Pam Mitchell was Asleep

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You’d have to be pretty simple minded to be a divorced woman and have your 18 year old son share your bed. Even if you live in a small house, a cottage. Predictably you’re going to take a trip to sperm city. If you don’t wake up covered with cum, it will only be a matter of time. What happened to Pam is a common occurrence in the life of a single mom.

Pam Mitchell was asleep. It was warm under the sheet, too warm, because she was sharing her bed with Robbie. Ever since the divorce, and their subsequent move to a smaller place, Pam had allowed her son to sleep with her. Her bed had felt so big and lonely and, although she didn’t miss Hank, she did miss the warmth and companionship he had once provided. So, rather than make her son sleep on an army surplus cot or the couch, she insisted he share her king size bed.

Pam shifted again and mumbled in her sleep, subconsciously disturbed by the rhythmic vibrations shaking the mattress. She slept on, unaware that Robbie was lying on his back, the sheet tented over his crotch, and his fist sliding the loose foreskin of his fat cock up and down.

The kid hadn’t been able to control himself. He was old enough to show some restraint, especially lying next to his mother. He was 18 years old, planning to go into the Marines in a few months.

When he woke up, he’d been curled up against her, his stiff prick trapped between the warm, soft crack of her big ass. He was almost afraid to move; she might wake up and discover the hard-on poised threatening about an inch from her pucker.

Robbie was staring at Pam’s face as he jerked off, thinking how lucky he was to have the most beautiful mother in the world; one with gloriously big boobies. He knew his mother’s tits were slightly pendulous, but they were firm. One of his favorite pastimes was watching her work around the house; every time she moved, those tits were nodding up and down or wobbling from side to side.

Pam slept on, her flaming red hair spread like a shiny halo across the white pillow. Her big tits, slightly flattened and falling to the sides, were quivering with her every breath.

“Mom?” he whispered. “You asleep?”

Robbie was a husky, healthy guy, and he possessed an over-active libido. When his mother didn’t answer, his heart pounded faster. A terribly exciting idea had been forming in his mind for weeks, but he didn’t have the nerve to pull it off.

Christ! She looked so pretty sleeping next to him, and so sexy. His mouth was suddenly dry. He couldn’t help wondering how it would feel to have her fingers wrapped around his cock. Wouldn’t they be soft and hot?

Trembling with trepidation, Robbie pulled the sheet over his body and turned so his cock pointed at Pam’s hip. Then he gently, carefully, took her hand and placed it on his sweaty, sticky affair. Her palm felt damp and warm, and he watched her relaxed face as he forced her fingers to curl around his eager cock.

Perhaps it was instinctive, but Pam’s hand tightened, holding the prick as securely as the handle of a hammer. Robbie shivered and groaned, but not with pain. His head dropped to the pillow and he stared at the ceiling as his cock pulsed happily inside his mother’s fist.

Pam was nearly awake and beginning to wonder in a vague sort of way what it was she was holding. For some reason she felt confused. And what she was holding was hot and damp, alive under her clasping fingers.

“Ohmygod!” Her eyes flew open with horrified shock as she gasped and pulled her hand away from her son’s cock. But she was too late.

“Huhhh, uhhhh, ahhh,” Robbie groaned. He’d been unable to stop his eruption, and he felt his face burn as he shot off. Fooling no one, he kept his eyes closed and pretended to be sleeping; he prayed that his mother would be clueless.

Pam groaned and her face flamed with shame as Robbie’s jerking cock shot globs of thick, sticky cum onto her wrist and forearm. Embarrassed, the heat of her shame flowed all the way from her cheeks to her heavy tits. Oh, God! she moaned silently. What have I done? Robbie was still sleeping, thank God, and her heart went out to him at the sweet, innocent smile on his face.

Pam let her breath out slowly and tried not to feel bad. After all, she wasn’t responsible for what happened in her sleep, was she? But what caused her to seek out her son’s cock? Had she been dreaming of being fucked by her husband, and automatically reached for Hank’s cock? God, she felt positively sick. Sick, because she was so fucking horny and the thought of that big, stiff prick throbbing and wilting uselessly next to her was driving her crazy! How could she? Her own son!

Her arm was dripping with the proof of Robbie’s virility, and Pam wouldn’t have minded had it been anyone other than her son. She’d always enjoyed watching a man’s cum shooting out and splattering on her belly or hands. It was awfully hot and messy and gooey, but excitingly wicked. And she’d been on a few dates when she had to appease half-drunk guys by jerking them escort bostancı off.

Pam’s large cunt, covered with thick red curls, was already wet with scented pussy juice, and she wanted desperately to finger-fuck herself. She was very horny, after being dosed with Robbie’s love juice, but didn’t think it was right to frig herself, with Robbie lying next to her. When she climaxed she sounded like a female hog being inseminated.

She thought of how large her boy’s cock had felt. Even larger than Hank’s. Her wrist and arm was still covered with his spunk. She lifted the sheet and pulled her arm back, peering at the heavy coating of sticky cum. Her eyes sparkled as the spunky odor hit her nostrils and reminded her even more of fucking. It had been so long! God, she hadn’t even seen a man’s cock in years.

Just one quick look won’t hurt, she told herself, unable to resist taking a peek at his cock beneath the sheets. Robbie, desperately trying to remain still, knew what was going on when he felt the sheet being lifted, but he was afraid to open his eyes. He felt cool air flowing over his uncircumcised cock and knew the sheet was high enough to expose all eight inches of it.

His mother was looking at his penis! Robbie felt his balls tighten and hoped she wouldn’t notice. But then his cock began to stir, hardening again, aware that his mother was staring at it.

“Ohhhh …” Pam sighed.

Her eyes widened with shocked surprise. Robbie’s long, thick tool was throbbing luridly from the opening in his pajamas, its knob swelling, shiny and purplish with engorged blood. She could even see his wide piss-slit still dripping cum. She licked her lips.

At thirty five Pam wasn’t ready to forget all about sex! Not by one hell of a long shot! As a pole dancer, she’d been proud of her body, and the years hadn’t changed it that much. Her heavy white tits were still firm, her waist still slim, and her hips and upper thighs just plump enough to tempt a saint. And her round ass was still full and fleshy.

But now, knowing what a stud her son was becoming, Pam’s enforced celibacy was becoming more of a burden than she could bear. Just looking at his cock was enough to melt her cunt and make her over-active horny mind spin with lust.

Watching Robbie’s face, Pam slid her hand across the gentle curve of her belly and cupped the wide, plump padding of her hairy cunt.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned low in her throat as she squeezed the hot, damp mound and her fat, tingling clit popped out from under its fleshy hood. Closing her eyes briefly, she imagined that it was Robbie’s curious fingers probing her fat, slick cunt lips, and for once the thought brought no disgust or shame. She was far too horny for that.

Gently grinding the heel of her palm against her clit, she fought the urge to thrash and cry out. It wasn’t easy concentrating on coming quickly while muffling her groans of pleasure and opening her eyes every few minutes to check on her son.

Pam’s hips were undulating slowly as she spread her long, shapely legs and eased two slender fingers between the thick, slippery folds of her cunt flaps. Robbie heard her breathing and felt the bed vibrate, accompanied by a liquid, sloshing sound. He was old enough to join the Marines, and he wasn’t stupid. A shaking bed, moans, and a sloshing sound meant his mother was masturbating. It must have been the sight of his bare cock that had turned her on.

He wished he had the nerve to peek, for his mother was beautiful. His favorite past time was watching her enormous tits swinging and bouncing while she worked. He’d never seen another woman with such round, heavy tits, and even though they sagged a bit, they still absorbed his attention.

Pam groaned again and humped the plump, firm cheeks of her soft ass against the bed as she moved her fingers around in her swollen pussy. Suddenly, Robbie’s nose itched. He tried to control his facial muscles, but finally gave up and sneezed. Pam panicked and yanked her fingers from her swollen cunt and drew the sheet up to her neck, pretending to be asleep. She knew her face was hot with embarrassment.

Robbie knew what his mother’s cunt smelled like. The entire room smelled like cunt. It was vaguely familiar, and he suddenly realized that he’d been smelling her pussy for years, either in bed or in the bathroom, although the odor had never been this strong before.

He thought about all that musky odor trapped under the sheet and his cock lurched again. Jeez, cunt sure smells good! It has a unique smell. He wondered what she looked like down there.

After breakfast, during which he tried peeking down the front of his mother’s robe, he went onto his computer to check his email. All he’d got was a glimpse of some cleavage, and some milky, quivering flesh inside her top. But it was better than nothing.

Pam had seen her son checking out her tits and was inwardly thrilled by his boldness. She was used to having men mentally strip her ümraniye escort and was usually indifferent to it. But Robbie’s attention was from family, and it had really turned her on. She showered and fingered herself to a wonderful orgasm while visualizing his fat cock.

Afterwards, she still felt nervous and unsatisfied. Masturbation was more than a habit, it was an obsession. She wondered if there was something wrong with her physically. Her clit was quite large, she knew, but would that do it? A big clit would not contribute to her need for more masturbation.

After some thought, being a bit hard on herself, she decided it would be easier if she picked a doctor she didn’t know, one downtown, away from her neighborhood. After making the decision, she felt better, as if the worst were already over. She did a Google search and dialed one doctor after another until she found one, a female, who had an open appointment that afternoon.

Dr. Fakhri was a family practice doctor, an internist, with a gynecology specialty. She was from Iran. (Pam called her fondly Dr. Fuck). A slim, imposing woman, she had thick black hair, and looked butch. She’d been out of USC medical school six years, and always maintained a very professional attitude with her patients. Usually men tried to ask her out, but she told them it was unprofessional. Her preference was female patients. Most women just wanted someone to listen to them. That in itself was better than prescribing medication.

After the usual preliminaries, taking medical history, checking her weight, and blood pressure, she asked Pam about her reasons for the visit.

“I feel I’m a compulsive masturbator.” Pam blurted out.

“Really? Compulsive?”

“Yes, I always need to get myself off. I could do it all day long …”

“I guess you don’t have a job.”

“I’m self employed. I’m a care giver …” she added. “Sometimes.”

“Do you have insurance?”

“I’ll pay for it myself.”

“OK, why don’t you get undressed, and we’ll check you over. Here’s a gown.”

Doctor Fakhri watched as the beautiful redhead slipped out of her dress and unhooked her bra. Her huge, pale tits tumbled out and wobbled before her. Then they swung and shook as she bent and pushed down her panties.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Mrs. Mitchell,” she said. “I must admit, few of my patients look better undressed than clothed.”

“Thank you,” Pam said, blushing and climbing onto the table. She fixed her legs into the stirrups and Pam felt her cunt being stretched apart. Her knees were wide, and she felt completely helpless and vulnerable.

“Just relax,” Dr. Fakhri said, pressing her thumbs to either side of the soft, swollen lips of her very meaty cunt. She was massaging the sensitive flesh, pinching her labia as if feeling for lumps. Pam realized she wasn’t wearing gloves! She felt a fingertip probe the soft flesh around her fat clit and jumped.

“You’re extremely sensitive,” Dr. Fakhri stated. “Probably multi-orgasmic.”

“Really?” Pam was surprised. “Are you sure?”

The doctor laughed. “Only you can tell me that, Mrs. Mitchell.”

“I … I’ve never … Isn’t there some way you can tell?”

“Only by manipulating your clitoris,” she answered. “And, although I must admit I would be willing to help you, you must understand that such stimulation isn’t ethical.”

Pam closed her eyes. She was not only curious, but extremely horny. Her heavy tits sagged, pulling sensuously on her chest, and she gathered them up and held them centered, quivering, on top of her torso. She saw Dr.Fakhri gawking at them and made up her mind.

“Go ahead, Doctor. I’d really like to know if I can keep coming or not. I won’t tell.”

“I’d rather have my nurse manipulate your clit … for professional reasons …”

“No, please. I’d prefer you do it. I’ll feel more relaxed with you …”

Doctor Fakhri peeled apart the folds surrounding her clit and touched the hard lump with a fingertip. She bent her head, focusing, as the first finger of her other hand slipped into Pam’s widening labial aperture.

There was a river of pussy juice dribbling down over the cheeks of her ass, as the internist twisted her finger salaciously around in Pam’s hot, sopping pussy. Her thick clit visibly quivered as Doctor Fakhri rolled the ball of her finger around its base. She was deeply absorbed in Pam’s convulsing love niche.

Pam groaned and hunched, and her ass pucker clenched, shiny now with her juice. She felt something touch it, return and circle the ring of muscle tantalizingly.

“Wha-what are you doing?” she whimpered.

“Many women go through life unaware that the anus and genital areas share muscles in common,” the doctor informed her, continuing to torment Pam’s sensitive butt hole. “Didn’t you notice that when I touched your clit, your anus contracted?”

“Unh, no, not really,” Pam said, feeling embarrassed to be discussing that part of her body so dispassionately.

“Pay kartal escort bayan attention, now,” she said, and fingered her clit again. “There, did you feel it that time?”

“Y-yes,” Pam stammered, gasping from the sensations.

“The anus is extremely significant in both foreplay and after play,” the internist murmured, her breathing shallow, “but many men, unfortunately, don’t realize this or, if they do, are afraid to initiate such action themselves. And the women are either ignorant or embarrassed, and they don’t ask. So the anal area is completely ignored.”

“M-mine seems sensitive,” Pam murmured as the doctor circled it again.

“No more than usual,” she said. “It’s just the newness of the sensations. However, your anus is particularly appealing to the male because of its lack of hair and the way it smoothly protrudes. In other words, it’s accessible, not hidden away.”

“I-I’m ready to come, Doctor!” Pam gasped, twisting her full hips.

“Yes, I know,” she said, smiling for the first time. “I’ll continue to finger you during your orgasm.” Pam was impressed by the woman’s concern.

Pam groaned and her face contorted as a raging fire of sexual passion surged through her loins. Her ass humped the table, she felt her anus rhythmically opening and closing, as well as the perineum contracting. Goose bumps appeared all over her quivering tits.

Wave after wave of pure, delicious pleasure washed across her body, and Pam heard a volley of filthy smut, cringing for a moment before she realized they were her own words!

“Ohhh, fuck me!! Suck my clit, you fucking cunt!! Jam your fingers up my ass!! Give it to me! Aghhh, jeeez, don’t stop! It’s good, it’s so good!!”

The internist continued to roll her clit and slide a couple of fingers in and out of Pam’s convulsively juicing cunt. Her tits wobbled crazily, her hands squeezing around the stiffened nipples. Fakhri was tempted to suck one into her mouth, but resisted the impulse and attempted to keep count of her orgasms.

Ten minutes later, her wrists and forearms tired, the doctor decided to give it a rest. This woman could climax forever! Pam shook and groaned through a few more, mini-orgasms, more like after-shocks, then collapsed on the table. Her arms hung, her fingertips scraped the floor, and her body glistened with sweat. Her inner thighs were streaked with cunt juice, whereas a big puddle was on the floor beneath the table . She was too weak to talk, let alone move, and didn’t even bother to open her eyes when she heard the doctor mopping up the mess she had made.

“I’m going to wipe you down now, Mrs. Mitchell,” she heard her say distantly, and then she jumped again as she felt something cool and dry wiping her gooey vagina. She opened her eyes, surprised to find herself about to come again. The doctor had long, slim fingers.

“My God!” she croaked. “It was never like that with my husband! Sometimes he didn’t even bring me to orgasm!”

“Obviously inconsiderate and undereducated,” Fakhri remarked, openly leering Pam’s body; her eyes kept returning to her heavy, quivering tits.

Going back to her desk, she pulled out a purple 10″thick vibrating dildo. Twisting it on, the humming sound revived Pam over again.

“Just shove it into me!” she gasped, knowing she’d come just from the insertion touch of this monstrous toy.

Pam thrashed, the dildo being thrusted forward, forcing her cunt walls far apart, grinding deeper with every thrust. Writhing in mingled joy and agony she arched her hips on the table. The dildo lurched with a life of its own in her elastic cunt. Fakhri was perspiring, worked the dildo into Pam’s vulva with an increasing fervor. Pam groaned, stretched her hips, and spasmed. And she kept spasming as Dr. Fuck plunged the dildo back and forth in her tight pussy.

Leaning over her patient’s body, grabbing her left boob, she sucked the thick, hard nipple into her mouth. Her tongue flicked it around, and she made grunting sounds in her throat as she sucked. Pam, too, was whining and groaning. She then squirted a spray of piss, which hit the internist in her chest.

Pam smiled wryly. “Seems like I’m always making you clean up,” she said, fingering herself around her cunt hole. Doctor Fuck mumbled something about needing to wear a raincoat (actually she said ‘protective clothing’) as she washed her hands.

“You’re very lucky, Pam. The body has many erogenous zones, and you still have a few that are untapped. Come in next week, and we’ll do a follow up. Maybe you can bring your son with you …”

Chapter 2

Pam drove home, mulling over the day’s events. She wasn’t worried about masturbating, but she still wasn’t happy about what she’d done to Robbie this morning. She could well remember the heat of his spunk landing on her arm.

“Jeez,” she said to herself. “What if it happens again?”

And she realized it was time to tell him the facts of life, too. The way he kept looking at her tits flattered her, she admitted, but it also frightened her. And Dr. Fuck’s advice in that area hadn’t helped settle her mind. In fact, it had made matters worse, for now her thoughts kept straying to Dr. Fakhri, believing that incest wasn’t always wrong. It was much better than smoking.

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