Night with Girlfriend’s Mom

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This is a true fantasy that me and my girlfriends mom talked about doing. (it has not happened yet) I will not use real names.

Her: Gonna talk you through what I want you to do to me in the shower. The bathroom is dark, but there is a candle flickering and the water is on, warm and ready. I take off my silk robe and walk in first. You strip down and come in next. Doors closed and your back has the water coming down it. I look into your eyes right before I turn around. You know what’s coming and grab both my wrists lifting them up over my head and placing those palms down high on the shower wall. With both your hands you slide down the insides of my arms down along my ribs, over my hips and down onto the outsides of my upper thighs. Now with your left hand you slide it palm flat back up my thigh then around to the back of my thigh then down my ass and leave the haramidere escort left hand there holding on to my ass. With your right hand you move it up and over my hip to the front. Spreading out your fingers you slide across my stomach and your fingers brush low under my belly button. Your left hand moves forward now holding onto just below my waist in the front, that spot to the left of my belly button. Next your right hand slides down now between my thighs to guide my right leg open more. At this point I moan. You feel and see my ass move up as I arch my back. I lean forward more, gripping the slippery shower wall and go up on my toes. At this point you know it’s time.. You have to slightly squat to get access as you hold on now both hands gripping my waist. I help out by reaching down between my legs from the front ikitelli escort and guide you inside. You’re inside now.

*ME*- So then as I’m inside you I start off going slow and kissing your neck. I keep penetrating while kissing your neck and your moaning. You tell me to pick up speed so I increase little by little. You pull me out and flip around so you’re facing me and our eyes lock. You move in close as I’m picking up speed. Your breathing heavy and I so down so then you lick up towards my lips and we exchange a kiss.

Her: I am so eager to be kissing you that I take your lower lip in my teeth and bite down lightly. I grab your face with both hands and kiss you deep. Out tongues playing inside our mouths that are pressed so closely they feel like one. I pull away with a long inhale, and to catch my breath istanbul escort I start to kiss on your neck. I take your ear lobe in my mouth lightly sucking on it. You can hear my heavy breathing which drives you crazy.

*ME*- After sucking my earlobe you come in for another kiss, and you guide me back into you.

Her: There’s a loss of all control as you force my back up against the wall. I turn my head to the side as you lay your head down tucking it close by my neck. I turn my head back towards you and our faces touch as there’s urgency to our movement. I can’t stand it any longer. I steal one more deep kiss then bite my own lower lip as I tilt my head back and enjoy pure ecstasy. I moan and shudder grabbing onto you tightly to keep steady. Hearing and feeling my climax is all you can stand as you feel your whole body tense in preparation for your release.

*ME*- As I feel myself about to explode your lips meet mine and that’s all that pushes me over the edge. You continue to kiss me as I unload inside. Then when I’m all finished up you look at me with a sexy glare and kiss me one more time before exiting the shower, blowing out the candle, and exiting the bathroom… the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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