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Darcy trudged slowly back to the bunkhouse that was her temporary home. It was 4 pm, knocking off time and she had been working since dawn picking peaches at the orchard. Her arms and shoulders were aching, her lower back needed a good hard massage she was hot and sticky and looking forward to a long cool shower before dinner.

Her boots thudding heavily on the stairs she struggled to put one foot in front of the other. Being on a tourist visa meant that she wasn’t eligible to legally work but the farmers and growers didn’t seem to care and gave out cash to those who were willing to do hard work. And Darcy had run out of money.

“Hey Darcy!”

Darcy wearily turned towards John one of the guys she worked with.

“Are ya going to the pub later?”

He asked making his way towards the cabin he shared with 3 others. Darcy shrugged her shoulders.

“We’ll see,” she called back.

He was cute enough and if her radar was right, he fancied her. He was tall, taller than Darcy, broad shouldered and handsome in a sweet-faced young boy way. Darcy thought he was a couple of years younger than her. The orchard boss enforced strict rules about girls and guys sharing accommodation so she hadn’t had any late night visits from him yet. She didn’t think it would take him long to summon the courage to seek her out.

At the moment there were 12 of them working the orchard and storehouse and every day a couple more travellers would wander in looking for work. There was certainly a need for a lot more to help and everyone, so long as they looked clean and tidy, got a job. She’d been lucky so far and hadn’t needed to share her room with anyone but if the rumours were true then more people would be arriving soon. Word spread fast when there was work on offer.

Sighing with tiredness Darcy opened the door to her room and discarded her clothes while the door swung shut behind her. She kicked off her boots, and stripped off her socks, peeled off her shorts and panties in one smooth movement and flicked her t-shirt onto the floor. She rarely wore a bra and while she was working in the hot sun the extra layer was uncomfortable and her pert tight breasts hardly needed the support.

Within a couple of minutes the tiny shower off her room was at the right temperature and she was lathering fresh soap over herself washing off the sticky peach juice that mingled with her own salty sweat. Rinsing herself well and enjoying the cool water sluicing over her, Darcy reluctantly turned off the tap and reached for a warm dry towel, pausing when she heard someone humming tunelessly in her room. Cautiously she opened the door and saw a young woman unpacking a duffel bag and putting clothes into the drawers at the end of the spare bed.

“Fuck,” Darcy thought to herself, “there goes my privacy.”

She dried herself briskly, rubbed her damp hair and wrapped herself in the towel and took a deep breath.

“Hi there, I’m Darcy,” she said, approaching the young woman with her hand extended.

The young girl turned with a warm questioning smile at the ready. Darcy’s breath caught in her throat, the air left the room, her eyes lost focus and her head was dizzy with desire. This was her fantasy woman, her dream girl, the one she’d often fantasised about when she was masturbating. Darcy took a deep breath and eyed her delicious roommate. She was shorter than Darcy and round in all the places that Darcy was not. She had long curly blonde hair, a cute looking face and over-large breasts that strained against the soft cotton of her too tight t-shirt. Her round full bottom and hips were squeezed into denim shorts and her tanned shapely legs were smooth and firm. Darcy dragged her eyes back to the sweet face of her new room-mate as she felt the heat building within her belly.

“Hi, I’m Terri.”

She smiled warmly at Darcy and Darcy responded as if on autocue.

“Terri, it’s good to meet you. Ah, I’ll leave you to finish. I’ll get dressed in the bathroom while you unpack.”

Terri’s casino oyna pleasant smile didn’t falter.

“Please don’t leave if you want to get changed. I mostly sleep naked it’s so freaking hot here and I can be a little casual with my own personal space. If the odd flash of nudity is gonna embarrass you though, I can see if there’s another bed free. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes my first day.”

Darcy immediately blushed, her mind racing at the prospect of all the opportunities she would get to see Terri naked.

“Oh. Ok well you don’t have to change rooms. I’m not worried if you’re not.”

Terri grinned and continued to unpack her bag.

“Nice one. Thanks.”

Darcy went to her drawers and pulled out a loose fitting singlet, blue lace panties and a clean pair of shorts. She dropped the towel onto her bed and self-consciously bent over to slip her panties on. Blushing she glanced over at Terri and caught her looking at her with an expression that Darcy had seen before. Was it lust? Biting her lip as she slipped the singlet over her head, Darcy wondered if her fantasy girl could actually be interested in her? If she asked her outright and Terri said no or worse, laughed at her, then that would truly fuck things up. Darcy stepped into her shorts as the silence in the room grew.

Finally Terri spoke, clearing her throat.

“You have a beautiful body.”

Darcy blushed and instinctively glanced at herself in the mirror on the wall. She had shoulder length brown hair that she often wore loose and was lucky to have a trim slender body that required little work to keep looking good. She had long legs, a firm tight bottom, a flat belly and little breasts with small dusky pink nipples. She had never had trouble getting laid by boys (when she had gone looking for a young hot cock) or girls and knew that part of the reason was because of how she looked.

She looked back at Terri.


“It’s true, I mean it,” said Terri turning to put some toiletry items on the top of the bureau.

Darcy had butterflies stirring in her belly, her pussy was twitching like crazy and she could feel herself become liquid with desire. She hadn’t felt so nervous in ages. To keep herself busy she grabbed at her filthy clothes on the floor and threw them in the laundry basket and folded her towel.

“Look, I should tell you something but I don’t want to freak you out,” said Terri.

Darcy was having trouble breathing. Being in the same room as Terri was proving to be more difficult that she thought. Steeling herself so she wouldn’t look like she would eat her in one bite Darcy looked over at her.

“That’s ok. Freak me out.”

Terri looked uncomfortable and fidgeted with the clothes she was holding.

“I don’t like to label myself but I like being with girls. Women really. So just to keep things good between us I just thought I should let you know.”

Terri coughed to clear her throat. Darcy held her breath.

“I’m really attracted to you. The minute I saw you I thought I could really go for you. I don’t want you to feel weird though cos you know, that’s my shit.”

Darcy’s mouth was dry and her heart was pounding loudly in her ears. This was almost too good to be true.

“You fancy me?” she whispered.

Terri nodded her head imperceptibly, blushing.

“I’m sorry. God this is weird isn’t it? Fuck. I’m sorry! Jesus you didn’t need to hear that. Shit I better go.”

Darcy stared hard at her and crossed the room in a couple of strides to stand before her.

“Thank fuck for that. I thought it was just me!”

Terri’s eyes widened and she gasped.

“Just you? You mean..?”

Darcy took the clothes from her hands and dropped them to the floor. Holding Terri’s chin in her hand she tipped her face towards hers.

“Yep. Thank God you said something.”

Darcy held her hips tight against hers, grinding her mound against Terri’s.

Darcy leaned in and canlı casino kissed her softly, her tongue probing Terri’s lips. Terri instantly opened her mouth and her tongue darted into Darcy’s. She moaned softly as they wrestled together for a while, each taking the time to taste the other. Terri’s hands snuck around her waist and lightly stroked her damp hot skin beneath her singlet. Her feather light touch sending sparks to Darcy’s pussy.

Darcy pulled away.

“Is this ok? Do you want to do this?”

Terri looked dazed and smiled.

“Oh yeah.”

Darcy reached for hem of Terri’s t-shirt, lifting it off in one movement. Terri smiled did the same, reaching out for one of Darcy’s breasts, covering it with her hand, rubbing her thumb over the nipple and trapping it against her forefinger, squeezing it hard. Darcy sighed aloud at the sharp unexpected pain and her legs buckled a little.

Terri kissed her this time, continuing to knead and tug on Darcy’s breast.

“You taste like peaches. Delicious.”

Darcy grinned, “A hazard of the job, I’m afraid. Come on let’s get more comfortable.”

Darcy lead the way across the tiny room, putting the latch on the door and drawing the curtains over the one window that was above the beds.

Turning back to Terri, she’d already stripped off and was lying back on the bed with her hands behind her head. Darcy watched her appreciatively and sighed in delight at how the afternoon was turning out.

“Are you coming?” asked Terri.

Not yet, thought Darcy.

Darcy peeled off her shorts and panties and lay down next to her. They both turned to face each other, pressing their hips together, their legs comfortably laying over each other. They each had one another’s breast in their hands and Darcy was the first to put her mouth onto the pale pink nipple of her new lover and she sucked long and hard. She could feel the nub harden as her tongue rasped over it and she gently held it between her teeth, biting down and pulling it out. Terri was whimpering and twisting her fingers into Darcy’s hair, guiding her to each breast, holding each fleshy orb as an offering for Darcy so that each breast was tongued and bitten. Darcy used her long fingers to knead the ample flesh and rubbed her face into her cleavage lightly nibbling.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good. My pussy is aching so much Darcy.”

Pulling away slowly, Darcy ran her tongue down the length of Terri’s belly to her mound stroking her hands down the sides of her body not breaking contact with any part of her. Spreading Terri’s thighs she took her first look at her new lovers pussy. The pubic hair was neatly trimmed and around her cleft it was short exposing her thick fleshy lips. Terri was panting, her face flushed with desire and heat. She threw her arms over her head, her breasts pointing up high to the ceiling. For Darcy this was better than any fantasy she’d ever had. Terri smelt musky and sweet and Darcy’s mouth watered in anticipation.

Spreading the full pouty lips apart Darcy flicked her tongue over Terri’s clit, swirling around and around as Terri writhed under her, before finally circling it with her mouth, sucking it hard while she rubbed her tongue over the sensitive nub. Terri was moaning and grabbing at her own breasts roughly, pulling at her huge nipples as they hardened.

Darcy used her thumbs to keep Terri’s pussy lips apart as she licked the length of her cleft with her long tongue, plunging it deep into her cunt and then slipping her thumbs in and out of her gaping moist hole.

“Oh yes that’s so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop keep fucking me, please keep fucking me,” Terri whispered hoarsely.

Darcy slipped her little finger down to brush against Terri’s ass hole, feeling the tiny puckered rose twitch and tighten. Terri’s pussy was drenched with desire and Darcy loved the feel and taste of her, so much so that she failed to notice how close Terri was to coming and while her tongue was buried deep in her honeyed kaçak casino pussy and her little finger was stroking her hole, Terri cried out loudly and came in an explosion that surprised them both. Lapping gently at the juice that was dripping from the delicious pussy, she moved to wrap her arms around her lovers’ waist. She lay her head down on her belly and waited for the contractions of her body beneath her cheek to abate.

Terri reached for Darcy, pulling her back up to her mouth.

“Oh that was too good,” she whispered softly.

“I agree,” answered Darcy huskily.

Terri pulled away and lay soft feathery light kisses onto her neck and chest. Her mouth hungrily sought out Darcy’s nipples and using her hands and tongue she lapped and kneaded at the perfect tits making Darcy’s pussy gape in expectation.

Lightly biting a nipple Terri ran her fingertips softly down the full length of Darcy’s belly sending goose bumps all the way to her toes. Lifting her head her gaze followed her hand to its destination and she drew light circles around Darcy’s soft bare mound. Darcy flexed her hips up to meet her hand and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Her pussy was wet and she could feel juice leaking down her ass crack.

Moaning gently Darcy reached down to play with her clit when Terri took her hand and kissed the palm.

“Let me. I promise you’ll come,” she said.

Darcy moaned again in desperation and anticipation. Terri chuckled softly and continued her feather light kisses down the mid line of Darcy’s body, pausing to dip her tongue into her belly button. She moved her body over Darcy’s and lay her full weight on top of her. Their breasts were crushed against each other and their mounds were pressed together too. They kissed deeply, tonguing each other until they were both breathless.

Terri wriggled down between Darcy’s legs, her bare skin rubbing seductively against Darcy, both sighing with desire. Kissing and nibbling her inner thighs, Terri finally flicked her hot tongue against Darcy’s cleft. Darcy lifted her hips to give Terri better access, splaying her thighs as far apart as she could.

Terri paused, “Your pussy is delicious,” she whispered.

Using her fingers she spread Darcy’s lips wide and planted her mouth over her swollen clit, sucking long and hard, releasing the pressure when Darcy cried out and then rasping her tongue continuously over it making her cry out again.

“God even your pussy tastes of peaches,” exclaimed Terri.

Her middle finger sought out her dripping hole and without any warning she thrust it in hard and fast, her closed fist slapping against Darcy’s swollen lips and thighs. The sharp intrusion into her tight hole was exhilarating and Darcy pulled her knees up towards her and widened them until her hips were aching.

Terri murmured her approval and whispered, “Oh yes, that’s it. Make your pussy tight. Mmm, it feels so good.”

Terri slid another finger into Darcy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Darcy was dizzy with delight and murmured yes, yes, yes pulling her knees back even more and thrusting her arse into Terri’s face.

Terri’s tongue found her tight asshole and she swirled it around teasing the sensitive nerve endings. She changed pace and started thrusting three thick fingers into Darcy’s now juicy cunt, not letting up on her clit or her ass.

Darcy could feel her climax building with every swirl of Terri’s tongue and thrust of her fingers.

“Yes,” she cried, “Yes!”

Her pussy tightened on her lovers’ fingers and her warm juice sluiced over Terri’s hand. Terri lapped it up with her expert tongue and slowly slipped her fingers from their lovely warm grotto. Terri laid her head on Darcy’s thigh, blowing soft warm air onto her throbbing wet pussy while Darcy shuddered through the final throes of her climax.

When she had finished Terri scooted up the bed and lay down next to her, they held hands both breathing heavily.

“This couldn’t have turned out to be a better job,” whispered Terri turning towards Darcy.

Darcy grinned, kissing her gently on mouth, she tasted her own peach scented pussy.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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