Original Angels Ch. 33

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


‘Rob?’ Tracy asked me, ‘Did your friend Ralph ever ask you about me?’

‘What do you mean Trace?’

We were sitting alone in the living room. Teri was outside in the pool and we were expecting Trish to call about going out to dinner.

‘Remember that day when he was here with you and I didn’t know it? And I walked inside?’

‘Oh yeah!’ I smiled as I recalled how Ralph had reacted to seeing Tracy naked by the pool and then when she walked inside and flashed her ass and pussy while searching inside the refrigerator.

‘Well did he ever say anything to you about me?’

I thought for a moment. ‘No he didn’t. I think he might be too embarrassed. And I don’t think he said anything to any of the guys at the club, because no one else has asked me about you. Why do you ask?’

‘I keep thinking about that day and it makes me horny. I really got off on exposing myself to you guys the way I did. And I can’t get it out of my mind.’

‘Well Tracy, if it makes you feel any better, even though he hasn’t mentioned it again to me, I bet he can’t get you out of his mind either! Your body has that effect you know.’ I winked at her.

She laughed. ‘Thanks Rob. Do you think he’d like to see me again?’

‘I’m sure he would!’

‘Is he married?’

‘Yes he is. That’s probably why he hasn’t asked to come back here again!’

‘Well he could just come over and look.’ She reasoned. ‘I don’t want him to leave his wife for me!’

‘What is it about Ralph? You got off on showing off to that pizza guy; and what about that night in the restaurant? Are you feeling a need to choose your victims?’

‘I don’t know. I’m just horny. And I really did enjoy showing off to Ralph. You could bring him around again…’

I pondered Tracy’s suggestion. I imagined myself asking Ralph if he wanted to stop by some time so Tracy could parade around naked for him. The thought made me laugh.

‘What’s so funny?’ she asked.

‘I was just wondering how I should ask Ralph if he wants to come over here so you can put on a show for him.’

Tracy laughed too. ‘I guess it should look more like an accident.’ She admitted.

‘I’ll keep it in mind and I’ll let you know if I think of something.’

Thanks. But I’m still horny.’

I looked out the window and saw Teri getting into the spa. I turned back to Tracy. ‘Would you like to get undressed for me? We can go in your room and I’ll watch you. You can pretend I’m some strange dude.’

Tracy sat quietly for a few seconds. Then she got up and motioned for me to follow her. She was undressing as she walked down the hallway into her room. She tossed her shirt over the chair and pushed her shorts and thong panty down her legs and then turned to face me.

‘You don’t have to be some strange dude,’ she said as she laid down on the bed and spread her legs, ‘I just want to feel your tongue on my pussy.’

I got on my knees and dove in. Her youthful aroma made my cock stir as I licked her slit and exposed her clit with my tongue. She was wet already. Just like her mom, when she gets horny, she gets wet and ready in a hurry.

‘Oh yeah Rob.’ Tracy held my head in her hands and guided my mouth. She pulled me as tightly as she could and I felt her cumming as I jammed my tongue in her hole. She tasted so sweet and I drank her juice as it flowed from her virginal young pussy.

‘Oh! Oh! Yeah…!’ she cried as she came in my face.

Just a quick little tongue fuck. That was all she needed. She relaxed her grip on my skull and I looked up into her smiling eyes.

‘Rob, do you think that after you and mom get married, I can just go on living with you forever? I mean, I love my room and you and mom make my life as good as I could ever want it to be. So why should I ever have to leave?’

I smiled back at her. ‘Tracy dear, I don’t want you to leave either. But someday, you’ll decide that it’s time to move on. There’ll be somebody who wants you even more than we do. And they’ll treat you even more special that we do. And you’ll wonder how you ever put up with us here as long as you did. And then you’ll be gone. But until that day, I’ll just go on loving you bostancı escort and any time that you feel horny and want me to help, you know I’m here.’

The phone rang as Tracy was pondering my little speech. I got up and picked it up. The caller id said Sue Fine.

‘Hello.’ I answered it.

‘Hi honey.’ It was Trish. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Just waiting to hear from you. How was your afternoon?’

‘Totally relaxing. But I’m afraid that we may have worn Bob out! Apparently he’s not used to servicing three horny women all the time. He’s not like you!’ she joked. ‘How was your massage with Dawn?’

‘I guess you’d have to ask Dawn. But I think she’ll be back again.’

‘Did she leave already?’

‘Yeah she left almost an hour ago. I told her that we were going out for dinner and asked if she and Amy wanted to join us, but she said Amy wanted to go out just the two of them, so I made her promise that we’d get together another time. I think Amy enjoys just being with Dawn when Tom’s away.’

‘Well we’re getting hungry. Do you want to bring the girls and meet us somewhere?’

‘Sure. Where shall we go?’

‘How about the Cowboy Club? It’s casual and the girls like it.’

‘OK. We’ll meet you there in about thirty minutes. I love you.’

‘I love you too. Bye.’

Tracy was looking at me. ‘Who else are we going with?’

I hadn’t told her about my golf game with Bob and Kathy.

‘Sue Fine and her friends Bob and Kathy from Phoenix. I think you’ll like them. Kathy is a true exhibitionist and you know that Sue likes to fool around! You might get some pointers.’

‘Oh boy! I’ll get dressed.’ She said as she jumped up from her bed. Then she stepped over to me and kissed my mouth. ‘Thanks for the cj.’ She grinned.

I looked at her questioningly. ‘Cj?’ I asked.

Tracy giggled. ‘One of my friends at school told me that her mom and dad joke about bjs and cjs. You know what a bj is, right?’

I nodded. ‘Yes.’

‘Well a cj is what you just gave me. A clam job!’ I burst out laughing! ‘I’ve never heard of that before.’ I told her. ‘But I like it! You can have a cj from me anytime you want it. Have you told that to Trish?’

‘No. I just learned it myself.’

‘Well it might make for a good laugh at supper tonight. I’ll let you figure out how to bring it up. OK?’

‘OK’ she said as she reached into her closet and pulled out a short black stretch skirt and a lacey tank top. ‘I’ll be ready in a few minutes. You better go get Teri.’

I walked out of Tracy’s room and out to the patio. Teri was just getting out of the hot tub.

‘Are you hungry?’ I asked. We’re going to meet your mom and some friends at the Cowboy Club. Can you be ready to leave in fifteen minutes?’

Teri grinned and said ‘Sure! Is Tracy coming too?’

‘Yup. Go dry off and put some clothes on.’

‘OK.’ She smiled and ran inside the house.

I went in and put on a fresh pair of jeans, boots and a clean shirt. I washed my face and hands and I was ready. By the time I got to the kitchen, so were the girls. They both looked so sexy. Tracy’s nipples were barely visible through the lace of her top. And I knew that she hadn’t worn any panties under that skirt.

Teri was wearing a tight fitting top that accented her puffy young nipples and a short denim skirt. I imagined that she had probably skipped the panties too. My suspicions were confirmed when we got in the car. She climbed up into the back seat of my Navigator and flashed her tight little pussy at me. I smiled and commented that I might just go somewhere with the two of them and skip dinner with the rest of the folks.

Tracy laughed. ‘You know you can do that with us anytime! But tonight you’re taking us all out to dinner. And you and Bob will be the envy of the restaurant with all of us hot chicks sitting with you.’

‘And how do you know that anyone will be watching us?’ I asked.

‘Oh I’ll make sure they’re watching!’ Tracy answered confidently.

‘Me too.’ Teri added. ‘They’ll be wondering which one of us to keep their eyes on! I’m afraid I forgot to put my panties on.’

‘Oh God! I forgot too.’ Tracy said sarcastically.

‘Like I said, who’s ümraniye escort bayan going to even notice me or Bob?’ I chuckled.

The girls giggled as I pulled the car into a parking space right in front of the restaurant. I spotted Kathy sitting with Trish on the bench outside the door. It was hard to miss them since they were showing so much leg. Bob and Sue were walking up the sidewalk and doing a bit of window-shopping.

‘Hi Trace. Hi Teri.’ Trish waved as they got out of the car. They ran over and gave their mom a kiss. People were already turning their heads as they walked by to catch a glimpse of all the skin and pretty smiles. My ego rose a few notches as I closed my door and joined them all.

Kathy stood up and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I ran my hand over her ass and realized that as she lifted her arms to hug me she had exposed her ass and there I was, in the middle of Uptown Sedona, rubbing it for all to see. As we broke our kiss I could see Sue and Bob laughing as they walked towards us.

Sue called out, ‘Hi Teri. Hi Tracy. Say hello to my dear friends Bob and Kathy. Your mom has been telling them all about you today, and by the way you look, I think they’ll agree that she was telling the truth.’

The girls were blushing slightly as they exchanged greetings. We all turned and went inside. The hostess recognized us and took us straight to our table. I took a few moments to glance around and confirm that the girls were getting all of the stares that they expected. There’s something about knowing that no matter where I go, I’m usually with the best looking women in the crowd. It makes me feel that much better. I could be having a miserable day, and just being with these girls would make me forget about it.

We sat down and Tom, our regular waiter, came over to greet us. He took our drink orders and left. The girls began chattering about their day and Bob and I exchanged a knowing look. He had thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon with Kathy, Sue and Trish. I’m sure that they had spent the time in sex play and Bob commented to me that he thought Trish was a great girl.

When Tom returned with our drinks he also took a moment to let us know about the special items that had been added to the menu for the evening.

‘As an appetizer we have clams casino…’ he began.

Tracy burst out laughing. We all looked at her with everyone but me wondering what was so funny.

‘I’m sorry Tom. You just hit a funny spot.’ She apologized. ‘I’ll explain it to you all later.’ She added.

He went on and finished the menu speech, then left us to ponder our choices.

Trish turned to Tracy and asked ‘So what’s so funny about clams casino?’

Tracy didn’t hesitate to explain.

“Well, my friend Cindy at school was telling me today that her parents are always joking about bjs and cjs.’

She had everyone’s attention.

‘You all know what a bj is, right?’ She looked around for the nods. ‘Well since we like to give the guys bjs, they can give us a cj…a clam job!’

Everyone burst out laughing at Tracy’s comment. In fact we were so loud that I noticed heads turning at all of the tables around us.

Not realizing that she had become the center of attention in the entire room, Tracy added, ‘And when you called today Mom, Rob had just given me one, and I had told him about what Cindy said!’ The laughs went up again and then Tracy looked around at all of the other diners. She became aware of the fact that she was indeed the center of attention in the dining room. She blushed for a moment and then smiled at me.

‘Excuse me,’ she said, ‘I have to go freshen up.’

Knowing that she had everyone watching, she slid her chair back and spread her legs wide apart as she turned and stood up. Anyone seated across from her had just gotten a nice peek up her skirt. She slowly walked across the room towards the ladies lounge. Her nipples had hardened and they were poking through the lace on her top. All of the men in her path took an extra close look and plenty of the ladies did too.

Kathy turned to Trish and said softly ‘Wow is she hot! Did you teach her how to show off like that?’

Trish smiled proudly. ‘I wish I could say I did kartal escort it all, but she has a natural talent that even I couldn’t teach!’

Sue nodded in agreement and Teri chimed in, ‘I love to watch her. She really knows how to work a crowd!’

We all chuckled at Teri’s comment and she went on. ‘I love to do it too. But I’ll wait until after Tracy gets back.’

Tracy made her way back to our table turning heads again as she did. In the bathroom she had hiked her skirt up so that the hem was just barely covering her ass and pussy. In fact as she walked I caught a quick glimpse of her vaginal lips exposed beneath her skirt. And of course when she sat down again the skirt rode up and exposed everything. She was seated next to me and as I looked down to spy on her feminine delights, she made no effort to cover herself. A few of the patrons nearby were being treated to an extended view and Tracy was making no pretense about it.

Tom came back to take our orders and he made a point of standing next to Tracy and stealing quick peeks into her lap as he wrote on his pad.

Our dinner was terrific. The conversation was lively and loud. People all around were treated to peeks and sound bites from all of the women at the table. Trish and sue were engaged in a flirtatious gab and I felt Kathy’s foot moving up my pant leg under the table while we talked. Tracy was enjoying listening to Kathy recounting tales of some of her flashing experiences in shopping centers near her home. Bob was deeply involved in conversation with Teri, obviously impressed with her sexual maturity well beyond her years.

When Tom had cleared our dinner plates and cleaned off the table, we ordered a couple desserts to share. Teri excused herself to use the ladies room. Like her sister, she exposed herself as she got out of the chair and all eyes followed her as she made her way across the dining room.

Tom brought our desserts and when Teri came back to the table, rather than sitting down in her chair, she knelt on the seat with her ass in the air and her elbows on the table. This allowed her to get a good look at the dessert plates as they were passed around, but more importantly, it exposed her bare butt to everyone on that side of the restaurant. Bob had a close up view from beside her, but the people at the seven or eight tables and booths behind her had a similarly unobstructed view! I could only imagine what they were seeing, but it was obvious that she was commanding a lot of attention.

Tracy knew it too and she put her hand on my leg and squeezed it as if to give me a signal that her little sister was doing a great job of showing off.

I smiled back at her and noticed that the lips at the top of her legs had a shiny wet coating. She was obviously enjoying herself.

When it was finally time to go, I had paid the check and Tom had thanked us all, he made extra eye contact with Tracy. I think he has the hots for her and he certainly enjoyed the show she had put on for him during the entire meal. Her glass was never empty. He took advantage of every opportunity take care of her every need, right down to holding her chair for her as she got up to leave. She gave him a flirtatious wink and I’m sure that he had all of the thoughts and mental images that he needed for a night of fantasy and masturbation when he got home.

Walking out of the Cowboy Club, we got all of the looks and stares that I expected for such a loud and boisterous and attractive bevy of beauties, such as we were. Outside on the sidewalk, the exposure continued as we all hugged and kissed and said goodnight. The passers by were literally stopping to get better looks at all of the asses and pussies that were being innocently exposed to anyone nearby.

Inside the car on the drive home, Trish kiddingly chastised the girls for their exhibitionist behavior at dinner. ‘You two were really wound up tonight! What did you do today to bring that on? I’ve been surrounded all day and night by a bunch of sex hungry exhibitionists!’

The underlying message of course was that she enjoyed knowing that her daughters are so attractive and discreet, that they can command the attention of everyone around them, and yet remain on the borderline of innocence.

We all laughed and arrived home safely where we got undressed and prepared for bed. Trish and I personally tucked the girls into their beds and then went back to our room where we traded a bj for a cj and then peacefully drifted together into dreamland.

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