Orgasmic Chemistry Ch. 03

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My mind had been a complete blur ever since last night. I’d arrived home, somewhat in a trance. Thank God my parents didn’t pick up on my strange mood and just assumed I was tired. Not that I was able to get much sleep. I went over and over what had happened in that prep room. I’d performed oral sex on Mr. Bibby. Yes, that really did happen. I’d executed my plan perfectly, and he’d been more than receptive. Just the thought of his tungsten-hard cock had my cheeks reddening and my pussy moistening. Before very long I was masturbating furiously once more. He wanted me and I wanted him. Was I going to be bold enough to go “all the way?”

“Well you’ve sucked his cock, so there’s no going back now!” I told myself.

What would tomorrow bring?


“Where the hell did you disappear to last night, Alison?” Marjorie exclaimed, as I arrived at the cleaner’s room, trying my best to act completely normal.

“What do you mean?”

“Karen went looking for you down the science corridor. She wanted you to help her carry some sacks of trash from upstairs. Only when she arrived, she couldn’t find you anywhere. She looked in all the science labs.”

“Oh shit,” I thought, frantically racking my brain for an excuse.

“Hey, maybe she’s a secret smoker!” Karen interrupted, walking into the room.”

“Just had a bit of a headache last night, so I went to the toilet then just popped outside for some fresh air. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you wanted me.”

“No worries,” Marjorie smiled, playfully knocking my arm. “I’ll let you off this time. Anyways you must be doing a bloody good job of cleaning those labs because a member of the teaching staff came in before and was praising you to the skies.”

“Oh?” My mouth suddenly went as dry as the Sahara. I quickly sipped a mouthful of coffee.

“Yeah. Old silver-sideburns himself – Mr. Bibby. You probably know him, he teaches chemistry.”

Ever wished you could just shut your eyes and teleport away somewhere? At that moment I really wanted out of there.

“Um, yes I know him. He once taught me.” My stomach was alive with butterflies.

“Heh, he’s normally such a grumpypants, but he was all smiles just now. Just goes to show, people aren’t what they seem. Anyways keep up the good work!”

“I will, yes.” I murmured.

I headed down the corridor to room SC7. “Oh Brian, you’ve more than earned a special treat now,” I smirked.

Tonight, he wasn’t sat at his desk but standing up looking at the Periodic Table that was pinned to the wall. His arms were behind his back and he was anxiously twiddling his thumbs. Damn, I forgot to revise it, like he asked. Oh well…

I entered the lab and closed the door. Mr. Bibby spun round quickly.

“Alison…” the expression on his face immediately became one of excitement.

“Brian..” I locked the door and walked over to where he was standing.

“I didn’t get an ounce of revision done last night, so I guess you’ll have to give me detention. Thanks for the istanbul escort complimenting me to the other cleaners by the way.” I set my hand on his leg, feeling his firm flesh beneath his sensible dark grey trousers, and looked up at his face. His blue eyes focused on me with such an intensity. “Besides, a scientific experiment is best performed in a laboratory.”

He blinked. “What you mean…?”

“I can’t wait. I need you now. Right here. I want you.”

He glanced round the lab cautiously. It had three windows which overlooked the playing fields so no chance of prying eyes, save for the glass panel in the door of course.

“I want you too,” he replied softly. “About last night…let me just say that you awakened long-dormant sensations in me. I feel like a new bloke.”

“I bet you could barely concentrate on teaching classes today,” I added.

“No I couldn’t, it was difficult! I confess during lunchtime I couldn’t last any longer and shut myself away in the prep room to jack off for a bit. That’s the effect you’ve had on me Alison. I’ve never got so many hard-ons in just one day!”

Shock silenced me. As I gripped the side of the desk, I imagined myself a net to catch all the butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe he was actually going to ravish me right there in his science lab. The feeling of accomplishment filled me with euphoria.

The lab was a bit chilly but I didn’t care, we’d soon be warming things up – an exothermic reaction of sorts. Mr. Bibby scooped me up and planted my arse on the desk top. I grabbed the lapels of his white labcoat, pulling him closer. When he lifted my chin with a touch of his index finger, my lips were almost level with his. He kissed me gently, just a brush of his lips on mine, and heat suffused my lips and flowed down to warm my whole body.

“Oh Brian…Oh God…”

I reached up and unfastened his red striped tie and it dropped to the floor. Then I ran my fingers through his silvery hair. I took in his face; lips that now formed a smile as he watched me watch him. Mr. Bibby kissed me and I parted my lips to let him in. The heat of his mouth and his probing tongue sent shivers through my body and I shifted closer to him to feel the heat of his body against mine. I breathed in the faint masculine scent of his aftershave and listened to the sound of his breathing. Mr. Bibby pulled away from my lips and leaned in to kiss my neck. His mouth was hot, demanding, kissing under my jaw, and I felt the heat of his breath on my skin. He carefully lifted up my top to expose my belly and breasts, and then moved away just long enough to pull it off over my head.

I felt suddenly exposed and chilled by the air, but I fully trusted him, and when he leant down to kiss my belly button, any chill was forgotten. He kissed up my belly and each kiss left my sensitive skin tingling. When his tongue finally touched one hardened nipple, I drew in a gasp. I could feel this forever avcılar escort and I wanted nothing more than more of him. I arched my back and clutched at his hair to pull him closer. He gave my breasts his full attention: cupping each small mound with his hand as he sucked and gently bit my nipples. I was getting so wet I was afraid it was already soaking through my panties.

“Mmm, so Alison, what’s the chemical symbol for Hydrogen?” he murmured.

He’d gone back to the chemistry talk again. I don’t know why but it just turned me on even more when he switched to science teacher mode.

“Easy, it’s H,” I replied. “God, you’re making me so wet…”

“Mmm, how about Meitnerium?”

“Uh…Mt?” My eyes closed, but I roused myself enough to reach for him. It was a stretch to get my hand to the button of his trousers, but he paused to help me. With one hand, he guided my fingers in cupping the massive bulge that was already straining against his clothing. My fingers trembled with excitement as I touched his “laboratory equipment” again.

“N-not bad for someone who hasn’t revised!”

With one hand, Mr. Bibby unbuttoned his trousers and slowly guided my fingers inside. My fingertips brushed the wiry curls of his pubic hair, and then I cupped him in my hand and stroked his cock, his hand still subtly guiding mine. Then I heard gasps that he tried to hold back.

“I want to make you come,” I said, the words popping out before I can think.

He groaned, a low sound that he obviously tried but failed to suppress, and stilled my hand.

“Alison,” he whispered, his lips brushing my cheek, “do you want me to do this?”

My eyes widened and I smiled, mentally jumping up and down with glee. “More than anything!”

Mr. Bibby’s face flooded with colour. I wasn’t sure whether it was embarrassment or arousal or a mix of both. He slowly ran his hands up my thigh, under my skirt. It tickled and I giggled. He kissed the inside of my thighs. I raised my bottom so that he could pull my panties down my legs and onto the floor. For the first time I felt awkward, almost nervous. The butterflies returned. Tender kisses and caresses soothed my nerves.

He murmured, “If you want to stop at any time, tell me. I won’t push you. I promise.”

Reassured, I smiled. “Keep going. We’ve hardly covered any of the Periodic Table yet!”

Mr. Bibby moved the tip of his tongue to my clitoris. I jumped and willed him to move faster. At first his tongue explored my wet folds, but he replaced his tongue with gentle fingers that probed and rubbed and finally penetrated me. My wetness was dripping down my butt crack and he rubbed it around with his fingers. The sensation made me squirm and I placed my feet on his shoulders, and when he finally sucked on my clit, I nearly lifted myself up to meet his tongue.

“More elements,” he murmured between sucking. “Let me hear you recite as many that you can think of!”

I couldn’t cheat by glancing at the table şirinevler escort on the wall because he’d blocked the view. “Ahh…Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine…I-Iodine…” I struggled to speak. “Ass…Astatine. Helium, Neon…Argon…Krypton…Xenon…oh, Radon!”

His reply was cupping the cheeks of my bottom in his hands and pulsing his tongue steadily as he sucked. I cried out and writhed in his grip; my toes pointed and my whole body stiffened as he shook, but he held me and didn’t let up on my clit. The feeling was so intense I almost screamed; before remembering that I had to keep the noise down. I was biting my lip as I orgasmed.

Mr Bibby’s face was flushed and damp and his expression was one of pure longing.

“Alison…I want you so much…”

He fumbled with his trousers and underwear before finally freeing his erection. My God, I was hungry for that cock.

“Is this an atomic bond?” I teased.

“It’s certainly going to be a strong bond!” he replied, lifting me. He pulled me closer and guided his engorged cock between my lips. “This might hurt,” he whispered and pushed up into me.

“Ahhh!” I gasped, more from surprise than the stretching sensation.

“Are you alright?” he said, wrapping one arm around me and holding me close. I gave my answer by kissing him. He insinuated his hand between our bodies and fingered my clit as he began to move inside me. Holy shit, those fingers…he knew exactly how to pleasure me for maximum effect! For a moment I thought of all those sexless years he’d endured with his ex-wife. Here was a skilled man indeed and not just in science.

“Ohh…oh Brian!” I sighed. He stroked me with wet, slippery fingers and thrust steadily up into me. The combination awakened something within me and I sat up straight on the desk, clutching at the sides of his labcoat. My heels dug into his back and I tried to speak, but I couldn’t form words. I couldn’t think of any more chemical elements either. This was it, everything I had ever fantasised about, here I was at last, being fucked to perfection by my former chemistry teacher who deserved a dozen A* for his efforts! It was better than I ever could have imagined. I let my hands wander across the desk, my fingers brushing against a pair of gas taps.

Mr. Bibby’s large cock filled me completely, stretching my walls to the limit. He was groaning and pounding me like crazy. I swear if anyone had been outside in the corridor they would’ve been able to hear us at once.

“Alison, come,” he whispered in my ear, and I cried out. “Come for me, release those subatomic particles,” he pleaded, and I did, my head falling back, my whole body shaking and clenching with the intensity of my orgasm. He followed immediately; in an instant our scientific experiment reached its conclusion and I was filled to the brim with his warm seed…

We lay there on the desk for what seemed like a long time. Eventually, Mr. Bibby gently withdrew his softening member from me.

“Well? Did you enjoy that special science experiment Alison? Because I certainly did!”

Rather flushed and giddy, I embraced him. “Yes!”

There was so chemical formula that could describe what we’d just enjoyed. In his arms, I just felt safe and warm and satisfied, and that truly was the best feeling in the universe.

The End

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