My Three ladies part 3 Mary’s turn

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Part 3 The Day I fucked Mary

It’s been about 4 months now that I’ve been sleeping with mum and also Beth, at the same time. During the week days Mum and I fucked constantly, anywhere we wanted too. Sometimes we’ll go for a picnic in the west paddock and we’ll fuck where ever we find a lovely place to eat.

On weekends I’ll go down to my grandparent’s house, to do maintenance around the place. Beth will usually find a way to come down too and we’ll spend the weekend fucking.

Just recently I talked mum into purchasing an outdoor spa, something that would add value to the place and give us enjoyment when staying there. Mum thought about it and after I showed her the area I’d like to place she agreed and told me that we can skinny dip too. The place I had in mind was a 7 foot hedge across the southern aspect of the property. The area gave a great view of the surrounding area, including the town and ocean, but hid anyone behind it.
Men later came and erected the spa within 5 weeks. After that, whenever I was at the house with either mum, Beth or by myself, the spa would be uncovered and used. We also purchased an inflatable double bed that could be inflated within minutes. This bed was used extensively, every time I visited the home, with either mum or Beth.

It was on my first visit, with Beth, after the spa was built when something happened between us. We were just about ready to get out of the spa and go home. I had run out of condoms and Beth didn’t want to take the risk of getting pregnant. I started looking around the house, when I stumbled across several old condoms. When I check them, each had passed their expiry date, by several years.

I thought about using them, and knew that Beth wouldn’t let me touch her without any type of protection. So, returning back to Beth with the condoms we proceeded to fuck. It wasn’t until later, after I pulled out from Beth, that I found that the top of the condom had ripped open, leaving cum in Beth’s pussy. Well Beth jumped into the spa and I didn’t think that she’d get pregnant after being in the water. Though, the idea of getting Beth pregnant still made me horny. A week later Beth had her period and I thought we were safe.

It was two months later I was going down to the grandparent’s house. Beth wasn’t coming as she had been sick just lately. Mum and Mary had been sick too, with something like the flu. I’d gone down to the house and done the few chores that needed to be done. Afterwards I lay down in the spa, naked, just enjoying the bubbling water over my body. I’d been in the water for half an hour, when hand covered my eyes. A small voice said, “Guess who?” I knew that it was Mary straight away, so I decided to have some fun with her. I replied, “Is it Donna.” She said, “No.” then I went through every girl that I could think of, which pissed Mary off further.

Finally Mary got angry and let go of my head. I looked around and saw Mary standing there. She said, “That’s right, you can mention everyone but me. You don’t love me.” I looked at this young woman, who was someone I cherished as much as I cherished mum and Beth.

I said, “Mary what’s wrong? I do love you. I really do.” Then Mary’s smile beamed at me. Mary said, “Can I join you in the spa.” I said, “No. I’m naked in here.” She said, “That’s ok, I’ve seen you naked before. Plus I can see your thingy.” I thought about this and said, “No, what would mum say.” She said, “Yes. Like when I saw you and mum in the spa naked, the other day.” I replied, “Where were you? And why weren’t you in school?” She smiled and said, “Yeah and I know about you and Beth too.” I was starting to get scared because Mary looked like she knew. I said, “What do you know?”

As I watched her, Mary got undressed and stepped into the spa. The first thing I was aware of was Mary shaved, her pussy was clean shaven. Yes I’d seen Mary naked before but until now I never thought of her as another partner. She was just my little sister, even at though she would turn 17 years old, in a week.

As I said before if mum was the original, then Beth and Mary were the exact copies of mum. Mary herself had bright brown eyes, shoulder length light brown hair, and 34B size breast. Her figure is well proportioned, with her best features being her eyes, smile and a cute face, that will develop with age. Mary had always been shy, except when around us, her family. She wasn’t into boys that much and I suppose that was because of the distance between school and home.

Anyway as I sat there Mary sat down right next to me. I was sort of shocked by her candidness, though when I thought about it, it was sort of refreshing. So we sat there and again I asked her, “What do you know?” Mary looked at me and replied, “Well Beth talks in her sleep. Did you know?” I said, ‘No.” Mary went on, “Well she mentions you by name, Beth says in her sleep, ‘Yes Terry, darling husband. I love you too.’ And I don’t know any other Terry in town do you?” I was silent looking at the water bubbling around me, when Mary continued, “Also Beth and you come down here canlı bahis a lot. I don’t think mum notices but I do.” Now I felt worried at what Mary may say inadvertently.

I sat there thinking what to say when Mary’s next comment blew me right away. “Terry I want you to fuck me and give me a baby.” I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless and here was this young woman, who wanted me to fuck her and make her pregnant, where my other two loves were worried that to be pregnant was to be dammed.

I looked at Mary and said, “What. What do you want? You can’t be serious.” Mary smiled, “Yes I can. You know my friend Donna Jones?” I nodded my head, she went on, “Well her brother, Steve, fucked her and got her pregnant. She’s away now at her aunt’s place, until she has the baby.” I knew Steve Jones well. A year under me at school and now he works on Granddad’s fishing fleet.

I said, “How do you know, especially since Donna’s away?” Mary smiled and shook her head, “Mobile phone dummy. We talk all the time. In fact Donna always said that she’d like to be fucked by you. She thinks you’re cute” and Mary gave a little laugh at that. I blushed and didn’t know what to do.

As we sat there Mary looked at me and laid her head on my shoulder, saying, “Terry, don’t you want to have sex with me. I mean you had sex with Beth and Mum. Why can’t you make love to me? I love you and I want your baby.”

I was stunned at her declaration. Here was me thinking about getting Beth pregnant, and here’s Mary who wanted to get pregnant. I looked at Mary and put my arm around her shoulder and she cuddled with me. As she laid her head on my shoulder, Mary reached down and took my cock in her hand and started to jerk me off.

I like the feeling of her hand, grasping my cock. I liked the way that Mary gave attention to my cock, making it rise proud and rigid. I looked at my little sister looking up at me and I leant down and kissed her on the lips. I kissed her soft and light on the lips. Mary melted into me closer, never stopping her hand movements.

As we cuddled Mary said, “Would you like a blow job.” I said, “How do you know about a blow job.” She said, “Please all the girls talk about giving the guys a little head, at school.” Again I was stunned by Mary’s knowledge of sex. I said, “So have you given head before?” Mary said, “No, but some other things.” I said, “What other things?” Mary said, “A hand job once.” And then she mumbled something else. I said, “What?” She said, “I went down on another girl once.” I said, “Who?” She said, “Donna.” I started picturing Mary sucking Donna’s cunt. I asked, “So, how did you know what to do?” Mary replied, “Oh Donna showed me what to do.”

I was starting to get horny think about Donna and Mary having a lesbian moment. I lowered my mouth once more and placed my lips upon Mary’s and we shared a moment of passion. I didn’t want to take Mary in the spa, mainly because I didn’t want to get Mary pregnant. Beth yes, but Mary not at this time. I said, to Mary, “Wait here one minute.”

So, getting out of the spa, I went inside and retrieved the inflatable mattress, I also got several of my condoms. I turned on the air pump and inflated the bed. I returned outside and placed it under the pergola. I got back into the spa, again cuddling up next to Mary.

Now I started kissing Mary once more, taking her breast in one hand, and her shoulder in my other. Mary started moaning into my mouth. I took mine away from hers and said, “Do you want join me on the mattress?” She smiled, saying, “Yes, please.” Mary and I got out of the spa and taking her hand, I led her to the mattress.

I lay down, as Mary joined me, lying next to me. We then returned to kissing each other. I took hold of Mary’s breast again, and started rolling her nipple between my finger and thumb. I was pulling on her nipple, when she broke our kiss and said, “Are you going to fuck me now.” I said, “No, I want to take my time doing that. Okay.” Mary just nodded her head.

Mary had grasped my cock again, and now it was rigid and standing proud. I kissed Mary’s pretty mouth, letting my tongue to probe her mouth. Mary at first laid there accepting my probing tongue, till she became bold and met my mine with hers. I kept rolling Mary’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger, then kneading her breast. Mary would give little gasps and sighs. I release her mouth and trailed my kisses down to her neck, where I started to kiss and nip her neck. Mary’s mouth would open and sigh every so often. I now trailed my mouth down to her farthest breast where I would kiss then nip, bringing many more small gasps from her mouth.

I took Mary’s nipple into my mouth and nursed at her body, which caused her to moan loudly. Then I took her nipple between my teeth and pulled on it, Mary groaned loudly. I kept this up until she started gasp and moan every so often. I let her nipple fall from my mouth and attacked her other one. I flick my tongue against the nipple. I circled the nipple, bathing her in the feel of my tongue.

As I was flooding her sense bahis siteleri with my mouth and tongue, I dispensed my free hand down her body, letting my fingernails to lightly scape against her skin. Mary would tug my cock every so often in line with her gasp, which I associated with her pleasure. As my hand reached her mons, I grasp her groin lightly in my hand, and then rubbed my fingers up and down the area of her pussy. Mary began to run her fingers through my hair, which urged me to carry on with my performance.

As my hand rubbed over her pussy, I would insert my middle finger into her slit and allow it to travel into her love tunnel of delight. Each time my finger probe inside of her, Mary would moan once more and groan deeply in her throat. Soon this became common as I tasted and felt her body. I decided to show Mary what it would feel like with my tongue exploring her inner womanhood.

So releasing her nipple, I trailed my mouth down her body, kissing each part of her body every so often. As we lay there on the inflatable bed I guided my body until I was between her legs. My face was inches away from her pussy and I watched as I used my fingers to rub, in a circular motion, against her body.

I felt and saw the juices that escape her pussy, being rubbed into her skin by my fingers. I moved my hand away and replaced it with my mouth. At first I encircled her pussy with my mouth. Flicking my tongue against her pussy slit, letting her feel just the tip of my tongue. I tasted the nectar of this woman, my sister and enjoyed the tantalizing taste that she provided.

Where each of my ladies had a unique taste, Mary was no different to the others. Mary’s taste was delicate and fresh. I took my mouth away from her and pushed against her hips, rolling her legs backs onto her chest. As I kneeled, looking down, I saw her pussy open like a new moist flower. So, I lowered my mouth and drank from her well of desire.

I felt her body ripple with small tremors, while her throaty moan kept me absorbed in bringing her pleasure. Her tremors would not stop and became a frequency of activity, until all at once her moan had become guttural and she screamed, as the orgasm awakened out of her body.

As Mary’s orgasm receded from her body, I let her legs roll back and splay out, on either side of my body. I tore open the condom packet and placed the phallic wrapping over my cock. I moved up and over her body until I was above looking down. I lowered my head to lightly kiss her on the lips. I allowed my lips to linger when I whispered, “Are you ready?” Mary said, “Yes.” I said, “Honey I’ll be gentile with you.”

I reached between us taking my cock in hand I placed it between Mary’s pussy lips and entered her, in a short stroke. While I rested between Mary’s legs, I lowered myself onto her and again started to kiss her neck, travelling up and towards her mouth. I slowly forced my way into her constricted tunnel, allowing her to tolerate my invasion. I found that as I drilled into Mary, her pussy enclosed itself around me, making a tight, but well fitted velvet glove.

With her vaginal tunnel grasping my sheathed cock, I felt that I would shoot my load before too long. Not far inside her pussy I reached her virginal defence, as I expected. I whispered to Mary, “Honey, this will hurt, but I hope, not for long.” Mary hummed in a petite sound, ‘Hmmm mmm.’ With a quick thrust, I ruptured her hymen and moved further inside. Mary screamed and bit down on my shoulder, sending exhilarating pain into my body.

Though thrusting into her was still difficult, I’d soon reached her cervix. Once there I waited while Mary grew accustomed to my shrouded cock. After a short while I began to withdraw and then thrust back into my little sister. I could feel her virginal tunnel starting to accommodate me, and Mary’s groans were sounding less painful. Soon Mary’s groaning sounded more like she was enjoying my cock. It was now that Mary wrapped her legs around my waist, letting her heels rest on my arse. Soon I was thrusting into Mary, feeling my seed race up my cock. I felt Mary’s pussy contract around me giving me one last resistance. Her deep guttural moan was loud and long. It was now that I couldn’t hold on any longer. Thrusting one last time, I shot my load into the waiting sheath, catching all my seed.

Mary and I lay there, with me between her legs, until both of us could catch our breath. When I had recovered enough, I pulled away from Mary’s cunt and lay on my back. We lay there for what seemed like 10 minutes, when Mary sat up and reached over. She removed the sheath from my cock and began to lick the entire length of my manhood. I was again surprised with her and her actions, but I didn’t move.

Mary ended up taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could. Cleaning what cum was left over. After she finished she raised her head and looked at me. I just smiled at her. She lay back down beside me and said, “That was great, but I still hurt a bit.” I said, “How about we jump back into the spa?” Mary replied, “Yeah.”

Mary bahis şirketleri and I climbed off the inflatable bed and climbed into the spa, which was still bubbling away. Mary seemed a bit ginger when she sat down and I knew why. I sat next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. Mary cuddled, laying her head into my shoulder and we sat there like that for a while.

We made small talk about everything, about the girls she was talking about, when I asked her, “So you went down on Donna. What was that like?” Mary shrugged then said, “It was ok, but not as good as you can do. I’ll take your mouth on my pussy every time.” I laughed when Mary grasped my cock again and started jerking me off.

I put my hand on her pussy and started thrusting my index finger into her cunt. I could see that Mary was still a little sore, but the more I pushed my finger into her pussy the more she started loving it. Mary stopped took her hand away and straddled my lap. Grasping my cock she fed me into her pussy once more.

Soon she was pumping up and down on my cock and now I could tell that she loved my cock. I loved the direct contact of my little sister’s pussy on my cock. Soon she was deep moaning again and every so often I could feel her pussy contract around my cock. I started to feel the same old feeling of my seed rising and about to ejaculate from me when I pulled Mary off and started rubbing that small hard nub that was her clitoris.

Soon Mary was getting off, again moaning loudly, and her body stiffened in another orgasm. As soon as she could, Mary sat down on my lap, leaning against me until she could calmed down. She clung to me and whispered, “Do you want me to finish you off.” I smiled and raised myself until my cock was out of the water and straining for relief.

Mary took my manhood into her mouth and started sliding her mouth up and down my pole. She would take me in as far as she could then slide back the other way. Then she would slide down again trying to go a little bit further. Each time she would try and take my cock farther into her mouth, until she was able to reach the base of my cock and rub her nose into my pubic hair.

I was in heaven, to know that my three ladies could actually give me as much pleasure with their mouth, as I could give them with mine. It was then that I wanted to try something different, something that I hadn’t tried with Beth or Mum. I asked Mary, “Do you want to try something different.” Mary stopped sucking on my cock and said, “Yeah.” So I got Mary to stand and bend over, holding onto the side of the spa.

I got behind her and started sucking on her pussy. Mary was pushing back onto my mouth as I licked her slit. Then I let my tongue carry all the way around to her arse hole. Mary at first jumped at me licking her sphincter. But as I continued she began moaning, several times, ‘Ahhhhhhh.’ And I knew she liked it. So now I just stayed licking and sucking on her arse. Every so often I would lick around to her clit and suck on that, but I would travel back and lick a bit more.

Now I believed she was ready, and stood behind her. First, I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy and pushed in several times until I thought I was wet from her juices. Now believing I was ready, I withdrew my cock out and placed it at the entrance of her arse. I pushed slowly forward, passing her sphincter. Mary started to groan in pain, when I said, “Honey push out with your bum, like you’re going to do a poo and relax.” Mary now doing as I said started pushing outwards, which made my entry into her rectum easier.

Soon as I was half way in, so I started to pull out, until the head of my cock was just inside of arse. I pushed in again, stopping half way then pulling out. I kept this up for a little while until Mary’s groans were sounding like deep throated moans. And on this indicator, I started to fuck her a little harder and a little faster.

Mary was starting to like it, as she was pushing back onto me, and making her guttural moans. I also liked it, because the warmth and tightness to her arse were exceptional, different to her pussy. We were really fucking, with Mary looking back every so often. Now I was ready, I could feel my seed running up my cock and I knew that it was now. So, I shoved as hard and as far, feeling her rectum all around me, and shot my seed into her body. On feeling my explosion, Mary orgasm too, tightening her arse around my cock, and milking it.

Soon I was finished and Mary had slumped against the side of the spa. We were both exhausted and spent. I pulled out from her arse and sat back down in the spa, letting the bubbles refresh me. Mary lay there for a short while until she could stand once more. On moving, I could see that Mary was very sore now, both front and back.

I got up and helped Mary out of the Spa. Once out she straight away squatted, and began to expel cum from her arse. Mary looked up and smiled saying, “Well I think you’ve done enough maintenance. What do you think?” I laughed and said, “Let’s rest and then when you feel better, we’ll go home. Okay?” She grinned and said, “Sure lover, anything you say.” We got up then and went back into the spa resting until we were ready to go home.

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