My Trip to Boston Ch. 02

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After a long night on Friday, I finally got some much needed sleep Saturday morning, I managed that between a buffet breakfast, an hour at the hotel gym and the time between a wedding we had to attend later that day. I made it clear to E, my husband, that I’d need a lot of time to rest and get ready, alone.

Hubby promised he’d go for a big walk by himself the whole morning, especially since I let him fuck me the night before. He had no idea about what really happened with me and the stranger from the bar.

I’d never have guessed or planned that Saturday night’s events could meet another fantasy of mine since I was so content with our first night at the hotel.

I was actually excited for the wedding. It was an hour away from the hotel but I purchased a hot cocktail dress for the occasion a couple of weeks prior, new accessories and once again, stiletto heels. After my nap, I showered, blew out my hair applied my makeup and I was ready to get dressed and go by 2pm. Hubby still had to get ready but all he needed was about 30 or 40 minutes do take care of his ‘man stuff’.

We left the hotel 2:45 to get to the ceremony at 4. I’d never been very comfortable in churches before, but I had my naughty thoughts to keep me company and get me through the next hour. E seemed very pleased with my appearance but he should have known it was a better idea to skip the ceremony, and go right to the reception site at 6. It was turning out to be a very long day. I tried arguing that point but it was useless. E was a friend of the bride and wanted to go to the ceremony. That was that. I endured it as politely as I could, until it was time to travel to the reception site. We left the church when the ceremony concluded at 5 and arrived for the cocktail hour twenty minutes later. It was scheduled to start at 6, so we sat in the car for a half an hour.

The cocktail hour was in a crowded front room of a country club and it was a closed bar. A cheese and fruit platter was brought out at 7 and everyone attacked it at once. I was starving but not enough to fight my way through a line of cranky, hungry sojourners. I don’t know when my attitude changed but small talk with the other guests became very awkward when I mused to another couple about hearing someone moaning in the rest room, and not knowing if it was a good moan or not. The people I mentioned it to did not react well. They sipped their colas and walked away from me. I couldn’t believe they didn’t find the humor in my story. Most people find me to be to be funny. If anything, maybe they should have gone to the bathroom and checked on the moaner. That must have been some good soda in their glasses.

Finally at 8, the reception room opened up, and there was a band on stage but they weren’t even playing. I asked my husband if we could leave after the toasts but he told me no, even though I was not having a good time, despite sincerely trying. All I could compare the wedding to, was the wonderful mischief I enjoyed the night before. The mischief I had with a stranger I met at our hotel’s bar (without my husband’s knowledge). I really just wanted to get back to the hotel bar, alone, and rouse up another spontaneous one night stand with a stranger. Maybe even with the same stranger if that was possible.

Maybe around a half hour later, at 8:30, three toasts were made, and the band started playing. It was jazz music. I was dumbfounded. Even E admitted how weird the event was turning out to be. No one danced except for the bride and groom and her father. The wait staff served fruit salad with whipped cream in a coffee cup for the first course. The second was a wilted salad. After the third course, some over cooked chicken and potatoes, I told my husband I had to get back to the hotel to take some medicine for a migraine. I’d been in attendance for 6 hours. He finally gave in. We congratulated everyone and left at 10.

E drove back to the hotel and I took him straight up to the room. I was relieved to see him undress and get into bed as I freshened up in the bathroom. I grabbed my phone, lip gloss and room key and told him I’d be at the bar.

On erenköy escort bayan the elevator ride down, I was joined by a lovely blonde woman. She was 5’5, attractive and thin but muscular. Maybe in her early 30’s. She smiled at me, with a red pout and I think she noticed me checking out her perky, C-cup tits. But I got off on the second floor and she went further down to the lobby. Although it was a Saturday night, she was dressed like she was there on business. She wore a low cut, sleeveless white button down shirt, tucked into tan dress slacks with gold leather pumps and a matching thin belt. Perhaps there was a convention, a sexy convention.

Once I got out of the elevator, I headed into the bar near the same spot as I sat in on Friday night. But on my way to the seat, I noticed my lover from then was sitting nearby. He was having a conversation with a 40 something, brunette, woman. I didn’t want to interrupt but I did not think it was a sexual pursuit and I was hoping he’d fuck me again. I just touched his arm and said ‘hi’. He looked very pleased to see me. He smiled coyly and said: “Hi. I’m glad to see you and I have something of yours.”

“I thought that was lost!” I replied, as I instinctively touched my finger to my naked earlobe. He said, “It sure isn’t and I can give it back to you, it’s in my room.”. The woman next to him smiled at me and I said hi to her. I then went to explain our connection and apologize for interrupting. I said: “I’m so sorry for interrupting. He and I had a meeting the other night, and I lost my earring. I thought it was gone for good.”

She smiled again and said “Oh, I see, it’s not a problem”.

I was slightly embarrassed so I excused myself over to my seat and told them I was going to go and order a drink. But before I could walk away, he touched my arm and said “I’m going to finish this conversation and then I’d like to come join you”. I blushed and said “okay” and I went to sit on my seat at the bar.

It was time for some wine so I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir from the bartender. Unbelievably, I was carded. I was surprised because I’ve been over 21 for quite some time but, I didn’t feel like arguing. The situation was awkward enough so I just decided to take the compliment, run up to the room and grab my wallet, hopefully without disturbing E. And so I was off. I told my paramour I’d be back in a few.

I pressed the ‘up’ elevator button and stepped inside the doors practically before they were fully open. I pushed the button to my floor and checked out my reflection in the mirrored ceiling after the doors closed. I still looked great. My hair was flat-ironed straight, so I didn’t need to worry about it getting frizzy, even if there was humidity. My make up was still in tact and my dress hugged my curves in all the right places. Thanks to my devotion at the gym, I was able to wear the dress confidently without any supportive item to suck me in. My hour glass shaped figure was perfectly toned. My DD tits looked great in my nude satin bra, and I had on a pair of sheer, black g-string underwear that showed the outline of my pussy lips through them. My pink lip gloss was still fresh.

The elevator reached my floor and I briskly walked out of it, and down the hall to my room. I opened the door with my key and I saw E in bed, drifting off to sleep with the TV on. He woke slightly and asked if everything was okay. I told him that I’d just gotten carded. He said “Oh, that’s funny” and started to doze off again. As I grabbed my wallet, I told him I wouldn’t be out as late tonight. I was kind of tired too, so if my potential re-hook up wasn’t still at the bar, I’d have just had the one drink and come back to the room for an early night. We were leaving the next day anyhow and I knew I’d have to drive some of the way.

I closed the room door gently and headed out to the elevator again. I pushed the ‘down’ button and the doors opened after a couple of minutes. Inside, once again, I see the blonde from earlier alone in the elevator. She looked happily surprised to see me again. etiler escort bayan I noticed she was holding a small poster of some sort that was inside of a clear bag. I asked her if she was here for work. She smiled sexily and said: “Yes, I’ve been in town promoting a movie and I’m finally done for the night. I was just bringing this to a colleague but I suppose it could wait.”.

I replied “I see. It’s probably a good time for a drink, then.” That was bold of me, I thought, but I went on to say: “I’m Ana, I’m meeting up with a friend at the bar if you’d like to join us.”

She held out her hand and said “I’m Stacy. Thanks, I’d like to join you for a bit.”. I shook her hand and noticed her long, manicured fingers and short nails, like mine. I like to keep my nails short because it’s cleaner that way. And I like women with short nails so they don’t scratch my pussy when they fuck me.

I got a lot of attentive looks walking by myself, and with my husband earlier, but I’m sure I glowed as I walked out with Stacy on the second floor towards the bar. I felt all eyes on me and her as we walked in. I saw my hook up was still there, and I pointed him out to her, he was still in his seat but the other woman was gone. So I walked past him and dragged the tip of my finger lightly along his lower back. I sat on the bar stool to the left of him and he immediately got up to offer Stacy his seat. This made it easier for both of us to turn around and face him. She was clearly impressed with my taste in a man because she smiled at me then whispered in my ear “I think you’re both very hot!” He smiled watching this and I bet he was dying to know what she said.

“This is Stacy” I said to him. “Stacy, this is my friend I told you about”. “Now, we can all have some fun together.” He added. They shook hands and he kissed me on the cheek. His hand grazed the inside of my thigh. It almost made my legs uncross. My panties became a little wet when I saw Stacy watching attentively, approvingly. I could tell she was warming up to him quickly.

I caught our suitor glancing up at the bartender and he ordered 3 glasses of red and some food to go. He said “I hope it’s not too presumptuous but I’d like to take everything to my room, including you both, if you don’t mind joining me for a picnic there”. Both Stacy and I just smiled and nodded. She was blushing a bit. “Good then! I’ll settle up the tab.” he signaled to the bartender and we started sipping on our wine as soon as our glasses came. We all made small conversation until the food was wrapped up. He commented to Stacy “Sweet poster”, and she filled him in on why she had it. I didn’t speak too much. I was mostly focused on all the sexual energy between the three of us. I could see Stacy’s nipples were hard and poking through her bra and white blouse.

Our guy took his wrapped up food from the server, signed the check and we each carried our wine out of the bar and into the elevator together. The ride up was quiet and steady. None of us wanted to spill any wine. During the ride, I glanced at my phone and noticed the time. It was only 11:30 and I knew I had some time before E would wake, and call looking for me.

The doors opened on the 7th floor, which, ironically, I had no recollection of from the night before but took note this time just in case I lost something else in his room. We got to room number 732 and he managed to open the door, even while holding his food and wine glass. He held it open for me and Stacy and we walked in together as he followed and placed his things down. Stacy and I immediately started kissing. I was as tall as her in my heels but I quickly took those off and placed them next to the desk chair. While I did that, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a cream colored lace bra. There was no underwire, her tits were firm and perky and her nipples were quarter size, juicy nubs that hardened in my hands. While I felt her up and removed her bra, he unzipped my dress and unhooked mine. All of our clothes were starting to pile on his chair. He and Stacy removed their own underwear. göztepe escort bayan He had on black boxer briefs and she had a matching thong to her bra. I sat down on the bed while I watched them disrobe themselves. All three of us were shaved clean.

Stacy got down on her knees and put his dick in her mouth. She was surprised at the size of it but if she couldn’t take it all, then he knew I could. I enjoyed watching her try as I removed my panties and started rubbing myself.

“Oh no you don’t!” he said, catching me masturbating. “Let her take care of that while you suck my dick” he added. I signaled for them to come over. Stacy positioned herself in between my legs while he straddled my face on the bed. It was incredible having his big cock fucking my mouth while her mouth was fucking my already wet, sweet cunt. She spread my outer lips with her fingers and licked my labia and clit a little harder each stroke. Our guy looked down at her, over his shoulder, while I gave my jaw a break and I used my hand to stroke him. He directed: “Lick her asshole, she loves that!” Stacy spread my ass cheeks wider and lowered her head a bit more. I felt her tongue flick across my velvety hole and then I felt my own cum drip down to meet her mouth. “Now, suck my balls because I’m going to fuck you soon.” he said to me. I complied as he jerked himself off and he grabbed my hand to probe his ass while I sucked his sack. I also felt my first orgasm coming on as Stacy licked my pussy and ass flesh intermittently. They knew when I was cumming because my eyes rolled back, my body trembled and I moaned, loud and uncontrollably. My legs tensed and my toes curled. “Good girl” I heard them say as they got up with the intent to pleasure me more.

Then, I heard the side table open and I knew our gent was putting on a condom. The thought of it made me even more wet as I smiled at Stacy and turned to go down on her. I sucked her right breast on my way down her stomach and then he picked up my hips as I got down to her smooth, bald crotch. Her pussy was neat and pink and very wet for me. I could see her clit was rather hidden but in two or three licks, it started to make an appearance. In that time, he had fingered my pussy and started to penetrate me with his cock. “Ahhh” I moaned out through my muff filled mouth and I stuck my finger in her slit as I flicked and darted my tongue around and on her button.

“Oh yeah… You like that?” He asked, while he fucked me and slapped my ass a couple of times. “Mmmmm” was all I could muster up while I was sandwiched between my two lovers. “I know you like this” he said as he stuck his thumb in my ass while he continued to pound my pussy with his entirety.

I looked up at Stacy and her eyes started to roll back as her first orgasm came on and she shot some of her cum in my mouth. I told her “Don’t hold back, cum hard for me!” As I turned my wrist, stuck my two front fingers in her pussy and penetrated the rim of her ass with the tip of my thumb, which was already moistened from my juices and hers. I was now fucking her hard with my hand as I shot my own cum all over him. He seemed pleased because he started smacking my ass more and more through his groans. I glanced under and I could see my cum dripping down his legs. We all came together and landed in a pile on the bed. My pussy was quivering as he pulled out of me, and so was Stacy’s. She just laid there, for a minute, playing with her juices in amazement. She then rolled on top of me and kissed me while he went into the bathroom to dispose of the semen filled rubber.

My two time lover came out of the bathroom and handed me my earring. I thanked him and looked at the clock. It was a quarter after midnight. I really didn’t want to make E suspicious again, so I told my company I was sorry but I had to leave. Stacy looked a little upset hearing this but then I got on top of her, I kissed her and whispered in her ear “let him fuck you in the ass, he’s really good at it and he won’t hurt you. I promise.”. She smiled in surprise and once again, he looked as though he was dying to know what I said. I didn’t divulge, I just re-dressed quickly and put on my heels. He came up to me and held me close. He kissed my mouth and thanked me for the wonderful surprise. He then slapped my ass as I grabbed his. He showed me out the door and watched me walk down the hall to the elevator. His cock was still hard and he waved good bye as I looked over my shoulder. I wonder if Stacy left her poster in his room that night…

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