Not Just Any Tom, Dick and Harry

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I am a middle aged English woman with a high sex drive. I work hard and pay my own way but I like to have fun when I’ve left work and have gone home for the night. The man of my dreams moves around a lot for work so I’m left alone for a lot of the time and am no longer fighting my urges. I am seeing three men who I’ll name for the purpose of this story Tom, Dick and Harry. They are not their real names but they’ll do for the purpose of this story.

Tom is a married man who appears at my house as regular as clockwork so that his wife doesn’t find out. He always calls around on his way home from work; today was no different.

“I’m outside, can’t stay long. I need you!” came the short and stunted text message. I ran down the stairs to open the door. I was wearing a bathrobe over my red Barbie doll nightie and his favourite perfume. I unlocked the door and peaked outside. Tom was walking up the road to me. I caught my breath momentarily as I caught sight of him. He was tall, smart and very sexy. His blonde hair caught the sun as he turned into my driveway.

Tom opened the door, smiling as he saw what I was wearing. He kissed me pushing me back against the wall as he stepped inside then closed the door with his foot. I loved the roughness of his skin on mine. The urgency in his kiss turned me on. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I undid Tom’s tie then ran my hands over his shirt feeling his strong body. He undid my bathrobe and let it fall to the ground. Tom kissed my shoulders and neck and pulled me close I could feel how hard his cock was as it was digging into me.

“No time for the bedroom. I want you right here right now!” he said panting. “Get on the floor!” he ordered masterfully.

I moved away from the door and dutifully lay down on my back. Tom followed me to the floor and knelt down by my knees. He rested his hands on my knees and forcefully opened my legs as I let out a squeal in delight.

He groaned with excitement as he looked down on my glistening pussy. Soon Tom was bent down and first I could feel his breath on my pussy then his tongue touched my delicate flaps. He licked expertly around whilst I could only watch his blonde hair move around. I played with my breasts through the thin fabric and soon my nipples were standing to attention.

Tom flicked his tongue across my clit a few times listening to my groans and moans. He then very gently started using his teeth on it. Tom knew that this drove me wild. His nose was now buried deep inside me.

“Fuck me! I need your fucking cock. Give me your cock!” I started saying quietly at first but then louder and more urgent.

“OK I’ll let you have it! You’re a good girl” Tom knelt up and I could see him quickly roll a condom down his hard glistening shaft. He in one movement got on top of me and slid inside me. He was now sliding in and out of my pussy. God it felt so good. I pulled my legs back towards my body. Tom quickly kissed me letting me taste my own sweet juices off his lips and tongue.

Tom then rested up on my knees pushing then down as he rose up. The penetration was amazing so deep. Tom was watching his cock disappear into my pussy.

“You’re an eager little thing! I could fill you up all day!” Tom said to my pussy.

He then pushed my baby doll nightie up and stared licking and kissing my tits. I ran my hands through his blonde hair as he did so with one hand while the other ran across his broad shoulders.

My pussy was now in overdrive squeezing and contracting around his darting shaft milking him for every drop. I could feel my orgasm growing and knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“I’m cumming!” I whispered to Tom “Give it to me!” with this command Tom put extra effort into each stroke grunting as he did so. Soon my muscles were twitching as my orgasm spread to every inch of my body. Tom jerked a few more times and then he collapsed on top of me. I reached and gently kissed his forehead and gave him a big hug.

Tom then got up onto his knees and took his condom off wrapping it in a tissue from his pocket and threw it in the waste bin.

“Phew I needed that babe. It finished my day off nicely. I better wash my face and get going as I don’t want to be late. I wish I could stay with you for longer but you know how it is.” Tom got to his feet and offered me his hand to get up from the floor.

As we stood next to each other. Tom kissed me as he did up his zip on his trousers. I could still taste my juices on his tongue.

“You’d better wash your teeth too before you go!” then I watched him walk to my bathroom and quickly ran the hot water in the sink, splashing some of it on his face before drying off with a hand towel. He gulped down a mouthful of mouthwash and swilled it around his mouth before spitting it into the sink. Sometimes I wished he could stay especially when I was standing looking at his broad shoulders and his cute ass. Never thought I’d say that about a man but Tom’s ass was beautiful, so pert and good to istanbul escort grip hold of. Tom turned and caught me looking at his butt and grinned.

“Thanks babe” he said coming back into the front room and given me a hug “Same time tomorrow?”

“Yeah sure” I replied smiling.

With that Tom went out of the door and back to his house.

I decided that I needed a long shower so went into the bathroom. Soon I was lathering up under the water. The hot water was working wonders on the knots in my back.

Just as I put my head under the water I heard my mobile signalling the arrival of a text message. Damn always they arrive when you can’t get to them. Quickly I finished rinsing the suds out of my hair. I wrapped my hair in a towel and put another towel around me. My mobile was on the table in the kitchen.

2 messages I’d missed both from Richard a.k.a Dick.

“Are you busy?” said the first message.

“Rebecca wants to play. Can I come round?” Dick often called himself Rebecca his alter ego. It was a lot of fun. I was a bit wary at first but all it did was make me smile now.

“Sure give me ten minutes just got out of the shower need to change” I texted back before running upstairs to get changed. My hair would have to remain damp. I opted for my black lacy underwear, a pale blue shirt and a grey knee length skirt. Just as I was doing up the zip on my skirt the doorbell went.

I smiled as I opened the door to Rebecca. Dick was standing in front of me in a figure hugging black dress, sheer black tights and a pair of killer high heels.

“Child you’re only half ready, where are your shoes? Good job then I brought you two little pressies!” he said as he came into my house.

“Oooh pressies? I love presents!” I found myself saying like an exciting girl. Dick handed me a small bag and I dived in. inside were a pair of the sheerest black stockings I had ever seen.

“Now lets draw the curtains and I’ll help you into them!” Dick said. He closed the curtains and sat on the side of the chair. “Give me one of your legs!”

When Dick was dressed as Rebecca he was a little like a strict school mam. I always did exactly as I was instructed to so I offered up my right leg and watched as the he pulled the stocking up my leg. Dick caressed and smoothed his hands up my leg it felt so good. He paid extra attention to the hold ups getting them just right.

“There you go now give me your other leg!” I dutifully lifted my other let “I approve of your nail varnish it’s very pretty shade of purple.” His voice was more measured and breathy. It was obvious to me how turned on he was getting. Again he slowly moved his hands firmly but gently up my leg.

“Right you upstairs! I’ve got another present for you up there. I want to watch your legs as you climb the stairs. Put your shoes on sweetie!”

I obliged and slipped my feet into my black work shoes. Before leaving the room he hitched my skirt up so that it now hung around my thighs in a very undignified manner.

Dick groaned and I realised he was standing very close behind me. His hand appeared around my waist pulling me against him. Now I remember why I called him Dick, his large cock pushed into the cleft of my butt. Such a big boy it was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled away from him and strutted to the staircase. I leant over and walked up the stairs with my butt in the air and my hands steadying me on the steps in front of me. I could tell I was having an effect as his breathing became more and more laboured.

“Get up those stairs” he ordered and he slapped my arse. I moved upstairs giggling the slap had only made my clit throb all the more. We got to the bedroom and we kissed passionately. Dick then pulled his dress up over his head and let if fall to the floor before sitting on the side of the bed. He was wearing black silk French knickers, black sheer crotch less tights.

“You’ve been a naughty girl so you need to make me happy.” He said his cock was straining in his black silk French knickers. The fabric was starting to moisten with his juices. I bent down on the floor on my knees and ran my hands up from his ankles to his tight listening to him groaning with pleasure, I moved his French knickers and he was so big and wet. I wrapped my hands around the base of his shaft and took the tip into my mouth. He tasted so creamy so I let my tongue flick around as my hands squeezed and released at the base. I started to work faster on his dick as I love giving blow jobs. I knew that big as Dick is, he couldn’t last a long time when there was so much nylon around. I moved one of my hands and stroked his thigh as I forced my tongue into the eye of his cock. As I did Dick groaned and he spurted his cum into the back of my throat.

I released his cock from my mouth and sat back on my hunches. His cock stayed at attention and my eyes moved up avcılar escort his body until we locked eyes. At that moment I let a little of his cum out of my lips. It ran down my chin and looked like it was going to drip onto my blouse. Dick leant forward and desperately stared undoing the buttons on my blouse. He undid two by the time the first drip of cum hit my skin.

“Naughty girl you’ll make a mess of that lovely blouse. Well need to get it off you. Stand up for me!” Dick offered me a hand to help me get to my feet. As I got to my feet dick continued to unbutton my blouse. “Take it off baby, hang it over the door” I did as I was told and soon it was hanging over the end of the door and I was standing there in my lace underwear and my grey skirt.

“Come closer we need to get that skirt off you!” I turned to the side and lifted my arms. He undid my zip and gently helped it to the floor. I stepped out of it and Dick took it up smelt it then gently folded it placing it delicately onto the floor. As he did he picked dup the other small bag he had come into my house with. He opened the back and took out two gloves and placed them on his hands.

“I got them made for me to touch you with. I want to touch your body everywhere and have the feel of nylon now come here to me.” He ran his gloved hands slowly up my body from my ankles up to my neck and face then instructed me to lie down. Dick lay down next to me and started stroking my face then down my throat. He leaned over and kissed my neck using his tong to lick up his cum that had dripped onto my chest earlier. This turned me on so much I could feel my pussy getting so wet. He reached behind me and undid my bra. Then he turned his attentions to my breasts kissing and sucking one whilst squeezing and stroking the other before alternating. My nipples were huge as was my clit.

“Turn around, get on your knees!” I obliged. He stared stroking my back putting full pressure on his fingertips so it felt like he was scratching at me. He tugged at my panties and pulled them roughly down over my butt. He groaned as he slipped a condom over his cock. His lack of touching me no matter how brief drove me wild.

“I’m a bad girl who needs to be fucked. Put that strap on and fuck me Rebecca!” I knew these words would be the only invite needed and Dick placed one hand on the small of my back while the other guided his cock into my wet pussy. I gasped as he entered me his sheer size took a few thrusts to become accustomed to it. Dick’s hands held onto my hips as he thrust into me. He moved his hips so that his Dick moved around hitting some wonderful angles inside me. His sot hangs then glided around and cupped my breasts as he concentrated on slamming into me his balls slapping against my arse.

I could feel my orgasm growing my pussy was clenching around his cock. Soon I was pushing my head into the pillows to muffle my moans and groans. As the orgasm hit I let out a scream. Shorting after Dick came too. As he withdrew from my pussy my knees gave way and I fell onto the bed in a heap. Dick landed next to me and cuddled into me. He wrapped his legs around mine whilst gently stroking my hair to one side as he gently kissed my shoulder. It felt good cuddling in.

“I need to get home babe! I need a shower and some food. Thanks for this can we do this again? Maybe I could stay longer have a girly day what do you think?”

I turned and kissed him. “That would be lovely hunnie.” Then he got up off the bed and got redressed.

“I’ll leave these gloves for you baby” he said before bending over to give me a final kiss. I lay on the bed and listened to him walk down the stairs and for the click of the front door to know he’d left. I breathed out slowly. I needed another shower. As I breathed in I stretched right across the bed. It was still only 8 o’clock. I straightened out the bed sheets and pillows picked my skirt and bra off the floor and my blouse off the door and headed downstairs again. I placed them in the laundry basket and turned on the shower. I took my kickers and stockings off and got in the shower. It was good to be here feeling the water against my skin. I smiled remember all that had happened since my last shower. I turned the shower off and got into my bathrobe after quickly drying myself off with a fluffy soft towel.

I put my slippers on which were next to the shower and padded into the front room. I turned on the TV and snuggled up into the sofa. I texted Tom and Dick to thank them for dropping by. It was so much more fun that going to the gym. I found myself saying out loud. I read through then deleted a few messages on my phone. I never kept anything revealing or racy on there in case I lost my phone.

Then I spotted Harry’s picture and smiled. Harry had a heart of gold and has been in love with me for three years but he’s always away on business. We’d talked about moving in and even getting married but he was always needed to go to far flung şirinevler escort places. I sent him a quick message “hi how’s things?” I kept it short as depending on time differences he might be asleep or tired.

My phone rang almost immediately the caller id flashed up Harry’s face. I breathed in deeply before answering

“Hi sexy what you doing?” his deep voice asked

“Nothing I’m just out of the shower and am watching TV” I replied honestly

“Is there room for another one?” He asked coyly.

“Where are you? I thought you were abroad!” I asked tentatively

“At home but I can be there by 9pm if you want?” Harry’s answer came “we could watch some TV together” he suggested.

“Yes sure I’ll see you soon I’ll put the kettle on” I said trying to not sound too excited. That gave me time to make a quick sandwich and a hot chocolate. My stomach agreed that was a good idea

9 o’clock came quickly and it wasn’t long ’til my doorbell sounded. It was Harry. I breathed in sharply as I saw him and the usual butterflies danced around in my stomach.

“Come in come in sorry I’m still in my bathrobe hope you don’t mind?” I found myself bumbling now.

“It’s fine you look great besides it late and I don’t want you to get dressed up on my account!” Harry said as he came in and sat on the sofa next to me. “I’ve got some news I’ve just had a promotion and I just had to tell someone. I knew that you’d still be awake.”

“Well done congratulations” I found myself saying with a big stupid smile on my face.

“There’s some bad news though.” Harry said his voice a little uncertain suddenly.

“What is it?” I said my concern growing.

“I’m not going to be going away as much. They need me here too much”. He said smiling broadly.

“I thought you said there was bad news!” I blurted out.

“Well it means you’ll have to put up with me more get used to me bugging you!” He said giggling.

“You mean it?” I asked excitedly which all he did was nod. I screamed then threw my arms around him and held him so tight.

“Do you think you could put up with being with me everyday?” A sudden look of concern crossed his face.

“Oh God yes!” I replied “we can talk about all those plans you’ve wanted!”

“First things first it’s been a week without you and if you’re not too tired I thought we could go upstairs and celebrate?”

I got to my feet and smiled. Harry followed me when I was about half way up the stairs Harry told me to stop. His hands moved to my waist to steady me.

“I need to know something! I hope you’re not wearing anything under that robe as I’m coming under!” quickly he lifted my robe and kissed his way up my legs to my butt Harry then slapped my cheeks quite hard before softly kissing them. I bent over and used a step to steady myself. The heat was growing in my cheeks. His tongue stared probing my arse cheeks as his hands moved them apart. His tongue soon found my arsehole and he started rimming me with his tongue. He rolled his tongue and forced into the secret hole. I gasped as his tongue edged deeper into my sphincter. Next Harry moved his hand to my pussy which was wet and ready for action. He expertly found my clit and rolled it through his fingers. I was so close to cumming to orgasm.

Suddenly Harry’s tongue moved away from my ass and I could concentrate on his hand working on my pussy.

“Do you want my big fat cock?” Harry asked gruffly.

“Oh yes! You know I do!” came my rather quiet reply.

Harry then plunged his cock into my greedy pussy. The tip of his cock was so wide it surprised me. He pushed it into the hilt then slowly drew himself right out of me before plunging in deeper. He did this four or five times before Harry started properly fucking me. His cock moved quickly and soon I could feel my orgasm beginning to grow Harry felt so good.

“Take my cum baby” he breathed before his cum sprayed deep inside me. He slowed down his thrusting until he completely emptied himself inside me. It felt so good to feel cum filling my pussy. Tom and Dick always wore condoms but Harry only ever had eyes for me. Harry rested briefly before asking me to turn around. Ss I stood up to face Harry, Harry put me into a fireman’s lift and ran up the remaining few steps giggling as I screamed with laughter.

As he got to the bed he carefully lowered me to a standing position. He slid his hand under my bathrobe letting it drop to the floor. Harry then kissed me before he pushed my back onto the bed. I watched as he undid his shirt, unbuckled his belt and soon he was standing there naked. Harry stood between my knees and gently pushed them open slightly.

“God I could look at that pussy for hours especially with it being so wet from fucking. Babe you look amazing. Now get in that bed I’ve got weeks worth of fucking coming your way!”

I moved around in the bed to give Harry room to get in besides me. Soon we were kissing. I loved the roughness of his skin on mine. His hands explored my body smoothing over my back and squeezing my ass. Slowly as he sucked on my tongue Harry’s hand moved to my breasts. He squeezed my rock hard nipples sending ripples of excited pain through my body. I pushed Harry away before mounting him. He looked up and me and smiled. Harry’s hands were now running all over my chest, across my boobs and down my stomach.

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