My Yearly Physical

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I went to seem my new family doctor last week for my yearly physical. He is a new doctor, about my age (35), and I’d never seen him before. His name is Pete. He is about 6′ tall, brown hair, blue eyes, fit. He was hot.

While we exchanged the normal small talk common during any doctor visit, I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock in my mouth or him plunging it in my ass from behind. My blood pressure was noticeably up, something Pete commented on.

We went through all of the standard tests, blood pressure, checking my lungs, blood tests, and finally he asked me to take off all of my clothes. I new it was time for the hernia check and what used to be the most dreaded test of all, the prostate exam.

He did the hernia check with no problem. I managed to keep my cock under control, though it was a sure strain on me. It was electric having his hands on my cock.

“Bend over and spread your legs,” he said.

I did as he asked and watched him put on his exam glove and lube it a bit. It was then that I noticed that I was getting a hard on!

I couldn’t believe it. I knew I had just recently started having sex with men, but this was no place to declare my newfound hobby!

Pete didn’t seem to notice as he pushed his finger into my anus and started probing around. My cock grew even stiffer. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something to get my raging cock down, but nothing seemed to work. That’s when he finally noticed.

“It seems like you’re getting more out of this visit than most men,” Pete said.

I didn’t what to say, so I didn’t say anything. That’s when I noticed that he had started pumping that finger in and out and I let out a soft groan.

“You bostancı escort like that don’t you?” he asked.

I managed to mumble out a yes while shaking my head.

“I bet your wife doesn’t know, does she?” he asked, making me nervous.

“No,” I replied, “not at all.”

He never stopped pumping my ass with his finger and my cock was twitching with excitement.

“That’s a dirty little secret,” he said, “I bet she wouldn’t like to know her husband likes it up the ass!”

He pulled his finger out of my ass and he had to noticed the disappointed sigh I let out as he did it.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

I did as he asked and turned to face him. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. It exposed a nice, thick seven inch cock.

“I bet you want to suck it, don’t you?” he asked.

I went down on my knees and slowly started licking his shaft while I stroked his balls with my hands. He let out a couple of soft groans as I continued to warm him up for a hot blow job.

“You like that cock don’t you?” he asked.

I let out a muffled hmmm hmmm as I swallowed his shaft until it reached the back of my throat. I looked up into his eyes as I began pumping his cock with my mouth. He reached his hands around my head and began to control my pace. He sped me up at first, pulling my mouth onto his cock and letting go. After a few strokes he would pull my mouth all the way onto his cock and force me to deep throat him. He wopuld hold it for what seemed like an eternity, making me gag on the head of that beautiful cock. He would let up, not letting me let his cock out of my mouth and then start the büyükçekmece escort process again.

He began speeding his pace, breathing heavily. He finally just started fucking my face faster and faster. I felt him tense up and his balls tighten as he approached his climax and he finally jammed his cock down my throat as far as it would go as he blew a hot load into my mouth. Cum started dribbling out of my mouth as he slowly pumped my mouth as he finished. His messy, salty load sliding down my throat and my chin.

“Lay down on the table,” he commanded.

I did and he straddled my head as he crouched with his ass above my face. I didn’t need instruction as I reached my tounge out to meet his pink asshole. I licked around the rim slowly, taking in his manly scent while I felt a few drops of his cum sprinkle on my chest. He pressed his ass against my face harder and I slid my tounge into his hole. He was letting barely audible groans as I worked his ass over with my mouth. While I was eating him I noticed his cock was getting hard again.

He pulled off of me and stood at the end of the exam table where I was laying down. I watched him put a condom on as he moved into position. He raised my knees to my shoulders and slowly rubbed his cock along the length of my crack, making sure to rub it against my anus.

“Fuck me,” I demanded.

“You’ll get your cock when I’m ready to give it to you,” he replied, letting me know he was in charge.

He kept slowly rubbing my ass, teasing me with his cock by pushing in a half inch or so, stopping and pulling out. He was driving me nuts. My cock was twitching up and down along çağlayan escort with my body trembling, I had to have his cock.

“Please fuck my ass,” I said, “I need your fat cock in my ass.”

“You’re a little slut aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I love it when a big cock like yours slams my ass,” I replied, “and then cums all over my face.”

He teased me again, this time pinching my nipples hard as he lightly pressed his cock against my anus.

“FUCK ME!” I demanded, I had to have his cock in my ass.

He finally pressed into my ass, shoving the whole length in in one push, rubbing the head of his cock against my prostate area.

He put his hand over my mouth as I began to moan, forcing my head down against the exam table.

He bagan to pump steadily into my ass, occasionally pushing his entire cock in and rubbing it against my insides. His pace picked up until he was fucking me hard, harder than any man had so far (which is saying something). My balls tightened and my cock began to twitch as my cock shot a rope of cum that landed across my forehead. I let out a muffled cry of ecstasy as my cock continued to spurt out cum.

Pete must have gotten off at this as he picked up the pace. He was like an animal now ready to pounce at any moment as he finally pulled out and moeved up to my face. I was still breathing heavy and trembling from the intensity of my climax as I watched him pull off his condom, groan loudly, and fire a hot, sticky load onto my face that mingled with my own cum. I reacehd up with my mouth and took his shaft in as he finished his orgasm in my mouth.

He pulled his cock out and proceeded to use his fingers to feed me the cum on my face as he began to come down. I reached over and milked the remaining few drops of cum out of his cock and licked them off of my hand.

He handed me a towel, “Clean up, please,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied.

“You’ve got a clean bill of health,” he said, “and how about you make your next visit for six months instead of a year.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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