Night Nurse Ch. 03

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1) Thanks to my proof reader she is a big help.

2) This story is for Mary. I hope you like it.

3) Please DO NOT read if you are under 18.


I have already told you about Helen, but I think I should now tell you about another nurse I met on my hospital stay. Mary. She was the matron that ran the ward I was on. She was tall, about 5″9 had long light blond hair. Mary had shining blue eyes, a sexy round bum and 36 DD tits.

I had been in hospital playing the hero for about a week when I saw Mary in a different light. I had seen Helen almost every night that week. Some nights she would give me a hand job or blow job and others we would just talk. This night when she came to my room she said.

“I have a little treat for you.”

“Oh what is it?”

“Well you know you said you wanted to try something different? See how I looked in sexy slut clothes?” With that she unzipped her uniform and pulled it open. I could see she had on a pink silk peek-a-boo bra, “You like?”

“Hell yes.”

“How about this then?” With that she pulled up her dress. I saw she had on black stockings and a pink suspender belt with pink crotchless panties, they both matched her bra. I could see Helen’s pubic hair and pussy lips poking out of the hole.

“Wow this is great, just as good as your cotton ones,” I said.

“Glad you like, how about a bit of head? This time no charge seeing as I like you so much.” Helen climbed on to the bed and pulled the skirt of her dress up so it was around her waist and I could play with her puss with my free hand.

She then pulled down my bed clothes, and pulled my semi hard cock out of my PJ bottoms. Helen started to gently pull on it. As she was doing this I started to gently run the back of my fingers over pussy. soğanlık escort bayan As I got hard I could feel Helen getting moist.

“Would you like to sniff a pair of my panties?” Helen asked.

All I could do was nod. She went to the drawer by my bed and pulled out of it the pair she had on yesterday. They where white with light blue and pink spots on them. She placed them on my head so I could smell her scent. As she played with my cock I took a deep breath in. I could smell where she had got damp the day before from giving me a hand job. She had also drip dried the day before, this time not due to the toilets running out of paper, but because I had asked her to.

I have to say there is something really nice and sexy about knowing a women has not wiped for you. Knowing that ever time she pees she will feel that dampness. Also knowing she wants to please you is a big turn on. But it is the smell, just the right amount of pee and pussy scent.

As I was sniffing Helen’s panties she started to lick around the end of my cock. I started to run the tips of my fingers between her big lips. I could feel Helen getting wetter as I ran my fingers up and down her lips. After a short time of this I slipped my fingers into her pussy. With that she began to slip my dick into her mouth.

It was as she slid my cock into her moist mouth that we heard someone shout “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?” We both froze! I slowly looked up and saw Mary standing by the door. We were so both into what we were doing we did not see or hear her come in. Mary had a stern look on her face. I heard Helen say in a muffled way. “Nothing matron!”

“You know you could lose your job over this? Hell, you could even ümraniye escort bayan be struck off! But I don’t have to report this.”

“You’re not going to say anything are you?” I said.

“Well, that depends on what is in it for me. If you and this little cock sucker do as I say I can keep quiet.”

“Thanks” came the the muffled reply from Helen.

“Now what the hell is that on your head?” asked Mary.

Helen lifted her head off my cock and said “He is a pantie sniffer.”

“Did I say you could talk or take his cock out of your mouth Helen?” said Mary.

“Sorry”, Helen said and took my cock back into her mouth.

Mary looked at me and said “I take it you’re enjoying your stay with us you little pervert?”.

“Hell yes, I have never been in a NHS hospital like this before.”

“Well now, I am going to sit down and watch the show”, with that Mary sat down in the chair next to my bed. She then pulled up the bottom of her dress and showed me her panties. I could all ready see a small wet spot. She had on a pair of plain light pink cotton panties under a pair of crotchless tights, “so come on slut, getting sucking.”

Helen started to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, as she did that Mary started to rub her pussy. Mary ran her middle finger over the outside of the crouch of her panties. Mary watching me sniffing Helen’s panties and having my cock sucked was blowing my mind.

Mary started to call Helen names. She started saying things like “That’s it slut, suck it”, and “give him what he wants, get in there nice and deep”. As Mary was saying this I started to use my thumb to rub just under Helen’s clit.

I could see Mary getting wetter as she rubbed herself. aksaray escort With the combination of the show from Mary, and what Helen was doing and the scent of her panties, it was not long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. “I am going to cum and soon”, I said though gritted teeth.

With that Mary said “Let him cum on your face bitch”. Helen slid her head up and off my cock and started to pump it. “That’s it you little bitch, wank him off.” The dirt talk from Mary was adding to everything in a big way.

“I am going to cum”, said Mary under her breath. I watched as she started to orgasm. As Mary’s body shook I started to cum as well. I shot a big load right on Helen’s face. A big line of semen landed on her forehead and ran down her nose, then another bit landed on the corner of her lips and ran to the middle of her chin.

Helen got up and grabbed some tissue papers and wiped her face. Mary looked at us both and said “Well now we have both cum. But I think one good turn deserves another. Don’t you.” I could just nod.

“Helen why not let this young hero eat you out if he has not all ready?”

Helen climbed up on the bed above my head, pulled up the bottom of her dress and lowered herself on to my face. I could smell how turned on she was. The scent of her pussy drove me wild. I stuck my tongue out and began to run it over Helen’s large dark brown pussy lips.

As I was running my tongue backward and forward over Helen’s lips I felt Mary’s hand start to play with Helen pussy. As she was doing this I could hear her talking to Helen, telling how much of a dirty slut she was for letting me eat her out.

I could feel Helen getting wetter and wetter. I heard her let out a gasp and felt Helen grab the back of the bed. Then she started to cum. When the orgasm had ripped threw her body she climbed off the bed.

“Well now, we are all happy are we not?” said Mary. “Helen gets to keep her job but it would not be fair if you did not get something too.” With that she pulled of her soaking wet knickers and threw them at me.

As they left they room Helen turned to me and blew me kiss and winked at me.


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