling that snake touching all over my mouth and lips. I
removed my fully cum coated hand and slowly touched that dick as I pressed my palm around the meaty shaft.
I wrapped my fingers around his thick cock; it felt good in my hand. My lubricated hand started sliding up and down and popping over the enormous thick head. I started rubbing his dick head slowly between my parted lips as I continued jacking it off in my hand.

I loved to feel that cock in my mouth and Phil knew it as he looked at me his own desire building.

Then I kissed his dick and flicked my tongue against all the long of that rod.
I wanted Phil to fuck my mouth with that magnificent hard thing.
Sliding my hand, not even able to warp entirely around his thick girth, I stroked the entire length, allowing more of his swollen dark knob to
penetrate my parted lips each time.

I lowered my fully opened mouth over the monstrous head casino firmalari and began the
task of working that gigantic cock into my mouth. I had to struggle like never before to swallow a man’s cock head.

Then he ordered me to get out of the car. He also stepped out and dropped his shorts. He was so hard well built, even his ass flexed when he walked…

As we walked to the front of the car, he removed the tiny sundress from
my body as I waited for his next command. I stood there naked, standing just in my high heels, being crazy for that man and his huge black cock.

Phil smiled and made me get on my hands and knees. Obediently, like a good bitch in heat, I dropped on all fours before him with my mouth open. Then, placing his thick knob in my mouth, he pushed it in forward.
With my mouth full of monster black cock, I moaned and tried to catch my breath, as his hands held my head in place, filling my mouth each thrust..

I slowly began to take it deeper, as I bobbed up and down his hard dick.
Suddenly and looked into his eyes and begged him to give it all to me.

Instructing me to lay face down across the hood of my car, I felt him
spread my legs moving apart. Then I felt his over sized knob pressing against my wet tight pussy.

Phil smiled, asking me if I wanted his black dick in my tiny pussy.
I replied that I needed it so bad. Then I felt him spearing me as he pushed that hard thick knob inside me. I begged him to fuck me with no mercy…

I moaned, feeling it pop in and start moving back and forth His strong hands were pulling me backwards by the waist, as he thrust several inches deeply into me. I cried out in pleasure as he started working it in and out slowly…
My pussy was clamped around that big black snake; my inner lips were being pulled out and tucked back in with each thrust. I was being fucked by
the biggest black cock ever and I loved it.

Phil squeezed my waist and gave me another deep thrust. I felt his cock
gutting me so deep. I begged me go deeper, faster and harder…

I began coming when he shoved his entire length in my horny cunt.
Taking that cock out of my ravaged pussy, he ordered me to roll onto my
back and lock my legs around his waist. He wanted a missionary position.

I did so eagerly, as only my upper back and shoulders were on the hood.
My ass was floating in the air, as my dark lover began to ease that snake back into the depths of my desperate hungry pussy.

I was able to rock my pelvis against him, slamming it hard against him. Phil’s massive black hands were assaulting my boobs, while his thick black cock assaulted my poor cunt like never before.

He pounded my pussy until I was like a limp rag doll in his hands. Knowing he was ready to blow his load, he withdrew from my stretched pussy, telling me that he wanted me to suck his cock off…

Pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, he began to blow a load of thick creamy cum so big I couldn’t handle it all. His cum flowed down my chin as I kept sucking.
As he fucked my mouth so good, he looked at me seriously, whispering it would remain as a discreet secret.
I could not answer, as I was bobbing my head up and down his hard cock.
Then I just sat there slurping the remaining cum, looking at that huge black dick, still hard and thinking about taking this thing deep into my asshole…
It would hurt for sure; but still I had enough free time to get ready and try it…

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