My Step Mom is My New Slave

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


It didn’t seem that long ago but things were pretty normal around my house. I had graduated from high school a year ago and was still at home working to save money. My dad worked a lot of hours to pay for the nice house and things we had and my step mom was along for the ride in my opinion. I had always felt as if she was just there for my dad’s money but I could never prove it. That changed soon enough.

I was getting home early and stopped by my friends work, he was the front clerk at a local motel that normally was used by hookers and others looking for a secret and quick fuck. As we sat in the lobby goofing off I saw someone drive up and walk to one of the rooms, but it was her car that gave her away. My dad bought that car for his wife and I recognized it instantly. My mouth dropped when I realized it was my step mom.

I waited for about two hours and then I saw her leave the room and kiss some guy I had never seen as he grabbed her ass. They both laughed a bit and she strolled down to her car and left without noticing me in the lobby. I asked my friend for a copy of the security tape and he asked why, I told him I wanted to pull a prank on someone. He made me a copy and I drove home to plan out my twisted idea.

I noticed that every few days my step mom would leave for some random reasons while my dad was at work and she would be gone for a couple of hours and return with a smile on her face and her hair a little tossed. She would always say she was hanging out with her girlfriends, but I knew better. I would just smile knowing I knew the truth.

My dad had to work out of town that following weekend and I knew it would be my time to expose her with the proof. He left early Friday afternoon and soon afterwards my step mom said she was going out to have a few drinks with her girlfriends. I followed her and of course she went straight to the motel again. I took a few photos of her car outside and of her walking up to and from the hotel room. I rushed home and waited for her to return. She came home a few minutes later and had her slutty smile on her face as she strolled in the door.

I was in the kitchen and asked her to come in for a minute. She walked in as if she was on cloud nine and sat down. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. I told her I had some interesting news that she might want to know about. I then proceeded to toss the photos I had taken of her at the motel on the table in front of her. Her mouth was wide open as she realized she had been caught. She said nothing as she looked at the pictures and finally looked at me and ask me if my dad knew.

I told her he doesn’t know and it depends on what you do from here on out if he will ever know. She looked at me a little puzzled and asked what I meant. I told her I also had a video tape and other copies of the photos so don’t try to deny it. I told her that if my dad ever found out, she would be out on the streets in a heartbeat with no more money. He would take back her new car and tear up all of her clothes.

She started to cry and sob about how sorry she was, and that it just happened, but I knew better. I had watched her go to and from the motel for months now and was sure it was going on a long time. After a while she asked me what I wanted to keep this a secret and I told her flat out, I wanted some of what the other guy was getting. She stopped crying long enough to give me a look of confusion and asked me what I meant şişli grup yapan escort by that.

I told her I thought she was sexy and I wanted to have a look at her naked or I would call my dad that minute. She froze and asked me if I was serious, to which I picked up my cell phone and made it look like I was going to call my dad. She put her hand on my phone and told me to please don’t call him. She begged and pleaded with me to not make her do this, but I was on a mission now and nothing would stop me.

I told her to start removing clothing right now, or I’ll call him. She slowly stood up and was still sobbing but realized she really had no choice. She slowly removed her skirt and blouse and stood there in her sexy bra and panties. She tried to cover her tits up with her hands crossed over but I told her to put her arms down to her sides. She pouted but did as I told her to as I sat back and enjoyed the show. I told her to slowly turn around so I could get a good look at what my dad thought was sexy.

I watched as she rotated around showing me how sexy she was in her underwear. I started to rub myself through my pants as I was growing hard watching her do as I told her. She then asked if that was all and I replied back, hell no. I have lots planned for you, unless you want to stop now and I’ll make that call? She just nodded her head no and stood there. I told her to walk with me back to my room and watched her follow like a sad puppy. I told her to stand next to my bed as I jumped on it and laid there looking at her. I pulled out my cock and started to rub it as I then told her to remove her bra.

She protested and begged me but I insisted and she slowly removed her bra. I watched as her large tits fell out and her nipples pointed straight out. I let out a soft moan of approval as I continued to stroke myself. I told her to stand right next to me, so close that I could smell her body scent. I then told her to put her hand on my cock and to stroke me. She again begged me not to do this, but I picked up the phone and just looked at her. she slowly reached out and put her hand on my cock.

I let out an audible moan as her soft and warm hand made contact with my growing cock. I told her to stroke me softly as I continued to watch her. I reached up and started to play with her nipples with my hands. I pulled hard on them, twisting them and making her moan as I did it hard. I made her body wince with pain as I tormented her tits for my enjoyment.

I noticed some pre cum leaking out of my cock and told her to clean it up. She asked me what I meant and I told her find a way to clean up my pre cum bitch. She then leaned forward and licked it up with her tongue. I said good girl as she leaned over and I loved how her large tits hung down. I told to go ahead and while she was down there to start sucking. She sobbed some more and it only seemed to make me harder. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto me.

I watched as my cock entered her mouth for the first time, her mouth quivering as she took me in with unwanted desires. I felt her mouth on me and her tongue under my cock. I then grabbed her long blonde hair and started to force her to suck me. I pushed her down deep, enough that it made her gag and choke and then I would pull her back up just enough to see the head of my cock on her lips and then back down again.

I did this for a while, forcing my cock deeper with each thrust until I had my entire cock buried down her throat. I held it there şişli masöz escort for a while as her arms started to fling about struggling for fresh air. I pulled up her mouth after a while and she gasped for the fresh air, as a long string of saliva from her lower lip to the tip of my cock was hanging there between us I told her to keep sucking my cock bitch and told her that if she didn’t do as I asked, her life would be over as she knew it.

She continued to let me fuck her face a while as my hand now moved to her ass. I told her to pull down her panties as she continued to suck me. I watched her hands slide down her panties and fall to the floor. I then reached around and used my fingers to find her wet cunt.

I started to slide my fingers along her wet lips and soon entered her with two fingers. She let out a moan as I finger fucked her while she kept sucking my cock as I told her to. I told her to not stop sucking my cock no matter what, and asked her if she understood. She nodded yes to me and kept sucking. I found her getting wetter and wetter by the minute. I then wanted more and told her to stop sucking my cock. I called her a fucking slut and slapped her face lightly. She just lowered her eyes and allowed me to do as I wished. She asked me if there was anything more I wanted and I just laughed at her saying yes of course you fucking cunt. You are going to make sure I am fully pleased before the nights over. She just sobbed and nodded yes.

I told her to undress me and watched as my naked step mom removed my pants and shirt. I told her to keep stroking my cock and she needed to have either her mouth or hand on my cock at all times, and asked her if she understood. She nodded yes and I slapped her hard on her tits. I told her to say yes sir when responding to me. She said yes sir as another slap came across her tits hard.

I told her to get onto my bed next to me and she did so easier now after realizing it might be easier to just give in to my needs and get it over with rather than face the worst of what might come from my dad.

As she lay there next to me, I got up and admired my results, better than I had hoped for I thought to myself. I told her to spread her whore legs for me. She looked sideways and did as she was told. I then walked over to the other side of the bed and pulled her head to me. I did it in such a way as to have her head hang of the side of the bed between my legs.

I then shoved my cock back into her mouth, fucking her deeply and searching for the back of her throat. I continued to pound her mouth as I reached out and started to maul her tits hard. I pulled on her nipples, twisted them some more so hard that it made her moan with my cock in her mouth.

I slapped them hard, making them red with the impacts of my hand. I then reached down and started to slap her inner thighs and pussy lips. I told her I would be in charge of her now, and she would make herself available to me whenever I so desired her. I told her she would stop seeing that guy at the hotel and tell him you got caught. She just tried to nod yes as I fucked her mouth.

I told her if she stopped serving me, I would turn over the photos and video to my dad. If she told my dad what I was making her do, I would deny it and tell him she was lying to get out of getting caught. She sobbed and nodded yes as she understood.

I fucked her throat so deep that soon I was making her throat cum. That meant a lot of thick saliva poured out of her mouth when I pulled out. I reached down şişli otele gelen escort and smeared it all over her face before slapping her hard on her cheeks. I then told her to open her mouth wide and I spit down into her mouth. I told her I have needs and desires that she would have to learn to accept. She just nodded yes as I shoved my cock back down her throat for some more hard fun.

I soon got tired of fucking this sluts mouth and pulled out and slapped her hard once more. I pulled her up by her hair and tossed her back onto the bed. I told her to spread her legs for me as I got onto the bed. She started to respond back to me and spread her legs wide and high as I moved between her legs with my hard cock pointing to her soaking pussy. I pushed into her with one hard thrust and went balls deep. She moaned out loud as I started to fuck her, thrusting into her and going so deep that I bottomed out at times in her.

she started to squirt all over the bed and I told her to keep soaking my cock and balls. I put one of my hands on her mouth and would cut off the air for a few moments until I saw her eyes get wide with fear. I would then pull my hand off as she gasped for life giving air. I then put my hand on her throat and put a grip on her so it cut off the blood supply to her brain for a few moments as well. I then released and it sent a rush of blood to her head sending her into a sense of pleasure she had never felt.

She started to respond positively to me by moaning out loud and saying things like, fuck yes, pound my cunt, hurt me, do what you want to me, use me, treat me like your dirty whore. This only caused me to get so hard it almost hurt as I fucked her. I leaned up and continued to slap her face, tits and spit on her. I then looked at her and told her this is what she should expect from me from now on and she just nodded yes with approval.

I was soon ready to cum and pushed myself off of her and told her to suck me until I came. She quickly moved down and took my soaking wet cock into her mouth and as I was ready to cum, she moaned with approval. I grabbed her head and pushed her down onto me as I started to cum down her mouth. I shot a load so strong it almost got me dizzy. I felt myself shoot more than usual and watched as she swallowed down every last drop. I finally pulled her off of my spent cock and spit on her face once more.

I told her I expected her to be my sex toy and my fuck play thing. She nodded yes and admitted to me that she enjoyed being a submissive and that the guy she was seeing was dominate. She told me my dad was very vanilla and she craved more. We talked some more and she agreed to be my submissive and I would be her dominate, and she promised to never cheat on him again.

I now have a live in sex slave when ever I want. There have been times when we were all home and my dad was watching tv in the living room and I was in the kitchen with my step moms mouth on my cock. I would have her spread her legs for me while my dad showered at times, making things very exciting to not get caught. I would make her open her top to show me her tits when he was in the same room once in a while.

I even had her spread her legs while watching a movie in the living room while she and my dad were on the couch together. I made her expose herself a lot around the house. We have even fucked as I watched my dad drive up to the house with only moments before he walked in. I have filled up her pussy and made her sit at the dinner table with my cum leaking out down her inner thighs as we all sat down to eat. She is becoming a good slave and I am teaching her new things weekly like last week I taught her how to swallow some of my piss to see how she would react but she took it all down and thanked me.

I have just started to work on her ass and she is now begging me to fuck her ass at times. She has truly become my slave.

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