Neighborhood Adventure 5

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Neighborhood Adventure 5The day felt like it would never end, we were rocking since we woke up and now we were going to Tina and Tom’s for another round of party, sex, love, divergence, and more. Sophie had her black dress on, and she dressed me in one also, with a black wig, and sultry makeup. I had my big boobs on with a black bra and black stockings with black heels. We were the dark couple and hoped Tina and Tom would be in white or red.We ducked through the gate in the fence and showed up on their back porch. Sophie had another idea and dragged me out to the street, luckily it was dark, and being in black it was hard to see my outline. She made me walk the whole length of the block and then back. Luckily, no one was out, and we walked up to Tina’s front door, rang the bell and Tom showed up all dressed in white, top to bottom and a blonde at that. He looked very pretty, and he and I kissed upon our entrance, Tina showing up in her red outfit, which was also very pretty. We were quite a mix of colors and admired each other for their selection of clothes.Tina invited us into their den, which had a large screen tv a large couch with a generous coffee table, fireplace, and bar. We cruised to the bar and got some drinks. Sitting there, Tom and I were immediately drawn to each other like we had not seen each other in a month. Tom said, “did your divergence hunger get fed this morning>” I replied, “it sure did, before we went out and after, Sophie told me about her private divergence and she is into piss, diapers, and jerking off. Of course, we both are into jerking off, especially if we jerk each other off.” Tom agreed we were best jerkoff buddies and would have to come up with some divergent themes to keep us interested.I said, “I had a hankering for some divergence tonight, hope your cock is up for some bondage, Tom looked at me and said, Ted, I have loved cbt since I could wank, bet we would compete for the girls on how divergent we might become.” I heartily agreed and Tom leaned over and kissed me and slipped his hand up my leg landing on my securely covered cock and balls. He was deeply tonguing my mouth and I his as the girls looked over and said, are not you two something, dressed up and jumping into each other as fast as anything. Sophie said, “Ted I want you to give us a show and bring out your hardware and show Tom some of the ropes, ha ha.” Tom said, “Ted and I are old jerkoff buddies, and we know the ropes for sure.”Sophie said, “you think you know the ropes, but Ted brought more than ropes, show him Ted. I reached around and pulled my bag of goodies out. First, I felt Tom’s cock up and got it going a bit, his 8” was growing as I spoke. I said Tom, take off your dress, leave on your panties, and sit in the chair over here. I pulled out a cock ring and put it on his cock, which was now deflating a bit, good thing, we had more to go.I then pulled out 10 wrist bands used for exercise, I put each on over the cock ring in the back of it so this cock and balls were Amsterdam Escort Shemale being pushed out from his body. Once I had the last one on his cock just stuck out so far it was obscene. I pulled up his panties over his cock and felt him through the soft nylon, he was feeling so high he just sat back. The girls came over to feel him up as they continued to enjoy their drink. Tom was like on display, I went around and felt up his big tits and kissed him deeply as the girls also kissed each other sharing the moment.Tina came in and started sucking Tom through his panties, his cock sticking out so far. Sophie pulled my dress off me and exposed my cock which had the same treatment as Tom’s. It was sticking way out from my body and was enjoying the hand job that Tom was giving me, feeling my cock through my panties.I pulled out a couple more panties and pulled them up over my cock making the sensation much tighter and sensitive to touch. I was loving this divergence. I went around and pulled Tom up from his seat and spread his legs, pulled down his panties, and felt his ass up. Sophie joined me and stuck two fingers up his butt, and I did another two, Tom was getting hard. Tina was keeping up her handling Tom’s cock and balls. She pulled out a clip from the bag I brought, said, ” Ted where do I put this?” I said, “clip is to his balls, put about 4 clips on this ball, Tom winced from the pinch and more lust filled his eyes. Then Tina, “put the rope around his balls and hang the weights from it, it will stretch them out as well.” She smiled and tied a great knot.Sophie was stretching Tom’s hole and I kept pushing deeper, Tom was moaning, and we were all cooing about what a fine job we were doing to Tom. I pulled out a large butt plug and slipped it into his asshole. He spread his legs to accept it and Sophie and I pulled out our fingers and pulled up Tom’s panties. Sophie said, “Ted I think you should also be plugged like Tom, and she pulled out a bigger butt plug and worked it up my ass after she pulled the 3 pairs of panties down. I felt bigger and fuller now, Sophie pulled up my panties and I was held firmly.Tina pulled me around to face Tom and Sophie pushed Tom, so we were both touching our front sides together, we started grinding into each other, and the girls pushed our faces together and made us kiss again. I pulled Tom to me and he did the same, we were in a solid embrace. I said, “Tom I feel like a little k** again, this is so fun, I love how hard your cock it, Tina agreed.” Sophie, what else do you have in your divergent mental suitcase?Sophie pulled Tina out to another room and they were gone for a bit. Tom and I continued to kiss and rub against each other, we were both loving the tightness and slipperiness of our cocks rubbing against each other. I pulled on his butt plug shoving it deeper and he mine, we were getting so high. We were wondering what the girls were up to, and then they appeared.Sophie had a baby blanket covering her rotterdam Escort Shemale and a nightie making her look like a baby, Tina followed her and she also had a similar look. Then we saw the diapers, they were both wearing diapers. Tom and I looked with wide eyes. Sophie was carrying a cock pacifier and she would share this with Tina, they were both sucking it together at one point. They came over and started to act like babies touching everything, which was cool.Sophie was feeling Tina’s diaper, and her own, we all started feeling their diapers and it was a bit odd and out there. I had not done diapers like this every. I put my finger inside the front of Tina’s diaper and felt it kind of wet, I asked, “did my baby Tina wet her panties, and she nodded and smiled, like a little girl, except she had big tits which looked good on her. Then Sophie piped up, “I wet my panties too daddy, am I a bad girly?” And yes, you are, you will get a spanking my baby princess, come lay over my knees. I led her to the couch and put her over my knees and pulled down the wet diaper, all yellow and dripping, she really let loose in this one.I noticed quickly that she had a butt plug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy, both held in by some straps. I said, “my little baby is real naughty today, you are plugged up and feeling sexy all over, inside and out.” Sophie nodded, “I am a dirty naughty girl and need to be spanked.” I agreed and started to lightly spank her upturned ass. Crack, crack, crack went my hand, Tina came up close looked at Sophie’s reddening ass and ran off to the kitchen and came back with a flat spatula. Here use this it will make her scream and push her further.” Further? what could she mean by that?I started to hit Sophie with the spatula, she screamed out in pain, then after the 6th stroke she said, hard please, hit me harder, it makes my cunt get on fire, I love you spanking me daddy.” I looked at Tina and wondered what divergent territory they had covered together. Tina was acting like a cat that swallowed the canary, and I was hoping she would swallow me. Sophie kept up her moaning and finally after about the 25th swat she broke down and started crying and jerking into an orgasmic jag that kept her emotionally draining as her orgasm ravaged her body. I stopped spanking her and felt her ass on fire and played with her dildo to help her get off more fully and she kept jerking.Tina was kind of moving in closer and looking at me and Sophie. She said, “would you please discipline me for my dirty diaper, I wet it also, and I looked up in her eyes, “daddy please spank me I have been a bad little girl.” I slid Sophie off my lap into Tom’s arms to comfort her, it looked like I was going to be the big daddy here. I said, “Tina please tell daddy all the bad things you had done tonight and would like to do tomorrow before I spank you.Well, I have been naughty since I wet my diaper, then when Sophie pissed in my mouth and I drank it all and licked her cunny. Amsterdam Escort “You did, well you very dirty, dirty, girl. “What else did you do?” “Well I took her diaper off and sucked the wet spot, then pulled out the dildo in her pussy and fisted her pussy. She was really into it and pulled out her butt plug and I fisted her ass at the same time. We were so dirty; she came like nothing before. Then she wanted to do me, and I let her, I pissed all over her hand and she drank me as well. We were so dirty I need to be punished hard, please spank me now.” I took her over my lap and started with the spatula, at about the 10 spanks, Tina said, “oh, I have waited so long for this night, please spank me harder, Tom never would spank me, I will cum just from the spanking, oh oh oh oh oh I am warming up, hit my back as well. Then would you whip my tits, my big juicy tits?” I said, “of course my naughty baby girl needs to be punished for all the divergent things she has done so well, you and Sophie are my divergent twins, you both have the taste for wild and wonderful sexy activities. I expect you both to create some weekly.”I spanked her butt till red, then turned her over and whipped her tits until she had an orgasm, I was fisting her by that time and she was all over me with orgasmic jerks, my cock was so hard too.When I was finished, I went over to Tom who was still holding Sophie. I said, “Tom, I think it is time that you filled me with your piss, I want the ladies to see that we also can be divergent. I also want to pinch my nipples with clamps, and have you wax me with a candle before you piss in my mouth.” Tom got big eyes then smiled and the girls were like, candles, what in the world will he do next.Tom brought the clips over and clipped my nipples with 3 each. I was swooning and moaning endlessly as my cock was getting harder in my layered panties. Tom took out his cock and fed me with it, he was still wrapped tight in the wrist bands, I was gagging on the thick cock. As I was getting hotter, Sophie sensed that my pain threshold needed some adjustment and she came over and banged my clips with the spatula, this was really getting me hot. I sucked hard on Tom and he started cumming in my mouth, I pushed his butt plug up his butt and he came gallons of cream down my throat. Sophie came down and I shared his cum with her, then she rose and shared it with Tom. Tina saw all this sharing and she came over as well. Sophie then started paddling my butt with the spatula, which made me bloom in a sexual body high. Tina got down and pulled my cock out and sucked it. Sophie continued to paddle my butt, and Tom then started to pee a little into my mouth. I was swooning and started to cum in Tina’s mouth. Ohoohohohohohhoh, here is cums, suck me, Tina, beat my ass, Sophie, Piss in my mouth Tom, we all were making me happy. Tom’s yellow nectar was joined by mine being drunk by Tina. After I was done pissing Tina came up and shared it with Sophie, Tom, and me. We were all pissed off, haha. Tom said, “wow that was a hot one, glad I got it all on video, the trannies will love to see it.I was wondering if they were the ones on the zoom, and Tom indicated they were. Turns out Tom and Tina have had them over as well. I think we were in for another adventure soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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