Oren part 2

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Goodness. I guess just enjoy and leave me nice comments if you want more because trust me these two are far from done.

After a quick break to eat and recover a little-during which Oren seemed to return to his normal almost shy state-I had Oren strung up to a hook on the ceiling. His hands were cuffed and his feet spread in a way that had him arching his back to stay upright. It was gorgeous.
“Hmmm, what to do first.” I murmured.
I had a hold of his little erection and I was stroking it slowly. I watched Oren bite his lip and shift up onto his tip toes as the pleasure started to overwhelm him. His eyes were unfocused and his breathing was shallow, his mouth even hung open a little.
Of the two of us, he’d always been the more sensitive. It was so easy to turn him on and have him cumming that sometimes I did it on accident. But today I had no intention of letting him off that easy.
I let go of his cock and stepped back, enjoying the little forlorn whimper that he gave. Clearly he had been close, as he was blushing and his cock was drooling precum down to his thighs.
“Ah, I know.”
I rummaged around the closet and came back with a thin wooden paddle. When Oren saw it his eyes widened just a little bit.
I circled around him and ran my hand slowly over his nice smooth, firm ass. The high moan of pleasure told me he was enjoying this more than I wanted him to.
Oren gasped loudly and attempted to pull away but I delivered another swat before he could.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
His pale skin was beautifully rosy where I’d spanked it. I licked my lips as I ran the paddle over the red spots before pulling it back for another swing.
He winced and I heard a soft, “Ouch!”
I leaned forward to see his adorable face contorted into a wince. His eyes were tearing up just slightly.
“Aw, sorry, does that hurt?”
He nodded slowly and I smacked him once more for good measure, although softer than the previous times. He yelped.
I grinned and went back to the closet. There had to be more in there that I hadn’t used yet. Something perfect for Oren, to push that cute body over the edge.
And then I saw them. The holy trinity of ecstasidic agony.
I pulled my new toys from the closet and set them on a nearby table and went back to Oren. I got in real close to him so that my cock was pressed up against his hipbone and wrapped my arms around him. I bent down, my lips touching his ear.
“Tell me lover, do you want me to be firm or gentle?”
“Firm.” His voice shuttered a little as if he were unsure.
“I hoped you’d say that.” I nipped his ear a little and stepped back to grab the first of my toys.
I crouched between Oren’s legs and secured the ring around his cock-tightening it maybe a little more than I absolutely had to-and the harness around his balls. The little device held his cock and balls like two separate things, squeezing just enough to not be completely comfortable.
Oren was already fidgeting around and making soft whining noises and I hadn’t even used the fun part of this toy yet.
I looked up at him and grinned as I attached the first little weight to his balls.
Oren cried out, his voice high as it was only when he was extremely aroused. He hid his face in his arm, but I’d seen the canlı bahis blush on it. Unbelievable. He was genuinely enjoying this.
I attached another weight and then another until I could see his balls being pulled a little with the strain. He was panting hard now and moaning softly with every other breath.
I was more turned on than I can remember being in my life. Not only was I loving having this kind of power over him, but it’s hard to accurately describe just how hot Oren looked. His whole body was wracked with lust, his cock was leaking steadily and the head was bright red. His ass was arched into the air, swaying just a little which in turn cause his weighted balls to sway as well. His nipples were peaked and pink as rose petals, complementing his pink tinged cheeks and still slightly red ass. His blonde hair fell into his eyes and some of it was caught around his mouth and his expression was one of wanton lust. But somehow he still seemed shy about it all, which only made him look more sexual.
“You look like you’re enjoying yourself, Oren.” I purred.
He didn’t respond.
I lifted the weights so they touched his cock and then dropped them. He shrieked and pulled away from my hand, tossing his head back.
“Answer me when I talk to you.”
“Y-yes Sir!” He squeaked.
I grinned, “Good boy. Now what I plan on doing next requires you to participate. Can you do that?”
“Yes Sir.”
I turned and grabbed my next toy from the table. This was something I felt was sort of poetic justice for earlier and one of my favorite toys to see used.
“N-no!” Oren gasped, “N-no, please not that thing!”
I grinned and put the little electric wand thing a few inches in front of him at the level of his nipples.
“Touch it.” I commanded.
Oren hesitated a long moment, looking at the wand as if he were regretting buying it.
“I said, touch it.”
He closed his eyes and leaned forward very slowly until his little pink nipple just touched the tip of the wand. Immediately he jumped back, squealing. That made his heavy balls swing, calling his attention back to them as well which elicited more squealing and gasping.
I chuckled softly and moved the wand to the other nipple, “Again.”
“Oren. Do it.”
This time it took him longer, but the end result was the same.
Feeling rather sadistic I lowered the wand until it was level with his probably painfully hard six inch cock.
“You know what to do.” I said simply.
Oren looked horrified but his cock twitched, almost hitting the wand on it’s own.
“If you can do it twice, you’ll get a nice reward.”
“T-twice!?” Oren gasped.
“You shocked me four times, I think you can manage twice. Now do it before I change my mind about the reward.”
Oren swallowed hard as he looked down at the wand. This time he didn’t hesitate as long, he just leaned his slender little hips in and…
The instant the shock was delivered he screamed. One of his good high pitched feminine screams that had always made me think of what we were doing now. Instead of pulling back, however, he just thrust out at it again. And to my surprise twice more.
He was shaking and panting and I think tears were caressing his cheeks. He’d all but stopped supporting himself, but his cock was twitching more bahis siteleri and harder than ever.
“T-there.” He stuttered, “W-w-we’re even S-sir.”
“Not quite.” I murmured.
He glanced up at me through that mane of blonde hair but I was already going to the closet for an unanticipated toy.
I came back with a small, slender metal tube which I presented to him.
“This’ll make us even.”
The comprehending horror on his face was almost enough to satisfy me. But his quiet, “Y-yes Sir.” Urged me on.
Slowly, gently I inserted the tube down his piss slit. His voice pitched high, but instead of screaming he was moaning. He moaned like it was the most incredible thing he’d ever felt. He didn’t pull away, but leaned in towards me.
“M-more.” He whispered.
I thought I might cum just then, but held back. My heart was racing as I pushed the tube farther down into him.
He was unabashedly moaning now that it was all the way down. When I twisted it I though he would explode right there.
“This doesn’t hurt? Why not?”
It took a minute for him to get the full sentence out, “My ex…he used to…do this a lot…as a…punishment…I started…to…really…like it. Feels like…nothing else…”
I’d known Oren’s ex was a little abusive-that was part of the reason he was so shy and quiet-but I didn’t know he’d punished him. And like this, no less.
“Do you want me to stop?”
He shook his head, “God n-no. This was o-one thing…I m-missed.”
The longer I knew him the more Oren seemed to surprise me. Fine, if this is what he wanted…
I started to pull the little tube up but stopped half way and pushed it back down. Oren let out one long moan and pulled against the hook he was still attached to.
I started to fuck his piss slit with the tube until he was screaming that he was going to cum. When I pulled it out the last time, he screamed in frustration.
He was panting like he’d just run a marathon and similarly his body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. His hair was everywhere because he’d been throwing his head back and forth, and his face was flushed quite red down to his throat.
“Well, that was unexpected. But I still have yet to give you the reward I promised.”
Oren’s response was a throaty moan.
I grabbed the last toy I’d removed from the closet and started to prepare it. I took my sweet time, letting Oren stew in his own lust for a moment.
When I was finished, I circled back round behind him and dropped to my knees.
A long time ago, when I’d first began to realize I liked men instead of women, I’d thought licking another man the way I was about to was disgusting. That held true for a long time, actually it held true until I met Oren. Somehow it seemed a natural thing to do with him, and honestly a rather fun thing. Like how you think kissing is gross until you actually do it.
I parted Oren’s firm, supple ass and lightly licked his puckered pink star. He shuttered and moaned again, arching back towards me. I licked and licked, drawing moan after moan until finally I thrust my tongue in.
“Aaah!” He sighed, “Master!”
I thrust my tongue as far into him as I could, wriggling and swirling it too. I did this for about twenty seconds before Oren’s whole body began to quake and his hips rocked forward.
“Oooh! Aaah! M-master bahis şirketleri I’m s-sorry! I’m…I’m…!”
I pulled back in time to watch as his back arched and ropes of cum jetted out of his cock up into the air. He shot for a long time-for him at least-his mouth gaping open but no sound escaping.
When he sputtered out, once again he went limp. After another five breaths or so he softly said, “I’m sorry m-master. You can p-punish me now.”
I’d almost forgotten what we were doing. Watching a lover orgasm tends to have that effect on a person. In truth, I didn’t really want to punish him.
“I think you’ve had enough punishment for one day.” I murmured, “Besides, I never did get to give you that reward.”
“Master…” He began.
“Shhh, don’t talk.” I smiled slowly, “Or I’ll have to gag you.”
Before he could respond I put the toy I’d lubed up earlier to his hole and began pushing it in. Whatever response he might’ve had was lost immediately in moaning.
It didn’t take very long until the toy was buried within him. When I got the last few inches in, I stood up, walked over to the bed, sat down, and hit the button.
Immediately Oren’s expression melted into one of absolute pleasure. His mouth dropped open and his cock began to harden again-something I’d always loved to watch. I turned the vibrator up a level.
Oren began moaning even louder and higher than before, his body still slack but his hardon returned with a vengeance. I left him that way for a long moment, as I started to stroke myself. Until I heard what I was waiting for.
“M-more…” He whispered. “P-please…”
I turned the vibrator up further, almost as high as it would go. Oren shrieked and thrust out his hips. His hips rocked forward as if he were being fucked by a ghost and his cock-red again with his excitement-started to leak precum.
I switched it off.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” He murmured, “Please don’t stop yet, please! Master! Please, it feels so good oooh!”
“How good?” I squeezed my cock a little.
“So good! I can feel it everywhere, like my whole body is vibrating! It feels so fucking good, please don’t stop!”
“Why not?”
“Because it feels soooo good Master! Please I’ll do anything! I’ll let you do anything you want to me! Please just don’t stop.”
I turned it back on low and a smile of ecstasy bloomed on his rose colored face.
“Anything?” I asked.
“Ooooh God, anything Master!”
“Even if it’s sick and twisted?”
“Anything, I swear!”
I turned the vibrator on as high as it would go.
“Promise!” His voice was higher than I’d ever heard it.
He moaned and rocked and shook, screaming and thrashing wildly.
“I’m cumming, Master!” He cried out, “I’m cumming!”
I turned it off, “Beg me to let you cum.”
“Please Master!” He whimpered with tears in his eyes, “Please let me cum!”
“Why should I? You already promised to let me do anything I wanted to you.”
He looked dumbstruck and desperate.
“Please!” He begged, “Let me cum and I’ll…I’ll…”
“You’ll what?”
He looked down, “I’ll be your slave from now on.”
“There’s a good boy.”
I turned it back on with the addition of now stroking his cock. He was cumming into my hand in less than a minute.
When he came down from his high I took him down off the hook and took off all the toys. I laid him down in our bed and laid down beside him. My little slave boy.
And to think, we still had a bunch of toys I’d yet to play with…

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