Office Party

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It all begins when my friend Dan invited me to his office party on New Years Eve. Meeting Dan at the fancy glass doors belonging to the expensive Hotel where many were already filing inside dressed in tight skirts and expensive suits. Wearing smiles of lust and envy as I study most of their humble eyes stalking their prey with evil stares that led me to believe this was going to be one hell of a night.

I had already booked a room at the Hotel; a day ahead of time, knowing my past would come back to haunt me, having three omvi’s in two years!

Studying each couple and each young bachelor, moving towards the elevator that would certainly be the best time ever if they could go home with the one they in which they were indeed stalking.

Suddenly I felt as though a bellhop, opening the doors for other’s that were joking and laughing. Perhaps from the way I was dressed, representing a peasant from another Country, or the jokes they were telling. But never the less knowing I would join them as soon as Dan arrives. Then suddenly you came into the picture, my life, a lovely young lady dressed to kill, fit for a Princess, walking past me as I smelt the aroma of your exotic perfume. Too, Stalking your presence, ghastly walk, until I could no longer see the look in your firm sways as you enter the elevator.

My entire built continued to quiver, shake like the deacons. A look you gave to me when you walked by, that made me hard and stimulated. Just your presence alone was enough to drain my stamina, let alone my entrance to your bedroom. Then hearing in my head a middle-age man calling out your name and age (22) as a reminder of your next birthday party. Realizing quickly we were definitely the same age.

Dan arrived shortly after the bell rang in the elevator. “Well, its about time,” I said, then glancing down onto my Timex. Recognizing my clothes that he knew would have to do. Tight as hell blue jeans, a tan blazer, and tennis shoes, while Dan was dressed like the rest of his ferry firm.

My heart begins to pound, palms perspiring, and a tingling sensation in my tight britches with each vision of the beautiful lady dressed in skin tight black dress with kadıköy escort a V-cut top to expose her 36-D’s, and well developed young woman with shoulder length hair and a smile that sent me to hell, with these dirty thoughts I keep pondering as the elevator stops at the 38th floor.

My eyes were shifting left to right as I follow Dan down the hallway and around a sharp corner where we both heard the loud chattering of folks and band music before we made our way inside the crowded quarters. Big room with two long concession stands and the ceiling decked out with banners and streamers that read, “Happy New Years” and “Congratulations for a great year in the stock business Mr. Willard!”

Dan made his way round the room, extending his hand to friends and foes, like he too thought of me as just being average. So, I scooted my feet gingerly across the room as though a peasant in another time zone. Very much feeling out of place here when I reach the stand of goodies. Taking a hand full of fudge and paper cup already filled with the punch and made my way back to the wall to clam up some more as I watch Dan flirting with the pretty women.

After several more trips back to the table of goodies I finally realize the fudge was lined with a drug I wasn’t familiar with and the drinks were all spiked. Feeling woozy and very paranoid, as I wait here all alone for my friend to exchange handshakes with this wild charming specimen coming closer to me. Butterflies were all inside me, floating around in space, as my heart beats faster, while this bitter taste in my mouth lingers of dry desert sand.

Wondering what I would say to her and what I would do to embarrass myself. Or quite possibly stare too long at her finely tuned features that were more visible now then they were across the large bay. So healthy and gifted, so pleasing to the soul, every much a part of me.

“Hey! Great party isn’t it?” you said, standing on the sides of your high-heels.

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Do you want to dance?” you ask, chewing the tip of your tongue. That I wished was chewing on mine.

“Sure,” üsküdar escort I responded quickly.

Once we were on the dance floor with the lights down low these screaming butterflies in me were sensing the urgency of sex with this lovely creature sent down from heaven to bear my child. Dancing close, working my growing shaft over your womanhood, like I was a subject in a stud farm. Knowing I was drugged by the way I pressed against you and nestle your throbbing neck veins that made you feel delighted that I had came here to enjoy such warm hospitality.

Whispering soft words in your ear. “I need you. I want you.” Squeezing your tight buns together as one.

“You already have me, darling.”

“Together we’ll make wonderful music together,” I said, as if I didn’t hear what you had just said.

The room was crowded and somewhat dark. Soft music was preying in everyone here as they too were dancing close, smearing each other’s hot cum outside the garments, while they were all as one.

“I want you to go up inside my dress,” you proudly said, slurred words and all.


My hands were like a wet sponge, nervous as hell, but willing to do what your weaken eyes were saying to me right now. Shaking tremendously when my moist hand felt your inner tan thigh, roaming upwards as I study the look in your bewildered pupils that were growing weary the more my fingers scale.

Higher they went as I shift my eyes briefly to these fine folks, moving my palm over the silky panty as I scan the blonde next to me rubbing the crotch of her man and to tell him how horny she is.

My fingers were along the side of your under garment, reeking of hot lava when I went inside to feel the fullness of your wet pussy. Rubbing up and down the damp crease with one finger, while my taste buds were working your sweet lips plenty.

“Oh yes baby, do finger fuck me!” you cried, opening up a bit of my shirt as to kiss my bare chest to excite me.

Fingering the inner core of this wet snatch, while I guide you backwards, behind the wall where the band is playing to run my feverish tongue over the exposed sides of your delightful tuzla escort breasts and farther down I went, leaving trails of squiggle saliva, until I reach the neatly cuffed hems. Then hearing your heavy breathing the second you felt your dress being pulled up and my head inside.

“Yes, oh yeas! I want my pussy licked!” as your cries were more painful than the last time.

Listening to the vibrations in the room from the loud band, worshipping even more of you the more I study each fiber, each moist flap of delicate pink. Sensing the fear of being discovered rushing through my every lick, each strum of your firm ass and undies that I was slowly moving down your tight thighs.

“Mumm…yeah,” you calmly said, massaging my scalp harder the deeper I went, deep within the warm seamen.

Suddenly as I squeeze your butt together, you let out a deep curling cry. “Yes, oh fuck me harder!”

Feeding off your emotions as I work my hard tongue up and down, side to side, and occasionally I would graze the clit on my way back up this beautiful depression that I need, wanted desperately to screw. Taking your panty down past your lovely knees and prey on more of your delicious hole…paradise!

“Mumm, I want your cock now!” you again cry out. “Let’s go to my car, okay?” you add.

“Why when I’ve already booked a room,” I said, over the loud music. Watching your eye light up and gestures of willingness growing in your expressions.

Making our way through the doors, down around the sharp corner, and inside the large fancy box we went. Kissing and fondling each other, outside each garment, when this beep sounded that sent a rush to my loins and the glowing white light above us. Making our way to the room on the 18th floor, anxiety setting inside me, along with the reality of getting you in bed.

Undressing one another in the middle of the satin sheets. Desiring to tame the other as we fell together, naked and horny, working our hands over the anatomy that desired us the most. Fondling and massaging each part.

“Oh baby I want you,” you cried out, climbing aboard my spaceship of love and gallop to the beat of each piercing blow to my pelvis. Exchanging positions often, new one every time.

Finding us in the 69th position, one I dearly love to engage in to excite me to an even larger stimulating climax. Giving your pussy what it deserves and my shaft the taste of a lifetime.

Finally relaxing in one another’s arms to hear the heart beats from hours of lovemaking and teasing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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