Older Men

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Older Men
When I was in my early twenties, I met this older gay man by the name of Marvin. He was an accountant who did my father’s taxes; and that’s how we first met. Marvin had initially asked my father if he would paint the outside of his house, but my father declined. Instead, he asked me if I’d be willing to do so, and make a little extra cash at the same time; and I agreed. However, my father warned me about Marvin; that he was gay. After I’d met him, and as my father and I were driving away, he said: “Watch out for Marvin. I mean it. He’s a good accountant, but he’s a fag; and he loves young men! So, don’t let him–you know? Try anything funny.”

What my father didn’t know (or had simply chosen to overlook, and perhaps even ignore) was that I, myself, was a ‘fag’; to us his word for it! I’d kept that side of myself fairly secret from both my parents (and successfully), so I pretended to take his advice about Marvin. However, even in the short time that I’d met Marvin to discuss painting his house, I’d picked up on the so-called ‘vibes’ that made it clear to me that Marvin was, indeed, gay; and interested in ME!

I began work on Marvin’s house several days later, after buying the paint and brushes I’d need to use it. At first, Marvin tended to leave me alone to do the work. It was really hot and humid that summer, and I began going over to work on his house even before the sun rose, and I’d work till early afternoon and then resume work the next morning. This went on like that for about three days. Then one early afternoon, as I was gathering up my stuff and preparing to leave for the day, I heard someone rapping at one of the side windows: it was Marvin. He indicated that he wanted me to come around to the side entrance for something, and I met him there a moment later.

As I did, I felt a thrill run through me; and I had a pretty good idea canlı bahis şirketleri what Marvin wanted! When I got to the side door, he was there waiting for me, and wearing a smile that further excited me very much!

“Come in!” He said. “Get out of that awful heat and humidity! You’ve done a helluva job all morning! Come in and get some air-conditioning for a while!” So inside I went.

I walked in and Marvin closed the door behind me, and just knew, at that exact moment, that Marvin ‘wanted’ me—for sex; and I was eager for that as well to be perfectly honest about it!

He didn’t waste a moment, and he just walked up to me (wearing that smirk that excited me very much), and reached out and put his hand on my crotch; just as bold as could be!

“I love a sweaty, good looking young working man like you,” he declared, still smirking.

“You DO?” I replied.

“Oh yes,” he said, and he kept caressing my crotch as we stood there facing each other. “I absolutely ADORE young ‘studs’ like you! I’ve thought of nothing else since I met you the other day.”


“Oh YES!” He said. “This old fag has been thinking of nothing BUT you! How’s that?”

“That’s nice!” I replied, and I was feeling all the more excited as he openly came on to me without any hesitation!

“And,” Marvin added, still smirking, “I’d bet that you’ve got a lovely cock…with a NICE and BIG load of cum just looking to find an appreciative old fag like me to take it from you. Am I right in assuming that?”

“How did you guess?” I replied, half jokingly.

“I could just…TELL! I read it in your body language I guess! And I thought to myself ‘Ah! Now there’s a young stud in need of having his balls drained!’ “And I,” he went on to say, “very much want to do exactly that!”

Without waiting for me to even reply, Marvin began unzipping my jeans! I was still sweaty from working in canlı kaçak iddaa the heat all day, but Marvin said the he couldn’t wait another second; and so, leading the way to his living room, I dropped my paint-spattered jeans, and tossed my ragged paint shirt to the floor, as Marvin’s mouth eagerly engulfed my already erect cock!

As I watched my cock disappear into his mouth, and then close around it, I groaned out loud with the excitement of the moment; and though it didn’t take me long before I came, the experience was one of the most intense, and enjoyable orgasms I’d had in quite some time!

Marvin turned out to be an excellent cock sucker, too! It was obvious that he’d had a lot of prior experience with such things, and when I unloaded, the thrill was wonderful!

When he let my cock slip out of him mouth, it stayed almost as erect as it had been before I came, and he leaned forwards and kissed the underside of the head, and ran his lips down the underside of my cock shaft, and ended up kissing my balls!

“Wow,” I said out loud.

“Did I do good?” He said, looking up into my face with a smile.

“Oh yes!” I said. “That was really great! Thank you!”

He smiled at that, and then stood up facing me. He even kissed me, which only a few other guys I’d been with had ever done, and I would have generally refused a kiss from another guy, but I made an exception with Marvin.

“Well,” Marvin said, as our mouths parted, “I know your Dad must have warned you about me; that I was a ‘Queer’, or a ‘fag’, or whatever your Dad thinks of me as, but—MMmm! You are definitely NOT your father’s son!”

He reached down and took my cock in one hand, and in his other hand he held my balls. Looking down and seeing that excited me all the more!

“I’d sure love to get my hands on you again sometime!” He said, looking me straight in the eyes, and it was obvious canlı kaçak bahis he was serious.

“Yeah,” I replied truthfully, “I’d like that as well.”

Marvin smiled at that. “Really? You mean that?”

“Sure!” Was my simple response.

“Oh my god!” He said, and smiling broadly. “Don’t say that if you don’t really mean that, though!”

“I meant it!” I replied.

“Oh YESSS!!” He said, still holding my cock and balls in both hands. “Because I’d LOVE to KEEP those wonderful balls of yours VERY well drained!”

“I’d like that myself VERY much!” Was my reply.

Leaning close he kissed me on the mouth once more.

“Well then,” he said, slowly letting go of me, “we’ll need to make sure your Dad doesn’t get wind of this! I’ve known your Dad for years. I’d hate to loose his business too, so…he can’t know about our…little secret, okay?!”

“Absolutely!” I replied.

“Can I get you a wash rag or anything to clean up with?”

“I’ll be fine, thanks. I’ll take a shower after I go home; and I still need to pick up my stuff outside before I leave.”

“Can I get you a drink of something cool before you do? It’s SO HOT outside today!”

“Iced-tea sounds great,” I replied.

“Iced-tea coming right up!” He said and headed to the kitchen to get it for me.

So? Did my father ever suspect Marvin and I? He didn’t, or not as far as I ever knew. Had he known, I’m pretty sure he would have confronted me about it! After that first time with Marvin, he and I did pretty much what we’d done that first time; and sometimes twice per visit; and even after I was finished painting his house, I kept showing up there for the rest of the Summer, and even on into the early Autumn! He was truly the best cock sucker I’ve ever known; and I remember him all these many years later as a significant and defining individual in my formative years as an emerging gay/bisexual man.

Now that I’M the so-called ‘older man’, as Marvin was when I was young, I’ve seen this situation from both sides, and so I understand now, as I never could then, how much he appreciated my willingness to allow him such intimate access to me! Time changes your perception of almost everything. 

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