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Big Tits

I’ve been married 9 years so you can’t tell anyone I’m telling you this, but I had an affair.
I’d thought about cheating before just like anyone else I guess but you always chalk it up to fantasy and I guess it doesn’t matter where a man get his appetite as long as he eats dinner at home right?
I got lucky with my wife who was by any definition beautiful. We met my senior year of high school where my saving grace was athletics; I might not have been that good looking but I couldn’t be beat on a wrestling mat, and maybe I tell a good joke or two. I look back on those days fondly before real life and time started to wilt the beauty of youth. At 31 I shave my head bald to hide that I’m losing my hair and the physique and energy my wife once had was stolen by our 4 kids. That’s not to say she’s not still pretty; my wife will always retain a natural beauty she inherited from her mother. We have a good marriage and don’t really fight much unless its about the money we don’t have and who’s more at fault for that.
I’ve always viewed it as a man’s job to provide for his family and I work a lot of overtime to make ends meet but it’s still not enough. It doesn’t help that my mother-in-law whispers a constant reminder to my wife that I’m not good enough for her especially since the other boys she dated in high school all have high six figure salaries.
To be honest neither of her parents really care for me, we’re just different people. I grew up in Houma, Louisiana the son of a tug boat captain and started work on the tug boats right out of high school. Even though I’m a Captain now it still doesn’t pay as well as investment banking or other high salary jobs. However, they give us good insurance and the work keeps me in shape. I may not look like I did in High School but I can carry a 10 ton shackle all day and out work any of my 20 something year old deckhands into the ground.
Both my in-laws are college educated, my father-in-law, Pat is a nurse and his wife is a doctor. Pat is tall, about 6’1” and probably weights 160 soaking wet. A good looking guy I guess, at least he still has all his hair. He’s accepted that I’m here to stay and we get along fine but I have trouble respecting a man that doesn’t do his own repair work and never gets his hands dirty. He hates that I still say “fuck” around him, but I don’t think that’s ever gonna stop; men do still cuss don’t they? I’m a sailor, afterall.
My mother-in-law Dr. Margret runs their house and never misses a chance to put me down or show that she’s the boss by degrading her husband in front of me. Physically she’s beautiful though she hides it behind a matronly appearance. With her short blonde hair, frill neck blouses, and the obvious lack of make-up she still cuts a striking figure. For as long as I’ve known my wife Margret has maintained an hour glass figure with breast that always seemed to have the fullness of a new mother, and a bottom that looks better in a pair scrubs than tight blue jeans. Her face is soft with high cheeks that reddened from a touch of rosacea, and bright light blue eyes sit atop a small rounded nose. However, beauty is only skin deep and for all of that I still want to slap the life out he
I don’t like leaving the house when I’m not at work. I work 28 days at a time and only get 14 off so I like to spend them at home but owning the only truck in the family comes at a price, and Margret for all her belligerence likes to donate shit. I guess she feels like if she donates things it counters the rest of the time when she’s an over bearing bitch. She had a gargantuan chest of drawers she’d promised to the Salvation Army and my wife volunteered me to pick it up; thanks dear. A tidbit of news she laid on me the night before I was supposed to pick the damned thing up.
“Look just go over there early since you know she won’t be awake yet and you’ll be done before she ever wakes up.” My wife tried telling me before I started bitching. Too late, I was gonna bitch anyway.
“Why the hell can’t she send your father to do it? It’s Monday and I’d like one day of rest before I go back to work.” Work wasn’t for another week but I had to try.
“Look you, know my father’s out of town this week and like I said you’ll be gone before she knows you’re there.”
I didn’t say anything but still didn’t move.
Seeing that I wasn’t convinced she continued, “Just think, you’ll earn brownie points with her without having to interact with her.” I shot a look that said you’re full of shit but before I could open my mouth she raised her hand to stop me and said, “most importantly you’ll earn brownie points with me.” She said this last bit with a lascivious smile that hinted I might earn an interesting night in bed with her. We’ve been married to too long for me to genuinely expect something more than ordinary sex but sex is sex and the promise of it was good enough for me.
I left the house at 6 that morning, which is early even for me but I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to interact with Dr. Margret. My in-laws live about 45 minutes away from us in an old neighborhood populated with ancient oaks. Looking at my watch when I pulled into canlı bahis the gravel drive I noted that it was almost 7 and I questioned whether I should have left earlier. Oh well, too late now. I got out the truck and headed for the back shed where they kept the spare key
The shed was painted green to match the house and organized in a fashion that said the owner cared more about looking like they had a nice work shed than using it. I noticed these things with resentment because under the fake rock by the door where they hid the key, there was no key. I looked in a few other places while silently cussing my wife before I walked back outside and to the house where I was gonna have to wake HER up.
I stood at the top of the steps and rang the doorbell. It was already starting to get hot today and the air was sticky as the morning dew was slowing burning off. Homes build in Louisiana pre-air conditioning were often built off the ground to allow air to move underneath. I couldn’t help staring at the crawl space wondering how many raccoons lived under there but before I had a chance to ring the bell again I heard the latch click open.
Still dreary eyed and in nothing but a white cotton bath robe, my mother in law opened the door. “Oh good morning.” she said, “I didn’t know you were coming.” I stepped in and she leaned in to give me a hug. I hated hugging her, it always felt like a lie, but as she leaned in the top of her robe fell open just enough to see the soft white upper swell of her breasts. This was not the first time she’d answered the door in a bath robe and I always took the chance to glance at her breasts. They remained firm as if to prove even gravity couldn’t tell her what to do. But my favorite thing about them was the light dotting of freckles across the top that betrayed her Irish heritage.
She hugged me and then in disingenuous concern said “I’m sorry you had to come on your days off.” Hating that game I didn’t say anything and just asked where the chest of drawers was. “It’s the the front bed room. Give me a chance to change and I’ll help you with it.” The back door opened into the kitchen with its old linoleum floor and white marble counter tops on top of white cabinets.
I tried to prevent her interference so before she could leave the kitchen I said “it’s okay. Go back to bed. I can get it myself.”
“Nonsense” she responded and headed to her room before I could say anything.
Nobody ever accused my mother in law of doing anything quickly so I figured if I hurried I could be out of there before she came back. Without hesitation I made my way to the front bedroom.
The kitchen opened up into the dining room which was monopolized by a dining room table terminally covered in paperwork. I walked past and into the hallway that led to the front bedroom. Most of the house had hardwood floors and my work boots clicked a little as I walked. The morning heat was starting to invade the house and I swear just to make me uncomfortable she never turned on the A/C.
The front bedroom was small mostly occupied by a queen size bed just to the right of the door that was covered with a patch work quilt. The only other 2 pieces of furniture in the room were a small wooden dresser between the windows and the tall chest of drawers that was supposed to come with me standing at the foot of the bed. I started removing the drawers and loading them in the bed of my truck. I was on the last set of drawers before I heard my mother in law’s bedroom door open.
She was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when I came back in. She still had the bath robe on but at least now she had on a plain t-shirt and maroon scrub pants underneath. “want some coffee?” she asked as I walked by.
“No, ma’am. Thank you” I said as I kept walking.
With just the chest left I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and set it under the chest so I could slide it on the floor. Before I could get it through the bedroom door she called me from the table and said, “come in here and talk to me. I made you a cup of coffee.”
“I’m almost finished. I ‘ll come sit when I’m done.” I said.
“Come in here” was the response. “The furniture can wait.” she continued this time sounding more pleading then commanding.
I set the chest down and walked in the dining room. It was steadily getting warmer in the house and I wanted back in my truck with my A/C as much as I didn’t want to talk to this woman.
Sitting across from her at the table I could see that she did indeed have a cup of coffee for me. She had removed her robe and set it on the back of her chair. The thin t-shirt she had chosen did little to hide the curve of her breasts and even though I was hot she must have still been cold because I could see the outline of her right nipple. In all my glances down that robe I’d never seen so much detail. Her nipples still sat high and the faint contrast of her areola stood out against the pale skin that became visible when she leaned back. I looked down at my coffee and tried not to think about how much I wanted to see her without that shirt on.
She started talking about something that I wasn’t listening to. I can tell you this with bahis siteleri all confidence if you’ve ever enjoyed the freedom of self-control in your own thoughts never allow a woman with perfect D-cups to sit across from you at a table. I don’t know why I complain, of all my mother in law’s faults the fact that she can’t maintain a cohesive thought falls in the top 3. So even if I was listening I wouldn’t be able to keep up. So at least I was getting something out of this.
I swear I didn’t say anything for a solid 5 minutes before she stopped and said “thank you for listening. Pat never listens and it’s just nice to have someone to talk to.”
Are you fucking kidding me? Talk to? Talk to? You mean talk at. I thought. Wait… shes not coming on to me is she? No, she couldn’t be that’d be too weird.
“Anyway” she said standing. “I’m sorry to take up your time. Let me help you so you can get back home.”
“Okay” I said taking the invitation and walking back to the bedroom.
The bedroom was small so I had to lean against the door to let her in. She pressed close to me grabbing my left arm for support and I swear paused for just a second allowing her breasts and hips to linger against me. Before my erection could betray my thoughts she had moved past.
Am I dreaming? Is this for real I thought? Could this woman whom I’ve spent the last 9 years hating really be trying to seduce me? More than that, what if my wife found out? Like I said earlier it was hard to control the thoughts that wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her till I can’t stand up.
Coming back to my senses I told her “I’ll lean the chest to me and take the weight and you just push from the bottom.” Before we could move three feet, her foot somehow got caught under the chest. She yelled in what was probably more surprise than pain. I stopped and put the chest back upright so she could get her foot out.
I went over to see if she was okay. Still bent over inspecting her foot I grabbed her arm to help her straighten up. She stood up slowly and by the time she stood up straight she was looking up at my eyes. We were as close as we were in the doorway now and I could feel the warmth of her pressed against me but this time there was no denying the feeling of my rock hard cock pressed into the soft flesh between her hips.
If she was going to do something now was the time. Curious to know if I was imagining her advances I didn’t move away or break her gaze. I felt every breath she took as it forced our bodies closer and the thin fabric between us did nothing to hide the sensation of her now hard nipples pressed into me just below my chest or the fact the even through my jeans I could feel the swell of her mons and tell that she wasn’t shaved.
She placed her left hand on my thigh and started to raise it up and between us until it was cupping the shaft of my dick. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come out of my chest and my face flared with heat. This woman had total control over me; at that moment she could have asked me to do anything and I would have been happy to. Not wanting to give up control the best I could do was nothing but she reached up with her other hand and pulled my head down to her where she kissed me softly. My arms came up on their own and I pulled her closer and opened my mouth to allow her tongue inside. I slide my hand down to her ass and pulled her crotch into me.
My face was on fire with nerves as my cock swelled painfully threatening to burst when she abruptly pulled back. “We can’t do this.” Shocked and still breathing hard it took me a second to respond. And when I did the best I could manage was:
“What? Why? Okay.” I sat down on the bed rubbing my face hoping to get rid of the burning sensation and give myself a minute to compose my thoughts. Now I really was dying for the A/C, and just beginning to sweat.
“You can’t come over here anymore” I heard her say.
“What?” I said shocked.
“Its too shameful and if I see you I’ll be reminded of this.”
“That’s ridiculous. Your daughter is my wife.” I tried to reason.
“I just wanted to know if I was still attractive, if I could still turn a man on.”
“Well the answer is yes.” I told her hoping we could talk a way out of this.
“But you still can’t come over.” I just stared at her trying to let the craziness pass.
“I don’t know what I was thinking” she continued “it’s not like it takes a lot to get a man like you going. Just flash him your tits and he loses his mind.” She’d hit a little close to home on that one.
“Fuck you, you don’t know anything about me. I don’t know what’s missing in your life but you need to find it and soon.” I stood up to leave adding, “I’ll be here on Sunday and good luck kicking me out then.”
Still standing in front of me she said “at least you have something to jerk-off to now.” I don’t know if it was the condescending tone she used or the words themselves but I lost it.
I grabbed her under her throat with my right hand and lifted her onto her toes. “Jerk-off to something? Jerk-off to something? Jerk off to this!” and with my left hand I reached up and grabbed her breast. Pleased bahis şirketleri to feel the weight of them and their gentle resistance as I squeezed I looked down at her. She remained defiant and glared at me until I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched with all I had. “Aaahhhhh” she screamed in pain. Now aroused again I threw her face down on the bed and put my knee in the small of her back.
“No…, No, please don’t do this” she begged as I unbuttoned my jeans. I put my right hand where my knee was to keep her in place while I pulled my jeans down. The air on my naked cock turned me on more. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her pants ripping them off her body. She hadn’t been wearing panties and the sight of her exposed pussy was more than I could take.
“Please don’t do this” she begged “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said, please don’t.” I ignored her; I wanted to feel her pussy on my hand, wanted to feel her getting wet. I moved my hand slowly over the crease of her ass not wanting to miss one twitch of muscle and was not disappointed because she squirmed furiously beneath my grip, but I tightened my hold on her neck until she screamed in pain again “Aahhhh” she screamed again between heavy breaths.
“No,” she screamed. “No, don’t do this!”
The weight of my body and the painful grip had kept her in place as I forced my hand down between her cheeks. When my middle finger reached the tight skin of her anus she screamed again. I thought the neighbors could hear but I continued, saving that delicate area for later.
I paused slightly at the opening of her pussy, loving the feeling of the soft pubic hair and noticing that she was already wet. Without penetrating her I allowed my index finger to feel for her clit and started making small circles. Soon it swelled to the caresses and her body responded making my hand wet. I entered her with one finger at first while she sobbed begging me to stop. When I put a second finger in her she clinched up with everything she had trying to stop me but it just made me harder and I removed my hand and stroked myself with her juice.
Time for being subtle was over. I shifted my weight to line my cock up with her cunt. I used all my weight and strength as I shoved myself deep inside her. I was rewarded with another scream. Already inside I let go of her neck and grabbed her hair as I thrust hard inside her again. Without letting go of her hair I reached under her shirt and grabbed her breast in my hand feeling for her nipple. Anticipating what was coming I could feel her body tense just before I pinched her right nipple but this time I twisted too and pulled until she screamed. The screams cause me to thrust harder and harder.
Not to be denied everything I wanted I pulled out before I lost it. Again I reached between her legs to wet my fingers but this time I began to use her juices to wet her asshole as well. Finding new energy she began to squirm again trying to fight me off. When she swung at me with one hand I grabbed it and twisted it behind her back until she lay still again. “Wait, wait, please don’t. You can fuck me. I don’t mind. Please just fuck me, its gonna hurt if you put it in there.”
“God I hope so.” I replied and forced my thumb in her ass. Her whole body seized up as if trying to prevent me so I removed my thumb and with everything I had forced 2 fingers in her. She began to cry again.
“If you don’t loosen up I’m gonna put four fingers in your ass.”
“I can’t, it hurts too bad. Please I’ll do anything you want, please stop, it hurts.” I forced a third finger in her and began thrusting them in as deep as I could. With my dick still wet I took my fingers out and pressed the head of my cock on the opening of her ass and just as before I used my weight to push my way inside. Her body never stopped fighting and was clinching tight around me. I didn’t have to hold her down any more and grabbed her by the hips as I pulled her onto me. Limp and crying I kept pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. I kept shoving myself into her while she lay helplessly face down on the bed her hips pinned to a mattress that forced her back on me. Holding her down with all my weight my cock finally I exploded in her ass.
Now, overly sensitive, I didn’t move and stayed inside her for what felt like a long time before finally pulling out. Sitting on the edge of the bed next to her I noticed she was leaking my cum out of her ass. Our combined juices pooled and soaked into the expensive quilt on her bed.
I sat on the edge of the bed for a while listening to her sob and wondering what to say or do. My life was now over, this woman caused me to lose control and now she was going to ruin my life. I did this to myself I guess and deserve what I get. Not knowing what to say I put my pants back on, blood and all, and left.
To my shock she never said one word about it until 2 months later she showed up at the house while I was alone to pick up a crock pot. When she leaned in to give me a hug she whispered “you gonna just go jerk-off when I leave?”
Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I hope you like it. Please feel free to email me. I love to hear from people that read my stories.

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