Naya Suhag

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This is the true narration of a happening in my life. Off course I know that I am not a professional writer nor do I claim it but sure thing is that I have tried to write it down as it happened with the help of some understanding of basic human nature and some of my assumptions and imagination of what goes in human mind in some given particular moments, still keeping the truthfulness of the story. The names have been changed, off course the obvious reasons.

It has been raining; rather say down pouring for almost 3 days in New Delhi now. But that is the month when the Mother Nature does that every year in those months. After the burning heat of the summer it was a great change and one could almost smell the muddy wet fresh fragrance in the air and the moisture present in the air teasing the skin to soft touch sensitivity.

Anita stood in her balcony of the flat on the third floor of the apartment building with her cup of mint tea, sipping it slowly and surveying things around her. This was her daily ritual after getting up in the morning. Similar surroundings, familiar faces, similar type of early morning movements of people, children out to go to school and all routine things, which she was so used to see all the days. Then her eyes drifted to the flat below and that was when she saw some thing different from the other days. The fellow who used to be there every morning doing his morning exercise was not there. For the past six months since the man in the flat directly below hers moved in, she has noticed that he did his workout in the morning without fail and it showed in his physique, he was a well built man and it was hard to find even a trace of body fat. He had the physic of a model with stomach muscles quite visible.

That was one major part of the sight seeing Anita used to come out in the mornings at this particular time. She did not know anything about the person in the apartment below, not even the name of the person. But that did not matter as knowing the name of the person would not have decreased the fun that she was getting from the “sight seeing”. She was pretty sure that she was always unobserved by him watching him in the mornings as she was on two floors above him and in the shade of the balcony plants.

Not seeing the person in the balcony disappointed Anita and all of a sudden she realized that how much the “sight seeing” has become the part of her life giving her whatever good she could get. Anyway there was nothing much left in the life of Anita after the demise of her husband. Till the time her husband was alive she had a rather good life. A good loving husband, enough money to buy most of the good things and small luxuries, safe future and good fulfilling sex. That time she used to think that how much she needed her husband and all the things that comes with husband including sex. Few months after the death of her husband she realized it that although the husband was gone but the needs that became part of her life due to the husband still exists. Luckily she was financially secure; late husband was a smart man to look for future safety. She invested the legacy money in such a way so that she kept on getting the regular income on the monthly bases while the original amount was safe.

But life needs more than the financial security. A widow at the age of 32 surely needs more than the money to make life feel like living. With the social taboos and the restrictions that comes as part of the social “package” for a widow in Indian society, she found it impossible for her to look for “alternatives” to keep her satisfied other then the occasional sex fantasy dreaming and masturbating either with fingers or some other objects. But as all will surely agree, that is not the “real thing” to bring the “real joy”, that too when you know what real thing and real happiness is.

She used to dream about a lot of people making love to her but since the person had moved in the apartment below her, he had been her lover in the dreams most of the times. Having watched him exercise in shorts and his moving strong muscles that was the picture too vivid in her mind and was most of the times part of her masturbating practice.

But he was not there today morning, the first time since he moved in! Disappointed she tried to think of other things but her mind kept on coming back to the person.


It broke her thinking and then she realized that it was the doorbell. She did not know how many times the bell already was rung.

“Coming…” she said and moved to the door thinking that it was her maid to do the house-cleaning job.

She opened the door and saw the person from the apartment standing there.

“Good morning!” He said.

“I am sorry to bother you with this. I live in the apartment below you and my name is Rakesh. Unfortunately today due to the rain my newspaperman and the milkman has not come and I am left high and dry for a cup of tea. If it is not a bother to bakırköy escort you can I borrow some milk from you so that at least I can say thank you to some one. I did not say thank you to my milkman and the newspaperman.” He said that with a shy and sorry smile.

“Sure, come in.” Anita said.

She was a sort of breathless having seen him so close. Her heartbeat was a little high.

Rakesh came in, hesitant and a little shy.

“In fact I was about to make some tea for myself too. Would you like some?”

She said that and then added “Sure you can take the milk too and then make some tea of your own in your house if you think that I did not make a good mint tea!”

“Oh.. Well that would be nice but I don’t want to be invading you like that. Asking for the milk too is already enough embarrassment for me.”

“Oh.. no. In fact you will do me a favor by sitting and having a cup of tea with me. You don’t know how boring it can be to be all by yourself all day. Please…….”

That did it. Rakesh sat down on the sofa in the room.

They started talking about anything and everything. Slowly the conversation did put them at ease with each other, without getting too personnel they introduced themselves and then she came to know that he was still unmarried at the age of 34 and worked as a hotel manager in one five star hotel. It was his day off. He was a career-oriented person and his career never gave him time to seriously think about marriage.

“I will come back in two minutes!” Anita said.

Before Rakesh could utter something, she was gone.

Anita was feeling very happy for some reason.

After a few minutes she came back with the breakfast in one tray and placed it in front to Rakesh.

“Ok we had morning tea together so lets eat breakfast together.” She said.

“Wow! It is so nice for you offer me that but I feel bad that already you have taken so much of trouble for me! Now this!”

“Please……” that’s all Anita said. “And more over you have your day off today so spend some time here. I get bored all day with any visitor hardly. And you shall sure get to know your neighbors. You never know when you may need their help, just like this morning.”

Seeing the happy face of Anita, Rakesh could not say anything and started eating the breakfast.

After finishing breakfast they took another cup of tea and set on the sofa next to each other and started talking again about so many things.

She told him about the husband’s death and how the life can be so difficult for a widow. And he told her how hard life could be working in a hotel and all that sort of stuff went on for a while. But during all the talking Anita could not keep her mind away thinking of his strong body and she was having gradual subconscious arousal.

“I see you working out every day, you got a fine body!” Anita blurted out. “You do really take care of yourself.”

“Yeah.. It keeps the mind and body fit.”

“Your arms are in particular very strong.” It just came out of her mouth without letting her even think what was coming out of her mouth.

Rakesh looked a little shy but managed the situation by generalizing her statement saying that all can have good physique by regular exercise.

“Yes.. Well…most of the people are either too lazy or don’t have time for that kind of thing. But sure you have taken real good care of yourself.” Saying this she just touched his arms in appreciation.

“So you have not married! Can I ask you why?” Anita said, all the time in sort of massaging his arm.

“I just never thought about that, and at times when I thought about that I could never put those thoughts in to actual action. Life in a hotel profession can be pretty hectic you know!”

“Yes I know”

By now she was feeling his chest over the sleeveless t-shirt he had on, massaging him gently. This touch of him was awakening her feelings and her breath was getting hotter. She could feel her cheeks getting warm. It was such a good feel that despite her mind saying to stop she was helpless. Rakesh was feeling the heat in the atmosphere there too. But they kept on talking about anything and everything for the sake of talking and not to interrupt what was happening silently between them

Then it happened!

The eyes of Anita met with the eyes of Rakesh and got locked. They understood each other in that flash of second and then without a word being said their lips met together. It was a warm lip kiss with the hot air oozing out of their mouths. It was more of a “break the ice kiss.” They separated for a while only to be glued back again but this time it was “a kiss of lust,” a kiss to let out what was buried deep in Anita. Her tongue came out to find its way in the mouth of Rakesh. It was pure and pure lust, which was engulfing her now every second on the double just like the bush fire spreading. Her hands moved from the chest and went to his belly and entered under beşiktaş escort the t-shirt feeling the skin and hair on the chest. Her hands were moving so fast on his body as if she wanted to feel him everywhere and as fast as possible.

Rakesh came back to his senses after this initial burst of lust and tried to push Anita away!

“This is not right, we should not be doing this.”

“Ummmm… nothing is wrong in this my love.” Anita said

“But what the people ah… will say?

“Why worry about all that crap. They have not done anything for me except keep me away from love in the name of society rules and all that sort of crap as if I am not a human being, I do have my needs. I am a widow but my needs still exist. I have to live like any other human being, and life is never good without the love. And believe me no one cares other then their own lives. No body will talk if you and I don’t talk about it. It is a bigger sin to let a women die just because she did not get love in the name of society’s thinking and rules instead of giving her love which is called immoral by so called society which in itself is so immoral and cruel.”

All the while she said that her hands were at his body, feeling him, kissing him on the chest, nibbling on his nipples, massaging his hair. That was having the positive effect on him along with her talk. She felt his arms going around her and then she knew it that she has found the love.

They continued the kissing again and this time she felt him kissing her back with pure lust as the guilt part had died by now in him.

His hands started moving on her body pulling her in to him. Her tongue was moving in his mouth feeling warmth and moisture in the mouth, teasing him. His eyes were intoxicated and looked like unfocussed half closed as if going through a dream. He was meeting the response of the heat that he was generating in her with the similar heat from her. It is something that was really mind blowing.

Anita was feeling the heat as some volcano within her and ready to erupt. She disengaged from the kiss and lifted her head as if heat was becoming too much for her to bear and that was the time Rakesh put his lips to the neck of Anita.she was already moaning and as a result of that her moans became louder.

“Ah… ummmm.. hai…. Ah…. Uffffffff….ahhhhh…..”

With the warm steam coming out of her mouth. She felt she was flooding in her panties. Rakesh continued his kissing on her neck and then slowly moved to her back neck holding and hugging her. Anita pulled him more in to her pressing her nails in his back.

“Pleaseeeeee….. uh… my lllloove…..ah…..”Anita murmured.

“Yes Anita.. ah…. Mmmmmmm.” Rakesh was not only kissing her but also actually licking her on the back neck. The feel of his wet tongue and dry lips with the steam coming out was a sensation that aroused her to the limits.

The room was filled with the moans and the heat. The cold of the rain was gone and it was heat like the Africa.

Her titts were hard, real hard and were paining within the confinement of the dress she was wearing. Just then Rakesh’ hands started wandering. They moved to her waist, which was surely very sensual to the touch, as when he touched her she felt her self coming.


The hands felt her waist for some time massaging and then moved on to the next place, so close and so exciting. His hands were massaging the breasts of Anita, feeling them, massaging them and in one motion her blouse came off swiftly. His mouth reached the upper mounds of the breasts which was visible and out of the confinements of her bra. Licking them and supporting and massaging them with the hands. But for Anita who was on fire by now it was just not enough and she wanted to feel his hands on the flesh. So she hurriedly removed the bra and pulled his two hands on them and pressing them on the breasts. Rakesh pressed them and she just could manage a sigh…..

“Harder please….”

He pressed the beautiful pair of hard, firm breast harder and then releasing them just to concentrate on the pinkish brown buds, which were sticking up inviting him to pamper them. He pinched them slightly and then better decided to let the mouth do that. He started circling them with the tongue and tease them. The sighs and moaning of Anita made him to suck them. He nibbled on them one by one. By now Anita was profusely coming. The touch of his on the breast was sure a peak point for her. She was moving her bottom rapidly showing the intense orgasm she was having.

While licking and sucking the breasts, his hands were not idle either. He was holding her well shaped bottom and massaging them and then slowly moving hands inside the panty of hers, feeling her in flesh and in the mean time pushing the finger in the crack of the bottom. Panty was making his hand’s movements hard and the panty was not to stand in between the fun and the heat that beylikdüzü escort was generated so far. It just came out with the movements and direction of the fingers of Rakesh.

Without warning Rakesh put his mouth to the source of all the nectar that was so far finding its way on the thighs of Anita.

“Ah…….. dar…lin…..ggggg… ahhhhhh…..” she was panting and coming again. She started moving and rubbing the pussy against the mouth, nearly splashing the mouth of Rakesh with the come. She held the head of Rakesh between her thighs and continued the tongue fuck. His head was nearly crushed between her thighs pressure, the pressure she was putting on it in her ecstasy to hold him glued to her pussy.

He kept on sucking on the juice and when it was nearly sucked then he put his finger in side as if to get more of the juice and it came too, in abundance. He licked it all.

Anita was in the heavens by this time.

“ Oh… dar… liiii…nnnngg…. Ah….. fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeeee.pleaseeeee…..” “Fuck.” She was undulating her hips in a frenzy. Realizing that it was the time for him to put some more action, Rakesh got up and before he could do anything Anita was holding him with one hand and other on the crotch massaging him. She took the pants and underwear out in one fast movement. Had a good lusty look at what she saw and smiled as if agreeing with it. It was not one of the 10”dicks as said so may times and boasted about by so may people, but was an average cock of about 6.5” standing beautifully. It looked more so beautiful against the background of the flat fatless hard stomach with the six pack muscles. She held in in her hand and then massaged it for a few minutes looking in to eyes of Rakesh. Then she went down on her knees and took it in her mouth. She was not one of the best in the art of sucking cock but still she was good enough to make Rakesh moan with ecstasy. The head of his cock was red and hard and wet shining. There was no more time to be lost as no more stimulation was needed as it could be seen in the eyes of both of them.

Laying her on her back, he positioned himself on her and started rubbing on her pussy.

“Fuck me.. fuck me.. fuck me…” Anita said in a husky lusty voice, chewing his earlobe.

“Ah…….oh… god…..darling…..ah….”

His lips were on her mouth and dick deep in the pussy. They just laid there for some time and then Rakesh felt her pussy squeeze on his cock. He begin his movements. It was such a smooth and silky road to travel on…..

“Fuck me…. Fuck me…. Fuck..ahhhhhhhhh”

She was moaning and crying at the same time.

He started pumping harder and harder and faster deep in her.

They were both screaming with lust and ecstacy.

“Ah…. Fuck…fuck….fuck”

“Yes…. Baby ah…. fuck you..fuck fuckfuckfuck”

They had so much of foreplay, even then it took them around ten minutes of actual fucking to feel the peak build up. They both felt that and silently they both knew it that it was time. I

He started pumping breathlessly and hard forgetting all and everything around him.


“Fuck..fuck…fuck…….aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..” she was panting and gyrating her hips under hammering.

“Fuck baby.”

She was moving with Rakesh trying to match him in rhythm but with little success.

“I a comminggggggggggggggg dar..linggggg.”

“Come baby.come. I am about to come too.”

Pumping was so fast that it was hard for her to breath and so was his condition. Then with the surge in his balls nearly boiling he came in her. He felt at least six shoots in her. He felt her squeezing her pussy around his dick. That’s all he remember as they both were sweating and with that he just dropped on her and she held him with her arms around her and hugging him as if fearing to loose him if she lets the arms go loose.

They had a sort of sleep for 15 minutes or so with his cock still partially in her. Then they kissed each other. He was getting hard again but then she got up and told him not to go wild but help her organize lunch. He laughed and got up. They together made lunch and had it. Later on then they were at the fucking again, surprisingly with the even stronger zest then the one before.

That day he stayed there for the dinner too and slept with her repeating the game of the day. Next day he took his shower with her and they did it again before he left for work.

They have been doing it on all the nights, few nights exception when they are just in the mood of talking. He lives in his flat but his most of the time is spent either on work or in her house, they are discreet enough to not to let anyone be suspicious. She has fired her housemaid for the safety reasons and as they enjoy to do things together themselves. He spends his off days with her all the time and they feel that weekly off days happening just once a week is not enough. Recently she has taken up the exercise too; her work out has helped them have even better sex since. It is like a volcano all the times. God it is something they can not live without anymore now.

I hope that you all enjoyed the narration. Women in Delhi or nearby area can contact me only if they are willing to be discreet and consider safety as the top priority and yes.. no strings attached please.

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