Paradise Island Ch. 04

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It was quite bright in the cottage when Tom woke up. The Sun had been up for several hours and the light was filtering through the cottage, but that wasn’t what had brought him back from the land of Nod after last night’s exertions. It was the feel of a warm mouth round his cock that woke him up!

He opened his eyes in surprise and looked down. He saw his sister’s head between his legs sucking his hard cock. He looked around the big room and noticed they were alone. The others had all got up and left him and Jill alone. He lay back, closing his eyes, enjoying the feel of Jill’s wet mouth sucking his cock. She had taken him in quite deep and her lips were clamped near the base of his cock. He could feel her tongue along the length of his cock. Jill slowly slid her lips up his cock until they were just below the head of the cock. Her tongue then ran round his sensitive head. Jill then pushed at the sensitive piss-hole with the tip of her tongue. Tom moaned and lifted his ass off the bed thrusting his cock into his sister’s mouth. He curled his fingers in Jill’s hair and held her head tight against his crotch.

Jill let her brother’s cock deeper into her mouth until it was almost touching the back of her throat. She was an excellent cock sucker and had almost no gag reflex. She relaxed her throat muscles and started deep throating her brother’s cock. Her cheeks pulled in with the suction and her lips were stretched round Tom’s cock. Tom couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his cock so deep in his sister’s mouth. He groaned and using his grip on Jill’s hair, he pulled her up his cock and pushed her down again, literally fucking her mouth. A few more strokes and he pulled her off his cock by her hair and dragged her along his body until she came face to face with him. They stared deep in each other’s eyes for a moment and then their mouths met in a hungry, passionate kiss. Jill’s mouth parted and accepted Tom’s tongue. Their tongues played with each other and Tom hugged his sister very tight, squashing her boobs against his chest. They rolled on the bed until Tom ended up on top. Jill opened her legs wide and Tom’s cock slid effortlessly into her wet pussy. They were still locked in a kiss and Tom started thrusting hard into his sister’s cunt. Jill moaned, bucking up and down and raised her legs round his waist.

Tom fucked her steadily for a while and then stopped, laying still on his sister’s body.

Jill broke the kiss and looked at him, “You haven’t come, have you?”

Tom laughed, “No! But I was about to come, and I want to enjoy you for a bit longer.”

Jill smiled and kissed him softly on the lips.

Tom raised his upper body off Jill and reaching out for her legs, he pushed them in front of him and held them high. In this position he could see the smooth backs of her creamy thighs framing her lovely shaven pussy. His hard cock was plunged straight into her soft pussy. The sight set off Tom again and he left her legs so that they were now draped over his shoulders and Jill was opened up nicely to him, her ass off the bed. In this position, he started fucking her rapidly and Jill started moaning.

“Oh, my god! You’re fucking me so deep! Oh! Oh! OOOHHH!”

Tom was grunting with each stroke as he went in deeper into his sister’s cunt than he had ever been before. Pretty soon, Jill reached her orgasm, “Oh! Tom! Aaargh! Brother!” and holding his head in a strong grip, she started kissing him passionately.

Jill’s legs slipped off his shoulders after she came. Her cunt was now very wet and started making sloppy sounds as Tom continued his strokes. She raised her hand and ran her palm softly along his cheek. She had never loved her little brother so much!

Tom pulled his cock out of Jill’s cunt and she gave a small moan of disappointment, raising her ass off the bed to try and keep him in. Tom laughed and sitting up, he said, “Sis, I want to fuck you from behind.”

Jill immediately got onto her knees and elbows raising her sweet ass in the air. She pointed her knees out from her body so that her cunt and asshole were exposed. Tom went behind her and looked at her beautiful round ass tapering to luscious thighs. In between was her exposed cunt dripping with juice. Above her cunt, her asshole winked open and shut mesmerising him.

He ran his right hand over the globes of her ass and then ran his index finger into her cunt upto his knukle. When he withdrew his finger, it was wet with her juices. This gave him an idea and he ran his finger up and pressed against her anus. Jill moaned and hunkered down, raising her ass higher in the air. Her ass was tight, but his wet finger did slip in. She had evidently been fucked in the ass before.

Tom couldn’t resist any more. Raising his hand, he swatted her bottom and noticed a rosy imprint of his hand on her white ass. He then moved forward and thrust his cock into ther cunt. He held her hips and fucked her with hard, quick thrusts. After a dozen or so thrusts he withdrew from her cunt and using his right hand he guided his wet cock kartal escort to her other hole. He pressed against her with a steady pressure until the head of his cock suddenly slipped into her. Her tight ass felt really good!

He kept pushing his cock in until he was almost all the way in and then stopped to feel her tight ass hole round his cock. He suddenly felt his cock being massaged inside her and he looked, surprised. Jill had one of her hands in her cunt and she was running a finger up and down and he could feel it. He groaned and reaching forward, he grabbed her tits and started fucking her ass hard. He didn’t last long this time!

“Yes! Yes! Yesss!” he groaned, his eyes closed, as he came in her ass.

Tom and Jill lay in each other’s arms. Tom was lazily playing with his sister’s nipples.

“Where is everybody else?” asked Tom. Last night had been an orgy. He had taken five girls to bed, his sister Jill, his personal maid Serafina and three girls boyish Jess, tall Lena and the Esha. Esha had the most beautiful boobs of any girl he had seen. Large and firm, they defied gravity and were topped by sensitive nipples. He had met Jess, Lena and Esha just yesterday afternoon. They wanted to leave their small village and Tom needed to give a gift to Lukid Menor the head of the largest family on the Council of Five. He had been told Lukid was partial to virgins, so the three good looking girls were a god-send.

He had spent the night fucking Serafina and Jill. He couldn’t fuck the other three but they had sucked his cock and driven him mad by playing with their tongues on his anus. He had even fucked Esha in the ass.

“It’s almost time to leave for the Menor estate, so I sent them off to get ready.”

Tom kissed her on the mouth and got out of bed.

An hour later, they left for their visit. Jill kissed Tom and Macy good-bye. She was staying back. The party consisted of Tom, Macy, Serafina, Jess, Lena, Esha and a couple of young guys with stout staffs. Tom raised his eyebrows at Macy when he saw the guys. Macy said, “After Serbius’s visit, Jill and I asked them to stay around in case we need them. They’re boys from our estate and usually work on the shipping boats.”

Tom nodded and smiled at the two guys and they bowed their heads to him.

As they rode along the path that he and Jill had ridden the day before, Tom could feel the tension building. A lot was riding on this trip. If they couldn’t secure Lukid Menor’s vote, he might as well pack his bags and leave. If that happened, he would take Jill and Macy with him, Tom vowed to himself. There was no way he was leaving them to the mercy of the goon, Serbius.

“Tell me more about Paradise Island,” he said to Macy. The more he knew, the less likely he would be to trip up.

Macy replied, “Paradise Island has a population of about fifty thousand. The Menor estate is the biggest with almost twenty thousand people, we are the next biggest with about ten thousand and the other three are more or less the same with about six or seven thousand people each. For some reason, there have always been nearly twice as many girls born as boys on Paradise Island. I thought it was the same everywhere but Jill told me that this is unique to this island. Is that true?”

Tom nodded, wondering what could change something so basic as the sex ratio in the population. Was it the water? Or, some trace element in the soil? Looking at Macy’s face, it was easy to tell that she loved her island and was proud of it. She didn’t see anything wrong with the social set up here. Was that cultural or was it somehow tied up to the fact that population had twice the number of women as men? Was the same thing that caused more female births also making the women more feminine, more subservient to the men? There was also the fact that the women here were on average much more beautiful than the outside world. Was that tied up into the same factor?

Tom shook his head clear of all these thoughts and asked Macy to continue.

“The women stay on the island and do most of the agriculture. The men are usually on the fishing boats or guard boats.”

“Guard boats?” asked Tom.

“Our fishing grounds are quite rich. Also, we haven’t over-fished our waters unlike other people. We have to keep a constant look out to make sure foreign fishermen come and destroy our fishing grounds.”

Soon they passed the waterfall where Tom and Macy had almost made love. Tom had a smile on his face and Macy blushed prettily when she realised why Tom was smiling. The journey passed quickly and soon they crossed a ford in the river and leaving their own lands behind, entered the Menor estate.

When they reached the Menor house, Lukid Menor and his son were waiting for them. Lukid was a tall, big-built man. His beard and moustache were peppered with grey as was the hair on his head. He must be well into his sixties but his frame was still erect and it was easy to see that he must have been a very dashing figure in his youth. His son was just as tall, but maltepe escort bayan more slightly built and his features were softer.

Macy and Lukid’s son hugged each other.

“John! How are you?”

“You’ve grown Macy! The green suits you!” he said, holding Macy at arms length. Macy blushed and Tom felt a pang of jealousy rip through him. They are old friends, he cautioned himself, forcing a smile on his face.

John came to him, shaking his hand with an open smile and it was hard not to like him.

Macy then went and hugged her uncle. They went in with Lukid’s hand round Macy’s waist and they all followed. Lukid led them to a large, cool room and bade them all sit down. Three beautiful women wearing the usual short white dresses came in with large glasses of fruit juice cocktails. The motif above their right breast was a leaping dolphin. One of the girls came to him and offered him a selection of glasses from a tray. She kept her legs straight, pushed her hips back and bent low at the waist in front of him. Her dress fell forward and showed off her lsucious, unfettered tits. Tom selected a glass murmured his thanks and the girls smiled. She then turned to Macy.

Meanwhile, the other girls were serving Lukid and his son. Since Lukid and his son were facing him, Tom saw the backs of their straight legs. Their little dresses had climbed half way up their bums when they bent low and Tom had a wonderful view.

After the girls withdrew and they had made some small talk, Macy came to the point, “Uncle, I want Tom to take over as the head of the Fontana household. We need your support.”

Lukid frowned, thinking.

Macy added, “I don’t want Serbius taking over the Fontana household. He is a brute.”

“I agree,” said John. “He was always a bully.”

Lukid sighed, got up and started pacing the floor. “It is a difficult decision, Macy. Let’s have lunch and we’ll talk about it later.”

They had to be content with that.

The Menor household had set a wonderful feast – they had roast game birds, lots of sea food, corn-on-the-cob, beans and other vegetables. After lunch, they exchanged gifts. Tom and Macy formally handed over the three virgins and Lukid gave Macy a bolt of creamy silk and Tom was given a wicked looking bowie knife in a leather.

John took them round and showed them the Menor house and the surrounding gardens while Lukid stayed in for a nap. When they joined him after a couple of hours, he looked pleased. Tom wondered which of the three girls he had slept with.

Lukid smiled at them and said, “Tom, If you are selected as the head of the Fontana household, are you prepared to stay on Paradise Island forever?”

“Yes,” replied Tom.

Jill said, “Uncle, Tom and I wish to marry. We want you to announce our engagement at the council meeting tomorrow.”

Lukid asked Jill, “Are you sure you want this?”

Jill nodded and her shining face made the answer even more obvious.

John smiled and said, “Congrats! That’s wonderful news.” He hugged Macy and shook hands with Tom.

Lukid said, “That certainly puts a different spin on things. Let me think about this. I want to do what is in the best interests of Paradise Island.”

Jill said, “I understand, Uncle. But, I hate Serbius. Do you know that he barged into our house the other day and told me and Jill that he would make us grovel before him when he became the head of our household?”

Lukid frowned and said, “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”

“Thank you Uncle!” exclaimed Macy and hugged him.

That evening they had a light supper and filled in Jill with all the details of their visit. After the supper, Tom said, “I don’t feel like sleeping right now. Who wants to come for a walk on the beach?”

Macy said she was tired and retired to bed. Jill was game as she had done nothing much all day and Serafina joined them.

It was almost a full moon night and a silvery light glowed on the beach, both from the moon and the reflection of the water. The sea’s restless energy matched Tom’s mood. Until the council meeting was finished and everything was decided, he could not relax. They all kicked off their shoes and walked barefoot on the sand. Tom wriggled his toes and felt the sand under his feet. Both the girls were wearing the short Tiga and they ran barefoot towards the edge of the water. A few waves just reached their feet when suddenly a much bigger wave came rushing along the beach and raced past the girls at almost knee height. Jill and Serafina shrieked and held each other so they wouldn’t fall in the water as it retreated back into the sea.

They both came running back to him. It was a lovely sight to see their long bare legs flashing in the dim light as they ran towards him. Their unfettered breasts were swinging up and down. Tom watched his sister and Serafina with a smile. They reached him and each took one hand and started dragging him towards the water.

“What are you doing?” asked Tom.

“Come on! We are going to dunk you!” escort pendik said Jill.

“You are, are you?” growled Tom and dug in his heels in the white sand.

Jill and Serafina tried pulling him and Tom suddenly swung his hand towards himself. Both the girls were dragged to him and he hugged them tightly. Jill tried to escape but he quickly kissed her on the mouth. She gave up struggling and opened her mouth to let his tongue in. He dropped his other hand to Serafina’s ass and she stayed still, letting him fondle her.

Jill moaned and Tom crushed her to him. He could feel his sister’s tits against his chest. Her crotch was grinding against his. With his other hand, he squeezed Serafina’s ass and stuck a finger into her pussy from behind.

Jill fell to her knees and started unbuttoning his shorts. As she pulled off his shorts, Tom ripped off Serafina’s Tiga and left her naked. He took one of her heavy breasts in his hand and started kneading it.

“Aah!” moaned Serafina.

“Oh! Yes!” groaned Tom when he felt his sister’s mouth suck the head of his cock.

Tom took Serafina’s nipple between his thumb and index finger and started rolling it between them. He pinched her nipple harder and Serafina moaned, arching her back and thrusting her boobs at him.

With his left hand, he grabbed a fist full of Jill’s hair and pushed her head against his cock. She took him deeper and started playing her tongue against his cock. Tom groaned and grabbing Serafina’s hair, he pulled her to him in a passionate kiss. He was very hard and did not want to come in Jill’s mouth. Using his grip in her hair, he pulled his sister off his cock and pushed her on to her back. Jill spread her legs wide for her brother. Her pussy was dripping. He dropped to his knees between his sister’s legs and thrust his cock into her wet pussy. He went straight in and started fucking her with rapid thrusts.

Jill moaned, “Yes, baby, Yes! Fuck me brother, Aah! Fuck your sister’s cunt! Harder!”

Jill’s dirty words made Tom fuck her harder. Her cunt was so warm and wet! It seemed to fit his cock like a glove. Soon, Jill started screaming and coming. Her juices almost pushed Tom off the edge, but he started doing mental arithmetic.

“13 times 16 is …” he calculated, “198.” He didn’t want to come just yet. There was one more cunt to plow!

After Jill came, he withdrew from her and Jill moaned. He turned to Serafina and said, “On your knees, bitch!”

Serafina fell to her knees and hands and Tom walked on his knees and got behind her. His cock was still standing proudly erect and it was coated with his sister’s juices. Serafina’s ass gleamed in the moonlight and Tom gave it two quick spanks.

“Ooh!” said Serafina.

He gave her ass one more swat. Her shaved pussy was framed betwen her ass cheeks and he thrust his cock into her. He went all the way in and Serafina started moving her ass against his crotch. She started clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles and Tom groaned.

He reached forward and with his left hand, he grabbed her left tit. With his right hand, he took a fist full of hair and pulled her head up. Meanwhile Jill reached below him and took his balls in her mouth and Tom jerked his cock in Serafina’s cunt. His sister left his balls and separating his ass cheeks, she plunged her tongue into his ass hole. Tom started fucking Serafina and Jill clung to him rimming his hole and driving him to ecstasy. Tom squeezed Serafina’s tits and pulled her head high and back and kissed her on the mouth.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” he asked Serafina.

“No!” she gasped.

“Get ready now!” he said and withdrew from her cunt. Jill immediately went to one side and separated Serafina’s ass cheeks exposing her winking virgin hole to Tom. Tom grinned at the sight and leaning forward, he kissed his sister.

“Thanks!” he said.

“What are big sisters for?” replied Jill, helping her brother fuck a virgin ass hole.

Tom pushed his cock steadily into Serafina’s ass. Serafina stayed still and tried to relax her muscles. She was still a little bit tense and Tom’s cock wasn’t going in. Jill noticed this and slipped her hand to Serafina’s pussy. She took Serafina’s clit betwen two fingers and rubbed it gently. She thrust another finger into her cunt. Serafina moaned as her sensitive clit was massaged and came in a rush on to Jill’s hand. This relaxed her anus and Tom suddenly found his cock in Serafina’s ass.

Tom thrust again and he was all the way in. His balls slapped against her ass and Serafina moaned, “Aah! Nooo!”

She couldn’t make up her mind between her cunt’s pleasure and her ass’s pain. The pain slowly disappeared as Tom stayed still. As she relaxed, Tom started fucking her ass. She was so tight! Tom pulled almost all the way out. The sight of his cock with just its head inside her tight stretched hole as it gripped his cock was very exciting. He thrust in again and then started pistoning his cock in and out. He again grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. Jill came close to him and he started kissing his sister. Tom fucked Serafina for quite a while in her poor virgin ass before he suddenly shouted, “Yes, baby, Yes! I am cumming…”. His thrusts increased in speed and he suddenly spilled his seed into her ass.

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