Naughty Boy! Ch. 02

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Warning: Please ensure that you have read Naughty Boy! before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of that posting. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


* * * * *

A week had passed since I had made love to my mother Erica for the very first time, and we had been banging away like rabbits every chance we got to be alone together. It was strange, to be the other man in a sordid little love triangle, giving a horny housewife the big, fat cock that she craved so very much… especially since the gorgeous babe I was screwing also happened to be my very own Mom!

My father-in-law, Roger Thompson, was at work so much nowadays that Erica and I were easily able to carry on around the house most of the time any way that we wanted to. We used this to our advantage, fucking and sucking our way through every single room in the huge house in a wide variety of different positions and motions.

Roger had just left for another long, hard day at his work, on the island borough of Manhattan. The day was looking very promising for the both of us, as I had the day off from university and Mom wasn’t planning anything special. The day was ours to do with as we would, and I could hardly wait to get right down to business and sink my throbbing red tool into my gorgeous mother’s steaming, tight wet gash.

When I finally got up out of bed and headed down to the kitchen to see what was for breakfast, I found a note on the kitchen bench-top written in Mom’s handwriting which said that she had gone out early to get a number of things from the shops, including a surprise that she promised me I would find quite to my liking, and I shouldn’t expect her to be back until around lunchtime.

She continued on with her note by apologizing for the spontaneity, and the fact that I wouldn’t be waking up to a nice good-morning fuck (she actually put this down in writing, which I loved!), but promised that she’d make it up to me tenfold. I swore to myself to hold her to her word!

Checking the nearest clock, on the oven nearby, I figured that roughly gave me two-and-a-half hours to kill on my own, so I decided that I’d get myself a glass of Milo for breakfast and hit the basketball hoops out the front, just for something to burn up the time. I quickly got changed into an old, loose-fitting faded blue Singlet and a pair of old gym shorts, then hit the court, which was really nothing more than the top of our driveway when there was no cars blocking the flat part, or the hoop itself.

I had played basketball for my private high school’s basketball team for a number of years, before study finally overwhelmed me and I put aside my ambitions to play the sport professionally – something that I had come to regret considerably, upon reflection. I loved basketball, loved the sport and the culture, and had always idolized the professional players as though they were not mere mortals but gods.

Life had a way of killing ambitions, hopes and dreams, I thought to myself with a wiry smile… but then again, I had to remind myself, what was my fantasies of my very own mother and I being lovers if not a dream, even up to a week ago?

I had to remind myself that anything was possible, if one had the guts and determination to make it so. That was a key lesson that I had yet to fully comprehend, but which I vowed to learn upon and to accept as truth.

As I was lining up yet another shot to sink into the hoop beside one of the three big garage doors out the front of our house, I could hear the sound of a car driving up the driveway behind me, and without turning around I could tell immediately that the car was not either my mother’s or my stepfather’s. Dropping the ball straight into the hoop in a perfectly executed swish, I turned around, and saw with a slight sense of apprehension that it was actually my ex-girlfriend from my high school and freshman year at uni, Mandy Swanson, driving up towards me in her old Mitsubishi hatchback.

I fought the urge to grimace, or to simply turn around on the heels of my feet and run back inside the house as fast as I could.

She had hurt me pretty bad, that bitch of a woman who now seemed to be wanting to see me for the first time in the last three years, and I really didn’t have any intention of opening up fresh wounds… but something held me rooted to the spot, some powerful, enigmatic force that seemed to sense my own deep, unconscious need for final confrontation and closure with this horrible, ghastly woman.

The hatchback was one of the oldest, most beat-up looking cars I had ever seen driving around, anywhere… but then, she wasn’t floating in the money, and never really ever had been. I wasn’t surprised that she was living in semi-squalor, because Mandy had never been the one to make the best choices in life, about anything… but she had never been the type of woman to look back on her life with anything remotely close to a regret. She made her choices and she move on with her life, breaking hearts and wrecking lives şirinevler escort as she went.

This whole thing seemed mighty peculiar, and my suspicions were raised about the entire situation. I knew there was a damn good reason why Mandy would be forced to re-enter my life, and that I probably wouldn’t like that reason very much at all…

As always, Mandy Swanson carried herself with an air of self-importance and supreme arrogance that defied her standards in life, which had to be on the all-round poor side, considering the fact that the last time I had seen her had been outside her trailer-park home which she had been living in with her drug-addicted mother. When she emerged from out of the driver’s side door of her hatchback Mitsubishi, Mandy appeared just as I had remembered her, so hauntingly mysterious and sexy.

With long, cascading strawberry-red hair, smallish light blue eyes, and a pretty, rounded face that seemed carved from china and utterly without blemish or imperfection, Mandy was a true goddess in every single aspect of her physical being. She was around 21-years-old, the same age that I am, and we had gone out for a couple of years from about the time we had started senior high school. Definitely as hot as I remembered, that was for sure…

She had the perfect, well-defined body of a sex-fiend, with large, full breasts (by my estimation at the least a DD-cup) and a firm, round, meaty ass. With long, smooth tapered thighs which seemed to go on forever, she was truly quite a hot little number – the fact that Mandy was dressed to the nines in a super-tight white halter top, some tight-fitting denim cut-off shorts, and a pair high, leather platform ‘fuck-me’ boots, definitely didn’t hurt her chances either.

As she got nearer and nearer to me, I tensed up physically, as if expecting her to actually race forward and attack me with her bare hands or something. Having her suddenly just appear without warning in my life again had me seriously spooked out, and quite understandably jittery, considering all the pain and suffering she had put me through in the past.

I had lost too much over her to allow Mandy to hurt me again, and now she was here, dressed so provocatively with her ass swaying the way it was so alluringly like it was from side to side… I felt as though I was trapped, suffocating, and found it so hard to breathe suddenly.

Mandy was suddenly right in front of me – I blinked my eyes, and she was still there, standing right before me with her hands on her hips, her right leg propped up a little higher than the left, and a slight smile on her darkened, ruby-red lips. I shuddered involuntarily, as though a whip had struck me across my hindquarters by her very presence, and her proximity to me.

Fighting back the urge to flee yet again, I faced down the woman who had hurt me so, and asked her the most obvious question in the world to me at that very moment – no ‘hello’, no ‘how have you been?’ none of that bull-crap. “What the hell do you want, Mandy?” I asked her, without a flicker of concern for her or warmth in any manner. For me, she was dead and buried, and Goddamn it that was the way that I wanted her to be!

“I wanted to talk to you, Kenny…” Mandy replied, and her face softened to something akin to warmth and affection – it was the closest expression that she was capable of making that came to love. “I know that I’ve hurt you badly, Kenny, but please… I want to make amends, and I want to help mend broken fences, not just for me but for Charlie as well!”

THAT NAME! The name of my former best friend who had hurt me so, who had betrayed our trust and our friendship by screwing my then-girlfriend Mandy behind my back for almost two years while I was seeing her!

His full name was Charles Ingram. I had cast him completely out of my life as soon as I had found out about their secret affair and the deception, and I had never seen him since then, but now, upon hearing that name yet again, I could not help but feel a ping of loss and sorrow, as though I actually missed him being a part of my life or something!

“Alright, what is this all about, you cow? I thought I made it clear when I last saw you that I never wanted to see your cheating ass, or that sonofabitch Charlie, ever again!” I spat out angrily, turning around and heading straight for the front door without looking back once to see whether Mandy was following or me or not.

I felt enraged, and also a little apprehensive, as though afraid at last to blow this one opportunity to make good on this chance and finally forgive my long lost friend and the woman that I’d loved and lost for their cheating ways.

In the end, I knew that I probably did have it in me to forgive them both for their betrayals, but I was afraid to take that chance, to let go of the hate which had helped sustain me through the years and that had helped mould me into the man that I had turned out to be.

Opening the front door and striding şişli escort purposefully into the lounge room, I dropped down onto the nearest leather couch and let out a long, painful sigh. Feeling the urge to just break down and cry like crazy, I held my emotions in check and held my head bravely up high when, low and behold, Mandy came striding into my home, undeterred by my stinging tirade and seemingly resolute in her determination to get through to me with her argument for reconciliation.

“Look, Kenny, I’m so sorry that we hurt you the way that we did back then, but you must believe me now when I tell you that we’re madly in love, and that we both are so very sorry for all the pain and suffering that our devious actions must’ve caused you…” Mandy said.

Looking at her face, I could almost believe her by the way her face crumbled with pain, as though she was bearing my own agony on her shoulders because she had been much of the cause of my suffering. I could feel my steely resolve wavering, and the more I looked into her eyes and read the sincerity in her demeanour, I began to slowly change my opinion on the entire situation.

“Well, you both stung me very bad with your actions, you both have to know and understand that…” I replied, putting a little steel into my voice, firming it up a bit. “I don’t know how you could just expect me to forgive you both and allow you to get on with your lives just because you say that the two of you are sorry! It doesn’t sound possible to me, I’m afraid.”

“Well, that’s why I’m here, darling…” Mandy said in a soft, sensuous voice, pushing her breasts forward towards me, flaunting her womanly wares brazenly and trying to coax me to arousal. I tried to fight against the horniness which was building slowly up inside of me, but it was a battle that I was destined to loose, I could tell that from the very start. “It was Charlie’s idea, actually, but I was more than happy to agree with it… sort of our way to make up for all the terrible pain and suffering we’d caused you.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing – my ex-girlfriend was propositioning me, for crying out loud! This was pretty fucking wild, and damn unexpected to say the least. But I couldn’t really say that I minded the idea, at least in principal… and then I noticed the gold and diamond engagement ring on her right ring finger, and I began to understand things a bit better.

“You’re engaged to Charlie, aren’t you?” I breathed, the surprise and pain evident in my voice and written all over my face. I had known that she was gone for years now, out of my life forever, but to know that they were actually going to get married, that they were really going to make a future together, still hurt me, more than I thought it was capable of doing…

“Yes, Kenny, I am. We’re planning to get married in the fall…” she said with a sigh, grimacing with shared pain as she saw the tortured look manifested across my face. “Look,” she quickly hastened to add, “this is meant to be a reconciliatory coupling, and Charlie is more than happy to let this happen. He wants it to be like it used to be between the two of you, all right? We have an open, free-spirited relationship, where we’re allowed to be with anyone that we want to, just as long as the partner knows them and approves… now, I want to be with you!”

I didn’t really know what to say. This was all so unexpected, but the idea of Charlie and I working through our differences and becoming friend again didn’t sound as improbable as I would have thought but a little while ago, especially since my Mom Erica and I had become a new item, and I had seemingly found a new sense of sexual harmony and love with her in my life.

And being with Mandy yet again definitely wasn’t as repulsive as I might’ve thought, especially since I knew that she was Charlie’s fiancé – a big part of me still wanted to stick it to that guy, and the best way that I could imagine messing up another fella was by screwing his girl! My cock, now granite-hard and bulging out against my pants, seemed to strain with barely-contained arousal as I imagined getting one last go at my ex’s dripping wet snatch, and feeling her full, luscious red lips wrapped again around my throbbing, boiling hot dick-shaft.

Without saying a word to her, I opened my arms and Mandy Swanson headed right for me, with a slight smile on her ruby-red lips. She swayed her ass sexily from side to side as she walked towards me, her smile growing all the wider as she came for me, dropping to her knees between my legs.

I squirmed around a little bit on my chair to try and get more comfortable, as Mandy reached out with her right hand to rub my crotch through the front of my shorts. Soon enough, she had me gasping and moaning softly with pleasure as Mandy began to get into her work. Reaching up a little bit further to grasp hold of the elastic belt of my shorts, Mandy pulled the front of my pants down over my bulging pants until my prick jutted taksim escort out in front of her face, and she immediately leaned forward to lick the underside of my bulbous cock-knob.

She slurped up a little bit of pre-cum which was billowing out of the very tip of my schlong, then used her tongue to knead and tease the sensitive dick-head with nothing short of absolute relish. Mandy licked and tongued the opening of my penile duct, working her right hand up and down my glistening shaft with a skilled, practiced hand.

My sexy ex-girlfriend definitely had a great mouth – she always had, and had definitely known, even when I’d first met her, how to use it. As she bent down further to take my right nut-sac into her mouth, licking and slurping on it til I was gasping and trembling with pleasure under her skilful oral ministrations.

I could hardly believe that the human body was capable of feeling such an overwhelming sense of pleasure – it was as though I was being choked with ecstasy, swamped with intense, orgasmic bliss that threatened to override everything else around me.

Mandy looked up at me from where she crouched, her face still nestled in my lap, and let my right ball drop out of her mouth with a wet, resounding plop sound. As I watched on, she looked up at me and smiled, then gave me a cute little wink. I knew then that I was in for one hell of a ride, and that I was going to enjoy every moment of it!

Returning her attentions back to my groin, Mandy began to run her tongue around the slick, saliva-moistened scrotal sacs below my blood-gorged dong, then made her way up the underside of my prick with the tip of her tongue, running the teasing tongue up to the head of my dick-staff.

Once I had reached the bulbous head, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and began to engulf my dong, slowly sliding it in there until the very tip of my prick was pressing in against the back of her throat. Mandy sucked on my penis like crazy, bobbing her head up and down on my straining prick while she squeezed and kneaded my ball-sacs at the same time.

There was definitely something about Mandy and her oral technique, a real masterful ability that I had to admire and appreciate. She had a way of using her teeth, her mouth and her tongue to their fullest capabilities, and I would have loved to have had her carry on the way that she was all day… but I wanted more from her than that, and I was the type of man who got what he wanted from his girls, when he wanted it.

I had, up until then, allowed Mandy to dictate the pace of the action, but I wasn’t going to allow her to just go at it as much as she wanted to anymore – I had needs of my own, too, and I wasn’t about to wait!

I grabbed a couple of handholds of Mandy’s long red hair and began to drive my cock up into her mouth, face-fucking her as hard and as long as I wanted to, almost making her gag on my dick-meat and making her eyes bulge wide open before slowing down, then finally pulling out of her mouth when I had finally tired of it.

After a long while, I pulled Mandy’s head back and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth, swirling my tongue around hers as we pashed violently. I pulled back at the last moment, leaving Mandy gasping, her face flushed with passion, and spat a large glob of spit straight from my mouth and into hers.

At first recoiling in shock and surprise, she then swallowed my saliva back down her throat and then gave me a thin, barely-visible smile. With that, Mandy stood up on her own two feet right in front of my chair and began to slowly, sensuously strip out of her clothing.

Watching the gorgeous, voluptuous redhead’s clothes slipping off, I reached down between her legs and started to stroke my schlong with my right hand. My eyes were riveted to every bit of Mandy’s beautiful, well-proportioned body that was exposed as she continued to remove her clothing, one item at a time…

First went her tight halter-top, thrown aside without much care, which exposed her lacy, light pink bra to my ravenous gaze. I could see much of her DD-cup titties, as well as Mandy’s straining, large dark-brown nipples. She had a pair of the most fantastic breasts I had ever come across, perfectly rounded and sculptured to fit in with total synergy with the rest of her physique.

Then, Mandy’s skimpy, super-sexy denim jeans went next… I watched as her matching pink G-string was exposed, a barely-there wisp of clothing that could hardly be classed as ‘clothing’ as it hardly covered much of anything at all. It was sheer and lacy, but I couldn’t see a trace of any pubic hair around Mandy’s crotch or through the lacy front of her G-string.

One thing that I could distinctly remember about my ex-lover was that she had a real hairy bush of dark red pubes, but she must’ve changed this since the last time that I was intimate with her… I had to admit that I was curious to see whether Mandy had decided to go completely bald, or if she had instead simply trimmed her pussy, made it neater in some way.

She bent over to begin to undo her platform shoes, but that was when I decided that it was necessary to step in and at last intervene… “Look, Mandy, I think we can leave those on, don’t you? They look pretty damn sexy on such a hot looking fox like you, baby,” I said to her.

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