Once Upon a Time

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Her wetness was apparent from the soggy feeling she had between her legs as she uncrossed them when she heard her name called. Sitting in the waiting room, she had been thinking about how she was going to explain to the doctor, why she was wet and what was causing her erotic dreams that were keeping her awake at night.

It all started the day she came home and found her husband and her son fucking in the living room. She had watched her husbands big cock pound in and out of her son’s ass hole and had heard her son moaning and groaning, asking for more. She had, at the time, been repulsed by what she was watching but at the same time, she found it very erotic to see the two men in her life, enjoying each other. She had spent many hours thinking about it and the more she thought about it, the more excited she had gotten. Now she was in for her annual check up and all she could think about was wanting to watch her two men fucking again and again.

The nurse ushered her into a small alcove and she sat down on the only chair. She crossed her legs and tried to remain calm but her wet pussy rubbing against her panties wouldn’t let her. She looked up as the doctor entered the room. How was she going to tell him about her wetness and not make it appear as anything out of the ordinary.

“Morning,” was all she could say as the doctor sat looked down at her, a chart in his hands.

“I see it’s that time of the year,” he said, flipping a page.

“Yes it is,” she replied.

The doctor grabbed a gown form the cupboard and handed it to her, telling her to disrobe and put the gown on and lay on the table. He left the room and told her he would be right back. As she started taking her clothes off, her mind wandered. With her shorts in a pile on the floor, she imagined her son helping her out of them as her husband stood behind her, unhooking her bra straps and pulling it off her. Her son was helping her out of her panties, pulling them down over her hips, slowly uncovering her mound. Her husband now had reached around and had both of her breasts in his hands, caressing them and pulling on her nipples, making her moan in excitement. She looked in the mirror and saw that her nipples were standing out, hard and full, as she continued to undress.

She stood completely naked in front of the mirror and looked up and down her body. She could see the wetness between her legs and she absentmindedly, ran her hands across her breasts, pulling her nipples with her fingers. She could see the two men in her life had her sandwiched between her now, her husband still caressing her sensitive breasts and her son, on his knees in front of her, slowly parting her legs, reaching up into her with a finger, exploring her and finding her sensitive clit. She moaned softly just as the door opened and the doctor reappeared, this time with a nurse. She quickly picked up the gown and threw it over her head, trying to quickly recover. He smiled as she did and the nurse quietly closed the door. She got onto the table and looked straight up at the ceiling, not wanting to look at either of the two for fear she would give away her erotic feelings.

The doctor wrote something on her chart as the nurse moved over to help her. She raised her legs and feet into the stirrups and looked down her body at the nurse who was standing at the end of the table, adjusting it. She watched the nurse’s face and saw a slight smile come over it a she finished what she was doing. The doctor moved around to the end of the table and sat on a stool, his face close to her spread legs.

He began the examination and as he did, she thought that he had probably seen this all before and there wouldn’t be anything to explain. She felt his finger enter her and she groaned quietly, hoping that neither of the them heard her. She quickly looked at the nurse and saw she had a bemused smile on her face. The doctor’s face was a mask, not showing anything as he continued. The more he explored and examined her, the hotter she got. She moaned quietly several more times during the exam and hoped it would be over soon. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the doctor stood up and told her to lower her legs. She did with the nurse’s help and sat on the edge of the table, holding on to it to keep herself from falling off. The doctor was writing on her chart as the nurse left the room. He finally ataşehir escort looked up and smiled at her.

“I see you’ve been active sexually,” he said.

“Well, yes and no,” she replied, trying to appear calm.

“What does that mean. Is it yes or no?” he asked.

She had to think for a minute because she knew he wanted to know why she had been so wet.

“It’s yes,” she replied in a weak voice.

“I see.”

Again he wrote on her chart before saying anything. He sat down in the chair and faced her, putting the chart down beside him.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about having sex. Most people are a little hesitant about talking about it but seeing the state you are in, I thought maybe there was something we needed to talk about.”

She swallowed and lowered her eyes, looking down at the floor. The doctor was waiting for her to say something but she didn’t know how to start. Finally, after a few minutes of silence between them, he spoke again.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, I understand,” he said, reassuringly. “You are a beautiful woman and any man would want you and I envy that man.”

She looked at the doctor and noticed he had a quiet, lusty look in his eyes as he stared at her.

“It’s not what you think,” she said quietly, still watching him.

“Oh, then what is it?” he asked. “Fantasies?”

She hesitated again and then decided to tell him about her wanting the two men in her life, her husband and her son, to make love to her.

“It is a bit of a fantasy but it is also reality,” she started. “The other day I came home and found my son and his father, fucking in the living room. I watched them as they moaned and groaned until I couldn’t watch anymore.”

“Why did you stop watching them?” he asked.

“I just didn’t feel right about seeing the two of them making love and I felt ashamed for the two of them.”

“That’s natural,” he said, reaching out and touching her knee with a warm hand. “Did you feel left out?”

“Well, at the time, no but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be with them, feeling their hands all over my body, caressing it and fondling it, making me come. I watched to feel their two cocks in me, fucking me as hard as they can and feeling their come erupt inside me, filling me.”

The doctor leaned back in his chair, waiting for her to continue.

“I’m horny all the time and I am having trouble thinking about anything else but having them make love to me.”

“Why don’t you talk to them about it or do something that will lead them to do the things you want them to do to you?” he asked.

“I’m a little afraid that they may not want to include me. I can’t tell them I watched them but I want to see them fucking each other over and over again and I want to hear them as they fuck, moaning and groaning.”

“Have you ever had these feeling before you watched them?”


“Well, I think you have to tell them how you feel and let them take it from there,” he said, standing up. “You are healthy and I think a good fucking by the two of them is just what the doctor ordered.”

She looked at him quickly and he was smiling broadly at her. She grinned back at him as he turned to open the door. She wasn’t sure but she thought she saw a fleeting glimpse of a bulge in the front of his pants as he turned and left the room. She quickly got dressed and left the office, smiling to herself as she drove home, hoping that her two men would be there. She wanted them both and she needed them both. She wanted their cocks inside her, fucking her and filling her. As she drove into the driveway, she saw that their cars were there and she hopped out, almost running to the door. She entered quietly and went looking for the two of them. As she walked down the hall towards her bedroom, she heard them.

“God, that feels good. Your cock is so hard. Fuck me.”

She stopped and listened for more. She quietly went to the door to the bedroom and slowly pushed it open. There in front of her were the two of them fucking. This time, her son had his long hard cock buried deep in his father’s ass, pumping it in and out. As she watched them, she felt her wetness return and her nipples growing hard again. She reached up and ran her hand across her chest, feeling their hardness. With her other hand, she reached kadıköy escort down and pulled her panties aside, feeling her wetness increase as she probed herself with a finger.

She watched as the two men continued fucking until she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to have them as she started to take her clothes off, never looking away from the two men. As her bra rubbed slightly against her hard nipples as she took it off, she moaned softly. She closed her eyes and the immediate thought of the two men undressing her came into her mind. She could feel their hands exploring her body as they undressed her and she could feel their hard cocks rubbing against her. She opened her eyes and found the two of them had come over and joined her, her husband behind her, his hands caressing her breasts and her son on his knees in front of her, helping her out of her soaked panties.

She closed her eyes again and let her arms fall to her sides. They could do anything they wanted to her as long as they didn’t stop. She felt a finger exploring her slit, slowly rubbing up and down it, feeling her wetness as her breasts were tingling from the caresses they were getting from behind her. She spread her legs to let her son have more access to her and wanting to feel his tongue on her and inside her. She slumped back against her husband and groaned as she felt his tongue on her ear lobe, licking and sucking on it. This was more than she could ask for. She was living her fantasy.

She felt a pair of lips on hers, probing her mouth with it’s tongue as she felt a tongue on her ass, sliding up and down her crack, pushing at her hole, trying to invade her. She groaned louder this time and put her arms around her son as they kissed and explored each other’s mouths.

She felt a finger push against her hole and enter her ass. It made her jump a little but she found the feeling was overwhelming. Her son was still sucking on her tongue as her husband pushed his finger into her as far as he could, exploring her canal.

“Fuck me,” she whispered through her son’s kissing. “I want the both of you to fuck me.”

Her son’s lips left hers and she opened her eyes. He was smiling at her as he led her over to the bed. She got on it and wrapped her arms around her son, finding his hungry mouth again. As their lips locked together, she felt her husband pushing against her ass with his finger again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass,” she said as she lifted herself away from her son’s lips.

“Fuck me now. I want your hard cock inside my ass.”

Her lips found her son’s waiting mouth again as she felt her husband’s cock pushing against her ass hole. She felt its head enter her and a slight pain but she pushed back against him, wanting him fully inside her. She raised her ass in the air a bit and felt her husbands hard cock sliding up into her, filling her canal with his love stick. When she felt his balls resting against her ass, she pulled away from her son’s mouth.

“I want your cock too,” she said, looking at him through half closed eyes. “I want your cock in me too.”

He son got out form under her and positioned himself so his hard, long cock was pointing at her face. She opened her mouth and he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock into her warm receptacle, feeling the wetness of her mouth surround it. He groaned as she clamped her lips around his cock, motioning for him to fuck her mouth and wiggling her ass at her husband, wanting him to fuck her. She had never had two cocks inside her and the feeling was making her come. She groaned loudly as she felt the hard cock in her ass, slowly withdraw and then plunge back fully into her. Her son was thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth as her husband started thrusting harder and faster deep inside her bowels.

She groaned loudly every time her husband thrust his hard cock fully up into her ass. He son’s hard cock was tickling the back of her throat with every thrust of his hips and she felt it start to thicken. She wanted his come. She wanted to feel it slide down her throat, warm and sticky. She wanted to feel her husband’s sperm spew up inside her, filling her ass with its warmth. She didn’t have long to wait. Her son’s cock twitched and she felt it expand just as she felt the first spurt of his come splash onto her tongue. She greedily wrapped her lips tighter around bostancı escort his cock and let him fill her mouth with his hot come. At the same time, she heard her husband grunt once before starting to fill her canal with his hot come. He held himself against her ass as he pumped load after load of hot, wet come deep inside her. She swallowed as quickly as she could, not wanting to lose any of the hot come that was pouring down her throat. When they finished, it was as if time stood still. No one moved. Her son was holding her head against his groin as her husband held himself against her ass, his balls resting against her cheeks.

Finally, she felt her husband’s cock slowly start to withdraw from her ass as her son pulled his cock out of her mouth. She slumped forward as they rolled away from her and sighed deeply. She now knew what it was like to be fucked by two men and she wanted more. She rolled slightly until she could see the both of them. Without saying anything, she reached out and wrapped her hand around her son’s hardening cock, feeling it grow in her hand. At the same time, she noticed her husband was getting hard again and she reached over and grabbed his cock, pulling the two of them towards her.

“Fuck me again,” she said weakly. “Fuck me both at the same time. I want a cock in my ass and a cock in my cunt. Fuck me, please.”

Her husband got on his back on the bed and she moved over him. She felt his hard cock enter her cunt, sliding fully into her, filling her cunt with it wetness and warmth. She then felt her son’s cock pushing against her ass hole, entering her easily, filling her canal once more with it’s stiffness and fullness.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me,” she yelled as they started to pump in and out of her, both their cocks rubbing against each other through her wall and filling her as fully as she had ever been filled. They managed to fuck her slowly at first, in coordinated movements but she wanted to feel them pound her so she started pushing against them.

“Fuck me harder,” she screamed at them. “Fuck me hard. I want to feel you come inside me. Fill me up.”

They started thrusting faster and faster. Her head was afire with the feeling of their cocks pounding in and out of her, making her come. She groaned louder and louder as they continued fucking her two holes with their hard, long cocks. She wanted them to come so badly. She wanted to feel them fill her holes with their come. She wanted to feel their hot come spurting inside her. They fucked her and fucked her as she groaned and moaned, trying to help them come. Her ass clamped around her son’s cock as he pounded her ass and her cunt clenched the hard cock sliding in and out of it. They fucked her long and hard and the harder they fucked her, the more she wanted.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she wailed. “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me.”

Her son came first, his hot come spurting up into her ass, filling her canal with its wetness and warmth. Her husband came soon after and she felt his come spewing into her cunt, hot and sticky. She came too, groaning loudly and screaming at them to fill her up. They finished and the three untangled themselves slowly. They all were panting heavily now and needed to rest. She rolled on her back and closed her eyes, remembering the feeling of the two hard cocks fucking her two holes at the same time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her son’s voice.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes. I feel wonderful,” she replied, smiling at him. “I’ve wanted you two for so long, I didn’t think it would ever happen.”

“What brought this on?” her husband asked.

“I watched you two fuck the other day in the living room and I wanted you both to fuck me.”

Her husband and son looked at each other and smiled. She looked at them and saw the twinkling in their eyes. It took a few minutes but she realized that they had planned this and they knew she had seen them fucking. It was all a plan of theirs to get her in bed with the both of them. She didn’t care because now it had happened and she would never have to wonder what it was like. She wanted them again and again. She never wanted to feel one cock in her, she wanted two in her every time they fucked her.

From that day, the three of them slept in the same bed, in the same room, their two hard cocks continuously filling her holes. They spent many days and nights fucking and she watched the two men fuck over and over again. Her dreams had come true and what a story she would have to tell the doctor next year, but he would have to wait as she rolled over, looking for a cock to fuck her.

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