Ode to Jodi

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Jesus, he missed her, his Jodi. The smell of her, yes her scent, even that drove him to madness. She was the sexiest bitch, east of the gateway.

Two days is all she had been gone, but his need for her had driven him to madness. His desire for her was so immense, that he was driven to desperate measures.

He was in their room. He was going through her panty drawer. He found the ones he wanted, the purple lace thong. Gently he held it; he brought it up to his face and kissed them. He let the soft cotton fabric embrace him. He set them down gingerly and began to remove his clothes. He did this quickly, until he was down to his briefs. He looked down and saw his own precum stained wet on his tight blue briefs. His cock was hard and the tightness of his briefs had pulled it tight to his underbelly. He could see the outline of the head sticking up at him.

He just stood there watching it throb under the tight cotton cloth. He grabbed his underwear on the sides and pulled them up and out, slowly watching his cock spring free. Then, with his cock exposed, he slowly let the waistband on his brief’s come back to his body just above his balls. Then he pulled down, letting the elastic waistband crawl slowly down his balls, letting the sensation grow. Now completely nude he picked up her thong. Holding it between his thumb and forefinger, he ran the thong softly along his cock. He loved the way the soft halkalı escort fabric felt and it thrilled him to know that this thong had been wet with Jodi’s juices. At that moment it made him feel close to her. Next, he wrapped it around his cock and very slowly began to stroke himself with it. Ahhhh, the soft cotton thong felt wonderful on his cock and the bundled fabric made his shaft feel thicker in his hand.

Jodi, oh Jodi. God damn! How he missed her. He slowly pulled up the thong off his cock, letting his cockhead feel the sensation. He put the thong on the bed, on her side of course. He lay down on the bed and pulled their bottle of astroglide from the nightstand. He squeezed some right on the head of his now engorged member. He shivered delightfully with the sensation, that the cool, almost cold liquid gave his hot cock, which was pointing up to the ceiling. He watched as the lube dripped and slid down his throbbing tool and down his balls. Then, he could feel it rolling down the crack of his ass. He put the bottle on the nightstand and then laid the purple thong across his face.

With the thong on his face, he closed his eyes and pictured his Jodi and imagined the scent of her. He could hear her sweet voice cooing in his head, babying him the way he loved and the way she did so well. “Cum for me lover, just for taksim escort Jodi, make your cock feel good. I want to watch you.” He took his right hand and grabbed his cock firmly around the base. He stroked it firmly but slowly, up and down. Up and down, with his eyes closed, he pictured her lying next to him on her side, with her massive breasts. One was resting on his arm and the other resting on his chest.

He imagined his Jodi cooing sweetly to him as he stroked it. In his head he heard her whisper, “softer baby, slower, let it build, I want to see you burst like a hot volcano.” He loosened his grip and with every up stroke he slid his hand right off, only to start at the base again. Slowly, he slide his hand up and off his swollen cock. Up and down he went. He pulled up his feet and spread at the knees. He put his left hand on his cum filled balls and he massaged them with his hands.

Up and down. Softly, slowly. He wanted to let it build. In his head he heard her saying, “Yes baby like that, I love to watch you make the slow cum.” His cock felt so good and his balls began to give him that odd achy sensation. His balls wanted to cum badly, but he would wait. Up and down, softly, gently. He pushed on the spot just above his asshole and just below his balls with the forefinger on his left hand. Involuntarily he moaned. His balls ached, god how he wanted to cum. şişli escort In his head, Jodi cooed, “Yes baby, I want to see it cum. Cum lover, show me.” His hips began to buck and now he was fucking his hand. Faster, faster. “Cum baby. Cum, show me, show me pleassssse, I want to see you cum. Shoot it baby.” Faster he stroked, his hand a blur. He could hear her in his mind, “shoot it, shoot it, cum now lover.”

He reached the point of no return and he pulled his hand off. As he did a massive burst of cum shot out of his cock, up three feet in the air, arched and landed right on the side of his face. His throbbing cock jerked wildly. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked it hard. As he did more cum burst forth from his swollen, throbbing cock. His hips bucked involuntarily and he moaned “Jodi! Ummmmmmmmmmm!!” He squeezed it harder now as the last of his hot white cum came up. He grabbed just under his cockhead, pulled up and squeezed until he thought he might pull his dick off. The head throbbed as he just rode the wave of his orgasm.

A door hinge squeaked, he froze and his eyes flew open. Jodi was at the door. “Oh lover, my sweet love, I came home early, I couldn’t help but watch you through the crack in the door. Oh what a show, you made me sooo wet.”

He smiled up at her and said, “thank you baby.”

Walking toward the bed she pulled off her clothes and said, “I knew you loved the panties.” Then she bent over him and began to lick up the cum that was all over his face, chest and belly.

“Oh baby,” he said, “why didn’t you stop me, I would have loved to have put this in you, instead of on me.”

She laughed, ” Oh, you will my love, you will.” He smiled to himself. The night was not over, not by a long shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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