New Employee

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New Employee
We had a new account executive visit our office this week. She was from southern California and came up to do some training and meet the staff. I was introduced by her co-worker. “Brad, this is Linda. She’s a new AE and will be with us all week to learn how we do business. I hope you are available to walk her through some stuff later in the week?”

I should have been pissed. My week was shaping up to be really busy and I didn’t have time to “babysit” a new AE – even for a couple hours. As I turned to let the co-worker “have it”, I saw Linda. She was a tall; probably 5’ 9” as she was just a hair shorter than I am (I’m 5’ 10”). Her long dark hair was straight and almost glowing under our horrible fluorescent lighting. My eyes traveled down her body and as I looked up into her eyes, I could almost hear her say, “my eyes are up here, stupid!”

I quickly changed tactics, “Great to meet you Linda! How are you liking the new position?” The eyes that just moments ago were on the verge of going angry, softened as she spoke for the first time. “I’m not sure I like the weather you brought in for me, but the people are nice.” Her voice was soft, very feminine, but strong.

The weather did suck. It was cold and snow was in the forecast for later that night. “I’m sorry about the weather,” I said, “Not much I can do for you there, but I can help you understand what we do.” Her smile was brilliant. My co-worker, who I had completely forgot about said, “So I’ll leave her with you?” I looked up and said, “Ya, I got this.”

For the next few hours, Linda and I worked our way through the business. We talked and traded stories. We sat shoulder to shoulder and on multiple occasions, our hands touched. The bet siteleri air in my cube was electric and we both felt it. Lunch was a quick bit at the deli down the road. But it was there that I learned she was just recently divorced.

“The good thing was there are no k**s,” she told me. “We decided early on, that k**s and careers don’t work, so I jumped in. Unfortunately, it drove us apart. He found a lover and she’s pregnant.”

“Oh man,” I said. “I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be,” she said with a little sparkle in her eye. “We weren’t going to make it and I’m excited for the prospect of meeting new people and “enjoying” their company.” She used the finger quotes when she said “enjoy”. I smiled and she gave me the most sexy look I’d ever seen.

Now would be good time to describe Linda. As I stated before, she’s 5’ 9” with long dark hair. I would say her body type is trim. You could tell she took her work outs seriously. She had really long legs. About half her body was legs. Her push-up bra was doing a very convincing act of portraying her as endowed, but I knew better. She wasn’t very big, but that was fine with me. I love all breasts.

After lunch, we continued to work together. As the day wound to a close, she whispered in my ear, “What are you doing tonight? Are you available to show a single lady around town?” My dick immediately sprang to life. “Hell ya,” I replied. “I bet we can find a few interesting places.” Again, her smile knocked me out.

After work, we met at a bar close to the office and her hotel. We both ordered a drink and by the time they came, we were both in serious lust. “What do you say we pound these drinks down and then go back to my room for more “pounding”,” again using air pinbahis giriş quotes around the second “pounding.” I must have shown some shock because she said, “I’m very up front and honest with people I’m attracted to.” My response was to grab my beer and guzzle it down. She laughed and quickly drank her glass of wine.

By the time we arrived at her room, we were both so horny. We pushed in and began undressing. I was right, her breasts were not as big as the bra led on, but boy were they nice. Her whole body was amazing. I’ve been with some nice looking women, but as I’ve grown older and only been with older women, I’ve seen more flab than fit. But Linda was fit. She was downright perfect.

She took control of the situation. She kissed me hard and sucked longingly on my tongue. My hands were enjoying those amazing tits. She lead me toward the bed and pushed me down. “Do you like my body?” She teased as she pushed her breasts together and began to remove her pants. “Oh ya,” was all I could get out. “I saw you looking and dreaming. I wanted you to get good and hot. I think I did a good job.” Her head was pointing at my cock, which was fully aware of everything going on. All I could do was smile.

As the panties came off, I got a good look at the pussy. She kept it nicely manicured, but not shaved. I like that … maybe I’m a little old fashion, but it turns me on. “You are so lovely,” I said. “Shut up and let’s get started,” was all she said. She lay down next to me and positioned herself in the 69-position. I wasn’t going to argue as her beautiful pussy was lowered toward my mouth.

I struck first, placing my hot, wet tongue on her very wet clit. She took in some air and then online bahis began sucking my very swollen member. We got into a rhythm then. Sucking, licking, flicking, opening, digging, pressing, massaging; and then doing it all over again. She was moaning; I was moaning. It was pure magic.

She tasted so good. And she pressed down just enough for me to get to a good position. I could tell she was enjoying it by the shakes and shivers I felt her give. Her skills were also pretty good. She spend some time playing with the head of my cock before sucking it all in. Her mouth working the top half and her hand worked the bottom.

I finally said, “I love this, but am not going to last much longer.” She rolled off and quickly positioned herself under me. “Fuck me hard,” was all she said. I didn’t need much more encouragement. I slide my wet dick into her hot hole and let it sit for moment. We both took in a deep breath and then the dance began. My head was swimming and my cock felt like it might explode. She was moaning and rubbing her pussy as I pumped in and out.

It didn’t take long for her to scream. “Fuck ya” and she wilted into an orgasim. I was really happy to see that because I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled my cock out and began to pump. The spray was much larger than normal, as I covered her breasts and stomach with my cum. She grabbed my dick after the first load and continued to push it up and down. The second shot hit her in the face and her tongue reached out for the cum on her chin. After the third load just dripped out, she sucked my dick into her mouth and finished me off.

As my heart rate began dropping, she released by dick and I dropped next to her on the bed. “That wasn’t too bad,” I said. “That was the best fuck I’ve had in years,” was her response. I looked over at her and her beautiful body. “When do you go home?” “Not until next week.” We both smiled and knew that it was going to be a fun week of “training.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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