Not Too Shabby

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I moved into my mothers three story apartment building on October 31st.
The morning of Halloween. My fathers home was less than an hour away in a small town called City View with the irony that City View had nothing but the view of a forrest and the lake that contained the small towns water supply.
When I say the word small, this would be putting it lightly. The town was madeup of my formal high school, a bank, a sonic, a harps, and a very inconvienent convienent store,
The town was microscopic compared to my new city.
Combs Springs.
My mother lived on the third floor of the apartment building with my little brother, Traden, my step-father Aaron and my grandmother Sue.
It wasnt HUGE but nor was it small considering that we had 5 people in the three bedroom apartment.

After unpacking the rest of my remaining belongings, I smashed my boxes and hefty duty bags that contained my clothes, and proceeded into the living room to ask where I should put the trash.
Mom explained that at the bottom of the stairs there was a dumpster not too far from the steps. So I put my shoes on and carried the boxes downstairs to put them into the empty dumpster.
When I reached the bottom flight of stairs, I tried to pull a little Home Alone stunt and slide off the railing and then continue my pace.

It didn’t work out the way I planned and as I felt the uncomfortable feel of the metal bar beneath me, I was startled and jumped off, catching my foot on the railing itself.
I lost my balance and fell face first into the concrete.

The impact was nothing compared to the sting from the accident I felt afterwords. My eyes shut automatically in the harsh blur of light coming at my face. My knee was scraped and my face was pulsing in pain as I rolled off of my stomach and onto my back. Taking in the sharp, brisk chill of the wind carrying faint sounds of small children using the famous phrase, “Trick Or Treat”.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairwell and thought that it was my father coming down. I was the reason for the end of the conversation of the stranger as they mumbled a quick, “Let me call you back.”

They quickly walked over to me and offered a hand out to me. I reached out and took the hand. The soft hand. As they picked me up and helped dust off my clothes that were covered in dead leaves. I noticed that the person brushed off my back and momentarily touched my butt.
Everything was so blurry.

“I think you dropped your glasses.” The stranger said. “My names Daniel.”

I pushed the cracked glasses on my face to look at this ‘Daniel’.
After my eyes adjusted, I looked at the handsome face of a tall skinny blonde kid with bright blue eyes.

“Luk-Lukas.” I studdered. I grabbed his outstretched hand and shook it gently. canlı bahis

“Are you new here?” He grinned.

“Yeah. I moved in with my mom this morning.”I noticed that his teeth were extremely white and that he smiled with every word I spoke. “I gotta go.” I picked up the scattered boxes and trash bags and practically ran over to the trash can. In embarrassment on top of me just being naturally awkward.

“Well im having a Halloween party tonight at my place, if you wanna hang later!” He shouted after me.

“Thanks but no thanks. I still have some unpacking to do.” I yelled over my shoulder.

I took the stairs that ran behind the apartment to get back to my house.

When I got inside, I passed Aaron and went into the bathroom.
I looked into the mirror at myself. I smiled thinking about my stupid decision to try and sail down the steps. I noticed a small cut under my left eye and decided to take a shower.

I took off my shirt and jeans to reveal a hairy bush and a semi hard penis under my boxers.
I grabbed the bulge with my hands and massaged it.
Nearly fully erect. I caught myself thinking about the way Daniel touched me. With his soft hands that were just the right amount of gentle along with a firmness that I found very attractive.
I wondered where this party would be held as I reminisced the brief exchange of contact we had. I picked up the pace of my rubbing my now erect dick, so fast that I found myself jacking off.
I thought of his deep blue eyes as I pounded. Of his smooth skin and silky blonde hair. His bright teeth. And his gorgeous smile. I even thought of ths way he said his name.
I couldn’t help but moan as I got to the point of pure bliss.
I aimed at the open toilet seat but was suprisd as I watched the first two huge spurts fly onto the seat. Followed by a load that flew into the toilet. And I finished up with a small attempt that fell onto the floor.
I was so exhausted that I quickly cleaned up the mess and flushed the evidence. I took a shower. Put on my underwear and went to bed.

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off letting me know about a random three a.m. phone call.
I looked at the screen and was suprised to see my bestfriend Kaleys picture.
I answered the phone with a groggy “Hello?”
“Hey! Were you asleep?” Sometimes this girl did not have any common sense.
“Yeah I was asleep. Its only 3:24 in the morning.”

“Can you talk though. Its kinda important.” She asked. Usually I would have said fuck off and went back to sleep. But this was my bestfriend. The only one that knew about my bisexual side. She was always there for me, so I needed to be there for her.

“Yeah, lemme get my contacts.”
I rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. bahis siteleri I put in my contacts, grabbed my robe and then quietly opened the front door. “Okay. Whats wrong?”

She told me about her friend named Rico that she was starting to like and about other high school drama. Not wanting to go to continue the conversation for an extra amount of time I just agreed and said yeah in different places until she finished and decided to go to sleep. After we said good night, I got up to go inside when I noticed a flash in the distance. A cell phone light?

I decided that since I was already awake I might as well check it out.

I walked down to the parking lot where I thought I seen the light and realized that I could hear footsteps walking on the dead leaves making a crunching sound. I followed the noise into an empty field surrounded by trees until I heard a cough. And then someone spoke. “Can’t sleep Lucky?”

I realized it was Daniel! My heart raced as I remembered my grand finale that had occurred in the bathroom and I felt my shorts twitch.
“Its Lukas actually. But no I can’t. What about you?”

I noticed that he was very unbalanced and staggered around. Then I smelt the strong distinct smell of liquor. “Ehh, I always go for walks.”

“At three a.m. Why?” I joked.

“Why……not?” He smiled through his glazed over blue eyes and bright teeth. “Drink?”

I REALLY like this kid, I thought. I don’t want to tell him no.

I reached out and took a big drink of the brown liquid and almost choked on the amount of alcohol in my mouth.

“Ehh, not to shabby. Thats hundred proof by the way.” He said proudly. “Have a seat.” He motioned at an old rock table that looked as if it had been through multiple acid rains.

I sat on the top and tried to settle my boner to no relief. Before I realized that it was too dark to see anyway.

Daniel came and sat so close to me that our knees were touching and I noticed that he didnt have a shirt on. His nipples were hard as if it were cold but they looked just as smooth as the rest of him.

We spent the next thirty minutes drinking the bottle until we were both drunk. He told me stories about his life but I honestly wasn’t listening. My heart would skip beats when he would do things like lean his head on my shoulder or grab my leg.

I was so fucking horny and this kid continued to talk about his teachers in the sixth grade. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and out of drunk impulse I kissed him.

I kissed him. And kissed him. And continue to kiss him. He reached around and played with my brown hair. He grabbed it and smashed his face into mine. I moved my hand up his chest until I felt his hard nipples. They felt so good in my hand and I felt him moan in my mouth as bahis şirketleri I pinched them softly.

I felt his hand move down and opened my robe revealing only my boxers. He broke off the make out and gently trailed kisses down until he reached my underwear line. He pulled them open and was nearly slapped in the face by a 6.5 inch dick that was hard as a rock.

He licked up my shaft until he reached the crown which he circled many times. Making me moan and bite my lip. I leaned back as he continued to swirl my dick with his beautiful tounge. Then he finally engulfed it completely. All the way down until I felt his warm breath hitting my pubic hair. He went back up and pumped my dick once then proceeded to give me head.

He sucked me until I got to the point where I couldn’t take anymore and announced that I was about to cum.

This made him work twice as hard as he was preparing to take on my sperm.
I shot streams in his throat that I didn’t think was possible for anyone to hold in their mouth.

I literally screamed at he continue to suck my very sensitive penis. Cleaning out every drop if semen.

I thought that that would be it. Until I realized that he didnt swallow, and was going to use my sperm as lube.

He turned me over as he pulled off his shortsand spat the cum in his hand and rubbed it on his penis. He also stuck his index finger straight into my anus. An uncomfortable feeling I was not expecting. I yelped as he finger fucked me.

And without warning stuck his dick in my ass.
The pain hurt. Nothing but pure agony as I realized that maybe gay sex wasnt as fun as it seemed. I tried to clench when he got close to pulling out in hopes of to get him out of my rectum. I even tried standing up but was harshly pushed back down.

I was about to start screaming when I felt a strange feeling.

No longer did I feel a strange feeling but a warm, great feeling. Pure pleasure. He rode my ass. Hard. And I liked it.

I started to match his moans as I pushed my ass back into it. Thrusting back at him, when he finally said he was there.

It was my turn to work extra hard.
I flung my ass hard, just in time to meet his every thrust.

His moans turned into screams as he began to fill me up with his hot warm spurts. He slammed hard one last time but this time he held it there as he finished cumming. He crashed on my back and just layed there holding me from behind.

After awhile he rolled onto the table top next to me and sighed deeply. I turned over and we looked up at the stars for what seemed like forever.

He finally asked me with a grin, “So how was your first day in Combs Springs?”

“Ehh, not too shabby.” I winked.

The PREVIEW for part 2 will be available Dec 5th.

Please leave comments and PM me for my cell number if you want to talk to me personally.

Thanks you, Brock Evans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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