Opportunity Taken

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I was still acutely aware of the feelings I experienced in my stomach and crotch sometimes when I thought about my brother, especially when he was playing basketball. It had been a long, long time since I had actually seen his dick though. We had moved into town, and our new home had new fancy doors. The kind without keyholes to peek through and watch as he masturbated in the tub or changed clothes in his room. There were now lots of boys to look at, but I had actually seen Kent’s dick.

My brother Kent and I were only eleven months apart in age. I had been eighteen for a few months and Kent had just turned nineteen, so we had technically been the same age for a couple of months every year.

I don’t know if he even remembered that time he had seen my private parts. I did. I remembered how my heart raced and I was wet when I got back in my bed. I didn’t understand that part then, but I learned. I was 18 now, and had gathered a lot of information about sex, but that was it, just information.

I had resigned myself to just rubbing myself and getting an orgasm when I really felt like I needed one, at least for a few more years. The very strict, private, fanatically religious school I attended frowned on even that, and everybody else there seemed pretty stuck in that mindset. I didn’t think any of the boys there would go along with me wanting to experiment with sex, or that any of them could even be lured anywhere to find out if they would go along with me.

I was a senior that year, and my parent’s decided to take me and my brother Kent to visit a college in Wisconsin that they thought we should consider attending. Kent had gotten a job after he graduated the year before, against my parents’ wishes for him to go to Bible college.

We would drive up on a Saturday morning, visit the college, then spend the night at a hotel before returning home on Sunday after we went to church. It sounded so exciting I thought I might die of boredom, but I had to go because they said so.

Kent drove most of the 4 or 5 hours it took to get to our destination. He was actually a decent driver, though sometimes he drove too fast. From the backseat I looked at the back of his head and neck, and the side of his face as he drove. He had changed a huge amount from that pudgy little boy I used to try to watch through his keyhole. I imagined how his dick might have changed too, since the last time I saw it, and got that familiar feeling inside.

I sighed. With the parents all weekend, and probably not a second alone unless I was in the bathroom, and that just wasn’t a comfortable place to bring myself to an orgasm. Maybe in the morning, in the shower.

The day went as expected. Boring, followed by a respite of boredom, then back to the boring. It was finally over, and we went to the hotel.

Dad got just one room, to save money. Two queen beds, mom and dad in one, and I would be in the other one. He got the hotel people to bring us a folding bed, and they squeezed it in beside the queen beds. It barely fit. Pushed against the wall on one side and a queen bed on the other, the two beds together looked almost like one giant bed.

When they got done putting the folding bed in the room, we went in. Mom was first inside, and she immediately announced “Kent, you’re in the roll-away bed. Anna in the bed in the middle. Dad and I get the first bed.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Mom, of course, knew what my problem was. “Anna, it’s just one night, and we have to do what we have to do. No whining. We’re just sleeping and then we’ll be gone first thing in the morning.”

I wanted to make them think that I was annoyed that I needed to sleep next to Kent, and it worked. I crossed my arms and sat on the foot of my bed, and turned the television on.

I couldn’t find anything on television that was good, or good enough to distract me from what I was feeling inside, that tight, warm, longing in my stomach and crotch. Even if I had found something interesting, I think I was probably too distracted to get much from it. Also, it seemed everyone else was tired from the day’s activities and had already gotten ready for bed.

I didn’t really expect that there would be anything happening after the lights went out. My Mom and Dad were in the bed next to mine, just a few feet away. I couldn’t stop thinking about Kent’s dick being so close to me though, and he was in his pajamas.

I shuffled off to escort ataşehir the bathroom to change. I wanted to put on fresh panties. I only brought some plain, white cotton ones. I stripped my clothes off, and stood in front of the mirror. My breasts were small, barely a b cup, but I had some at least, so I felt like I was doing good enough. I couldn’t get away without wearing something under my shirts, or my nightgown, when others were in the room.

As I looked at myself, my nipples started to poke out. I liked that feeling. I liked how they looked, pinkish brown on the outside with a caramel brown nipple. I pinched them and felt a surge in my stomach, and almost whimpered. I had some thin, wispy hair above my vagina. It was very soft. My legs were thin, and if I stood with my feet together and knees straight, there was a gap between them at the very top. I could very clearly see two mounds and my slit in the gap. “I bet Kent would shoot a huge amount of cum out of his dick if he saw me like this,” I thought to myself.

I shook my head, knowing that he probably would, but that him seeing me like this was never going to happen. But a girl can dream, right?

I pulled on a light tee shirt, then my panties, then pulled my flannel ankle length nightgown over my head, and started to go back to the bedroom. I stopped and almost said aloud “Just in case” as I dabbed on a little drop of perfume between my little breasts and one little drop on my pubic hair.

Back in the bedroom, everybody was in bed and the television was off. Mom told me to turn the light off before I got in bed. I obeyed, and crawled into my bed over the foot of the bed. The bed was kind of hard, and didn’t move even a tiny bit as I crawled in. Nice and solid. The room was almost pitch black at first, but as my eyes got used to it, I found that I could see well enough to see my parents in the bed beside me. I rolled over and there was the back of Kent’s head and his shoulders. He was less than a foot away.

I stared at the ceiling. I wasn’t sleepy at all. I was sure that the clock in the room was broken. When I looked at it half an hour later, it had only advanced 5 minutes. I closed my eyes, after rolling them at the ceiling. I rolled my eyes at everything. That’s just what I do.

I could hear my parents’ breathing on my right, and Kent’s on my left. I was pretty sure they were all asleep. I could definitely hear Dad’s low snoring, and my mom with that occasional snorting sound she makes when she sleeps. They were both definitely asleep. I looked at the clock. It had been almost an hour since I had turned the lights off. I had decided that if he was asleep, I might be able to touch it, even if I couldn’t look at Kent’s dick. That’s all I wanted, a touch. And maybe a squeeze. I hadn’t decided which. I knew I couldn’t just stick my hand under his covers and grab it. I had to be more discrete than that.

I rolled over to my side, facing him, and reached over with my right hand and let it drop onto his face. He grunted, shook his head a little, and grunted again. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. It wasn’t easy to control my breathing to seem to be asleep, but I did my best.

There was no sound or motion from the other bed. The palm of my hand was partially on his mouth and partially on his cheek. I could feel the stubble of beard he had. I could feel his breath on my wrist. I didn’t move.

Almost imperceptibly, only a few seconds after my hand landed on his face, I could feel something moving over there. I didn’t know what it was, but then I felt a hand very lightly take hold of my wrist, just a thumb and finger. I felt a little bit of disappointment in the pit of my stomach as my hand was lifted up off his face, but then instead of moving back toward me, it was moved down, slowly. He put my hand on his upper chest, then covered my hand with his. His skin felt warm on my palm. He began moving my relaxed hand and arm. Slowly it inched down his chest until it was covering his nipple. I felt it get hard under my touch, and he stroked my hand very lightly.

I opened my eyes just a tiny little slit, just enough to barely see but not enough for anyone to tell they were open. Kent’s head was bent down and he was looking intently at my hand and his as he stroked mine with his finger tips. He place his hand back over mine and slowly began to move it again, still down and away from his face.

He kadıköy escort bayan never took his gaze off what he was doing with my hand. Across his firm belly, I felt the muscles under his skin tighten as my hand touched them. Then I felt his belly button, then the line of hair that went straight down from there to guide my hand to the exact spot I was desperately hoping it would end up.

His cover had been pushed down with my hand, and as my pinky finger came in contact with his pajama bottoms, he stopped. My eyes were completely open now, watching the movement of our hands intently. I looked at Kent’s face just in time to see him turn his face to me, and our eyes met. My breath caught in my throat for a second and my heart was pounding in my ears. I didn’t have to pretend to be asleep any more and let my breath out. It was a ragged exhale, followed by a ragged inhale. I tried to breathe normally, and couldn’t. Our eyes were locked on each other, and I moved my hand to cover his erection still hidden in his pajama bottoms. His expression changed slightly, and his eyes kind of glazed over a little.

I slid my hand into the opening on the front of his pajamas, and felt his hot, hard penis, then grasp it lightly. We were still staring into each other’s eyes. I began to softly stroke my brother’s dick in my clenched hand. I couldn’t close my hand all the way around it, but the way his faced looked, he seemed like it felt good to him. I was touching a dick, a hot, hard, throbbing dick, finally.

I had been gently rubbing my vagina as I was waiting for the time to pass, so my nightgown was already lifted up above my crotch. This feeling I had in my stomach and groin was screaming to be touched some more, and I didn’t want to do it myself. My hand was busy with something else, anyway. I slid my bare knee, then calf, and finally foot out from under the cover, swiveled my hips to point my knee at the ceiling, and the motion pulled the blankets up and off of my body. Kent looked down, and the cool air on my naked legs and hips told me that he had a clear view of my panty clad pussy, with my legs open. I hoped it looked inviting.

He brought his gaze back to my face, and I glanced down, then nodded yes, giving him permission. As his hand reached over to me, his hand brushed across one of my little breasts, and rubbed my hardened nipple with the palm. I tried not to, but a groan escaped. He continued down my belly, then onto my panties. He pressed his fingers against my cotton panties and I wanted to moan out loud. That touch lit a fire inside me that I had not felt before. My entire crotch was ablaze. His fingers pressed down, into my slit and over my clitoris. As his fingers made their way down my slit and back up, all I could think was how I wanted him to go under my panties. Under my panties and I would be satisfied. When his fingers got to the bottom on my pussy, without thinking, I let go of his penis, lifted my hips off the bed and quickly slid my panties down to my ankles and kicked them off with my foot. I then moved back to my one knee up facing him position. I quickly grabbed my brother’s dick again and began slowly stroking his thick cock in my little hand.

He was staring at me when my eyes returned to his, and again I glanced down and nodded, and he returned his hand to my now exposed pussy. His hand felt hot, and as he started to explore my open vagina with his fingers, I felt the slickness I was making. His finger slid over my clit, and I moaned. He slid down between my lips and I moaned. My entire body was on fire. He pressed his finger against my pussy hole, I couldn’t breath, but then he passed it and got to the end and started back up, over my pussy hole, then my clit, which he pressed on and wiggled. I knew I needed something inside me, but nobody had ever been there before. I needed someone to go where no man had gone before. I needed Captain Kirk.

I wasn’t thinking. My mind was foggy, my breathing was ragged, my crotch was on fire and dripping pussy juice. I had not stopped pumping on Kent’s penis. It felt like a rock in my hand. A very hot, moving, throbbing rock. Each time my hand stroked over the head, it throbbed.

No thought except “Silence. Silence. There are people in the room, silence, and if I wake them up I won’t get anything inside me. I need it inside me, and I don’t want to wait. Silence.”

I needed my pussy close to his dick. I needed it. escort bostancı My insides, my head, my stomach, my pussy, were all screaming “closer, closer!” and without thinking, I rolled over toward my brother. I still had my big brother’s big dick in my hand, still pumping on it, but now my shoulder was against his chest, my face against his ear and neck. My knee was across his hips with my thigh pressed against my hand thrusting up and down on his dick. I could feel my foot pressed between his legs as I ground my pussy against his hip bone. It felt good, but there still was nothing inside me.

I pushed off with my free hand and knee and very easily was on top of Kent. His dick was still grasped in my little hand, but now I was straddling him. My chest was pressed to his and I could feel his ragged breathing was matching my own. My arm was down between my legs and my other was under his arm, bracing me. My lips were pressed to his ear, and even his ear felt hot against my opened lips.

“Quiet. No sounds.” I whispered between my ragged breaths.

I raised my body a little to allow my arm to guide him, and as I lowered myself on his body, I aimed my brother’s throbbing penis for my pussy. As it came in contact with my pussy lips and clit, I felt a shudder run through my body. I held it firmly between my lips, sliding it up and down my slit. I could hear a little squishing sound from his hard penis head running between my sopping wet pussy lips, and knew that it was lubricated now.

I maneuvered it to where I wanted it, and pressed slightly down with my hips. The tip of his dick was now at the opening of my vagina, and my mind was now screaming “Yes, push, yes push, put it inside put it inside”. I growled softly in his ear, my lips brushing his soft, hot ear as they moved, “Don’t move a muscle.”

Still grasping him firmly, I pressed my hips down, and onto the tip of his penis. I felt the ridge around my brother’s mushroom cock head squeeze inside me, then I felt a resistance. I knew one more move and he would penetrate my hymen and I would have him where I wanted, no, where I needed him. Deep inside my pussy.

I lifted myself up with my arm to be directly above him. My forehead was on his forehead, the tip of my nose touching his. Our eyes were locked on each other’s eyes. I could feel his hot breath on my chin, and I whispered, barely able to hear it myself, “Captain Kirk”.

I released my hold on his dick and pressed my hips to his. I felt a small rip inside my pussy as he passed through my hymen and felt a little pain but it was far overshadowed by the pleasure of his body inside and underneath me. My pelvis bone was pressed to his, and I could feel the head of my brother’s penis smashed against the bottom of my pussy.

I couldn’t breath, and I felt so full of him. I didn’t move for a second or two. I had to get accustomed to having my brother inside me. Then I brought my hips up slowly. My whole body was awash in pleasure. I could only think of one thing. I wanted his cum inside me. I pumped up and down with my hips a few times, three, four, five times and felt his body tense, then another up and down. He grabbed my butt and pulled me down as he pressed his hips up to meet me and I felt his body twitch as he arched his neck away from me. I felt my brother’s cock jerk inside me and my pussy was filled with his hot liquid.

I stopped moving and kept my pussy pressed down on my brother’s dick as it jerked and spurt. I felt several shots of his cum hitting the bottom of my pussy. My entire body was saying “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, god yes, that’s what I needed”.

As soon as I thought his orgasm was over, I quietly rolled back to my bed, crawled off the foot of the bed, grabbed my panties from the floor and headed to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I stood naked in front of the mirror, legs crossed and vagina muscles squeezed tight. I watched as my brother’s creamy white liquid still was able to escape from my newly deflowered pussy. I caught some on my finger, and brought it to my lips. A little salty, but not a bad taste. I could get used to the taste. I wanted to get used to the taste, the taste of the only cum I had ever touched, or seen. My brother’s cum. I scooped as much as I could onto my finger and hungrily devoured it.

I knew that nobody could ever find out. I would need to make sure that my big brother understood that his little sister needed to do what we just did, and would continue to need it, but just as much, she needed him to pretend it never happened and never breathe a word about it to anyone. Ever.

I slept very soundly the rest of the night, and woke refreshed in the morning, with a new outlook on life.

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