New Lease on Life – My Favorite Toy

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(Disclaimer: This story is meant to be part of a series that I am starting. However, I was inspired to write out this portion first, while doing none other than playing with my favorite toy.)


While I loved lubing up the rubber replica of Rich’s cock and cramming it in to my slick pussy when we were together on Skype (and any other chance I could get), there was something missing during our mutual masturbatory sessions. Our Skype sessions were usually about an hour long, quite enough time for me to have several orgasms, but my poor little fingers cramped after several minutes of the vigorous clit rubbing that was necessary for me to come just once.

During my marriage, and shortly after its demise, I had owned a couple of “rabbit” vibrators. If you have never felt the pleasure that one of these can provide, you are missing something. I’ve worn a few of them out myself. A new one is exactly what I’m in need of for my next session with Rich.

I’ll never forget when I received my first.

It just happened to be a Thursday, the one day a week that I had the afternoon off and the house to myself. I had been obsessively tracking the shipment online and was ecstatic that the delivery would coincide with my alone time. There would be a couple of hours between the time I got home from work and the time that the UPS delivery man usually appeared at our house, so I passed the time by relaxing in the bath and reading from my paperback collection of erotica. Between thumbing through the pages of the steamy stories and the anticipation of playing with my new toy, by the time I exited the bath and patted myself dry (a little more vigorously than was needed, I admit), my cunt was on fire.

Either the delivery was early that day or I’d spent way more time than intended soaking in the bath, because by the time I was able to tie my white satin robe around my body, I began to hear the sound of tires traveling the length of our pebbled driveway.

Hurrying to make sure that I was presentable, I then ran to the door and waited for his knock, so that I wouldn’t appear too eager to receive what he was about to deliver. I looked down canlı bahis şirketleri at my robe, noticing the peaks of my erect nipples straining against the satin of my robe. It would be obvious that I was excited about something. Although the delivery was supposed to be packaged in a way that would make it impossible for the delivery man to guess what was inside, a brief though entered my mind. What if he did know what was inside, or at least from where the delivery came? Here I was, waiting at the door almost naked, my anticipation certainly visible through the thin cloth covering my breasts.

Those thoughts quickly fled when I heard his feet upon the steps just a brief second before his knock on the door. I took a deep breath, smoothed the robe over my body with slightly sweaty palms and opened the door as if there was no concern about what was in the package on the other side.

A brief smile and greeting were exchanged as the package was passed into my possession, and then the door was closed between us once more. After listening to the tread of his boots walking down the steps of the porch and the engine of the truck rumbling back to life, I walked quickly through the house to my bedroom and set to getting apart the packaging that contained my new toy.

After a few too many minutes I had accomplished this and inserted the batteries. Everything was ready.

Running my hands up the front of my robe, I stopped to cup and lift the heavy breasts that lay beneath. Using the thumb and forefinger of each hand I rolled each nipple between them, gradually applying more pressure, until they were once again as erect as they were when I was waiting for the delivery.

Satisfied, I disrobed and climbed into the middle of the king size bed and propped my back against the stack of pillows that I had already prepared. It turned me on to be able to see as much of myself as possible when I was masturbating and I had been daydreaming of seeing the shaft of the new toy shoved deep into my wet snatch and the “ears” flicking at my clit since I had ordered it almost a week prior.

It was, admittedly, a bit funny looking. Hot pink in canlı kaçak iddaa color, the shaft was about five and a half inches long. The length of the shaft surrounded what looked to be a multitude of metal beads that promised “three rotation speeds” along with five different rotation patterns providing “intense g-spot stimulation.” Attached to the shaft was what gave the toy its name, a two to three-inch portion of silicone that was in the shape of a rabbit’s head surrounding a vibrating bullet and from which two ears protruded, supposedly perfect for clitoral pleasure.

With my feet placed on the bed, I spread my legs, picked up the vibrator, and turned the clitoral stimulation on to the lowest setting. My left hand found my left breast and caressed, pulling at the nipple and rolling it between the thumb and forefinger once more as I touched the gently vibrating ears of the vibrator to my right nipple. A soft sigh escaped me at the sensations. I closed my eyes and laid my head back for a minute or so, teasing myself, my pussy beginning to throb as I thought of the same flickering over my gradually swelling clit.

After a few moments of anticipation, I removed the hand squeezing my breast and used it to splay open the lips of my sex. Lifting my head back up, I propped my body so that I could see what was happening. Between the vee of my fore and middle fingers, my clit was beginning to glisten with excitement.

Unable to wait any longer, I removed the vibrator from my right breast and lightly touched the ears of the rabbit to my clit. Still at its lowest speed, a jolt of pleasure shot through my body nevertheless, and I could feel the juices of my excitement trickle down the walls of my cunt,

The week’s worth of waiting for my prize seemed to be as much foreplay as I needed. My empty cunt throbbed, dying to be filled.

Spreading my legs wider, I began to insert the head of the shaft into my waiting pussy. I moaned loudly as I slowly glided it in to the hilt, my steadily increasing juices making it no problem to fill my cunt with what it needed.

Squirming with pleasure, I turned the vibrator so that the still vibrating canlı kaçak bahis nose of the rabbit was resting once more against my clit. I sat up partially, so that I could hold the toy in place and play with the second set of controls, turning on the rotating g-spot stimulation.

As soon as the second motor started, I could feel the beads rotating in the walls of my pussy. An orgasm started to build immediately as I ground my body against the toy while simultaneously pumping it into my steaming cunt with my fist.

Feeling daring, I managed to stop pumping for a brief moment to ramp up both the clitoral and vaginal stimulation up to the highest speed.

Grabbing the base of the toy once more with my hand, I pumped the shaft in and out of my now soaking cunt, letting it come almost all of the way out, before slamming it back down into my steaming pussy once more. Each time, the shaft slid gloriously along the walls of my sex, the head rubbing in that oh so perfect spot, while the nose of the rabbit ground and vibrated against my sensitive clit.

Reveling in the sensations and no longer caring about seeing what was going on, the hand that was spreading my sex for view, now occupied itself with pulling at my tits and pinching the nipples once more. Harder and harder I pinched each nipple, mauling myself with the one hand, while pumping at my now sopping wet pussy with my new favorite possession. While not a usually vocal masturbator, the moans now escaping me became increasingly loud.

The pressure building in my cunt became almost impossible to withstand before I was wracked with one of the most explosive orgasms I have ever had. Groaning and jerking, I could no longer control my hands and let them fall on to the bed beside me. The convulsions of my pussy had the vibrator locked tight within until the waves of pleasure eventually receded and I was able to regain the use of my faculties to remove it and turn both of the sections off.

Shuddering, almost unable to catch my breath, I lay on the bed, grateful for the turning blades of the ceiling fan above me.

After a few moments of rest, my left hand found it’s way to my hot snatch once more, rolling my clit between my fingers and determining that my afternoon of fun was not over. My new favorite toy demonstrated its virtues at least four more times that afternoon and probably hundreds more over the years ahead.

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