Oh How Love Has Sharp Claws Part 4

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It had been days since my beloved Darren fought for our bond to be together forever. Frankly, I am growing more and more annoyed as the days pass with my lover. He has spent four days so far sexually harassing me in anyway possible, and I have spent four days trying to ignore him. It has me on high alarm everyday except when I sleep because it seems he only wants to cuddle then. My skin has started to turn into theirs as the days pass, and my leaf tattoos are starting to grow. The fact that the tattoo is growing just like real leaves, kind of creeps me out. I still worry about his brother Connor and the evil stares that he gives me each time he passes me. Darren has informed me not to worry about him, but still I do. Plus he has announced that he is legally 18 now which means he is going to be worse with the torture.

Day Five

I start my day off with a shower to wake me up, but this does not stop my torturer. As I round the corner heading towards the shower, I spot him trying to play the sexy lover. I turn back around to head to my room, but he manages to grab my hand to pull me to a stop. Slowly I turn to face my teenager lover, and I am horrified at the look he is giving me. There a pouting face plastered there to break me down which makes it hard to keep control. Darren says, “Don’t you want to touch my body? Isn’t it a cute little body? I want you to touch me, and fill me with that lovely cock of yours. So why are you running from me? Just take me into your arms and hold me.”
I let out a low hiss as I reply, “I can’t, Darren! Your mom told me not to. I can’t! So stop doing this to me! I would love to feel your body on mine, but then you would be stuck as a teenager even longer. You won’t be able to fill me with that lovely cock like you do so well, and by god that is what I want.”
He smiles as he says, “Oh is that what you want so badly, my love? Then why don’t you bend over, so I can fill you with my cock. It will be wonderful!”
I glare at him as I pull free from his grasp and reply, “We can’t!!! So please stop torment me or else I am going to have to leave you until you are back to normal size.”
Before he can even saying thing, I push past him to head to the shower. As I round another corner, I run right into Connor. I think to myself this is just great because now I have to deal with this one who is probably going to kill me. Connor smiles at me evilly as he says, “Hello there, Lukus! Have you finally decided to come be by my side instead of my brother?”
I glare at him as I reply, “No. I haven’t. I love Darren. There is no way I could ever love you. In fact, I am pretty sure no one could ever love that wicked personality of yours! Leave me alone, Connor!”
At first I think I see a look of sadness flash across his face, yet it could have been angry also. Before I know it, he is pinning me by the throat against the wall. He says in a low hiss, “I will make you pay for that comment! I swear to god, I am going to make you take those words back! You have no idea about who I am or what I am like!”
I struggle to get free of his grip, but he just throws me down the hallway. My breathes come out in short puffs as I start to worry about my future if I stay around here any longer. Somehow I make it to the shower only to see Darren standing there naked. I sigh at the fact before stepping in the shower with him right behind me. He lays his head against my chest and says, “I didn’t mean to push you, Lukus! I just miss all of our love making and the feel of your body surround mine.”
He looks at me with a sad apologizing look and I pull him into a tight embrace as I realize that I missed him just as much. I kiss his forehead and release him to turn the water on. He smiles at me as he says, “Lets have a bath instead of a shower that away we can cuddle and relax.”
I agree with his suggestion and plug the tub before I sink to the bottom of it. He follows suit however he makes it so that he is leaning against me. I feel the warmth of his back against my chest, and I wrap my arms around him to pray that he would be big soon. We sit in the tub for what seems like hours just with my arms wrapped tightly around him. I lay my head on his shoulder and kiss his neck gently as I run a hand up his chest. He turns my mouth up to his and kisses me deeply with such longing that nearly brought tears to my eyes. It makes me wonder if we really could live without being passionate towards one another for another ten days. Suddenly there is a knock on the door of the bathroom which is followed by an angry voice, “How much fucking longer are you going to stay in that fucking shower!!! I have to take one too, bastards!! I swear to god if you are not out in the next five minutes, I am coming in to take your fucking spot, Darren!”
I hear Darren laugh as he says to me, “We better get out before she decided to come in. We can cuddle on the bed if you want.”
He slowly stands and pulls me to my feet to step out of the tub. I grab a towel to dry him out, yet I hesitate to touch him. Darren turns sad eyes towards me and grabs the towel out of my hand. He slowly puts it to my chest to try to dry me off, but I grab his hand to pull him to a stop. Without giving him any warning, I pull him into a passionate kiss. Our bodies seem to melt together as our lips exchange kiss after kiss until the bathroom door open suddenly. A mini version of his sister Karo stood there with a smirk on her face at the sight of us body to body. She says, “Oh it looks like someone is going to not be at full power at the end of his fourteen days. Then I will be about to take your lover for myself.”
I frown at her, but Darren replies, “You wish you had as good looking man as Lukus to call your own, but sadly you don’t. He will never be yours, Karo. So why don’t you get in the shower and cool that pretty little head of yours off.”
Before she can even say anything, Darren is pulling me passed her and out the bathroom door we go. He doesn’t let go of me until we are back in his room. I watch Darren draw in a deep breath before he pushes me onto the bed. He crawls on top of me and presses his body against mine as he whispers in canlı bahis my ear, “I am not going to lose you to her. So please please don’t ever leave my side.”
He flattens himself against me as he nozzles his face against my neck. It is then that I realize that this man has always been looking for me, longing for me, and lonely without me. I make a vow to myself that I would never leave him for the simple fact that I hated seeing him alone.

Day 6

I slowly open my eyes to see Darren laying on top of me still fast asleep, yet I hadn’t realized I had fallen asleep. He looks so peaceful as he lays there on top of me that I don’t want the moment to end. I slowly run my hand through his beautiful caramel colored hair to try to see if this moment is real. Suddenly he moves a little in his sleep as he wraps his arms around me tightly which scares me at first. I listen to him let out a sigh as he says in his sleep, “Please don’t leave me. I am not the same person without you. I beg you to stay by my side forever.”
My hand pets his head gently as I reply, “You know I am not going to leave you silly. I love you too much to leave all your craziness. I would be lost if I hadn’t meet you.”
He smiles at my comment, but then slowly sinks back into a deep sleep. I lay there taking in this moment of being needed by my brave warrior lover, yet it seems like hours pass by. Darren starts to stir awake and a big smile appears on his face as he looks at me. He pushes himself up just enough to hover over me as he runs his hand along my cheek. I smile back at him as he says, “Good morning, my love. I see I am on top of you, yet you are not fight me off. Should I take that as a sign that you want me badly?”
My smile fades when I push him off and say, “Really? Really? That is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up? I was enjoying the moment until you had to ruin it with that comment. Maybe I should go stay somewhere else because you are too tempted to have your way with me.”
He frowns as he replies, “That is not really it, Lukus. I want you badly, but I merely tease you to see if you would give into me. I won’t push anything that you don’t want which you do want me. I can tell.”
Darren points at my hard cock ready to fuck him anytime, but I reply back, “That doesn’t mean anything at all! Its morning time! Men have a hard cock when they first wake up! So don’t pull that shit with me!”
He laughs at my argument as he spouts back, “This is not the only time you have a hard cock for me. Every time I see you looking at me, its hard as a rock! So why don’t you just fuck me already and get it over with! I want you and you want me, so whats stopping us from fucking all day!”
I reply back angrily, “Yeah I maybe hard all the time for you, but I have self control! You are always teasing me and it makes it so hard to fight the feeling. But you know what?! I do! Because I know if I fuck you now you will take longer to heal and be back to your normal size! Don’t fucking laugh at me being worried about you!”
Darren spouts back angrily, “I don’t give a shit if it takes longer to heal! I want you and I am dying inside without your touch! Please don’t fight it anymore, and fuck me like there is no tomorrow! I know you are worried about me, but I am craving you so badly that I might die!”
I glare at him as I say, “I’m leaving! I can’t do this anymore! I’m not going to give into you, Darren! So I am leaving, and I shall return for you at the end of these fourteen days!”
Before he can argue for me to stay, I dress and walk out of the bedroom door. As I am walking down the hallway I bump into Cherista. She says with a smile, “Hello Lukus. Having fun dealing with Darren?”
I reply back with a sigh, “No. Not really. He won’t leave me alone, so that he will heal properly. So I have decided that I shall leave to help ease the temptation.”
She says through pressed lips, “That is no good at all. I know he can be challenging at times, but you really don’t need to leave. I only told you two that you couldn’t have sex because it adds days onto his healing process. Plus you are still in the middle of the transformation which has to be complete before you can do anything. You are in the last stages of the process which means you only have two days left before it is complete. Why don’t you still stay here, but hide out a bit in one of the spare bedrooms? That away you are not likely to get seen or harassed.”
At first I think about rejecting her idea because I knew how it would crush Darren that I left, but I feel like he needs a lesson taught to him. I smile and say, “Sure. That sounds wonderful actually. I’m worried about him to be honest. Just keep an eye on him for me, and try not to let him get into trouble.”
She laughs a little as she replies, “Me keep Darren out of trouble? I doubt that is even possible, but I will do my best. So just relax for a few days while you finish transforming.”
I just laugh with her before she shows me to my temporary room. Deep down I know Darren is going to be pissed at me, but oh well. After we get to the room, she leaves me alone to ponder over my thoughts. I lay down on the bed to close my eyes to waste my days away from my love.
During that time, I dream that something bad is coming, but it never tells me what it is. Darren is there, begging me to stay by his side no matter what he has done in the past. I try to ease his fears as a see a fire engine red strike come in between us which jerks me awake.

Day 7

I don’t know what to take from that dream as I sit shaking on the side of the bed. What bad thing was to come in my future? Would it really rip me from my lover’s arms? I shove those thoughts to the back of my mind as I raise for the day. My feet carry me towards the smell of bacon without a care in the world until I almost run right into Darren. His eyes grow wide as he realizes I never left the house, and then angry spread across his face. Darren pulls me into his arms before yelling at me, “I thought you had left me for real! Why did you do that to me? I was worried about you!”
My eyes lock on his as I glare at him then reply, “I did it, so bahis siteleri that you won’t be tempted. I can’t go on fighting off your advances. Its hard for me, so just leave me be for a couple of days.”
I push him away as sadness spreads across his face, yet I refuse to give into him. This is not the first time I have seen this look and I am sure I will see it again. Darren holds a hand up to stop me, but I guess the look on my face makes him drop it. He doesn’t stop me as I turn to leave this time however I feel his eyes on me as I leave the room. In no time, I am back in my room to think about my next moves with Darren. As I lay there, I feel a hand start to run up my thigh which makes me jerk up. I spot Alexandria in her normal gothic look and I smack her hand away from my thigh. She smiles at me with that teenage face as she says, “You are all alone, my beautiful little bitch. So why don’t you just give into your mistress and let me fuck your brains out?”
I reply back angrily, “How about no. I don’t want you to touch me at all. You are never going to lay a hand on me! So why don’t you just leave?”
She pushes me back on the bed and then jumps on top of me. I try to fight her, but she punches me hard in the face. For a minute, I lose consciousness which gives her a chance to tight my hands to the headboard of the bed. As I realize that I won’t get out of this, I pray that Darren will find me in time. She takes out a knife to start slicing through my clothes, yet she stops at my boxer. I try to pull free of my restraints, but they do not budge. Alexandria runs her hand across my chest and down to the edge of my boxers. She slides her hand down into the boxers to wrap her hand on my cock which she gives a little squeeze. Her hand starts to move up and down it until it is as hard as a rock. Alexandria says with a smirk, “Wow. You are really hard, Lukus. It makes me want to put you inside of me.”
I try to get free of her touch and yell at her, “Get your filthy hand off my cock! I swear to god if I get free I am going to kill you again and again!!”
She replies back, “Ohhhhh. Spicy! Makes me want a piece of you more! Now be a good boy and give into your mistress!”
Alexandria slices through my boxers to let my cock spring free of its prison. As she moves her body over mine, I try to knock her off the bed. Her hand slaps my face to stop me from flopping around. Before she can get my cock in her body, the door slams open. Darren enters with fire burning in his eyes at the sight of Alexandria on top of me. He grabs Alexandria off of me and slams her into the nearest wall. Darren lets out an angry hiss at her, “What the fuck do you think you are doing to my lover? Did I give your bitch ass permission to even look at him?”
She replies in a choking voice, “No. I was just having fun since you weren’t fucking him. I figured I could.”
He glares at her as he says, “Where did you get that fucking idea from? I told you before to stay away from him, you skunky bitch. Now get the fuck out of my sight before I fucking give you a real death!”
Darren throws her out the bedroom door only to have her thud against the hallway wall. I stare at him with god knows what look is plastered on my face because his angry look fades. He returns to the bed and gently touches my cheek as he says, “Don’t worry my love. I will never hurt you like that, but I will protect you no matter what. So just relax and everything will be fine.”
I smile at first until I realize I am still tied to the bed which I say to Darren, “I understand that you will, and I am not afraid. There is only one thing that I want you to do. That is to untie me.”
A wicked smile spreads across his face as he replies, “Oh but I want you tied up. You look lovely and you are trapped. I am going to play with your body until you beg me to take you.”
My eyes grow big as I say, “No! Just release me, and we can talk about this when you are cooled down! We can’t do this, Darren!”
He doesn’t reply as his hand trails up my thigh up to my hard cock. His fingers gently glade up my shaft to the tip where it circles a few times before trailing back down. Then Darren encircles my cock at the base with his hand and starts to move up slowly. I shutter at the feel as it slides down to the base and up, yet he only pauses to repeat it over again. He never changes the pace of his hand as it moves up and down my cock with such grace. My mind races to find something besides his hand to think about, but god he is wonderful. Darren gives little warning as he suddenly switches his hand for his mouth on my cock. I can feel his tongue flick along the side as he moves his mouth up and down with a slow teasing motion. When he reach the tip, he sucks on it like its some kind of lollipop. I bite my lip to try to stop myself from begging him to take me like some half crazy virgin. He circles the tip only to take me all the way in again. Then I feel his teeth rake gently up my cock which makes me let out a low moan. He gazes up at me as he releases my cock from his wet plush lips. Darren says to me with a wicked smile, “Are you ready to give into my demands, or do I need to continue to torture you?”
My mind can’t seem to focus on his words as I am swimming in pleasure from his touch. I breathe heavily as I try to speak, “I…I…can’t take this anymore! You have to… stop! I want you, but I can’t!”
He laughs at me as he says, “Then I am going to take you like I want, and you won’t be able to stop me! So sit back and relax as I take you completely!”
I try to struggle to get loose, but it is no use. Darren laughs at my attempt to escape as he runs his fingers down my cock to my balls and on to my asshole. He swirls one of them around the edge of it, but then quickly he shoves one in. The rest soon follow suit and fill my tight hole. He pushes them in and out which draws a cry from me. I feel I am losing myself to his every touch of those hands of his, yet I know I shouldn’t. He smiles up at me as he pulls them slowly out to only slam inside of me again. Darren repeats this process several more times before pulling them out. He says with a wicked smile on his beautiful face, bahis şirketleri “You ready for the main event, my love? You look so beautiful, begging for pleasure. I know you won’t admit that I have you completely to my will now, but I know I do. So why don’t you just spread those pretty legs of yours and let me fill you to the brim with my cock?”
Before I can even think about his words, my legs spread wide enough to let him enter. He moves to place himself in between my legs with his hands firmly placed on my hips. Without a warning, he forcefully shoves his cock into my hole. My ass took him in without a single word of protest, but I still cry out from the feel of pure pleasure. I never realized that I had missed him this much until this moment. My body craved his touch, my mind craved his words, and I craved him. I knew I shouldn’t be letting him do this, but oh how it feels so good. Darren starts at a slow rhythm as he pushes deep into my body and then pulls slowly from it. My hole squeezes his cock tightly each time he enters me, and I hear a low groan of pleasure escape him. His speed chances to a faster pace which makes me let out a moan of pleasure. Darren stops while he is still inside of me, and lets his hands wonder up my sides with a light touch. At some point of our heated passion he had released me me binds with me even realizing it. His hands come to a stop on my ribs however they slide under me to my back. Without warning, he pulls me into his arms to whisper in my ear, “I have missed you so much even though it has just be a day. Just promise me that you will never leave me like that again.”
I could feel the warmth of his body as I press against him, but I couldn’t reply to his words. His head comes to a rest on my shoulder with something wet dripping onto me. I realize that he is crying, and I wrap my arms around him tightly to show my love. He truly cared for me and it scared him that I left him with the thought that I would never return. I reply, “Darren. I am never going to leave you. I was just trying to keep this from happening, but now it has. Don’t ever fear that I will leave you because I plan to stay forever by your side.”
When he looks at me finally, I see a smile fill that tear stained face. He gives me a deep passionate kiss before pushing me back onto the bed. Again he starts to fuck me like there is no tomorrow with each deep fast thrust. Darren thrusts into me one more time deeply and holds it. I feel his warm cum fill me to the brim which makes me cum all over Darren’s beautiful chest. He falls on top of me with both of us breathing heavy, and he turns to look me in the eyes. His lips press against mine with such a gentle feel, yet it makes me forget the world around me. He releases me from the kiss to say, “I love you, Lukus. I want you to know that I will never let any harm come to you as long as you stay by my side.”
I just stare into those lovely hazel eyes of my lover as I search for words to reply to his. What could I really say that would top that? Without thinking I just reply, “I love you too, Darren.”
He holds me tightly in his arms as we both fall asleep to the sound of each others breathing.

Day 8

I slowly open my eyes to see that I am surrounded by Darren’s present, but something is different about him. Surprised I quickly jerk away from him when I realize that he is not a teenager anymore in size. As he stirs, a wicked grin spreads on his face. I say with shock coursing through my words, “How the hell are you back to normal?! You shouldn’t be able to have turn back unless your time was up!”
Darren keeps that wicked smile on his face as he replies to my words, “Oh you have been lie to my dear lover. My mother made me a bet that you won’t sleep with me if you thought I would be stuck as a teenager longer if we had sex. I told her you would and you would also be highly pissed when you found out that I could change back sooner. Before you go on a rant about how we all played you as a fool let me explained how this happened. See if another Lemurian that truly loves you has sex with you while you are in healing, it will completely speed things up to the point that they are back to normal within hours. So now I can have you in full form and mom has to give me a new house as the reward.”
His words start to sink in and the feeling of being played like a fool starts to piss me off. I had basically tortured myself for the past seven days, only to now hear that I could have had what I wanted all along. I lock eyes with him as I feel the need to actually kill him arise in me. Slowly I let out a hiss of words, “You knew along and you let me suffer like some kind of caged animal?! I swear to whatever god you worship that I am going to kill you slowly for this bullshit!!!”
Darren starts to laugh as he gets up slowly. He replies, “Now now, Lukus! There is no need to make idol threats. I was told not to tell you by my mother because she wanted to see how many days your will power could handle being teased. You lasted longer then most people do, and that is why I love you so much.”
I watch as he inches towards the door in between each of his words, and I slowly edge towards him on the bed. He is not going to get away without me at least getting one shot at killing him first. I jump at him, but I miss as he moves to the side. He smiles wickedly at me as I make another attend to jump him. This time he catches me in his arms, yet that doesn’t stop me from punching him in the face. He still smiles as he says, “Do you feel better after punching me? Or do you need to hit me again?”
I sigh as I sink into his arms, yet I reply, “I think I am over it though I still hate you for this. I think I just need a shower…. Alone.”
He lets me go as he says, “But I want to join you! I want to feel that wonderful body again mine as hot water runs down our bodies.”
With another sigh, I just say, “Fine.” Then turn to walk towards where the showers were with Darren not far behind me. As we enter the showers I feel eyes on me which makes me jerks to see where it is coming from. I never spot anyone, so I just pull Darren in the shower with me. I look my love over one more time as I think to myself, “I have this feeling deep down that something bad is going to happening. I just hope that I am strong enough to stop it.”

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