Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 09

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Chantelle awoke in her comfy bed and stretched her lithe petite teenage body, her legs and arms toned from sport, her tummy taut her breasts blossoming on her chest, she cupped them both in her hands and brushed her fingers over her nipples before snaking a hand into her soft pink panties and playing over her sensitive clit.

She shuddered at her touch. as she was waking up and playing her Mother Janice came and sat on the side of her bed and said “Good morning honey; are you going to lay here and play with your kitty” Janice ran her fingers over her Daughters vulva, “or shall we start to prepare you for your Daddy to make you a woman.”

Chantelle frowned and pouted saying “Mum, I became a woman when I got my period, didn’t I?”

Janice smiled and tweaked Chantelle’s left nipple saying “Of course ‘sweet cheeks’, then your Father will break you in as the newest family slut, is that better?”

Chantelle sat up and hugged her mother closely and said “Yes Mummy I can’t wait to be used the way a woman should!” Mother and Daughter then kissed in a manner not that of family as their tongues intertwined as they groped each others body.

Parting their embrace Janice said “First thing is to remove all the hair from your tight little love glove, your Father likes a girl to be smooth and it makes you look far younger than you are and heightens the state of the male’s predatory sexual nature.”

Chantelle said, “I finally grew a muff and I have to shave it off?”

Janice replied “Yes baby, but you’ll like the way it feels and you’ll want to keep it that way.”


When Janice finished the hair removal of Chantelle’s vagina and crotch she leaned in and started licking the lips of her Daughter’s fully exposed pussy. Chantelle moaned in appreciation. Janice said “I had to have another taste, while you’re fresh; the next time I eat your pussy darling it’ll be dripping with you Daddies sperm.”

Let’s get you into something alluring. they went back to Chantelle’s bedroom and Janice produced a Victria’s Secret box and gave it to her Daughter.

Chantelle in wonder opened the box and squealed in delight as she revealed lacy lingerie, stockings with a suspender belt and a choker like her Mother often wore.

The choker had words of gold embroidered on it; on one side was ‘Daddy’s Baby Girl’ but when she turned it over it read ‘Daddy’s Fuck Slut’.

Janice explained, “Your Father likes his women to wear chokers, it’s like a collar. When you’re out in public you wear it this side out” Janice indicated the Daddy’s Baby Girl side, “and at home you display the other.”

The lingerie was pearl white, a half cup bra, a miniscule thong, thigh high stockings and the garter belt. Another box from her Mother revealed matching shoes with the tallest heels she had ever seen. Chantelle said “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in those.”

Janice chuckled and said “Oh honey you won’t walk far in these, most of the time they’ll be up in the air while you’re on your back!”

Chantelle smiled brightly and said “Thanks so much Mum, for making me desirable!”

Janice embraced her Daughter and said, “My beautiful darling girl, these things don’t make you desirable, you could wear a plastic garbage bag and any man would still want escort kartal to fuck you. No these things when worn by a woman just proclaim that she is willing and ready to be taken and used.”

Janice explained further “Now you must understand sweetie that after today, while you are still our Daughter who we love dearly, as such you will also be looked on as just another slut to be used for a man’s pleasure. That is a woman’s proper place. You will submit to anything your Father desires, which may include being used by other men. Are you okay with that?”

Chantelle said dreamily, “Oh mum; yes I am, I’ll be a perfect slut for Daddy and when he’s not using my body I’ll be an obedient whore!”

Janice said “That’s wonderful sweetheart, it’ll be so good to have another three holes in the house to take on the chore!”

Chantelle giggled and said “So we’re just ‘chore whore’s?!”

Janice smiled at her daughter and said “We are women and it is a woman’s natural place to be at the beck and call of men to satisfy their every desire and if that makes us ‘chore whore’s’ then that is what we are!”

Chantelle said “I understand Mum, I’ll try to make you proud of me!”


Janice, herself dressed in lingerie to match her Daughter, only in black, led Chantelle in her white lingerie into the master bedroom to watch her husband Danial sexually violate their only child and take her virginity.

When Danial saw his Daughter dressed in the pearl white slutty lingerie he felt his penis get stiffer to the point that it ached. He was already hard in anticipation of his Daughters gift to him, to take her and use her body as he wished, but he was steel hard now seeing her this way.

Chantelle looked so innocent; yet stunningly beautiful and angelic at the same time, Danial thought ‘I’ll change all that, my baby girl now, later she’ll be my slut and truly second-hand!’

Janice kissed her husband deeply then handed her daughter to Danial saying “Enjoy, my love!” then she gathered an assortment of toys to use on herself as she watched her Daughters deflowering.

Danial said “Thank you babe, this is truly a fantasy come true.” To Chantelle he asked “Are you scared baby girl?”

Chantelle shook her head and said “Not at all, I’m my Daddys’ fuck slut!” she indicated to her choker.

Danial lay her down on the bed, leaned in and kissed her like he had never kissed his Daughter before, then said “Sweetheart I will try my utmost to be gentle but understand that the lust I feel right now may drive me harder!”

Chantelle laying beneath her Father said “I think I understand Daddy, I know you love me.”

Janice who had attached nipple clamps to her breasts, inserted a string of anal beads in her arse and was plunging a french tickler into her cunt while wearing a butterfly clit massager said “What he means baby is that while he would never intentionally hurt you, he may cause you some discomfort and mild pain.”

Janice went on “Of course if you’re anything like me, you might get off on a bit of pain!”

Danial after kissing his sweet girl started trailing kisses down her body spending some wonderful moments sucking on her perfect young breasts, he sank further down until he was between her legs and he deeply maltepe escort inhaled her virginal but excited scent.

Chantelle felt her Fathers hands caressing her body, never staying in one place too long, her nipples stiffened in pleasure and suddenly her skin turned to goose flesh and her nipples ached as she felt his tongue spear her most intimate place. She thought ‘So completely different from when Mum eats my pussy’.

Chantelle shivered in pleasure then started to quiver as her father feasted on ripened peach, then she felt feint and thought she might black out as something took over her body, experiencing a feeling she couldn’t describe and suddenly she couldn’t remember when she had started screaming, she was reduced to whimpering as tears rolled from her eyes and Danial smiled to himself as he slurped on the nectar that flooded from the convulsing and tender flesh of his bubbling sweet daughter.

Danial kissed his way back up his daughters body until they were again face to face, he studied her face looking for any sign of distress, finding her eyes glassy and her breathing short, he said to her, “Are you certain this is what you want darling girl; there is no going back from this!”

Chantelle said dreamily “Ohh Daddy, after what you have helped me to feel, you could do anything to me and I wouldn’t resist.”

Danial kissed Chantelle hard and lightly pinched one of her nipples as he moved his mouth to the other and started to nibble and suck on the rubbery flesh. He felt his daughters body start to tremble, as Chantelle started to pant heavily before gasping for breath and emitting a groan louder and deeper than he would have thought her voice capable.

Danial chose that moment to push between her legs and he forced his aching cock steadily into the liquid vice grip of his off-spring’s virgin teen vagina, he felt the resistance of and then the tearing of her hymen as he continued the penetration until he felt the wall of her cervix and bottomed out in the tightest cunt he could remember.

‘Fuck me’ Danial thought to himself, ‘This is going to be a workout, punching into this tight little pocket’, he started to slowly piston his shaft as Chantelle whimpered, groaned and shuddered beneath him.

Danial demonstrated his lovemaking stamina as he varied the depth, speed and angle of stroke, his hands busy as he played his daughter like an instrument. For forty minutes he elicited all manner of sounds from his daughters mouth and had her tight little cunt juiced up and streaming around his incestuous cock as he raked his daughters innocence from her body.

He stopped when Chantelle, in a particularly violent shuddering orgasm, screamed yet again and passed out. Danial, feeling her go lifeless beneath him extracted his turgid member from between her puffy rose coloured and creamy snatch and stood up from the bed.

He looked with pride at his handy work, his sweet daughter lay there, totally dishevelled, covered in a sheen of perspiration, her hair a mess, the lingerie and sheets damp from their efforts. She looked so inviting.

He walked over to his wife who unbidden took his cock in her mouth and licked her daughters juices from his engorged manhood. Janice said “You’re amazing to watch lover, Chantelle will pendik escort bayan never forget this day. You are an amazing husband and Father”.

Danial said “Thanks babe; now get on all fours so I can plug you a bit until the little slut wakes up.”

Chantelle did as instructed and Danial pushed into his wife’s familiar fuck hole while ogling his daughters young body.

When Chantelle started to come around, Danial pulled out of his wife and slumped back on the bed next to his daughter, he grabbed her hips and lifted her onto his lap where he slid her pussy back over his slick cock.

Chantelle gasped at the penetration and opened her eyes fully. Danial said “About fuckin’ time girl, now be a good slut and ride my cock, I need to cum.”

Danial licked and sucked her breasts and groped her arse as she bounced, grinded and slid along the length of his aching tool.

Chantelle quickly started to perspire with the effort, she thought ‘Daddies cock is so big but feels so good’. She persisted as long as she could but after fifteen minutes slumped in his lap and lay on his chest, breathing hard.

She had lost track of how many times she had cum and her nostrils flared with the heavy scent of their combined arousal. She said, “I’m sorry Daddy, I can’t keep going.”

Danial chuckled and said “You’re doing fine honey bear, now get on your knees and I’ll finish you off.”

He pushed his daughter from his lap and rolled her to her knees saying “Lay your head on the bed”, she did so, “that’s the way baby girl.” He lined up his parental organ and pushed full hilt into his sweet teenage daughter, who moaned deeply.

Chantelle took two fists full of sheet as her Father started thrusting into her body and started yelping as he sped up until he was slamming into her tender frame, the wet slap of flesh on flesh echoed in the room.

Janice had all manner of sex toys adorning and inserted in her body as she watched for the crescendo of her family’s coupling.

Suddenly Danial tensed and let out a roar as his very life essence, it seemed, exploded in his loins and his sweet daughter started crying as the very seed that started her life started flooding in waves white washing her cervix.

Danial shuddered but held tight to her hips and it felt like his cock was splitting apart inside the grasping flesh of his Daughters cunt. Such was the volume of his pent up lust that cum backed up and started spurting from between the tight embrace of their joined flesh.

The two collapsed on the bed, literally fucked as Janice ravaging her own body with an obscenely large dildo also started to squirt and fell back on the lounge.

The room was rank with the odours of raw sex and lust and breathing was laboured as they recovered from their exertions.

Chantelle yelped as Danial sat up and slapped her butt cheek and said “You did great you saucy little minx, now come here.” He grabbed her and pulled her to him in a spoon embrace.

Chantelle asked “Well Daddy, was I a good fuck?” then she let out a long sighing moan as she felt her Fathers penis push back into her cum flooded pussy.

She said “Ohhh Daddy you’re still hard! I don’t know if I can do that again so soon.”

Janice, idly fingering herself said “Oh honey, you might be a little sore tomorrow but you’re dear Daddy is going to nut inside you two more times at least before he’s done, so enjoy the ride!” With that she got up and said “I’m going to go take a bath.” She walked out as her husband again started boning their baby girl.

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