Outback Opportunists

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The horizon away up ahead seemed to be on fire as the sun sank behind the scrubby trees. Behind, in my rear-vision mirrors, the dust was a glowing orange cloud. The heat from the setting sun, and the throaty purr from my Honda AG XR Farmbike muffler were soothing, but sleep inducing. I had to take special care to stay alert on the longish haul back to the homestead, all the more so because my twin sister Kylie was riding pillion.

“Kris!” She tickled my ribs and chanted the time-worn, sing-song query. “Are we there yet?”

I didn’t really need to answer that question. She knew the road at least as well as I did.

“I’m okay. Wide awake.”

Which was what she really wanted to know. What she probably didn’t want to know was that the vibration of the seat under my balls, coupled with the feel of her arms around my waist and her slim-trim body up against mine had given me a powerful erection. I’d realised long ago that because of her very small tits she never bothered to wear a bra, and I happily imagined I felt her nipples hot and hard on my back.

Five minutes later we banked into the machinery shed and came to a halt. The silence after the day-long hum of the motor was very welcome. Kylie dismounted, removed her open-face helmet and sunglasses, then fluffed her sweat-damp brown hair.

She rubbed her cute little arse and rolled her shoulders. “Ooh…ah. I’m as stiff as a board.”

I managed not to grin. “Yeah, me too.”

“My bike getting a puncture was a damn nuisance.”

“Didn’t matter too much.” I replied. “We still got everything done.”

I kicked the stand down to keep the bike upright, and got off awkwardly, striving to keep my back turned so she wouldn’t see my massive boner. That strategy didn’t quite go as planned.

“Thank you for looking out for me today Kris.” Kylie came bounding around in front of me. “When the flat tyre chucked me off I didn’t hurt myself, but it scared me a lot.”

“It scared me too. I’m glad it turned out okay. Dad’ll pick up your bike when he goes out there, tomorrow probably.”

She exuberantly threw her arms around my neck and gave me a sisterly hug, albeit a dusty one. I tried to be discreet, but my disgracefully uncooperative cock had other ideas. It ploughed right into her front.

She stepped back and looked down with a startled giggle. “Oh dear. That is absolutely disgusting.”

I felt a blush burn my cheeks. “Sorry Kylie, that just happens sometimes.”

Still looking at my shame, she raised an eyebrow. “Well I’m sure it would have had nothing to do with me being squished up against you on the bike.”

Oh God, she knew. Hmm, was it merely a shrewd guess on her part, or had she been turned on too?

“There is the possibility you were the cause of it.” I challenged.

She slapped my arm, turned and walked away, then grinned back over her shoulder and swayed her slim hips as she stepped through the side door of the big shed.

I’ve already told you that Kylie and I are twins. We are eighteen-year-olds. We live on Tangarra Station, an eight hour drive ‘way out west’ of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia. It’s very isolated. No one around, just our Mum and Dad and Kylie and me, Kris. Oh, and Mum’s parents, our grandparents. A while back they retired and moved out of the big old homestead into a new little house on the opposite side of the home paddock. It’s a comfort to them to be nearby, and it’s a comfort to us too, to know there’s always someone around, despite the isolation.

We twins are in school year twelve, doing our studies on the internet, and I hope to do well enough to start on a Livestock Management Degree via Open University next year. Kylie aims to do something in Veterinary Medicine. We are well ahead in our studies, so are able to take an occasional day off to help with chores.

We have satellite TV, and satellite phones because there is of course no mobile-phone (cell-phone) coverage out here. And Lefty, the one-armed mail-truck guy (macabre Aussie humour), he comes out from the Alice on Fridays, calling at every cattle property in our area, dropping off mail and making deliveries.

That same flat tyre night, at the dinner table Dad said. “Tomorrow, Wednesday, I have to drive out to do some maintenance at our East Bore. Lefty spotted a some leaking PVC pipes when he was passing by there. A lot of water will be going to waste.”

Precious water that should have been pumped into the big holding tank would be spilling onto the ground, so repairing it was top priority.

Dad looked at me. “Are you up to date with your school work Kris? I’ll need you to come with me.”

I started to say yes, but Kylie talked over me. “Yes we are! And I’m coming too.”

Dad smiled at her and nodded.

Out here in the Mulga it is not prudent to travel very far alone. It is a four hour drive to the bore, as it’s half-way in towards the Alice, a few kilometres from the Stuart Highway and a big Shell Roadhouse. Therefore we intended to camp out overnight to have sufficient time to do the repairs.

At East escort ataşehir Bore, Dad unhitched the trailer that carried some spare pipes from the rack in the shed, then disabled the windmill to stop the water flow. He and Kylie set up camp, unrolled our swags, started a fire to boil the billy for a mug of tea and off-loaded the food supplies into the shade of the giant water-tank. I made a start on pulling the cracked pipes down. An awkward job because they are just above head height so water kept running down my upraised arms and soaking my clothes, but It was a welcome relief from the heat.

I heard Dad talking, louder than a conversational tone, and realised he was on the sat-phone.

He came to tell me. “I need to go in to the Alice. The parts for the tractor have arrived and we need them urgently to keep up with the cattle feed. I’ll leave you two to finish this job. It’s easy enough Kris, and Kylie can help. I’ll stop over in Alice tonight, collect the parts in the morning and If all goes well I’ll be back tomorrow, early in the afternoon.”

“Right-oh Dad. We’ll be fine.” I was pleased to have the opportunity to prove I could be trusted with the job.

Dad finished up with some safety instructions. “I’ll notify your mum and I’ll tell Lefty you’re here in case I run into any problems, then he could pick you up on Friday morning. The spare sat-phone is in the first aid kit. Switch it on now. I’ll check in with you later.”

After he drove off Kylie came over to help. Soon we were both soaked to the skin, my khaki shirt clung to me making some movements difficult. Kylie had on an old, faded, long-sleeved tee-shirt, that had once been yellow. It became instantly saturated and wonder of wonders almost transparent. The wonder of wonders was that, as usual, she wore nothing under the shirt. The sight of her tiny breasts was very, very interesting to an inexperienced young guy like me.

She chattered away happily. “This is kinda fun Kris. Better than Maths any day.”

“Well yeah.” I agreed enthusiastically, stealing as many glances at her pointy little titties as I dared.

The nipple bits looked like they might soon pierce the flimsy tee-shirt material. The pink colour of them clearly visible to my sneaky eyes. I was nervous in a way, because sooner or later she would notice the state of her shirt and be embarrassed. She’d probably get angry. Probably at me.

Sure enough, all too soon she looked down and quickly covered her chest with her hands..

She gasped. “Oh my God! Look at me!”

“Uh, I uh, hmm. Yeah.”

“I didn’t mean to actually look at me!” She was red-faced and nearly crying, “You have been looking damn you!”

“Well I couldn’t help it could I?”

“You could’ve said something. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve got nothing else to wear and you need help to hold these these long pipes up.”

“Come on, just get on with the job,” I tried to soothe her. “Not much use worrying about it now. I’ve seen all there is to see, and there’s no one else out here to look at you.”

Kylie still had her hands over her sweet little breasts. “I dunno…”

“Come on. Grab the end of this pipe. Help me lift it free. Don’t worry about that.” I looked at her hands clasped over her chest, “I’m your brother for God’s sake.”

She grinned, teary-eyed. “Being my brother didn’t stop you from copping an eyeful.”

“Ahh…no I guess it didn’t. Anyway you look really good. I’ve never seen a girl’s…”

“Tits!” Kylie laughed. “Oh alright. What the Hell.” She reached up to support her end of the long piece of pipe, and her gorgeous breasts came into view again.

“Way to go Kylie!” I wriggled my eyebrows.

“Stop it!”


We worked on for another hour and a bit, managing to remove the two damaged lengths and clean the ends of the remaining good pipes in readiness for gluing in the new PVC lengths. The sun was setting, so we were out of its direct impact, but it was still seriously hot.

The sat-phone rang and Kylie answered. I could tell it was Dad checking we were alright. It made me smile when she covered her tits with her arm while she talked to him, as if he could see her somehow.

Figuring I was in charge I said: “That’ll do for today. We can’t really see what we’re doing anyhow. I will be a quick and easy job tomorrow morning to glue the new pipes in.”

Kylie, now uncaring about her transparent shirt, said, “Okay. The fire is just coals, so I’ll chuck on a couple of sticks to boil water for a cuppa. We could toast those sandwiches. Make’em a bit more appetising.”

We sat, back from the fire to avoid the radiant heat, and ate our toasted treats, washed down with hot sweet tea. A dingo howled as darkness gathered around us, but it was scarcely any cooler. Heat still rose from the red sand beneath us.

I stated the obvious. “Bloody hot.”

Kylie plucked at her now dry shirt. “Sure is. It was cooler when we were working and getting wet.”

I looked over toward our work-site, “Water’s still dribbling down over there. We can go and cool kadıköy escort bayan off if you like?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We got up and strolled over. Away from the fire the darkness was intense. I couldn’t see the dribble of water so locating it by its sound I stretched out a hand and felt the tepid trickle.

Kylie did likewise. “Ooh nice.”

“Muddy here,” I said, and stepped away.

“What are you doing over there?” Kylie voice came through the darkness.

“Taking off my boots and socks. Gonna cool my feet in the puddle.”

I decided to take off all my clothes. The darkness was such that there was no need to be modest.

I fumbled my way back to the trickling water and stood under it. “Ahh. This is good.”

“I’ve got my boots off too Kris. You at the water?”

“Yes. I’m under it. Having a shower.”

I heard her careful barefooted approach then suddenly her hand touched my naked hip.

“Kris! You’ve got nothing on!”

“It’s alright. Y’can’t see nothin’.”

“Well, I suppose not,” she admitted.

“Come on Kylie. It’s great.”

“I’m not getting under there with you!”

“There’s another dribble a bit further along. Use that one.”

She didn’t answer, but I soon heard her sigh. “Oh yes. What a relief.”

After a long while I heard her leave the makeshift shower and go searching around.

“Ooh, Kris. It’s so dark I can’t find where I left my clothes. I’ll have to go and get the torch.”


I made out her naked silhouette as she reached the fire, then she returned, lighting her way with the torch. As she drew near, just a metre or so away, she suddenly turned the torch beam full onto me as I showered.

“Not fair Sis!” I’m not really sure why, but I didn’t cover up. I suppose deep down I wanted her to see me naked, so I just stood there facing her.

“Yes it is. You had a good look at me this arvo.”

“Didn’t see. your…”

Still holding the torch beam aimed right at my cock she replied, “And you never will.”

“We’ll see about that,” I laughed and advanced toward her.

Kylie squealed and turned and fled in the direction of the fire. I followed close behind. As we reached the camp site, I caught up with her and grabbed her arm.

She turned giggling and pushed at my chest. “Cheat.”

I snatched the torch off her and aimed it at her belly. Surprisingly, she didn’t cover up either. Maybe for the same reason as I hadn’t. The bright beam showed her naked little breasts with their surprisingly large nipples, and lower, her dark wet pubic hair. Drops of water sparkled on her smooth, slim body.

“Happy now?” She asked in a trembling breathy whisper.

“Yes, but I can’t actually see much. I’d really like to see your thingy properly.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Come on Kylie. You can see mine easily, but yours is kind of hidden.”

“I can certainly see yours easily. The bloody thing is growing.” she started giggling again.

I took her by the hand and she let me lead her over to my swag. I sat down, and yes, my cock was fully erect. I gently pulled on Kylie’s hand and she sat down cross-legged beside me. Both of us excitedly aware of our nakedness and the absolute freedom the isolation gave us. I placed the torch on the ground in front of us so we were both within it’s stark white beam.

I leaned forward and looked down between her wide open legs. “Oh Kylie. I’m amazed. I can see inside your, er, inside you. Pink, like inside your mouth.”

“What did you expect silly?”

“Dunno. Kylie, Kylie. This… this is so good.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“My cock is harder, stiffer than it’s ever been. It’s kinda painful, almost.”

She was giggling as she stared at it. “Poor boy, poor, poor cock. If I give it a little pat it might feel better.”

“Oh yes, please.” I begged.

Kylie hesitated. “I was joking, or I think I was. We shouldn’t be doing any of this, whatever it is we’re doing. We’re brother and sister for Heaven’s sake.”

“Mm. Well if you want to stop. Get dressed…” I grumbled.

“The thing is I know we should stop but I don’t want to. I’m so excited. I’ve never felt like this. Ever. My heart is racing.”

I looked at her sharp little breasts and grinned. She grinned back.

I spoke seriously. “You’re right of course. We should not be doing this. The thing is though, we don’t get an opportunity to do this kind of thing with other kids ‘cos there aren’t any other kids. I am having a ball sitting here with a gorgeous girl. Naked girl, under the stars, all alone. No one to spoil things. You are my sister, yes, but tonight you are a girl, my girl.”

“Kris, tonight, you are my boy. My man. I’d like us to, er… do you think, um, we could kiss?”

I wanted to do a lot more than kiss, but first things first I supposed. Our side by side sitting position made it awkward, but we managed a clumsy embrace and an even clumsier kiss. Her lips were soft and provocative. I’d never kissed a girl, and clumsy it may have been, but I loved it.

Kylie liked escort bostancı it too, obviously, because she whispered, “Again.”

I pulled her closer and we kissed longer and better than the first time. We overbalanced and fell back laughing on my swag.

“This is fun Kylie,” I started to say, then corrected myself. “It’s a lot more than fun. It’s…I don’t have the words to tell you how I’m feeling.”

She didn’t answer me with words, just pulled me down for another, even sweeter, kiss. More passionate. Warmer, wetter, with looser parted lips.

I had to say it. “Kylie I want to… you know.”

“Oh God help us,” she was almost panting, “so do I, but we shouldn’t.”

“I don’t care about shouldn’t.”

“Well,” she pecked my lips, “I guess I don’t really either, because you are the person I think about when I…you know, do sexy things by myself, touch myself, in bed.”

“Oooh, Kylie, I think about you too, when I jerk off.”

“Kris there is no one in the whole world I’d rather be here with than you.”

“I’m so glad this night happened, is happening.” I told her. “I want you so bad. I’ve wanted something like this to happen for a few years now.”

“Yeah, welI, I’ve been wanting it too.”

“So Kylie, tell me, what do you do, when you touch yourself?”

She seemed a bit embarrassed at having made that admission. “Um, you know, just rub and tickle.”

“Tell me. Please, I want to know, or better yet, show me.”

“Okay then, if you must know I’ll tell you, but I feel shy about showing you. I sort of pinch my nipples. But very gently. After a bit I rub myself. Down here,” she cupped her hand over her vagina and pressed hard, closing her eyes.

“Is that it?” I asked, disappointed.

“No silly, I put my finger in there and move it in and out. Pretend it’s a cock, your cock. And I rub my other hand on the little nubbin thing where it feels so good. I orgasm easily. So there, Mr. Nosey, now you know everything.”

I was enthralled, imagining the things she had described. “That was so hot Kylie, hearing that secret stuff.”

“So now tell me how you jerk off.”

“Gladly. I’ll even show you if you want. I take hold of my cock, thumb on top, pads of my fingers underneath, like this.” I sat up to demonstrate. “Then move my hand back and forward, sliding the loose skin, like this.” I demonstrated a bit more.

Kylie leaned in close to watch. “Woo.That is really sexy.”

“You think?”

“God yes!”

I was getting really worked up. “If I keep going for a bit I will cum. My stuff, it spurts out.”

“Shit! I so want to see that. Go on! Make it go.”

I was still slowly jerking off, so increased my tempo just a bit. I knew I couldn’t last long. I was super-charged with sexual tension from what I had seen and what we had discussed. I wanted to make it last, but couldn’t. I felt a huge orgasm approaching.

“Here it comes!” I practically yelled.

Kylie leaned in even closer, into the line of fire.

I didn’t want to gross her out by squirting in her face. “Look out! Get back!”

She sat back in alarm as the first hot jet of cum shot past her head. She instinctively shielded herself with her hands and my second blast hit the open palm of one hand. She grabbed at my knob as the third and final spurt erupted, so it oozed out between her fingers.

I was ecstatic. Shuddering. Utterly spent. “Man oh man, that was amazing.”

She grinned and wiped her hand on my thigh. “It sure was. I’ve never seen anything like that. Well obviously I haven’t. It was an absolute turn-on.”

When my breathing had returned to near-normal I said. “Okay. Now you. It’s only fair if I get to see you doing it too. If you are really so turned on, you must need to do what you said you do.”

“Oh believe me brother, I definitely do need to, so alright, I will.”

So I got to watch my darling naked sister tweaking her nipples, then sliding a finger in and out of her vagina, while the other hand was practically a blur as it rubbed her clitoris. She lasted no longer than I had, then she lay back panting, her legs spread wide. Her vagina was open and shiny with her wetness.

My erection had returned. Probably never went away. I knelt between her legs.

Kylie looked at me apprehensively. “Now?”

I nodded. “Now. I can’t wait.” My cock slid oh-so-easily into paradise.

Kylie sighed. “Kris you…Your cock, it is filling me. Stretching me.”

“Is it okay?” I felt concerned for her.

“Oh it is, It’s lovely. Now I know what love, sex, is all about. It’s wonderful. We should have started doing this ages ago. Now don’t talk, just fuck me.”

I did just that. Because of our masturbating session just before I lasted for a long time. Kylie clung to me, mewling and stroking my back, running her fingers through my damp hair. I felt her soft tits and hard nipples against my chest. I kissed her neck.

After a while she started writhing under me so my pubic bone pressed her clitoris (though at the time I didn’t understand what she was doing or why she was doing it; she explained it to me later). Soon she was puffing and shuddering. I figured (correctly) she was orgasming. I felt her hot tight insides contracting on my ultra sensitive cock and before long I unloaded another huge load of cum, but deep inside her this time.

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