Ode to Domina Scorpio: Queen

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Anal Plug

Lying on his back, his legs and arms bound by thick steel chains, the Haitian-American erotica writer and kinky intellectual known to the world as Samuel X howled in pleasure mixed with pain as his sultry African-American mistress, Kiah a.k.a. Domina Scorpio rammed her strap-on dildo up his ass. Domina Scorpio smiled to herself and licked her full, succulent lips. Finally, the bossy Black woman had her Black King right where she wanted him. On his back, tied up, completely at her mercy. Stroking Samuel’s thick, uncircumcised Black cock and massaging his balls gently, Domina Scorpio thrust the dildo deeper into his ass as he moaned softly.

This was a dream come true for Domina Scorpio, also known as Lusty Lady Kiah. For ages the man she referred to as the Aquarius Visionary and the Black King had written about curvaceous Black women doing hapless, all too willing Black men with strap-on dildos in female domination scenarios. Now he was experiencing the joys of Black on Black Pegging from his characters point of view. At long last. Samuel groaned as Domina Scorpio continued pounding his ass. Gosh she was beautiful. A magnificent dominant Black Goddess. Standing five feet nine inches tall, pleasantly thick and dark-skinned, with a round, sexy body, wide hips and a big round ass. Just the way he liked his women. Hot, strong and Black. Just like his morning coffee from Tim Horton’s. A resounding Amen to that.

It wasn’t that long ago that Samuel met his number one fan and current ‘special lady friend’ Domina Scorpio. He was browsing a certain website dedicated to BDSM enthusiasts from all walks of life when he came across this gorgeous, curvy Black woman who claimed to be his number one fan. Samuel had been writing erotic fiction and publishing it through various media for nearly a decade. The responses that his stories garnered led him to believe he offended many. The man simply had no boundaries when it came to erotic literature. He wrote about Afro-centric romance, Black male bisexuality, interracial relationships between Black men and White women along with Black women and White men, gay erotic romance, Men’s Rights in Feminist societies, African-centered butch and femme lesbian stories, BDSM tales with a romantic bent, and even incest stories with an Afro-Caribbean flair. Now he was breaking new ground by exploring male bisexuality in Arab/Muslim societies as well as Muslim yenibosna escort women exploring themselves in the worlds of BDSM, lesbianism and female domination. Yeah, Samuel had been exploring the ins and outs of human sexuality in literature across racial, religious and cultural backgrounds long before he ever had sex.

Still, the man whom some considered to be the most prolific yet also the most underrated erotica writer on the planet Earth led a fairly vanilla life most of the time. A big and tall young Black man born in North Haiti and raised in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada’s capital region. A Law student at Carleton University under his legal name. Yeah, most of the time, he seemed like a regular guy. Even though he’d put in a lot in his twenty odd years on this planet. Immigrant from the then-peaceful island of Haiti to the urban wilderness of New England. Newcomer to Canada. Erotica writer. Outstanding scholar. Men’s Rights Activist. Domestic Abuse Advocate. Criminal Justice professional. Law student. Fighter. Lover. Loner. The only openly bisexual man of Haitian descent on God’s green earth. And he never met anyone like him. Or anyone who understood him. Until he met Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio.

Now all of a sudden, Samuel found himself grinning more than usual. To his few close friends and family members, he was the Trickster. An incorrigible prankster who came up with the most wickedly creative ways of getting the drop on friends and family. However, these days, since he had little to laugh about, he often did these things for their benefit rather than his own. For their entertainment, not his. Well, since he met Domina Scorpio, he began to feel curious again. After years of meeting women and men of all shades, experiencing one letdown after another, he wasn’t jaded about love and romance but dangerously close to it. Oftener than not, he envied the very characters he created for the ease with which true love prevailed in the complex worlds he created for them. The real world was far more complicated. Somewhere along the way, the dreamer in Samuel nearly died. Well, now, thanks to a special lady, it came back.

Samuel found himself fascinated by Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio. Now, he’s not an egomaniac who thinks he’s praise-worthy yeşilköy escort and gushes every time someone throws a compliment his way. He was raised to be modest, like any good Catholic. Albeit a Catholic who had been attending various Adventist churches for several years now. Yeah, his fascination with her grew. And he found himself honestly starting to like her. What did he like about her? Hmmm. Her chocolate skin. Her trusting eyes. Her full, succulent lips. Her curvy body. Her big butt. Her kinky mind. Her faith in him. Her open mind. Her…self. Yeah, he liked all that about her and more.

Suddenly, Samuel was snapped out of his reverie by a hard, loud slap on the face. That jolted him back to the present. Domina Scorpio smiled wickedly at him, and told him to quit daydreaming and to focus on the present. Yes ma’am, Samuel thought. Domina Scorpio looked at Samuel as he locked eyes with her. As much as she liked this sexy Black King, some of the things he did got on her nerves sometimes. Like his inexplicable insecurities, his weird ways, and how easily he got distracted. Still, he had a whole other side to him sometimes. At times he was so strong, handsome and confident. A man who was sure of himself and what he set out to accomplish out in the world. A man she wanted very much to possess…and dominate the hell out of. Mainly because he got off on the Black on Black kink/female domination stuff as much as she did.

Domina Scorpio pumped her hand up and down on Samuel’s average-length yet very thick cock and he scrunched his face like a man about to cum. Not now, she thought. He was her sub now and he didn’t have her permission to cum. She twisted his cock none too gently and Samuel’s eyes widened like saucers. Domina Scorpio smiled to herself. Good. He was finally paying attention to her. Domina Scorpio sank the dildo deep inside Samuel and the big Black man actually howled. He didn’t scream. He didn’t grunt. He didn’t moan. He didn’t squeal. He absolutely positively howled. Domina Scorpio threw her head back and laughed. For the sound of Samuel screaming in pain mixed with pleasure thanks to his Mistress doling out swift punishment to his tight ass was music to her ears.

Domina Scorpio smiled at her mentor/admirer/victim/submissive and smiled wickedly, pursing her tongue over her full lips, knowing fully zeytinburnu escort well the effect it would have on one Samuel X. And just like she thought he would, his dick hardened instantly. Suddenly filled with inspiration, Domina Scorpio unfastened the leather strap of her dildo. She left the dildo wedged inside Samuel X’s well-lubricated asshole. Suddenly feeling horny as hell, she sat astride him. Burying his face under her big, round ass cheeks. Smacking the side of his head, she told him to make himself useful. Samuel immediately began licking her pussy. Domina Scorpio smiled to herself. Sitting comfortably on Samuel’s face but taking care to give him breathing ( and licking) space, she fondled his cock and balls. Leaning over, she began sucking him off. He was already hard. Hmmm. His thick Black dick tasted deliciously. There was nothing Domina Scorpio loved more than the male body. Especially when said body belonged to a big and tall, chubby and sexy Black man who liked tall and curvy Black women. And Samuel X was one of the best of that category.

Happily, some might say lovingly, Domina Scorpio sucked Samuel’s dick while thrusting the dildo into his ass. At the same time, Samuel licked his sexy Black Dominatrix’s pussy like his life depended on it. Hell, from where he lay, it just might depend on it. Licking and sucking, thrusting and moaning, the two of them worked each other into a frenzy. Domina Scorpio felt a fire rising inside her pussy, and rolled off Samuel’s face. Any other man might have shuddered under her strength but Samuel was a big and strong Black man. He could handle what she threw at him. But could he dish it out? Taking Samuel’s cock in her hand, Domina Scorpio put a condom on it. Then she climbed back on top of him, impaling herself on his manhood. Samuel looked at her, and his eyes fluttered at her magnificence as she began riding him, filling herself with his cock.

Even with his hands and feet bound, Samuel thrust upward, slamming his cock into Domina Scorpio’s pussy. The big and beautiful young Black woman groaned with pleasure as he fucked her. Oh, yeah. That’s what she liked. A hard pounding from a good Black man with a dick to match. one who wasn’t afraid of her dominant side. Samuel was clearly that man, and proved it by giving it to her good and hard, just the way she liked it. They fucked and sucked till total exhaustion, and then Domina Scorpio collapsed on top of Samuel. Gently, she kissed him and unfastened his bindings. The Black King cradled his sexy, curvaceous Black Queen in his strong arms. He thanked her for a wonderful time, and gave her big Black ass a good slap for good measure. Domina Scorpio smiled, then kissed her King. Without question, he’s STILL the man!

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