Nightly Sins Pt.7

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Part: 7

Authors note: alright this chapter will start slow, getting everyone up to date and making sure everyone is on the same page now.

It’s now June, and school is out, Lori is about to turn 13 in July, Melody who has been around a lot as well is 15 now. John and Jenny are 16 and 14 now, and John knows about his father fucking his sister and Jenny hasn’t had need for a boyfriend since. Although Angie has been having an affair on her night shifts and filed for a divorce in April, which was quick and clean between George and her, Jenny was a bit torn, on one side she had to hide her activities with her brother and father from her, on the other side with her gone she can openly be with her two me. She’s been handling it well so far.

As I said it’s June and school is out and I have the grill out and grilling up premium hot dogs and hamburgers from some place called Omaha. John and George are on the desk with me talking along with a few of Loris friends parents, the men around the grill talking, the women sunbathing and the kids some sun bathing and some playing and splashing. Lori is one of the few that are bathing, she picked out her blue outfit, I suppose cause of the wives of some of the fathers are a bit uptight as some of them are in full 1 piece suits that don’t even show cleavage let alone some cheek.

The day goes like any other BBQ day, the kids play and sunbath, the women talk among themselves and the men stand around the fire cooking and talking. Soon the day dies out and only John, George and Jenny remain of all the guests. It’s still early though so Lori decides to go inside for a quick change. After all it’s been a few weeks and I’ve forgotten about that white almost see thru bikini, that is until she comes out in it. You could practically hear the cocks grow hard and pop a stitch or two in our swim trunks as she walked by the grill to lay down in one of the sunning chairs.

“Damn Hank, you let her buy something like that?” George asks quietly.

“Yeah but it wasn’t that see thru in the store, figured it was just the lighting.” I reply my eyes not being able to tear away from Loris chest.

John knew to keep his mouth shut but I wouldn’t have minded if he commented on Lori. I tear my eyes away and back to the grill to keep the dogs and burgers from burning, but peering over every so often.

Jenny lays next to Lori, giggling a bit and whispers “you really got a rise out of my dad, and of course John is crazy about you too.”

“I know, but I wore it for daddy, would have worn it earlier but the other wives would probably have a hard time about it, and didn’t want the hassle.” she peers over at the men and then back to Jenny “even in this tiny bikini I’ll still get lines…. why don’t we both bath topless.” giggling as she suggests it.

“I don’t know, I know John and dad wouldn’t mind but what of your dad?”

“I don’t know, haven’t done it before, and I wanna try it, but little scared to do it alone, the fence is high enough no one can peer in”

“Alright you talked me into it” Jenny reached back to undo her top, the men weren’t looking and tossed it to the side as Lori did the same, her heart racing as she laid back, titties exposed to her father and friends father and brother not that she mined John who has seen her before.

John noticed almost immediately and watched as Lori illegal bahis and Jenny lay there topless, sunning their bodies and watching their breasts heave up and down slowly as they breath. George and Hank noticed where John was looking and saw their daughters bathing topless, George may have seen Jenny naked before on video, but in the flesh was something else and he groaned quietly and tried to get back to the grill but couldn’t keep his eyes off either of the girls.

“They both look good enough to eat” George said.

“You should know Jenny is, right dad?” quipped John before realizing he didn’t know that hank knew as his eyes went wide and apologetic to George.

“Don’t worry I already know what you and he do with Jenny.” Hank said before George could make any excuses.

Meanwhile the girls are peeking at the men and giggling softly as they talk

“I can’t wait to get home tonight, I want them both in me at the same time” Jenny whispered to Lori

“both? You can’t be serious?” Lori whispered back

“To be honest, I’ve never had them both at the same time. It was always dad or John, but tonight it will be both of them. John in my ass, and daddy in my cunt.” Jenny practically moaning at the thought.

“You slut you!” giggled Lori.

“Like you haven’t had the thoughts yourself. I see how you look at my dad, like a lust craved whore” Jenny replied with a giggle herself.

“I never said I didn’t want to fuck your daddy, although I still owe your brother one” Lori giggle and thought maybe this would be the day to return the favor from back in school. Fortunately the Principal didn’t see John coming out of the girls room that day she had him eat her pussy and he was going to fuck her ass.

“And what do you owe my brother?” Jenny looked over and turned towards Lori, giving the men a good shot of her still A-cup, almost B now, titties.

“well remember that day in school when he ate me oh so good? Well he was wanting to fuck my ass, and I would have let him if we had the time. But we spent over half the class and had to get back. He didn’t even get to cum so I owe him something, and I think letting him fuck my ass will be what I owe him.”

“oh my god, really?” giggled Jenny. “He’ll be nice and easy on you, like he was with me. He said it was worth the wait, and I wish I hadn’t waited. So go for it hun. But… I have a favor to ask. Could I, if the situation was right, get your father to fuck me? It’s alright if you say no but I feel like I should ask permission. And so you know if you wanted you could fuck my daddy.”

Lori was a little shocked at how forward Jenny was in asking but the idea ran thru her mind. “I suppose you could, maybe even as a distraction while I let John fuck my tight virgin ass” she giggled as the two made plans on how to separate John from George and Hank.

The men were talking and watching the topless girls sunbathing and chatting.

“So dad you’re telling me Hank knows everything?” I had always been casual with Loris friends especially John who seems to be more mature then most 16 year olds. And calling me Mister just made me feel a little old.

“Yeah he even let me and Jenny use his spare room when the urges were too much to handle when your mom was still with us.” George spoke and looking to my daughter. “She is a beauty Hank, I’m surprised you’ve survived this long illegal bahis siteleri in taking her.”

“Well I’m surprised myself that I haven’t… even after telling my self I’ll take her on her birthday. She’s been getting really bold lately. Wearing nothing but that white half bra and thong around the house at night. Rubbing herself on my leg as we watch movies, she even ‘accidentally’ picked out a porno one night, and we both watched the entirety of it, I almost lost it then.”

“Damn Hank, you are a Saint compared to what I went thru.” George replied, but just then Lori came up still topless and asked John if he could help her with something on her computer. Lori didn’t really ask her dad for computer advice much, unless she or her friends can’t figure it out. “Sure thing kid.” John said and ran a hand thru her hair. “Gentlemen, I must go, a damsel in computer distress calls.”

John headed inside with Lori leading the way, he was watching her ass the entire time, swaying from side to side, Lori was keeping her self from just running up the stairs and jumping John as he entered. But remained slow as she turned to go up the stairs with John following. However as soon as John entered her bed room, she locked the door and gave John a heated, passionate kiss.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get you alone and pay you back for that in school sex session.” She grabbed Johns cock thru his trunks and slowly stroked it “and I think you fucking my ass here and now will make up for it?”

John groaned and nodded his head as his hands went out to feel Loris breasts, cupping them in his hand eliciting a gentle moan from Lori “I think it will have been worth the wait.” Then his hands slide down her sides and pull the two tiny strings holding her bottoms on and down they slide as the knots are pulled. “But I think we should get you ready.” and with that he neels before her and his mouth clamps over Loris pussy, and she lets out a sharp gasp and takes a step back towards her bed.

“oh John, your tongue feels so good” She continues to step back until she reaches her bed and pushes John away to hop onto the bed, lifting her feet up and placeing them on the edge of the bed to brace herself, and opening her lips up for John to lick and suck on again. “eat me, make me cum, fuck my ass” she hisses as John returns to his spot and probes her cunt with his tongue. In and out he thrusts, like a mini-cock fucking her before he slips a finger into her cunt as his tongue swirls around her clit. Eliciting more moans and more thrashing as he probes her inner body.
Soon after finger fucking Lori, John decides its time to get her ready as he pulls his juice covered finger out of her cunt and begins to rub her ass hole a little bit, getting it slick before slipping the finger into her, just the tip, but it makes her Gasp loud and draw a moan of pleasure from her “oh John, feels better then the last time.” John keeps working on her clit and pushes more of his finger into her ass then back out, and in again slowly getting the opening nice and wet.

After what feels like an eternity to both of them, John finaly gets his finger all the way into her cunt, twisting a little and turning to open her up some. John gives a hard thrust into her ass with his finger sends Lori over the edge, on top of the clit sucking. She writhes and moans loudly, calling canlı bahis siteleri out Johns name as he finger fucks her ass. Her juices flowing out of her cunt and onto his finger and her ass. John finally stands after collecting some of her slick juices and pushes his trunks down with one hand, his hard cock 6 inches long and normal girth. He spreads her juices on his cock and places the head at her opening, towering over her as she lays on her bed, bringing her legs up and over his shoulders, almost folding her in half.

“Are you sure you want this babe?” he asks, just like he did with his sister, almost in this exact way. But it was on his birthday, and still had guests downstairs.

“yes John, but please be gentle.” she looked up at him with all the trust in the world for him.

“alright, but if it hurts to much, we’ll stop on your say so.” he leaned down a little further and kissed her on the lips as he pushed his cock head slowly against Loris anal opening.

She lets out a low moan and returns the kiss feverishly, over the last few months she has had a small crush on John that even Jenny didn’t know about. She could feel his cock pressing against her anus, a full sensation overwhelms her body as she is about to be filled with a cock for the first time ever, even if it is her ass John is gonna be her first, although her virginity will be her daddies.

John pushes firmly and can feel his cock head push in and feeling her ring slide over the head, he is in, Lori lets out a small grunt into the kiss as he pops in, he stays still for a moment before rocking back and forth inside her ass. Breaking the kiss as he looks down at her before slowly pushing his cock into her. Inch by inch he pushes and she moans in both pleasure and pain of being fucked in the as for the first time. She almost says stop as john bottoms out inside of her, all 6 inches of his hot cock filling her up for the first time and definitely won’t be the last. Slowly John pulls out until the head is just inside then pushes back into her as Lori groans and arches her back as he re-enters her. John moans as well as how hot and tight her ass is, even more so then Jennys was when she gave her ass on his birthday. Holding himself up on one arm as his other arm reaches around and takes hold of Loris breast, squeezing it gently, rolling the nipple around his his finger as he pushes into her. In and out slowly he fucks her, getting use to his cock invading she whisperes “faster.” and John obliges, moving faster, thrusting a little harder as he looks down at Loris petite body, taking his cock the look of pleasure on her face as he takes her.

Soon enough John begins to feel the familiar tingle in his balls getting ready to erupt as he moves faster, pounding into Lori as her tits shake as he slams into her. Faster and harder he pounds her, Lori instinctively knows that John is going to cum shortly and tries to tighten her ass for him, unsure how but just squeezes her ass muscles together and John moans as he thrusts even harder into her, his balls slapping off her ass. Lori moans louder as she is being plowed deep and hard her body writhing under his as he takes her ass. Panting and groaning before finaly she cums hard once more clamping harder then ever on Johns cock as he drives himself deep and hard against Lori as his balls jerk and his cock swells before releasing his cum deep into Loris tight and no longer virgin ass. The two of them letting out loud moans that could probably be heard downstairs, if it weren’t for Jenny distracting the fathers.

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