Nishi , Gaja Ch. 03

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What more can I say. We know about Nishi and Gaja. Where they came from, how they met and how their first dates went. Now Nishi has invited him to her house for dinner. But she has made it very clear that much more than dinner is going to be on offer. Let’s follow their afternoon/evening and see what happens.

For those who made it through the non-sex stories of Chapter 2, I promised I would make up for it you in Chapter 3 and later in Chapter 4.

Please enjoy, – Kimberley.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Five – Preparing For Our Date.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When Nishi heard that Gaja had the whole weekend off she suggested that he stayed at her house on Saturday evening. Her invitation was for dinner which she would cook and then stay the evening and night. Since she had to work in the bank until mid-day, she asked him to arrive during the early afternoon.

During the week she was planning exactly how their evening would go. There was no doubt on her part that she would be having sex with him. She had made that clear at the club and she fully intended following through with it. She had thought of how the evening would go and even how the sex might go too. She had even reminded him again, the evening before.

Nishi had also thought about the fact that at some point they would be removing their clothes. Most likely be Gaja removing her clothes. She had no problems being naked in front of him, of course. In fact, the idea excited her. She thought that since he might be undressing her, it would be a nice surprise for him to discover she was wearing sexy undies for him.

A search through her draws didn’t produce what she thought was sexy enough. She remembered there was an underwear section in the shop where she had brought her swimsuit. Maybe, it would be worth her going back there again, for some sexy undies too.

Looking through the racks it was hard to decide what she wanted. She would have liked to have someone with her, to help her decide but who could she ask. It is not normal to ask a friend to come to help her buying sexy undies she was going to wear for her new boyfriend before she took them off and fucked him. That sounded indecent, but sexy too. Her body shivered at the erotic thought of it.

It was then that she saw it. On a small rack of more expensive French items. A matching set, of blue lace. Blue, her colour too! Tiny things, almost a half-cup bra and the panties! Could they even be called panties? A tiny thong — G-string. Her bum would be completely bare, only a string up the middle crack. With her breasts almost bursting out of the top, she just knew it would be sexy to wear. It had to be sexy. How else could such tiny things not be sexy? She was getting sexually turned-on already and she hadn’t even tried them on.

When she did try, she wasn’t disappointed. The fit was perfect like it was made exactly for her body. She loved how her breasts swelled out over the bra, only missing showing her nipples by millimeters. She discovered the shoulder straps were optional, it could be worn either way. The bottom, a tiny lace triangle at the top of her thighs running to a string pulled higher over each hip. At the bottom, the triangle narrowed to a string as it pulled under between her legs. The back! What back? There was nothing other than a band across her back, connecting the two sides of her bra. Lower down, the two strings came down off her hips to meet a third-string that dropped to disappear between the cheeks of her ass.

‘Yes! This was the one’ she thought. ‘Exactly what I wanted.’

It was expensive. More than she would usually pay for an entire outfit of clothing but she thought worth it. She left the shop smiling, the little bag in her hand as she hailed a taxi to take her back across the river to her apartment complex.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At home that night, Nishi tried the bra and thong set on again. It was sexy but she loved it. She discovered the strings were adjustable and made a few adjustments to get it sitting just right around her hips. She tried the shoulder straps going over each shoulder, then crossing over behind her back and finally completely left them off. That last style she decided was the way to go as the bra still held in place ok.

Thinking about wearing it for Gaja, she found she was getting horny. Lying back on the bed, she pulled the bra down slightly to expose her nipples. Her fingers going for them, to tweak and play with them. She imagined it was Gaja playing. She imagined it was him who had just discovered what she was wearing and was enjoying her in her new undies.

Nishi’s hands had moved lower now. Rubbing over the tiny triangle of lace. It felt damp and as she pulled it aside, she discovered she was soaking. Her fingers pressed into her soaking slot. She loved the feeling of her slippery cum juice. It felt lovely having her fingers sliding through it, slipping in and out of herself. Taking some on her fingers she brought canlı bahis her hand up to her mouth, her tongue carefully licking each finger clean.

This was something new. She’d never done that when she’d been married. It was only recently that she had accidentally discovered she enjoyed the taste of her own cum juice. She often did it now. She did it again then, her fingers returning to her pussy, getting nicely wet again so she could repeat the licking process.

When her fingers returned to her pussy, this second time, they stayed there. She was now much too excited to play. She wanted the release, that only orgasm could give her. She needed to get herself off. With expert ease, her fingers began their work. One hand playing with her pussy, the other playing with her nipples. They knew exactly what to do, exactly what she needed.

It felt good. The rough way she pulled on her nipples excited her. The even more aggressive way she rubbed at her pussy excited her too. She began pushing into herself. Two fingers, then even three were inserted, pressing in, thrusting in deep. She was loving it but she knew that was not what she really needed to get herself off.

Her other hand left her nipples and moved down to her pussy. Pushing the rest of the blue lace triangle aside, she went in for her clitty. It was hard and aroused when she touched herself there. She knew it would only take a few well-placed rubs to send her over.

But Nishi held back, playing with herself, teasing herself. She loved being in the moment before orgasm. She loved the anticipation, the thrill of suspense and wanted to hold her body at that moment for as long as she could.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Her body was crying out for release and her brain let it have its way. Two fingers pressed in, gripping her clitty, giving a sharp pull. She cried out at the pain and shock. Her orgasm exploded. It was a big one, huge. The thought that it could have been Gaja doing this for her had made it even spicier. Waves of thrilling orgasm swept through her body, taking her breath away and consuming her mind. Yes, Nishi knew it had been a good one. She knew it was going to be good with him too.

It was then she discovered how wet her panties had become. They needed to be washed. Using warm water, she had washed them, hanging them out to dry naturally as the label instructions had said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday evening, the night before her big date, Nishi worked hard preparing things for her dinner the following evening. Her plan was for all she would need to do was complete the final cooking.

On Saturday, Nishi arrived home just after 12pm and had a shower to get ready for her lover/visitor. Lover? Yes, she was thinking of him as such. She was tempted to play in the shower as she thought of him. But time was pressing and she had to be ready for him.

As she had walked from the shower room to her bedroom naked, she could see herself like that in the mirror. She took the time to look and liked what she saw. Nice breasts, about the right size, she thought. Rest of her body looked good too. Just a light pussy trim she decided. Not shaved. No, she could never bring herself to be bare like that. Just trim and neaten was enough.

‘I’m going to be like this for him tonight.’ The thought of getting naked for Gaja excited her a lot. He would be viewing her bare breasts and pussy as she was now. She wanted him to look but even more than that, she wanted him to fuck her. ‘Fuck!’ That was a strong word for it but she knew it was because she was horny for him. She seriously considered lying down for some pussy play but she knew she didn’t really have time for that. Anyway, leaving herself horny for him would make the sex much sweeter when they got to it. Little did she know how being horny like that would change from what she had planned their evening.

Since this was going to be a casual home date, there was no need to dress-up. Since it was also expected that this evening was going to turn sexual, she decided the best plan was to wear something casual outside but sexy underneath. She was doing it for him. She was sure he would appreciate it too.

She selected her sexy undies, of course, the new ones she had just brought. An extra low-cut bra and matching tiny panties, both of the same blue lacy material. She viewed herself in the mirror again and liked what she saw. She could see how it made her look hot and knew Gaja would be turned on by it too. She thought her legs were one of her better features so she selected a very short skirt. It was a bit loose around her legs so if she swirled quickly, she could make it fly up a bit. She could see the teasing potential with that too.

Yes, she would have to be careful when sitting not to show up her skirt but then, maybe she might want to show up it too. A flash of blue pantie might excite him. Her top was low so if she bent forward it would hang away from her, giving someone a view down her front. Yes, she fully bahis siteleri intended to give him that view too, show him her breasts covered only by her tiny blue bra. A simple but sexy dress style she could use to full advantage. She was pleased with it.

Thinking these sexy things was a bit of a turn-on. She could feel her body responding, her nipples hardening and her pussy felt damp. That surprised her, being so hot and horny. ‘Come on,’ she told herself. ‘Stop this! He wasn’t even here, yet.’

Nishi had a comfortable one-bedroom apartment, near the centre of the town. Sarvesh had found it for her. Some business connection she thought. It was not that big but suitable for one person. It was in a gated complex of five buildings of other flats and so provided extra safety at night. Yes, she had remembered to phone the gate and let the guard know she had a friend coming to visit.

Inside her flat, the main room was divided into two for a lounge area and a dining area. Off to one side was the bathroom and further towards the back was one bedroom and an area for cooking. She was happy with it and the rent was fairly reasonable. The very back had a small deck area overlooking the river. It was designed to be a bit private too so neighbours could not view there. She kept a small metal table there with two matching chairs. Nice for enjoying the cool of evenings when she came home from work. Nice for entertaining a male visitor too.

Nishi was excited about what was going to happen. She knew Gaja must be already on his way. Any moment there would be that knock on her door. She couldn’t wait until tonight.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Six – Couldn’t Wait Until Tonight.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Taking a taxi, Gaja aimed to arrive at her house early afternoon. He didn’t want to leave it too late as he wanted to spend as much time as he could with her. When he gave the guard her name and apartment number he had been waved through. When he knocked on the door, she opened it almost immediately.

As she opened the door, Gaja noticed what Nishi was wearing.

“Wow! You look hot, Nishi.”

She didn’t reply. Just smiled thanks. Leading him in and closing the door quickly, before anyone could see what she was wearing. The short skirt, so much leg, the low top, a hint of cleavage. Sexy! Suddenly, he felt overdressed in his shirt and trousers.

Nishi was aware he was checking her out. As she had turned, she allowed the skirt to fly up a bit, showing a bit more thigh as she did. She smiled to herself, knowing that would have his full attention. Every time she moved, he was looking. She was pleased she had worn it now and wondered how long she was going to be able to keep it on.

Her greeting went further this time too. The date at the club restaurant had been a quick hug with her partly holding back so their bodies touched with only a light contact of her breasts. This time the hug went much further. Nishi standing, pulling him closer so her breasts pressed firmly against Gaja’s chest, their hug developing into a deep kiss.

At first, Gaja had been surprised at how intense this kiss became until he thought, considering what was planned for later, this kiss was a natural step towards that. He thought that she might have gone further and used her tongue but she didn’t attempt that so he didn’t try either.

She felt his hand go down her back and on to her ass. First, he was feeling the curves of her cheek through her skirt but then he actually reached under her skirt until his hand touched her mostly bare flesh. Yes, that tiny thong, hardly covered anything at the back.

She could have pulled his hand away and even made a big thing about it. But she didn’t. She was feeling a bit horny and she did kind of like that his hand was there. It was like a promise of where she was hoping this evening would go. She allowed him to leave his hand there until she broke the embrace and pulled away from him.

“Whose naughty now?” she giggled. “I knew where your hand was.”

“Who is naughty for allowing me to leave it there.”

“Well, its nothing to what you’ll be doing later.”

“Bad girl,” he said, reaching to slap her bum.

She jumped away, laughing as she did. “Too slow, Mister.”

He’d heard that before.

He noticed how her skirt had flown up as she moved. ‘Was she wearing panties?’ It didn’t look like it. That was sexy if she wasn’t. He couldn’t be sure but maybe it was something tiny. He couldn’t wait to find out.

“I won’t be slow next time,” he replied. “When I get you, you won’t get away from me.”

“Why do you think I’ll want to get away?”

“Why would you want to get caught?”

“To see what you plan, doing to me.”

“I think we both know that, Nishi.”

“I’m sure we do, Gaja.”

All these sexually loaded remarks. Sexy and flirting. It was exciting them both.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

She offered him a cold drink reflecting the heat of the afternoon bahis şirketleri and was mildly surprised he chose the soft drink over the beer. They sat out on the small deck at the back of her flat, sipping on their drinks, looking over the river and watching the endless traffic crossing the main bridge.

They even saw a few trains pass over the rail bridge too. Nishi told him how she loved watching the express with its two powerful locomotives and lots of carriages. It gave her a sense of adventure, going to new places, seeing new things beyond her own little life.

Their conversation was two people getting to know each other. This time she was more open about her failed marriage. He told her about a couple of relationships that didn’t go so well for him either. They also talked about their new jobs and life since leaving the Big House. Both were enjoying their new life now.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

They stood up to go inside and as she put their empty glasses on the sink bench, she turned to find him right behind her. She had the afternoon/evening carefully planned out and now she intended they would sit together, she will lay back in his arms and they will watch the Indian movie she had selected. It was romantic and a bit sexy too. She hoped it would get them in the mood for what would follow after dinner.

But with him standing so close, too close! Suddenly she realized their evening plans were about to change.

They were standing facing each other. So close, their bodies almost touching. The moment was intense. Both knew it. This was the time they would be together. Overcome with desire and passion, both were willing for this, looking forward to this but unsure how they would start. He could see that suddenly she was nervous. He was a bit too. Not nervous about doing the sex. He had no problems with that, nervous that with someone new it would go well for both of them. He had the idea she might be the same.

First, they needed to get naked he decided, then they would see where things go from there. He stepped towards her, taking her in his arms as she pressed her body against him. She was comfortable to hug him tightly and it seemed natural to kiss. Their lips met, tentatively at first, just their lips touching lightly.

Nishi felt his tongue press against her lips and she opened to allow him to enter her. It was the first time she had ever done that because her ex-husband had thought it was gross. She gently gripped his tongue with her lips and sucked him. Then she opened her lips more and pressed her tongue against his. That last one was the best and she loved the feeling of their soft sensitive tongues rubbing against each other. He pressed back and she felt his tongue invading her mouth. She discovered she was enjoying it. Yes, this tongue kissing was great.

When they finally broke apart, she was left a bit breathless with excitement. The first time she had done that and it felt great. She fully intended to be doing it again.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

She reached for his shirt and began undoing the buttons. It wasn’t the first time she had undressed a man and felt confident to do so. He resisted the temptation to reach for her clothing too, content to allow her to continue and remove his shirt. One by one the buttons came undone, revealing more and more of his bare chest. He wasn’t wearing the usual white vest underneath. That was interesting she thought. Was it done just for her? So she could see him revealed? She thought so.

Before she could do more, he had reached for her shirt, pulled it up. She lifted her arms to allow him to take it off. She was left standing before him wearing her bra and that tiny skirt. He loved her tiny bra. Sexy! His hands came up to run his fingers over the lacy cups and the swelling flesh above. He was tempted to pull the cups down to expose her nipples which couldn’t be far underneath. But he didn’t. He’ll get to those soon enough but for now, she needed to lose that skirt.

Reached for that next, finding the clip on her hip which when undone, allowed her skirt to drop to her feet. Stepping out of her skirt, she was left wearing nothing other than her sexy bra and tiny thong. Gaja noticed too and loved what he saw. So tiny, so sexy. She turned to show him the back view too. No wonder she had felt like she wasn’t wearing panties before. That thong had nothing at the back.

When Gaja tried to reach for her again, she brushed his hands away. “My turn, now,” she said.

In a way, Gaja was happy with that because it gave him a chance to admire her in those tiny undies for a little while longer. He was also pleased she was being proactive and reaching for him. He didn’t really want a passive woman. Bold and adventurous was much more exciting. Willing to reach for what she wanted. Nishi was reaching for what she wanted. Him!

Nishi kneeled down in front of him, her hands reaching for his trousers. First, his belt was undone, then her fingers pulled down the zipper before reaching for the clip at the top. As the clip came undone, she pealed his trousers back revealing his undies. He was glad he had chosen the tight western type, a bright colour too, rather than the traditional white shorts.

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