On the Terrace

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Candace was enjoying her night out with the girls. They had started getting their groove on early in the day, sipping wine and getting in the mood for a night of club hopping. It was not very often that all four of them could get together for a night of leisure activity. For the first time in six months the group was together and out on the town for a night of fun.

Arriving to the club early had insured the girls an optimum booth at the front of the dance floor and close enough to the bar. Darcell, Jennifer and Kelly were having an extremely fun filled night. They had not sat down off the dance floor in over an hour. Candace had taken a time out to rest, the night was still young and she was trying to conserve energy. Although the night was an enjoyable one Candace had hoped to meet someone interesting or intriguing. But as she sat and glanced around the room she realized that the pickings were pretty slim tonight.

Bernard was about to leave the club, but decided to have one last drink. He stood at the bar and observed the action in the room. He was getting tired of the club scene. It never changed, all the women were still the same and not very interesting to him anymore. He was hoping for a little action tonight, but was ready to call it quits at this hour. Just as he was turning to leave he noticed Candace sitting alone.

She was beautiful and sexy. She looked to be just about danced out, but Bernard was drawn to her. She saw him approaching and sat up straight. “Hi beautiful, would you like to dance. If you are not to tired?” Bernard asked in his most seductive voice.

“How could I say no to a man as handsome as you?” Candace smiled as she stood and was lead to the dance floor by this strange but handsome man. He was at least six-feet tall and was toned and muscular. He was fresh from the barbershop, all clean cut and shaven. He smelled absolutely wonderful and was so very delicious to look at.

The music was pumping to a lively fast dance mix and the dance floor was alive with energy and movement. Bodies pressed tightly together, bumping and grinding. Hot and sweaty bodies that filled the air with a heavy seductive fragrance moved together and individually, and all to the steady beat of the music. Finding a place for them, Bernard turned and faced Candace and began moving to the music. Bernard was an excellent dancer and moved very light and sure on his feet. He had always wished he had had the nerve to be an exotic dancer, because he was equipped for the job. Bernard put his hands around Candace’s waist and pulled her body closer to his.

“Hi.” He said against Candace’s ear. “I am Bernard.”

“Hi Bernard. I am Candace, and I want you to know you can really dance.” She replied smiling her best dazzling smile. “You move like an exotic dancer.”

“Thanks if that is meant to be a compliment. You are not to bad yourself.” He said watching the movement of her hips.

“Yeah…watch this. I just learned this.” Candace turned her back to him and leaned forward gripping her knees. She than began shaking and bouncing her ass doing the “booty” dance. She had only learned last night how to do this nasty dance, but she liked doing it.

Last night Darcell and Kelly had taught her how to “booty” dance by telling her just to imagine that she was riding a big dick, and that is exactly what she was doing now. She backed into Bernard and rubbed her ass against his pelvis. Bernard reached down and gripped her small waist pulling her hips against his body. He joined in her little seductive dance by going through the moves of fucking that nice round ass from behind.

She istanbul escort felt his dick as it hardened and throbbed against her. She continued with her dance enjoying the fact that she was turning him on. She turned to face him and he pulled her body to his and pressed his face against her neck.

“Dayum Candace, you sure got a sweet little fat ass. Where are you from… and how do I get to your house? Dayum girl.” He said trailing kisses down her throat.

“Now why would you want to follow me home?” Candace teased playfully while running her hands the length of his back, down his ass, where she paused and gently pulled his hips forward to grind into her pelvis. Mmmm…you like this, huh?” She asked before, rotating in his tight embrace, turning her back to him and letting him feel her best bounce. She undulated her ass for him, grinding it back against his very apparent hard-on, teasing and encouraging him.

“Girl you keep shaking that ass like that and I might have to spank it for you.”

“Mmm, I like getting spanked.” Candace said before dancing a few steps away from him. She used her best moves on Bernard. She wiggled and undulated around the spot they occupied. She let him observe her body, wondering about the pleasures it would bring. She watched and his eyes never left her and the hard-on in his pants grew larger. She could see the effect she was having on him.

Bernard could not believe his luck tonight. He felt sure that he was about to get some of this ass and he could tell it was going to be good. “What do you do, for a living?” he asked Candace, pulling her close again.

“I am a fourth grade teacher, and yourself?”

“I work for a bank. An investment consultant.” Small talk was the last thing on Bernard’s mind, but he could not think of a good way to say, ‘I want to fuck you.’ He watched her though and knew that she was turned-on by him also, so he decided to just try his luck and if he was rejected, oh well. Reaching out he pulled Candace close to him and pressed his hardness against her stomach. “Feel that don’t you? Do you realize you are the sexiest woman in here? Look around; watch the looks and comments you get. Look at you shaking your ass around like that. Well get your groove on girl”

Looking around before pressing her body tightly to his Candace responded, “The only one I see looking is you.” They continued dancing close together grinding their bodies into each other. Bernard ran his hands over her body, down her back and gripped her ass. She looked up into his face, and his mouth met hers, covering it completely. He kissed her slow and passionate, pressing his tongue between the fullness of her lips and seeking out her tongue. Their tongues met and caressed, tasting and exploring each other. He held her ass tight forcing her pelvis against his, while he ground the aching hardness of his dick into her stomach.

“I want to give you that.” He said against her mouth. “I want to fuck you, and I know you want it too. Look at your nipples.” He said pinching and thumbing her nipples. “So what are we going to do?”

“Can we get a drink and go outside on the terrace?” Candace asked, needing to think for a minute about this situation. She proceeded to the terrace for some fresh air while Bernard went to the bar for drinks. Yeah, she thought, I am going to fuck him. She wanted to. Besides she had not felt a dick that long in years. She turned to watch him approaching. She could see that he was still firm, and he had on boxers. She could see his dick bouncing heavy against avcılar escort his thigh.

“Damn girl. So what’s up? What are we going to do?” he asked in his please don’t say no now voice, while handing her a drink. Candace half emptied the glass before stopping and answering.

“I have to let my friends know something. If I am leaving I mean.” She tilted the glass again and drained it, licking salt from the rim and her fingers. “Wow, that was good. I was thirsty.”

“Girl you make that drink look good.” Bernard said stepping closer to her.

Bernard took the glass from her hand and pulled her into the shadow of the terrace. His hands roamed her body freely, loving the tight firmness of it. He ran his hands over her stomach and up to her breast. Cupping each he kneaded and squeezed the soft mounds of flesh. Candace stepped in closer to his attentions. He ran his hands down her torso and easily underneath the short skirt she wore. With nothing underneath but a thong she heard his breath catch in his throat as he palmed her bare ass. He covered her face and neck with hot wet kisses as his fingers explored the hot wetness between her legs. He stroked her swollen clit while pushing a finger inside her.

Bernard fumbled with his pants until he had his long thick dick freed. Guiding her hands, he placed them on the silky smooth hardness of his dick and began pumping in and out of her hands. When Candace felt the warm silky smoothness of his dick, she surrendered to her passion. “Wow baby, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me now with this big hard dick.” She said around Bernard’s probing tongue.

This was all the encouragement Bernard needed to hear. He pressed her back against the wall and lifted her body with her thighs draped across his arms. He fumbled to better expose his long thick hardness and to move Candace’s thong to the side. Kissing her lips hard and urgent he pushed the swollen head against her hot wetness. Candace flexed her thighs causing her hips to tilt forward giving Bernard better and easier access. She kissed him back, running her tongue deep into his mouth. “Fuck me Bernard. Please fuck me hard and deep.”

Barely able to control his actions, Bernard thrust his hips forward. His dick pushed past her fat pussy lips and slid easily into her hot tight depth filling her completely. She shivered and cried out against his forceful entry. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck while he moved slow and deep inside of her. Candace’s pussy was very hot and tight around the length of his dick. He worked his hips slow and grinding his dick deep and hard into her stomach. She whimpered and cried out each time he pushed into her. Gripping her ass in his palms he increased his tempo.

“You want me to bang this pussy baby?” he whispered against her ear. “Tell me if you do?”

“Yes baby.” She whimpered, against his increasing rhythm. She could feel the entire length and width of his long thick dick inside of her. She felt as if he had her pussy stretched to capacity. Each time he slammed into her she could feel the head of his dick punishing her cervix. He pumped into her body with abandon. Loving the hot tightness of her body. She covered his face, ears, neck, chest and nipples with small kisses and nipples. Her nails dug into the tender skin of his back. Each time he drove deep into her pussy he felt her muscles convulse and grip his dick. By the way she was moving and moaning he knew that she was close to cumming.

She could feel the beginning of her orgasm building in her body. The buzz began in her stomach and continued şirinevler escort building in her body until it spread through her hips. Bernard was gripping her ass tightly, slamming his dick into her, his balls slapping against her ass; he was totally oblivious to the party going on right in the other home. His full attention was given to the fine fucking he was giving Candace’s fat juicy pussy. A pussy that was about to cum around his long hard dick, because of the thorough fucking he was giving her.

The steady and deep pounding Bernard was giving her pussy was what she needed. She wiggled and pumped her pussy forward to meet his thrust. She cried out from the deep penetration. He was pumping her pussy and filling her to the brim. The hard length of his dick stroked the underside of her swollen clit bringing her to the very edge of her climax. She screamed and cried out as the orgasm grew and exploded in her pussy. She slammed her hips forward accepting the hard pounding of her pussy.

Bernard felt her body as it grew tighter and tighter in his grip. She was screaming and fighting against the force he was using to fuck her. She asked to be fucked and he was more than happy to oblige. She had good good pussy anyway, some of the best he had pushed up into in a long time. She knew how to give it up good also, opening her thighs wide and giving him total access. He knew she was about to cum because her pussy was gripping and squeezing his dick. The more forceful he pounded, the harder and tighter her muscles gripped. She had a pussy that was made for pounding and he was lost in the hot wetness of it.

“Oh fuck me. Fuck me. I want to cum, please fuck me until I cum.” Candace sang against Bernard’s ear. “Please fuck my pussy good.” Mmfh, mmfh was the sound that escaped her throat as Bernard slammed his dick over and over again into her stomach. Her pussy contracted hard, and her body froze in motion as her explosive orgasm ripped through her body in red-hot waves. Feeling the pull and press of her orgasmic pussy, Bernard was unable to restrain himself any longer.

Bernard’s nuts began to tingle seeking a release. His dick hardened and throbbed hard inside of her. He pounded into her body until he felt his orgasm about to explode. Dropping Candace’s legs one at a time to the floor, he pushed her to her knees and stood straddling her face with his dick aimed for her pretty mouth. Candace wantonly opened her mouth and allowed Bernard to press his dick through her lips and across her tongue until the head was pushing at the back of her throat.

Wrapping his hands in her hair he fucked her pretty face with just as much vigor and abandon as he had her pussy. Candace gripped his ass and pulled him deeper into her throat, moaning to let him know that she enjoyed this, and wanted it. He looked down into her face just as he felt the hot cum rushing from his nuts burning a path up and out of the head of his dick. He moaned aloud as he slammed his pelvis into Candace’s face, and felt his cum explode in her mouth, coating the back of her throat. The hot cum spurted out of his dick in hard hot jets. Bernard held Candace’s head still and in place rocking his hips gently forward loving the feel of her tongue teasing his dick. “Aaagh.” He groaned out as he felt her tongue lapping at him and her throat muscles massaging gently at the sensitive head while she drank down his cum, not wasting a drop.

She looked up into his face and met his eyes. He seemed to be looking at her without seeing her, but he pulled her up and covered her mouth with his own, running his tongue deep and slow. His hands traveled over her body and he felt himself responding once again to her sensuality.

“Say, listen? You ready to go tell your friends you leaving now?” he asked while covering her throat with kisses. “I am not ready for you to take this ass away from me yet. I want some more and some more. And besides, I promised you a spanking.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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