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I didn’t want to go.

I wasn’t really given a choice. I was the manager of the project, the clients were paying our bank sa fortune in fees for the work we were doing, and we had been given to understand from our local team in their home country that when they entertained, they tended towards the more sexy venues.

So our Managing Director, Tony, got it into his head that we had to take them to the best lap-dancing club we could find. Since nobody in the office really went in for that sort of thing, it involved a lot of googling and a few suggestions from friends of colleagues before the venue was chosen, and I was a little unsettled by the decision.

What little I’d read of “Lilith’s” on the internet implied that it was more than a lap-dancing club. You had to read between the lines, since the various reviewers didn’t want to get the place shut down for prostitution, but from what I could tell, this lap-dancing club was willing to offer more than just lap dances, depending on how you asked your questions and what you were willing to pay.

Great. My boss is taking me to a brothel on a Tuesday night.

The clients would have preferred to have a private moment with me, I’m sure. The looks I was getting went well beyond distant admiration, and every time one of them was behind me, I could imagine their gaze settling on my ass. Truth be told, that was partly my fault, I’d let myself get talked into wearing a miniskirt that was frankly inappropriate for the office, and a moulding cashmere top that did little to hide the fact that nature had been good to me.

At least they understood that I was off limits, and all I had to deal with were the looks. Perhaps if they let off some steam this evening they’d stare a little less during the meetings tomorrow.

The club, when we found it, was a little more discreet than I’d anticipated. Still, it was clear enough that the venue was of an adult nature, and there were a couple of sturdy bouncers at the front door. Pre-booked access to the VIP area ensured that we didn’t have to hang about in the street for too long and we were quickly led down a staircase into a very large two-level basement with a mezzanine VIP area overlooking a large bar space.

The place was gorgeously decorated, with a small bar in the middle of the VIP area, plush carpets and leather seats in separate areas so that groups didn’t have to mingle if they didn’t want to. There were near-naked girls walking around everywhere, but they didn’t accost our group – instead they gave little smiles to the boys and waited to get called. The rest of the time they wandered around, talked amongst themselves and chatted up the occasional client who seemed interested. Occasionally, one of them would – at some invisible signal – get up on the tiny stage at the front of the VIP area and dance. They were very good. I could never have moved my body the way they were moving theirs, and the skill they showed implied that this was more than a standard lap-dancing club. Our clients were enjoying it plenty, and began to disappear for brief intervals with individual dancers – so we had clearly chosen well.

Every so often, one of the girls would conclude a deal for a lap dance, and would then lead their client by the hand to one of several doors set into the walls, and open the electronic lock on the door with a little bracelet they all seemed to be wearing. Ten minutes later, the couple would re-emerge, looking much as they had when they’d disappeared. So far so clean, perhaps I could stand to be here a while after all.

I ordered a fruity drink at the bar and sat on one of the leather barstools with my back more or less turned to my group so that the clients and my colleagues would not be too embarrassed by my presence. A couple of the other people in the VIP area came to talk, wondering why a girl was in a lap-dancing club, and I explained the situation to them and had a couple of decent conversations. Quite quickly, I figured out that this was a pretty good place for conversations because the guys weren’t here for me, and their presence in a lap-dancing club didn’t really lend itself to a pick-up, although a couple still tried. Despite my misgivings, I began having a good time talking about music, sports, politics and any other subject the guys came up with. The drinks were good, other people were buying them, and I was able to safely ignore the activities of my colleagues. The people talking to me varied as different guys went to talk to some of the naked girls from time to time.

I didn’t notice the other effect I was having until I ran headlong into a very cute petite girl in the corridor leading to the bathrooms, just as I came out.

She’d been waiting for me.

“It’s not very cool, you know.” She started.

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re dressed to pick up, standing at the bar in a place where we rely on attracting men to make a living. It’s not very cool for you to be here drawing their attention away from us.”

It took a minute casino oyna for me to catch up with her meaning. Then I was so surprised I couldn’t help but laugh.

I still managed to explain, “I’m sorry. I’d rather not be here too, for what it’s worth, but my boss insisted, and so I have to wait for my group to finish having their fun before I can go. It’s not my intention to get in your way.”

She hadn’t been expecting that answer. She had probably got it into her head that I was deliberately damaging business. She still didn’t seem very happy about it though.

I tried again. “Listen. I don’t get any pleasure from being here, believe me…”

Her eyes flashed up at me. Baby blue under long black lashes, blonde hair cascading in gentle curves around her shoulders. I had better breasts and several inches on her, but I would have done anything to have a face that cute, eyes that colour or hair that pretty.

Someone came down the corridor. Some guy I didn’t recognise, and she moved close to me to make room for him to get past. As he went past, he brushed against her – probably deliberately – and she fell towards me. I took a step back and ended up with my back to the wall, the petite girl pressed up against me with her breasts pushed into mine. I could feel how hard her nipples were through my top.

She lowered her voice and got up on her toes, her breasts rubbing against mine and one hand going to my waist for balance. Her breath was right in my ear, her voice low and seductive.

“You should try to enjoy yourself, you know. Have you ever had a lap dance?”

I was flustered, both by what she’d said, and by the fact that I was reacting to her, my nipples tightening in my top despite the fact that I’d never been attracted to girls. All I could think was, “no wonder the boys can’t resist them”. The answer I managed to blurt out was much less coherent.

“I don’t… I mean can’t… haven’t ever… I mean. Umm. No, ah, thanks. I didn’t even come with money.”

And now I looked like an idiot.

She just smiled, as though she knew something I didn’t. She looked straight into my eyes, and I felt her hand move down from my waist to my hips, to just above the hem of my miniskirt.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to know what it feels like? Even if I offered to show you for free?”

“I really don’t think that… ah…”

How on earth did guys manage to negotiate a price under this kind of sensual pressure? My thoughts had scattered as her other hand came to rest on my shoulder. The hand on my hip was moving in slow circles, rubbing the fabric of my skirt against my thigh. Her face moved towards mine and I was completely caught in her eyes, until her lips brushed incredibly gently against mine, before she pulled away slightly.

I suddenly became acutely aware of where we were. In a corridor leading to the toilets. Anyone could walk down here and see me like this. It gave me the excuse I needed to break off.

“I can’t – people could see – my office. I mean my colleagues.”

The girl smiled, took my hand and said, “come on then”. Then she turned around, swiped the little bracelet she had on her left wrist against a tiny reader on the opposite wall, and pushed an entire section of wall out of the way, dragging me into a little room with a huge couch and soft lighting. The door shut behind us, whisper-quiet, and nobody had seen us enter. She’d gotten me in here before I’d even realised what she was doing. My excuse was in tatters.

“Listen… um…”

“Penny.” She smiled from underneath those impossible lashes in a voice that promised many things.

“Yes… um… Penny. Ah… I don’t think I… um… my boyfriend…”

I didn’t even have a boyfriend. I was just rambling.

She walked towards me and I backed up, and immediately found myself with my back to a wall again, Penny’s breasts pushing into me. This time, she reached up behind my head and I felt her hand on my neck. Her lips reached up and kissed me, and my words left me.

I didn’t kiss her back, but I didn’t need to. She knew more about kissing than every boyfriend and one night stand I’d had in my life. There was no way not to react to her soft lips and her questing tongue. That’s what I tell myself anyway. My world was reduced to the kiss and the sensations of the hand stroking my neck and the breasts pushing against mine.

She had me right where she wanted before her other hand ever slipped beneath the hem of my miniskirt. Part of me had surrendered to her advances long before I felt her fingers start to stroke through my panties. I was hers before she ever manoeuvred me onto that couch. All without ever breaking that magical kiss.

When she released my mouth, a hand had made it under my top and was stroking my left breast. Her soft skin was like silk against mine and she seemed to know as much about caressing a woman’s breasts as she did about kissing, tight sensations of pleasure rising through my chest and rippling around my breast. canlı casino I felt my top coming up as she peeled it off me with her other hand, and before I’d gotten it off my arms she’d already unclasped my bra and gotten rid of it. She concentrated on the underside of my breast, working up towards the nipple, and I felt myself melt into that sensation just as her lips nuzzled my neck and worked down to my other breast.

I can’t be doing this, I thought to myself. This girl must be 21 or 22, at least 5 years younger than me, and she’s somehow got me completely besotted with her, got my body totally surrendering to her. What the hell is going on?

But the girl had momentum on her side, and she took ruthless advantage of it. Another hand found my thighs and my eyes rolled back in my head as she took possession of me by cupping my mons through my panties and taking a nipple into her mouth.

She was relentless. She drove my arousal upwards with a level of skill I’d never experienced in a lover, and always with that smile on her perfect face.

I was helpless when she unzipped my miniskirt, and helpless when she pulled down my panties.

“Now you’re more naked than I am,” she murmured, and then she bit down gently on one nipple before I could formulate an answer, leaving me reeling from the realisation of just how helpless she had made me.

Her mouth started kissing down my chest, past my bellybutton, one hand caressing a breast as she made her way south. I suddenly realised where she was going and tried to put an end to it.

“You can’t… not that… please.”

“If you want to stop me, just stand up and walk away,” I could hear the smile in her voice, “or lie there like a good girl and let me show you something you’ve never felt before.”

She knew what my answer was. She never even stopped kissing her way down my body. I saw her smile disappear from my line of sight, felt her hands caress over my pelvis and down either side of my mons, held my breath for an eternity in delirious anticipation, then I felt her breath between my legs, and her lips and tongue touched my pussy, gently enough to make me cry.

Gentle licks in my least sensitive spots soon had me making involuntary little sounds. Gentle caresses on my thighs robbed them of their strength and replaced all my remaining thoughts with arousal. I saw the blonde curls rise slightly, and then a long lick the length of my pussy, finishing right on my clit, making me gasp.

I’d never done anything more than vanilla sex and a little oral. Penny took it all to the level of an art form, and I was her canvas. I made sounds, writhed helplessly, and she controlled it all.

Kisses and licks came and went, never enough to push me over the edge, always too many to allow me to recover. When I thought I’d felt every sensation possible, a heavily lubricated finger slipped into my ass and I realised I still had some measure of control, but even that had now been stripped from me as I let her invade my body in every way she wanted.

“Please. Oh please…” I whined, not even sure what it was I wanted. Make it stop? Never let it stop.

After a period of time that was impossible to measure, Penny raised her head to look at me. Amazingly, her make-up was still perfect, only her lips glistened slightly with my fluids.

“You’re going to cum now”, she told me.

Her smile became almost predatory. “Nothing you can do about it sweetie. But don’t worry, the room’s soundproof.”

She smiled and then disappeared from sight. The finger in my ass started moving again and her lips returned to their glorious work. My arousal had built so high I was panicked, afraid of what might happen when I came.

Her tongue returned to my clit, but the gentle licks gradually became more insistent and repetitive, always on the underside, where she’d figured out I was most sensitive. The finger in my ass began sliding in and out, underscoring my helplessness. I felt all the arousal take the shape of a tidal wave, lifting me and lifting me until I was terrified of what would happen when the wave crashed, and helpless to stop it.

She pushed me expertly over the edge and I felt all my muscles clench. I think I screamed, but I can’t be sure. My hips lifted completely off the couch, but her mouth followed and pushed me further and further into the tremendous orgasm that she had built up in me. My world narrowed to a single point of blinding pleasure, and then I collapsed bonelessly on the couch.

I must have blacked out for a moment because the next thing I was aware of was Penny, lying next to me, one leg swung over mine, nibbling at my earlobe.

I felt I ought to say something, and took a breath without knowing what words were going to come out of my mouth.

“Shhhh”, she whispered into my ear, and she put a finger against my lips, before tracing their outline for a few moments and then slipping the finger into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, but found myself sucking in gently kaçak casino until she pulled it out.

My body was a little sore from the massive effort of the orgasm, and I was thinking about how my muscles felt when I became aware of something slightly hard against my leg.

I looked down the couch and saw that Penny had a bright blue plastic penis, slightly bigger than my experience of a normal penis, but that she seemed to be wearing no harness.

She giggled when she saw me looking.

“It’s held inside me by a dildo. I clench it when I fuck you with it. Lots of kegels!”

I wasn’t sure about something that size being inside me, but Penny’s hand was already caressing one of my breasts, and it didn’t take her more than a few moments to start bringing back that sense of helpless arousal.

I felt her shift on top of me, blonde curls falling about my breasts as she positioned herself. One hand came up to my head and I felt her take a handful of hair, pulling it slightly. This had the strange effect of turning me on far more than words would have. I felt her knees between my thighs, pushing outwards, and realised that I was about to be taken by a girl several years younger than me, and that all my sexual instincts were making me incredibly submissive to her. She seemed to know how to exploit them, bring them to the fore to make me feel helpless.

She looked up at me and smiled wickedly.

“You’re going to come so hard with my cock inside you.”

The words blazed through my mind, just as the very wet tip of the dildo pressed against my lips, parting them and pushing into my wet and thoroughly melted centre.

The size of the dildo meant that I felt every single contour and nub moulded onto its exterior as it pushed into me. Penny looked up at me to judge my reaction, then I felt her pull out halfway. Time was suspended for just a moment, her blue eyes looking straight into mine, then she slammed into me with her tiny body and the large cock as hard as any man ever had. The dildo went deep, and a nub on the end of it rubbed right up against my clitoris.

More than the physical pleasure of it though, the sensation of being penetrated so forcefully brought out my inner submissive. I moaned, reached out for Penny but instead of pushing her away, my hands found her breasts and caressed them, picking up their weight. I couldn’t hold her gaze, so I looked away, presenting my neck to her in complete submission, and she leaned in and bit me, hard, marking her territory and thrusting into me a second time, not quite as hard, but eliciting another ragged helpless moan from me.

After a few thrusts, she spun me around and made me kneel before taking me from behind – something I’d never let a guy do because it always made me feel so submissive.

“Not like this, please…” I managed to mutter in a little girl’s voice, and she understood, so she slowed down and whispered in my ear.

“I’m going to make you come in this position, feel me slide into you.”

She pulled out and thrust in, smoothly, gently.

“Feel every inch of me sliding into your body. You’re mine.”

She pulled out again, and her words had the desired effect, pushing my arousal higher. Her hand reached between my legs and flicked my clit.

“Feel your body surrender to it. The pleasure building inside. Come for me.”

She pulled out and slid home again, and again, and again, and the pleasure rose and rose, before peaking and making me shudder in orgasm as she held my hips to hers, as I clenched involuntarily again and again around the big dildo inside me.

She helped me dress, afterwards. I was shaking too much to do it myself. She made it a game, teasing me, caressing me, putting a hand between my legs to stroke my pussy before going behind me and nibbling on my earlobe as she zipped up my skirt. Her hands lifted and stroked my breasts before putting my cashmere top back on. I was lost in a haze of post-coital bliss, and recovering only slowly, continuously aroused by her hands and lips and tongue and breath.

She used a small television monitor to make sure there was no-one in the corridor when we stepped out of the room, and she even got the bar to make me a drink. My team were finishing up. We’d spent over an hour in that little room, and I was still shivering occasionally from the aftershocks, confused and lost. Nobody in the bar seemed any the wiser.

She hadn’t given me my panties back and my neck bore her bite-mark – a small bruise that would be blue by tomorrow. She’d also made me give her my number and address.

When we moved towards the front door, she came up behind our group and called out to me.

“Miss, miss, you forgot something,” as though she didn’t know my name.

She’d filched a small make-up mirror from my bag.

“I think you left this in the bathroom.”

I walked towards her to take it from her, trying to act as normally as possible.

As soon as I was out of sight of the group, she smiled broader and slipped a hand under my dress and against my pussy, a finger slipping inside me. My body responded to her immediately. Almost obediently, it seemed.

She whispered in my ear.

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