New Theory of the G Spot

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If every time man has sex he aims at giving the woman an orgasm the world would be a better place

It was on a pleasant evening that I made the discovery that the G Spot was real. My nurse Paaru was spending the day with me. At the moment of discovery I was on a chair at the bed and she was lying crosswise naked, with the small of her back at the edge of the bed with hips flexed, thighs spread widely and feet in the air. I was licking her. ‘You are close but not touching,’ she said. I licked systematically on and around her clitoris. ‘Very close but still not touching,’ she said now in desperation. I worked myself up to frenzy. “Not yet,’ she said now quite annoyed. My tongue was lapping up every bit of her vulva. ‘It’s not working,’ she said angrily. She shifted to the normal position, spread her thighs and asked me to get over with it. I entered and ejaculated as quickly as I could. She turned round and slept.

Leaving a woman in mid air was a horrible thing to do but I was not despondent. My mood was up beat. What I had failed to touch was the fabled G Spot, the existence of which I, like many others, was not sure of till then. Like Archimedes I could have run on the street naked shouting ‘eureka,’ for I have also made a discovery. His was about gold; mine was the far more valuable G Spot. The Spot was without a shadow of doubt real.

Later I queried her. Paaru being a nurse (I am a medical professional too) was aware of the anatomy of the genital region. ‘What was it that I failed to touch?’ I asked. ‘It was something that if you touch would give me the orgasm,’ she said. She explained that she feels its presence only just before an orgasm. Many times she never gets to feel that object and neither does she get any orgasm on those days. When I queried further she said she was not able to locate the point. One thing she was sure of was it was not at the surface. Most workers who have studied the G Spot say it is located in front of the vagina and below the urethra. Paaru thought for some time when I mentioned that detail, but was not sure if that was the location. ‘Why have you never mentioned it before,’ I asked. She said that she became aware of it only when I failed to touch it. ‘Are you aware of it when I touch it,’ I asked. She thought for a while and said that she was aware.

The G Spot is an erogenous zone in women. Erogenous means sexually arousing. The clitoris and the parts surrounding it are prime sites for sexual stimulation. The nipples are, and so are the lips. The anal region is also erogenous though exploiting it is not widespread practice amongst couples. Parts of the body that are not normally erogenous can become so under certain circumstances, The sides of the neck below the lower jaw for example are one. In movie theatres if scenes on the screen are romantic or more men can arouse women to a high pitch by playing with their fingers. Once during a formal dinner my girl said that my toe ‘nibbling’ aroused her.

The G Spot unlike those mentioned above is no not a physical entity in the anatomical sense. But to Paaru that evening it was sufficiently tangible for her to ask me to touch it. Scientists who have dissected the region around about where women feel it have not been able to find any tissue that can perform the function of inducing orgasm. Some say there is no G Spot at all; that it is just a myth. I have an explanation that to the best of my knowledge is new.

The G Spot is a cortical phantom. But first what is a cortical phantom? After the amputation of a leg or arm a curious phenomenon often occurs. Even after the limb is gone the patient feels as if it is there. Surgeons call it the phantom limb. This feeling disconcerts the patient. Rarely the patient feels pain too in the phantom, the pain that was there before surgery. The phantom and the pain too thankfully istanbul escort disappear after some time. The explanation of this phenomenon is simple enough. The cerebral cortex holds representation of all parts of our body. Scientists have mapped out the particular areas of the cortex where each is present. Removal of the limb of course leaves the brain unaffected and the patient is able to feel his limb as if it was real for after all it is the brain that gives us feeling.

It is my postulate that the G Spot like the phantom limb is an area representing it in the cerebral cortex, and like the phantom limb is not an anatomical entity. No doubt Paaru was not able to locate it precisely, and that is the reason why its existence is a matter of debate. Even after detailed dissection no one has been able to find any tissue in the region that has the nerve connections to function as the G Spot. The woman under sexual stimulation feels it is there because her brain says so. Like the phantom limb it is a notion of presence. It is impossible to pin point its location. For example an amputee at times feels as if the whole limb is attached to the stump. At other times he feels only the foot is there without the rest of the limb. Scientists will be no more successful in defining the G Spot then they would a phantom limb. Just as the phantom limb can cause pain the G Spot can be the source of sensation; understandably, for the brain is the source of all sensation.

The G Spot has to express itself for a woman to experience orgasm. In man orgasm is ejaculation. Every time he ejaculates he has orgasm. To women every intercourse does not end in orgasm. In less than fifty percent of intercourses that women have orgasms. The reason is that sexual intercourse is more cerebral in women than it is in man. In man too the brain is the key to sexual intercourse. The conscious brain controls erection. To start ejaculation man has to visualise erotic images in his mind. The body changes during ejaculation like heightened pulse rate and blood pressure are also the functions of the brain. But the rhythmic contraction of pelvic muscles and the discharge of semen in spurts that occurs in ejaculation is a reflex governed by the spinal cord. Once started it is entirely beyond man’s control. Orgasm is thus a function of the spinal cord in man. In women too the spinal reflex is responsible for many events that take place during orgasm like pelvic muscle spasm, vulval congestion, and increased secretion of the glands that at times gets the label of female ejaculation. But the all important activation of the G Spot is a function of the brain. Thus it is impossible for a woman to have an orgasm when she is not in a mood for sex.


I was a bachelor at the time I was intimate with Paaru. I occupied the first floor of a house in a large village. Paaru lived a block away. Our friendship was of course no secret, but in that conservative community we had to move with great discretion. Once or twice a week she came to my house. She came at eleven in the night accompanied by her thirty-five year old maid. My room was in one corner of a large open terrace. One day the maid and Paaru had just come when it started raining. It was a severe tropical storm with thunder and lightening. The lights went off as they often do in such weather. We had no choice but offer shelter to the maid in the room. Paaru and I were seeing each other after ten days; she had returned the same day after home leave. Both of us were streaming hot with desire. The room was pitch dark. ‘Why not?’ I asked. I was excited—having sex when others are watching was one of my favourite fantasises. Paaru did not reply. I took it to be consent and started undressing her. She did not object. Soon we were naked. We needed avcılar escort no foreplay that day. I was on top of her and she guided me in. Just then the lights came on bright and blazing. It thrilled me. I was expecting Paaru to throw me aside and cover herself. She did nothing of that sort. I was surprised and elated. I darted a sideward glance. The maid, who in that small room was not more than a metre from us, was watching us with a wry smile on her face. The maid’s eyes were on her mistress’ vulva with the doctor’s penis gliding in and out. My ejaculation coincided with Paaru’s massive orgasm. She moaned and screamed softly. I waited and gave her one more, and then another. She spoke. ‘You were so big today,’ she said. Then she asked her maid to cover us which she did.

It is no news that women like big penises, the bigger the better. The reasons are clear. Stretching the vagina is one, but more important is that bigger penises have easier reach to the G Spot and stimulate it better. Now that the ice was broken I expected the maid to take part from time to time in our adventures but it never happened. I hinted. Paaru pretended she did not understand. When I came out and asked her point blank she gave a gentle squeeze to my cheek; that was all. Soon after she took a job in one of the Gulf countries and left.


All cultures and all religions are agreed upon one thing—the uncleanliness of women during the menstrual periods. One wonders why; after all the discharge is clean blood. Religions prohibit sex during the periods. This is a pity for the turgid breast and nipples and vulval congestion make it ideal for sexual intercourse. I have brooded on this injustice to women and soon sex with women during their periods became a fantasy of mine. Paaru was of no use. Her periods occurred at prolonged intervals and hardly lasting a day. Rhoda was much better, but she staunchly adhered to the ‘out of bounds’ concept during her periods.

Rhoda knew less than most of biology. I had to instruct her on the physiology of menstruation. Even after convincing her that she was clean during her periods she was reluctant to allow sex. But by sustained pressure I softened her. Like most women she had discomfort on the first day. On day two generous flow rendered sex impossible. The third day was ideal. The flow was scanty and there was no discomfort whatsoever.

On one such third day Rhoda was on the sofa reading a paper-back romance. I stood behind her. She was wearing her night dress. From above I could see most of her breasts, a lovely pair. I bent down and kissed her and as I was doing so I inserted one hand under the dress and cupped one breast. The breast was warm and the nipple turgid. Rhoda continued reading as if nothing was happening. I went round and sat beside her. I gently pulled down the dress. It was wide necked and came off without a whimper. Both breasts were on display; it was a magnificent sight. Still Rhoda was not reacting. She apparently wanted me to go ahead. How far would she allow me before applying the stop? I would know presently.

I took one nipple between my lips. It was warm and spongy. With my lips covering my teeth I bit on it. For the first time Rhoda reacted. Her hand felt my cheek. The touch was soft and tender. I bit more strongly. She made clicking noises of pleasure. I was now holding the breast with both hands and working on it with zest. She held my head and brought me to the other nipple. Supporting the breast she thrust the nipple to my lips. I held them closed tight. Thereupon she prised them open with her fingers and inserted the nipple in. It was funny. She laughed her tinkling laugh. I bit on it and again she clicked with pleasure. It was at this point that she usually pushes my head down to her vulva. But today she seemed to hesitate. şirinevler escort The ball was in my court.

I felt her hips. She was not wearing knickers but had the tape round the hip region. On the third day she prefers external padding for her periods. When and if I expose her I would see that bit of soft surgical gauze covering her slit. The thought got my penis to bursting point. Boldly I held her night dress that lay crumpled round her waist and pulled it down. I would have whooped with joy for Rhoda lifted herself up so that I could pull her dress away. I did it in one swift move. She now sat before me naked but for the thin strip of white cloth over the slit of her vulva. I kissed the cloth and looked up. Rhoda was looking down and smiling. It was a smile that overflowed with affection.

I undid the hook of the tape; I held the cloth bit at the top and gently peeled it away. There was blood stain in the pad. I folded it and placed it away. With both hands I pulled her to the edge of the sofa. ‘No,’ she said, ‘don’t,’ but her actions belied her speech. She did not put her feet in the air as she normally does. She spread her thighs and with knees almost straight she pressed her forefeet against the side of the sofa. I looked up. Like someone who had lighted the fuse, with wide open expectant eyes she was waiting for the cracker to explode.

I licked the clitoris. She shivered. Then I licked every bit of menstrual blood from the inner and outer lips till they were clean and shiny. My cat could not have done a better job. With my fingers I spread out the labia to get the clitoris out. It was swollen and angry. I licked it. I knew that the G Spot would be large and as close to the surface as it can ever get to be, and so it proved. She vibrated and at the right moment I swiped in slow swipes. She cascaded down the slope, panting. As the final gesture I caught the clitoris between and lips and withdrew the lips till the clitoris slipped between my lips. She screamed. She slipped down the sofa on to the carpet. ‘Quickly, I can’t wait,’ she said. Nor could I. I entered her and soon enough I ejaculated and she had her first in unison with me. I waited and gave her two more. We lay exhausted in each others arms. ‘Promise you would never leave me,’ she said. ‘I promise,’ I said, and I have kept the promise.


I can now summarise the results of my experiences with the G Spot:

The G Spot like the phantom limb is not a physical reality but resides in the cerebral cortex of women and manifest itself during (and only during) sexual intercourse. Its location cannot be pinpointed owing to the very nature of it but it is round about the upper part of the vaginal orifice but never at the surface.

For a woman to experience orgasm she must feel the G Spot. As the G Spot resides in the cerebral cortex unless the woman is in a mood for intercourse she cannot feel it and hence she cannot have orgasm. This is why unlike men women do not have orgasm with every intercourse. .

At times during licking or during intercourse the woman would say that he is close but is not touching. She is aware of the G Spot and is desperate for the man to touch it. Wild licking or pumping will not work. One has to lick with the clitoris opened out with fingers. If it is during intercourse man must press the upper surface of the vagina with the dorsum of the penis. Both methods have good chances of success, but are by no means certain to produce results.

Large penises have better reach to the G Spot.

During menstruation owing to the congestion of the vulval region and breast, the parts are more sensitive and the G Spot appears with greater ease. But first man must overcome the inherent objections women have to intercourse while they are menstruating. If the woman is hesitant she will not be in a mood for successful intercourse.

Except when both partners are steaming hot with desire foreplay with clitoral licking is necessary to get the G Spot out. Any man who takes pride in bringing his partner to orgasm every time he has intercourse (as all men should) must become adept in the art of cunnilingus.

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