Old Friends Ch. 2

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This is the second episode in what is a series featuring Rhiannon and Steve. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!


Rhiannon and Steve had been friends for years. They talked everyday, emailed and had met every so often. Eventually, they had finally made their fantasies come true and made love to each other. It had been a wonderful weekend. Starting at night with a heated session of sex and continuing into the next morning with slow, deliberate bodily discoveries.

They took a boat out and spent Saturday night under the stars fucking with the rhythm of the waves. Rhiannon remembered how each time the boat rocked upwards; she would push up against his cock. Wrapping her legs around his waist and pushing him in deeper as the boat crashed back down. Steve remembered how the wind had picked up as their passion did and their orgasms seemed to be tied to the squalls and the tide.

That was exactly one month ago. This time the educational consultant and her marketing guru again found themselves in the same city with a whole weekend to spend together. Now, Steve was to meet Rhiannon at her hotel.

Her meetings had ended early in the afternoon and she spent the rest of the day preparing for her lover. Rhiannon took a long bath and relaxed as the water helped ease the tensions of the work week and the travel. She lay back with her head on a rolled up towel, a glass of wine in her hand and thought of Steve. Now that she had seen him, tasted him, her imagination was sarıyer escort able to paint a complete picture. Her mind’s eye displayed the image of Steve’s hands running all over her body. She loved how he paid special attention to her back and neck and then ran his hands across her breasts. Her own hand seemed to re-trace his last caresses.

As Rhiannon continued to dream of Steve, she began lightly running her fingers over her nipples. In her mind as Steve touched her in a different place, she touched herself in reality. Soon, she was stroking her clit and pinching her nipples. Her dream had Steve sucking on her pussy and her hand mimicked each motion. Her feet were braced against the tub as Rhiannon moved her hand back and forth on her jewel. Faster and faster she frigged herself, water sloshing out of the tub. She so wanted Steve to be there, to touch her, kiss her as she brought her self to an orgasm.

Rhiannon was so into treating herself that she failed to hear the door open. Steve has a key waiting for him downstairs and was able to make it to the hotel early. He opened the room door and was about to call her name, when he heard the sounds of water hitting the bathroom floor. Steve walked to the door and watched his new lover play with herself.

When it seemed that Rhiannon was on the brink, Steve slipped off his shoes and socks and slipped over to her. Rhiannon’s eyes we tightly closed and she was moaning his name. He watched her open her mouth and pretend to esenyurt escort kiss him. He wanted to watch her finish, but also wanted to ease her agony. Steve sat down on the edge of the tub and met her kiss. Rhiannon was too far gone to realize that her daydream had just crossed the realm into truth. She opened her eyes with a start. “Steve!” “Don’t stop on my account,” he said. “Keep going, I’m just going to kiss you until you cum.”

Rhiannon couldn’t resist and kept up the digital ministrations on her clit and nipples while she kissed Steve.

“I’m going to cum… soon…” she moaned in his open mouth.

“Do, it. Cum for me. Bring yourself off. I want to see you fuck your fingers and play with your breasts while I sit here.” Steve said.

She stroked herself faster and faster, sliding her middle finger along her clit. Soon, Rhiannon abandoned her own breast to grab Steve’s cock through his pants.

“Not yet darlin’,” Steve told her. “You’re doing just fine.”

“I do this three times a day… now that you’re here, I want you” Rhiannon replied.

She unzipped his pants and pulled on his manhood. Steve quickly stood up and shed his clothes. He knew better than to argue with her when she was in this state. Just as Steve was about to sit back down on the tub, Rhiannon sat up and while never removing her fingers from her own pussy, swallowed Steve’s cock whole.

He placed his hand on the back of her head as she moved him in and out of her mouth, stroking her pussy faster and faster. After avrupa yakası escort several minutes of this, Rhiannon knew she wanted to be fucked… but not in the tub.

She released Steve’s cock from her mouth, stood up and ran into the bedroom. Water and her own juices dripping everywhere, she flopped down on the bed and yelled to Steve.

“Come here and plant that cock in me now!!”

It took Steve three seconds to get from the bathroom to burying his cock in her pussy to the hilt. From there, Rhiannon flipped them over and rode him like she had done in her mind a thousand times. She rocked her clit against his thumb as she squeezed her pussy on his cock. She wanted to milk him into her and ground into him with a fierce intensity.

The tempo picked up and while Rhiannon fucked him, Steve played with her breasts. He then leaned up and put his mouth on her right tit. As he did that his cock hit a certain spot deep inside her and she screamed with delight.

“Steve… oh my… I’m cummming… feel me. Feel me Steve, I’m cummming. Oh my, oh yes, oh yes…. Here I cum…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

Steve felt her pussy muscles spasm and her juice flow down his cock. He lay back down, grabbed her hips and thrust into her a few more times.

“Do it… I’m cumming again Steve… now you cum for me… fill me!”

For the first time since she touched his cock, Steve spoke. Yelled actually.

“Oh yes… oooh, yess… Rhiannon… I’m cuming for you…”

He thrust harder and buried his cock fully in her pussy as his balls tightened. His cock expanded and he exploded inside her.

“Yess, Oh, Oh, Oh,” Steve was a bit short on the vocabulary, but Rhiannon didn’t mind. She continued to ride him and take all her could give her.

After a few minutes of afterglow, Rhiannon spoke, “Why don’t we rest a while and you can show me more of how much you really wanted me.”

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