No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 04

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Paradise and a White Party

Being the Time of the year it is, of course there is snow planned for the day of Jim and Ellen’s Wedding. Terri got a little involved in the planning of the ceremony. It’s really just going to be a small affair. I think I put more planning into the Bachelor Party, I’m sure no one wants to hear about that. And to protect the guilty I got to stay quiet on this one too. Except maybe for… No… I need to keep quiet. Okay, just a little detail. It was snowing, and getting close to Christmas. We rented a Cabin for the party, a couple strippers. There was A really huge Christmas Tree in the cabin, I’ve never seen a cabin so big before, it had to be a 20′ tree. We had a couple friends over, Jim has a sister I never knew about, Little younger than us, but cute as a button. I’m not sure what happened where, but she was one of the strippers.

Okay. We all know I want to tell it, so here goes.

Jim and I over the last couple week have become good friends as you have guessed by now. He asked me to be his best man so what was I to do except throw him one hell of a party. We have a few friends that we sorta hang with, however, none that we are as “OPEN” with. I wanted something fairly tame but still entertaining for the guys. I got online and found a huge cabin out in the woods not too far outside of town, called and arranged for some professional entertainment, and fully stocked bar.

Like most weddings, it was planned for a Saturday, right before Christmas. The Cabin was decorated and we had it for the weekend, Our flight leaves out Monday morning so it’s works our good. Well back to the party.

The guys started to show up about 6, the girls were arranged to come in about 7:30 so we had some snacks kicked back some beers, talked some smack about the groom. It was actually a pretty good time. We had the game on and slowly working on a good buzz. I hinted I had a surprise for later. The subjects came around of how he met Ellen, and of course I was thrown under the bus. I told him “I didn’t twist your arm.”

He admitted, “No you didn’t, and I’m very grateful to you and Terri for introducing us.” He was actually on the verge of tears. He came over, half staggered over, and gave me a huge hug.

I shrugged it off, “Come on man, you know you deserve her. I couldn’t be more happy for you”.

Everyone knew I was Dating and now living with Terri, and someone ask how we got together. I was not looking forward to this one, and I said, “It’s a long story, you see,” and by the grace of good timing and pretty girls the door bell rang.

As the host I went to answer it, all eyes on the door. The tallest cop I had ever seen was on the other side, He said, “We got a complaint there was a party going on here.”

I was shocked myself, “Yes, sir, We were told it was okay by the owners.”

He stared me down, “Well, there are laws even out here that need to be obeyed. From what I’m seeing you all need to either break this party up, or invite these girls in.” And with that my heart went back down into my chest. He called the girls from around the corner of the cabin in and, said, “Just messing with you man, Terri had me come out and yank your chain a little. You guys enjoy!”

When Jim saw the girls his eyes went wide, he motioned me over for a second, “See the Blonde in the middle?” I looked over and she was young, but very attractive, and huge boobs. Huge to almost popping out of her outfit. They had overcoats I swear when they came in, but here the three stood in Christmas themed lingerie. They were all in Red, white, and Green teddies, white stockings, and all were wearing a Santa hat.

I said, “Yes, they did a good job finding us girls for sure!”

He said, “No, that one is my sister!”

“Are you kidding me? Let me talk to her for a second.” I said, I didn’t think she had seen him, or really paid attention to him. You know just there to make a little money thing like most strippers do.

I went over and asked if I could have a word with her as she appeared to be the lead. I was almost drooling and I think she thought I was going to be rude or something. We went over to the stocked bar where it was private. Where I told her, “Listen, I have to tell you this, I hired you and I understand if you want to bail, but our bachelor is your brother.”

She said, “Shit, Shit, Shit, I can’t strip for him, I mean I need the money but geez.”

I came back with, “I have 10 crisp 100$ bills here.” Handing them over I continued, “I’d love to see you girls perform. This is just between us and I’ll still pay you for the show too.”

She looked shocked, Folded the money in her pendik escort hand and said, “Just let me have a drink first.” I got a glass down, and she pointed and I poured. The other girls came over and I poured them all one.

I told Jim, “Listen your sister needs the money, just let her do what she same for, its only skin.”

He nodded his approval, “I’ve always thought she was cute, never knew this side of her, it could be fun. To be honest, growing up I always tried to sneak a peek, but never managed. She does look cute doesn’t she. I ever tell you I used to jack off thinking of her.”

“Little too much info, but Yes she looks very cute.” I knew he was getting a little buzzed already because I was.

“I’m sorry” was all he said.

The girls started the party up, they all had stage names, Jim’s sister was “Grace”, the red head was “Phoenix”, the black head was “Vixen”. Phoenix and Vixen were calling for the groom… They had a chair in middle of the main room in front of the Christmas Tree, a basket of ornaments and shiny tinsel rope. The Chair is a big chair, kinda like Santa uses for kids to tell him what they want. I thought “Oh this is going to be good!” Actually I think I said it as Jim standing beside said, “Oh yeah” and the guys ushered him to the chair.

I had nothing to do with the show content and I don’t really think anyone did beyond getting him to the chair. Grace Stood in front of him and gave him a slight little wink. The music started to play and she started to sway to it. The other two girls on his left and right were putting on a show too. Someone Dimmed the lights and BOOM the girls teddies, lit up in Christmas lights. This was starting to get good. You could make out each girls breasts, well lit up under the thin material. There is nothing like pert young college girls breasts. And the way the lights displayed them was perfect. The other parts were lit also, a line of light outlined their panties, but you couldn’t see much detail and I wondered if they all shaved.

The girls all grabbed ends of then tinsel rope. Dancing around Jim, and the room. They made a few trips around and between the onlookers. Every now and rubbing up against someone, taking a moment to tease them. Grace singled me out for a little bit. I was impressed with her outfit and the way her breast stood out. Impressed might not be the word to use, I was mesmerized. I knew Jim must be loving it. She leaned in took my hand and put it against her chest, and said, “Thank you, I’ve really wanted to do this for him for a long time.” I could feel her hot nipple burning into my hand, and she continued on to the next person. My hand could still feel the fabric of her teddy, and the heat from her nipple. I was in LUST.

The girls were now back to focusing on Jim. Jim had one girl behind him, his head pressed between her breast with a smile plastered on his face. His sister and vixen were in front of him, each straddling a leg. The girls in front were teasing him good, but most of his attention when to Grace. His face alternated between each girls cleavage. He was in boob heaven. I just happened to notice each of his hands had one of the girls butt checks in them. His sister’s ass cheek was in his right hand. The Guys were going wild, one called out, “Look he’s getting a boner!” and with that his sister’s leg rubbed up against it a few times. Oh the look on his face was priceless. Vixen unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his bare chest to their touch.

Looking around I could tell Jim and I weren’t the only one with a boner in the room. I knew the show required a little more nudity so the guys would love it. The girl in back untied her Teddy and let it fall to the floor. Jim turned when we felt her boobs on his neck. He face now held to her boobs as she rubbed them into him. Her nipples stood up and had to be as an inch long. She held one to his lips and he went for a kiss but before he could, he was now in boob heaven again. Three sets of bare boobs were in his face. The other two girls boob were nice don’t get me wrong but his sisters were to die for, Creamy white with big brown areolas and totally suckable nipples standing at attention. His face was smothered by boobs. I did see him get at least one of his sisters nipples in his mouth for a second.

The girls the broke off of Jim, and we saw the light of their panties fall to the floor. We could still see, the light were not that dim, but I bet every jaw in the house dropped when the panties hit the floor. The girls still had a thin belt of lights around their waist and they were back to the tinsel ropes. This time they made their way around sefaköy escort the crowd again, Touching some of the guys, but not letting the guys get a good feel. Several got a bare ass ran over their crotch, some got their face planted between some boobs and Grace made sure I was taken care or, I had all three asses up against me, and my arms were PLACED around the girls so I was able to squeeze some boobage. Grace, I will tell you is something else, she bent down in front of me and backed up and squeezed my cock with her asscheeks, stood up and kissed me on the cheek saying “thank you” again as the went back to Jim.

The did a dance around him, each girl in turns dancing in front of him while there other two would dance and rub on him some from the sides. The tinsel rope came back into play but not was we expected. The girls Looped it over Jim and he was soon lightly bound. Not so tight he could not get out of he wanted to but who would want to.

The girls were relentless now. Grace took charge, the girls on each side rubbing up and down him, his opened shirt against their nipples were driving the crowd wild and that’s not saying what they were doing to Jim. Poor, Poor Jim was in heaven, he finally after spending his teenage years trying he has seen all of his sister. Better yet he’s felt a lot of her body to boot. Only getting better, the naked Grace is on jims lap now, sitting on his lap to be exact, his hard cock, protected by his slacks, pressing into her. Her hands rubbing against him, she leans in, takes his earlobe into her mouth sucking on it, his eyes rolls back and she stops, and whispers something into his ear. He nods.

She is now straddling him, her bare chest against his, her ass in lap, his hard on tenting his pants trying to reach its goal. She bounces up and down a few time rubbing her chest onto his. Her pussy making the front of his light colored pants, much darker. The music plays on, the girls dance on either side of him. Jim’s restraints relax and his hands are now on his sisters hip as she bounces on his chest. From time to time hitting his pants covered cock. The other two girls are rubbing on Jim and Grace, yes AND Grace.

Soon the song ends and the girls keep going, and then Grace slumps down on Jim, having just gotten off using her brothers cock. The other girls help her off and, well, jims got a bit of a mess in his pants too. A big old wetspot, that is more than just Grace… I later asked and he said when she said “I’m coming” into his ear he lost it too.

The girls drink, the guys drink some, when the evening was over and the girls were sorta dressed, and were getting ready to leave I offered to call them a cab or they could ride back with the guys to the hotel in the van we rented. They opted to ride back in the van, I told Grace if she wanted she was welcome to spend the night that we had plenty of room and she could bring their car down in the morning.

As everyone was packed up, I reminded them, what happened here stays here. And then it was Jim, my self and “Grace” I had to ask, “So Grace, What’s your real name.”

She responded, “Christina, or you can call me Chrissy.”

I flirted, “A name almost as beautiful as you.”

“On that note, I think I’m going to go shower and hit the bed.” Jim said as he went to his room, leaving me alone with Chrissy.

“You okay Chrissy?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, it was a Great night, The girls and I got some great tips. And I had fun.” She said.

“It looked like it.” I flirted again, and sat on the couch and patted the other cushion.

Sitting down she replied, “You know I should be getting to bed too, but another drinks sounds good.”

I got up and as I was making her one, I told her “There is a robe in the other room if she want to cover up.”

“No thanks, I’m pretty comfortable like this.” She had her teddy and panties back on but had removed the white stockings.

“You do look good like that.” Still flirting.

We drink or drinks and watched the tree lights glimmer, a pretty half naked girl beside me and I’m nervous as a teenager and she saw it. She broke the ice, “So did you enjoy the show? And what about theses headlights?” And she turned on the lights in her top, her breast were beautiful.

“Your Breast are beautiful, and I love the show and the lights.” I pause, “all the lights in fact.” She took the hint and I could now see her well lit pussy.

Pointing at her pussy, “Yeah, these are the best lights” and spread her legs allowing me to see her in complete detail.

“Yumm” was all I said. She looked over at me, at my crotch to be exact and silivri escort smiled.

“You know I can take care of that little problem”, and she reached for my belt.

I love Terri don’t get me wrong, but she had to be 18-19ish and just offered, so I let her. She opened my pants, slid them and my underwear down and in a heartbeat She took me into her mouth. I opened the front of her Teddy by pulling the string and her bare breast pressed into me as she took me down her throat, only to come back up for air. She teased the underside of my cock and caressed my balls. She was good, no not good, she was GREAT! Hands down the best blow job of my life up to this point.

My shirt was next to go, and she was straddling my lap rubbing her chest to mine. Thankful that my cock pointed down and not straight up, I flipped her onto her back and just before I entered her I remembered Terri and stopped. Playing is one thing but we’ve never went this far. I dove my head between her legs and licked her baby bottom smooth pussy for all I was worth, she came with I inserted two fingers feeling for her g-spot. I we never good at fingering a girl, eating I was great, so when she came I was ready for more. Somehow I ended up on the rug that was on floor in front of the Christmas Tree. Her pussy in my face, My cock in her mouth.

I was about ready to cum trying to wait on her to get closer, when Jim came into the room unseen, he must have had a robe on and lost it. My mouth on her pussy, I feel Jim kneeling by my head and his cock is there aimed up with her pussy. With one push he is in and I have a face full of his balls. Now I’m not Bi in the least, but this was really hot. I did my best to try to lick her clit, but he was too excited to go slow. Chrissy never missed a beat and kept sucking me. All I could do was turn my head to keep his balls from running across my nose and mouth. She Stopped sucking and just held me in her mouth, Actually not really stopped sucking but stopped moving she held me still with her suction. Her boob bouncing and pressing against me as Jim Pounder her faster on top of me, Chrissy tensed up and started shaking as she came. Jim Must have come when she did as he stopped too. He pulled out and I turned my head just in time to have is cock run across my lips and his cum leak out of her onto my chin.

She rolled off of me and I said without thinking, “Jim, Why do I always get covered in you cum.”

He was like, “Sorry man, it just happens.”

Chrissy said, “You two have done this before?”

I said “not, exactly.” And my cock found home, a very wet slippery, sloppy seconds home. She kissed me, tasting her brothers cum, and licking it off my face.

She was very tight, much tighter than my sister. I’m going to be honest here, She was my second partner ever and I never thought of Terri once I entered her pussy. I fucked her, Jim moved up to her mouth and she was now sucking his cock. The feel of her pussy as my cock entered her, pulling out and plunging back in was amazing. I won’t say the best ever, Terri had her beat. I could feel her muscles tighten around me and she came. And pushed me off. “I can’t any more too sensitive” and shoved my cock into her mouth, leaving Jim standing holding his in his hand.

Not to be left out he got closer to her mouth with his cock and she took the hint, she was jacking her brother off while sucking me. Then she traded off and jacked me off for a bit. And then tried to get both of us in her mouth at once but wound up more rubbing us together, while taking turns jacking us off. It didn’t take long watching her boobs bounce, getting our cocks rubbed, and sucked for it to feel really good. I shot my wad all over Jim’s cock. Chrissy took me into her mouth to finish me, but it was mostly all over him. I had to stop her from sucking me, as I was too sensitive now. She took Jim by the cock, and said come with me and they went off to his room.

I was left there in front of the tree, just having had sex with Jim’s sister, listening to them fuck in the bedroom. I was done for the night and very content. I felt kinda guilty about Chrissy but I guess guys have to have their secrets in life.

The next morning Chrissy had to leave early. Talking to Jim I found out they were a lot like my sister and I. No family and no one really knows them here as brother and sister. He asked if I thought he was gross for what he did.

“No, its all good, we were all worked up, and it was a hell of a show the girls put on.” I said.

He added jokingly, “I can’t believe I coated you again in my junk.”

I laughed too, “Me neither, I owe you one you know. Actually its all good, I feel kinda guilty about having sex with you sister because of Terri.”

“Me too but I think it was more the booze and the excitement of the evening that led us to it.” He said.

I said, “Lets just keep it here, okay?”

He said, “DONE DEAL! Now lets go get ready for a wedding!”

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