Nicola Redux Ch. 04

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Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Four

On Monday morning, Myra drove a very nervous Nicola to school. The deputy head teacher spent the journey coaching her younger colleague on what to say, and, more importantly, what not to say, when the two teachers met Jack and Edna Williams, the parents of Cheryl, who had drawn the cartoon that so upset Nicola, and who had prematurely set the wheels of the Inner Sanctum’s plan in motion.

They were the first to arrive when Myra drove into the school carpark. She pulled into her designated parking bay, switched off the engine and turned to face Nicola, who had gone very pale. Myra grinned at her, and discretely put her hand on Nicola’s thigh.

“I’d give you a kiss for luck, and for courage,” she said kindly, “but you don’t need luck and you’ve already demonstrated how courageous you are by your acceptance of all you’ve learned, seen and done this weekend. And besides that, there’s a surveillance camera in the staff car park, and both our reputations would go up in smoke if we were caught snogging on CCTV!”

Despite the tension she was feeling, Nicola giggled. Privately she thought back to Saturday night in the club, and she felt a warm glow between her legs. She loved that feeling, and squeezed her thighs together, intensifying the sensation and causing her nipples to harden as well. She undid her seatbelt.

“There’s no camera coverage just inside the entrance,” she smiled at Myra, “so if you must, you can kiss me when we get there. I could do with tasting you again.”

The two women walked quickly across the carpark and as they got to the door, Myra used her electronic tag to unlock it. Nicola pulled it open and stepped aside, allowing her colleague to enter. She followed Myra in and, as the door closed, she melted into her open arms.

They kissed deeply, tongues mashing together. When they broke the kiss, both women were wide eyed and panting.

“That was lovely,” declared Myra breathlessly. “Now, let’s get this show on the road. You go and get some milk from the staff room, and I’ll go and put the coffee on in my office. I’ll meet you there in a couple of minutes.”

Nicola hurried off to get the milk, and when she knocked on Myra’s office door, she was given permission to enter. She was glad that she’d followed school procedure, because when she went in, Myra was talking to Mrs. Rhys, the caretaker

“Excuse me, Miss Bowen,” Nicola began. “I brought a jug of milk as you asked.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Moran” replied Myra formally. “I’ve just asked Mrs. Rhys to bring in two extra chairs for Mr. and Mrs. Williams, and she’ll set a chair up in the corridor for Cheryl. I have no doubt that we’ll need to hear her version of events after we’ve spoken to her parents.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Rhys,” said Myra with a smile. “If you could go and fetch those three extra chairs now, please? And then bring Mr. and Mrs. Williams here when they arrive. They’ll come through the main entrance, of course.”

“Right you are, Miss B,” replied the caretaker cheerfully. “I shan’t be a jiffy.”

She went out in search of three chairs from the storeroom, closing the door quietly behind her. When she was sure that they couldn’t be overheard, Myra looked at Nicola.

“That was just for her benefit,” she said quietly. “There is no way that spoiled little bitch is going to give her version of Friday afternoon’s events! I’ve seen the evidence, and she’s been tried ‘in absentia’ and found guilty. I’m going to enjoy this! That bully, Jack Williams is going to see just what a vindictive, spiteful bitch I can be when his little whelp upsets my friend!”

She looked so fierce that Nicola started to feel nervous all over again. She asked if she could help with the preparation of the coffee, but Myra smiled and shook her head.

“Georgina makes my coffee at home, but I have to shift for myself in school,” she said. “I’ve worked out how to make myself the perfect cup of coffee. I hope it won’t be too strong for you!”

Nicola grinned and watched as Myra fiddled with her coffee machine, and soon the office was full of the aroma of coffee brewing.

There came a knock on the door, and Mrs. Rhys came in, wheeling two chairs on a stacker trolley.

“Here we are, Miss B,” she said with a smile, adding, “I’ve left one outside your door as you asked. Can I bring your visitors up now? They were waiting in the foyer to be let in when I went to get these chairs.”

“I illegal bahis don’t think the Chair of Governors was too happy being kept waiting,” she continued conversationally. “He’s got a face on him like a smacked arse!”

Nicola giggled, and Myra struggled to keep a straight face.

“Thank you, Mrs. Rhys,” she replied. “It certainly won’t do to antagonise the Chair of Governors, will it? Once you’ve set those chairs up for me, and returned your stacker truck, you may bring Mr. and Mrs. Williams up to my office.”

The caretaker swung both chairs down off her truck with ease and arranged them in front of Myra’s desk. She looked at the deputy head.

“Alright like that, Miss B?” she asked, and waited whilst Myra regarded the set up.

“That’s perfect, thank you,” she replied with a smile. “Now if you’ll just take that truck away and store it so that no pupil or member of staff can trip over it, we’ll have Mr. and Mrs. Williams up here as soon as you can bring them.”

As soon as the caretaker closed her door, Myra turned to Nicola with a smile. She realised from the pallor of her young friend’s face that Nicola was nervous. Myra touched her palm to the side of Nicola’s pale cheek.

“Now then, is this any way for a member of the Inner Sanctum to conduct herself?” she asked sternly, but with a smile. “Do I have to delay this interview to put you over my knee and spank some resolution into you?”

Nicola turned her head slightly and kissed Myra’s palm.

“I have my initiation to endure this coming Friday,” she said, “and I know it is going to involve me being spanked. It’s not something I’m looking forward to, but I so want to join the Inner Sanctum properly, and get my revenge on Kevin,” she said. “Will you be the one to spank me on Friday, please?”

“We’ll see,” replied Myra softly. “Now sit down here beside me, put your best ‘school ma’am’ face on, and let’s deal with this pompous prick who thinks that because he’s Chair of Governors, he can do as he pleases in this school.”

She smiled at Nicola, who managed to return a smile of her own. Myra reckoned that she’d be just fine during the interview that was about to begin.

The door flew open, and Mrs. Rhys staggered in, almost tripping over. She was followed by a short, plump man, whose face resembled an over-ripe strawberry. Myra shot to her feet and said in a loud voice,

“What is the meaning of this? Mrs. Rhys? I thought I asked you to bring Mr.and Mrs.Williams up to my office? How dare you barge in here without knocking!”

The caretaker stood up straight and looked at Myra. Her face was scarlet, but whether from rage or embarrassment, it was difficult to tell.

“I’m extremely sorry, Miss Bowen,” she said in a low voice, “I explained to Mr. Williams that you had asked me to bring him and his wife up to your office, and his reply was something along the line of ‘I’m Chair of Governors here. I don’t need a school lackey to take me to see one of the employees of this establishment.’ I was standing in front of your door, trying to explain to him that it was necessary to knock before entering, when he shoved me in the chest. That’s why I flew into your room. I am very sorry.”

“I am the one to apologise, Mrs. Rhys,” answered Myra. “I should have known that a loyal and trusted colleague would not flaunt school rules. Thank you for all you’ve done this morning. I think Mrs. Moran and I can handle things from here on. You may go back to your other duties. And thank you again.”

A pacified Mrs Rhys smiled at Myra and Nicola and glared at her assailant as she walked out. She could be heard telling someone, Mrs. Williams, Nicola assumed, that Miss Bowen was ready to see her now, and the door opened wider to allow a tall, thin woman, dressed in a hideous pink vintage swing dress with a floral pattern to walk in nervously. She looked around here in confusion.

“Good morning, Mrs. Williams,” smiled Myra. Please take a seat.”

She indicated the two vacant chairs that Mrs. Rhys had so recently set out for the visitors.

“Never mind all that bloody ‘Good morning’ crap. What I want to know is what the fuck is she doing here?”

Mr. Williams was almost frantic by now. Myra regarded him coldly.

“Mr. Williams,” she said in a deliberate, low tone, “I assure you that if I hear another swear word come out of your foul mouth, not only will I ensure that the police are informed of your assault on a member of staff this morning; I will also personally expel your daughter from this school, and she can kiss goodbye the chance of going to University. As it is, Cheryl is looking at a lengthy suspension. Don’t make her situation any worse than it is. Now sit down beside your wife, shut up, and listen to what is going to be done.”

Wordlessly, Mr. Williams sank into the empty chair next to his wife. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and mopped his brow, licking his dry lips as he did so.

“That’s better,” muttered Myra, resuming her own seat. She looked up in annoyance as a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in,” illegal bahis siteleri she responded sharply.

The door opened and Ms.Dacey the school receptionist came in.

“I’m sorry to disturb your meeting, Miss Bowen,” she began, “but it isn’t time to let the pupils into school yet, and Cheryl Williams is insisting that she be let in to see her parents. Am I to allow it?”

Myra smiled at her. “As you can see, Ms. Dacey,” she replied, “Mrs Moran and I have a meeting to discuss Cheryl’s chances of attending University next year. I’ll want to speak to Cheryl after we’ve finished our meeting, so yes, let her in by all means. I think you’ll see that Mrs. Rhys has placed a chair outside for her to sit on whilst she waits. Please ensure that Cheryl understands that she is to sit there until I am ready to see her.”

“Very good, Miss Bowen. Thank you,” replied Ms. Dacey, and went out, shutting the door quietly behind her.

No sooner was the door closed than Mr. Williams began again.

“Miss Bowen, I must protest in the strongest terms. I insist that this… this woman leaves the meeting. Cheryl has told me what happened on Friday, and I am concerned that my daughter has been fitted up. She assures me that she has done nothing wrong, and what is happening here is that the school is closing ranks to protect a weak and ineffective member of staff.”

Nicola sighed, and Jack Williams took that as a sign of weakness. He turned to his wife with a look of triumph on his face. He opened his mouth to continue his rant, but before he could go on, Myra spoke. Her voice was steady, very calm and exceptionally clear. Had the Williams’ been pupils in the school, they would have recognised the tone of voice, and realised that Miss Bowen was livid, and that any further interruption would only heap further trouble on their already overloaded cause.

“Have you finished?” Myra snapped, and when Mr. Williams opened his mouth to presumably inform the meeting that, no, he hadn’t actually finished, she got in before him, and snarled,

“That was a rhetorical question! I thought I told you to shut up and listen!”

Two things happened simultaneously. Nicola drew in a breath sharply, and Mr. Williams shut his mouth with a snap.

“That’s better!” Myra smiled sweetly, and turned to Mrs. Williams.

“Are you quite comfortable, Mrs. Williams?” she enquired sweetly. “I know those school chairs aren’t particularly comfortable, and you seem to be having trouble getting settled.”

Edna Williams blushed and replied in a voice that was barely more than a whisper,

“I’m fine, thank you, Miss Bowen. Something happened on Saturday evening, and my bottom is rather bruised,” she said, and her husband looked at her in horror.

“For fu… ” he stopped, swallowed, and put a horrible grin on his face.

“Edna, dear, we are here to discuss Cheryl, not the state of your ar… um… buttocks!”

Myra ignored this interruption, and opened the file that lay in front of her on her desk. She took out two sheets of paper, and handed one to each of the two people in front of her.

“This is a photocopy of what Mrs Moran found at the end of the school day on Friday last,” she began in a stern voice.

“The original is in my desk, awaiting the outcome of this meeting, when one of two things will happen. It will either be handed over to the police, for forensic examination, or it will be destroyed. Which course of action we follow is entirely up to you both.”

Mrs. Williams looked at the piece of paper, blushed and closed her eyes, shaking her head slowly.

Mr. Williams also looked at the paper he’d been handed, licked his lips and looked directly at Nicola. To Myra’s intense relief, she said nothing, but held his stare defiantly.

“I admit this is both offensive, and embarrassing for whomever this is supposed to represent,” he began, replying to Myra but not taking his eyes off Nicola. “But this is pure speculation on your behalf. You have no evidence or proof that my Cheryl drew this cartoon.”

He dropped his eyes to look at the piece of paper again, and chuckled.

“Mind you,” he continued, “you have to admit that the artist has got some talent. It’s a bloody good likeness!”

Myra tutted her displeasure and cleared her throat.

“May I remind you, Mr. Williams that you are not in a court of law now?” she said quietly. “And do you honestly think that I’d make such serious accusations without being one hundred per cent sure of my facts?”

Reaching into the file again, Myra took out the same school book that she had found the previous Friday. She opened it, nodded in satisfaction, and handed it to a now far less confident looking Jack Williams.

“I’m no graphologist,” she continued,” but I’m sure the local police force can obtain the services of one. Look at the way the letter ‘K’ has been formed in this piece of work, and then compare it to the writing on that filth you are holding in your other hand.”

He did as he was told, and to Nicola’s amazement, and Myra’s immense satisfaction, canlı bahis siteleri he seemed to shrink in his chair, like a deflated balloon. He handed the exercise book back to Myra without a word.

“You didn’t bother looking at the name of the owner of this book.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement, and Myra was smiling triumphantly as she made it.

“No need,” Jack Williams grunted. “It’s obviously our Cheryl’s book, and you’re right. Those “K’s” are very distinctive.”

He turned to his wife and snarled, “I told you the little bitch needed some discipline! But, oh no! Cheryl mustn’t be told! Cheryl can do as she fucking well likes! Cheryl’s only young! Well, she’s gone eighteen, and it’s about time she realised who is Master in my house!”

He clapped his hand to his mouth, and turned to face Myra and Nicola again, his face scarlet with embarrassment.

He opened his mouth to speak, but with a gesture familiar to school pupils the world over, Myra silenced him by putting her own index finger up to her lips and uttering a soft ‘shhh’ sound.

She reached over her desk and retrieved the two pieces of paper that she had handed out earlier. Replacing them in the file, she closed it and handed it to Nicola.

“Please ensure that the whole thing is shredded, Mrs Moran,” she instructed in her deputy-head teacher voice.

“I will continue to hold the original in my safe in case there is any misunderstanding in the future. Now, I think it’s time we saw young Cheryl, don’t you? I need to return this exercise book to her. Mrs Moran? Will you do the honours, please?”

Still clutching the file as if it contained top secret documents, Nicola got up and opened the door.

“Please come in, Cheryl,” she said politely, and stood aside as the young woman swaggered into Myra’s office.

She glanced down at her mother before turning her attention to her father.

“Have you sorted it, dad?” she drawled with a sneering look at Nicola.

Before Myra could get a word in, Edna Williams leapt to her feet and slapped her daughter hard across the face. The sound of her hand striking the unprotected cheek was like a pistol shot. Nicola shut the door quickly.

“You little slut!” Edna hissed. “Is this what we’ve brought up? Have you no shame? You need to learn your place, my girl!”

Tears leaked out of Cheryl’s eyes, and her mother sat back down heavily, wincing as she did so.

Myra took up a box of paper tissues, and proffered it to Cheryl. She took one and wiped her eyes, then folded it and blew her nose.

Throughout all of this, Jack Williams sat without moving, or saying a word. Now he seemed to get himself under control again. He cleared his throat.

“Don’t speak, Mr. Williams,” commanded Myra in a tone of voice that caused everybody else in the room to look at her in amazement. Myra looked at Cheryl and gave her the benefit of an icy smile.

“It was my intention to confront you with the filth you created on Friday, in the presence of your parents, and to then suspend you from school, pending a police investigation,” she began, noting with satisfaction the effect the words ‘police investigation’ were having on the miscreant.

“However,” she continued, ” your mother has administered some form of punishment, which the school is unable to do. Your parents are well aware that one word from this establishment, and your hopes of going to university will disappear. This is what is going to happen if you wish to continue as a pupil here and for me not to ring the university clearing board and inform them of your disgusting hobbies.”

Myra reached into a drawer in her desk and took out another folder, which she placed in front of her. She opened it and took out a piece of paper, which she handed to Cheryl’s father.

“Your legal training ought to help you understand this document,” she said, smiling insincerely. “You are going to advise your daughter to sign this. You may retain a copy, as will I. The school authorities will not be informed of this incident , if Cheryl signs the paper. I’ll give you a few minutes to read the whole thing, and then I’ll need your decision.”

Myra sat back in her chair. The Williams family closed together, and all three heads were lowered as they began to read. Myra looked at Nicola and winked.

Under the cover of her desk, she raised the hem of her skirt and nodded for Nicola to look. The younger woman was amazed to see a very wet patch which caused the gusset of Myra’s red knickers to turn quite a few shades darker. She blushed and out her hand to her mouth to prevent anyone hearing her gasp. Quickly, she looked away. Myra smiled and turned back to the business in hand.

Presently, Jack Williams raised his head. He looked at his daughter.

“You’ll sign this, my girl, and then you’ll apologise to Miss Bowen and to Mrs. Moran for your actions. Your mother and I are ashamed of you. Tell her Edna.”

“Your father is right, as he always is,” replied Mrs. Williams timidly. “I won’t go into any details here, for fear of embarrassing your teachers, but it is my opinion that young ladies such as you need to be disciplined regularly in order to instil a sense of duty which will stand you in good stead for the future. My father disciplined me, and it didn’t do me any harm!”

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