My Son Doesn’t Like Sharing

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Author’s note: Big thanks to everyone who helped me with story. I took quite a gamble with this one and I hope it doesn’t turn too many people off. I wanted to try something new and went with it. Hopefully it’s somewhat believable.

Like always, all characters are over 18. Comments are welcomed. Enjoy.


“I think that guy’s in trouble dad,” Travis said, his voice raised to carry over the breaking waves.

Mark looked into the distance and made out a man in the water. The distressed man had been kitesurfing only a few minutes earlier.

He was a considerable distance from them but Travis could clearly see the kite in the water and the man fighting to get back up on his board.

“Do you think he needs help?” Karen asked her husband as she rose from her lounge chair to get a better look.

“I’m not sure…” Mark replied. His eyes weren’t what they used to be but he trusted his son’s.

Travis headed towards the water’s edge. He had worked a few summers as a swim instructor and a lifeguard at their local community swimming pool and already his instincts were telling him he needed to act. Meanwhile, the rest of the beach goers continued to idly watch, unsure of what to do. Squinting his eyes Travis saw the man’s head suddenly disappear beneath the surface. He was drowning.

At once he sprinted into the water and then dove. His arms and legs powered towards the beleaguered man hoping to make it in time. Mark got to his feet watching from the waves edge. After a minute or so of hard swimming Travis made it to where the surfer was. He had managed to put his arms over his board but looked tired and desperate.

“Do you need help?” Travis shouted out of breath.

“Yes! Please!” The man gasped frantically.

Travis took a hold of the man’s board and began swimming back to shore. It was quickly apparent what the problem was. The kite that had propelled the surfer across the water only a few minutes ago was now trying to drown him. The quick disconnect had failed and the waves were pulling him away from shore. Together however, the two men were able to inch closer and closer to shore.

By the time Travis could feel the sand under his feet his father was there to help him. Together the three men formed a chain and pulled themselves up. They were almost back on dry ground when the kite suddenly caught air underneath it once more. Immediately Travis felt the force of the wind dragging them back into the deep. The surfer pulled frantically on the quick disconnect, this time the latch popped free causing the kite to crash back into the water . By the time they were finally out, everyone on the beach was clapping having witnessed the rescue.

Karen watched proudly as the man shook her son’s hand and then her husband’s. It was their first day in Hawaii and already they had a story to tell.

“Mom did you see that?” Travis asked her excitedly as he made his way back to their chairs.

“I sure did. You guys saved his life,” she replied proudly.

“Travis did the saving, I just helped out at the end,” Mark replied proudly having seen his son’s heroic actions up close.

“Well, I’m sure that man appreciates what you guys both did,” she told them.

Karen kissed her husband and hugged her son. Travis bristled when he felt her warm sunbathed body against his wet skin. He hated to admit it but he found his mother’s body wonderfully irresistible. His friends had unashamedly rated her as their number one pick on their fantasy “hottest moms you know” draft list. It was a depraved game that only horny teenage boys could have come up with. Being constantly reminded that his mom was a “milf” with a nice ass and big tits had forced him to see his mother in a different light the last few years. Seeing her in a bikini on days like today was something special. Being able to hug her while she wore her sexy top and bottom wasn’t something he recalled ever doing.. He instantly felt himself harden as they hugged. He couldn’t wait to get back to his room to look at all the candid pictures he had taken of her earlier in the day.

“We should probably find something to eat soon,” Mark said out loud after a few minutes after everything had passed. .

“Travis you need to get to bed early tonight because tomorrow you got a double header,” he reminded him.

The Reasor family had traveled to Hawaii to enjoy a week long vacation on the Island but more importantly they had traveled there for Travis’ soccer tournament. It was going to be The Gunners’ last year together and the parents had decided to end the long run with a Hawaii tournament. Now that a lot of the boys were 18 and heading out to college they knew they wouldn’t have the numbers to continue the team next year and it was only fitting they went off with a bang.

“A burger and a nap does sound good…” Travis replied as the adrenaline subsided inside him.

Later that night, after the family had gone out to eat at a local restaurant; Mark and Karen talked about what they were going to do for the rest of the week after the tournament. pangaltı escort They decided that; snorkeling, biking, and horseback riding were a must do. The last item on their list was to visit a nude beach. The nude beach was mainly Mark’s kinky idea and Karen agreed to it as long as they could find something fun for Travis to do on his own. She loved the idea of being nude outdoors but hated the idea of ditching her son.

Right before they went to sleep Mark squeezed Karen’s ass and ran his hand between her legs.

“Behave…” she said quietly before reaching back to remove his hand.

Mark ignored her and prodded again.

“What if Travis wakes up?” she asked him a little more loudly.

“We’ll be quiet,” Mark whispered.

Earlier in the day, Karen had mentioned to Mark she had been feeling a little horny. The excitement from the rescue had gotten her blood pumping but it was a group of young men near the hotel pool that had caused her to blush. They were not much older than her son and had a European looked to them. She wondered if they were also there for the tournament. They were all tanned with athletic builds but it was their tight sexy underwear that caused her to stumble as she walked by them. She had always found the banana hammock style bikinis ridiculous on men. That being said, they filled them out well and she found it hard to ignore their effect on her. She freely admitted to Mark how she felt hot between her legs only a few moments later but made sure not to mention what had caused the sudden urge.

On the other hand, Mark had his own reasons for being aroused. Being surrounded by attractive women in bikinis and g-strings all day had awoken his libido. He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed seeing different women in different styles of bathing suits, especially when they were walking away from him. He was an ass man through and through. It was one of the reasons he had been so hopelessly attracted to Karen in the first place. That being said, he couldn’t pretend not to notice the attention Karen garnered everywhere they went. Her two piece suit had put him in a heightened state of excitement but it was seeing the way other men and even women stared at her that caused him to adjust his shorts constantly. When she had told him she felt horny only a few seconds after having passed a group of young men that unashamedly watched her walk by, he was hell bent on having her as soon as he got a chance.

For a while he had begun to develop an odd fascination of showcasing his wife. When Mark transferred to the a new startup it quickly became apparent that some of his coworkers were pretty well established financially. The thought these recent college grads were making more money than him didn’t really bother him at first. He knew he was at the bottom of the totem pole and would need to climb up eventually. It was only after he overheard rude comments being made about his old Nissan that he decided he must do something to gain their respect.

At his first company Christmas party, Mark made sure to buy Karen an elegant yet sexy black dress. He knew would it bring out her greatest assets and Karen was all too happy to have an excuse to doll up. From the minute they walked in, Mark could see the envy in his coworker’s’ eyes. It brought him great pleasure to know that although he might be struggling with his new career he still had something they didn’t… a 5’9″ natural beauty that he could call his wife.

With that thought of those young men ogling his wife at the pool, Mark pulled his wife’s panties down and easily dipped his cock into her awaiting pussy. They quietly made love in their spooning position while their only son slept on the other bed. A few minutes later Mark came inside her with a sudden grunt. Although she had enjoyed the quick fuck she couldn’t help but wish he had lasted just a little bit longer.


Saturday morning Travis woke up eager to see the rest of his teammates. The parents and players met at the field 2 hours before the first game and chatted about what they had done since they had arrived. Travis was quick to recount the rescue he had performed. The first game was fairly easy for the boys. They won handily 4-1. The team had about 3 hrs between the first and second game and many decided to just hang out on the field till the second game started. Karen watch fondly as Travis goofed around with his friends. They had now played together for at least 7 years but It seemed like only yesterday he had all joined the team.

In her eyes, they were all still just boys even if their bodies had dramatically changed in recent years.

She was still watching them wrestle around, when Tommy, one of the most outgoing boys on the team, stuffed a sock down his slider shorts. Immediately all the boys began cracking up as the huge bulge protruded in front of him. Karen tried to look away but couldn’t’ help but laugh at how incredibly large his appendage now looked. Karen looked in Rebecca’s direction, Tommy’s mom, and saw her shaking her head in disbelief.

“I pendik escort swear, I don’t know what to do with him,” Rebecca sighed in her direction.

“It’s like the older he gets, the more immature he becomes,” She said exasperated.

“Well boys will be boys,” Karen replied smiling not knowing what else to say.

Tommy was now pretending to stretch and gyrated his hips so that his bulge stuck out even further. His teammates were dying of laughter as multiple passersbys were caught helplessly looking at his crotch.

By this point Amanda, another mother in the group chimed in.

“It is somewhat amazing how fascinated men are with their, you know what…” she said quietly enough for only them to hear.

“That’s one thing that will never change… no matter how old they get,” Rebecca replied.

All the women nodded in silent agreement before Heather, the team mom, spoke.

“I assume you’ve all been victims of dirty cum rags and cum socks?”

“Cum socks?” Rebecca asked surprised and confused.

Karen looked around and noticed some women were nodding.

“Oh you haven’t had to deal with that?” she said surprised.

“It’s when they jack off into a sock and just leave it there for you to collect,” she said matter of factly.

Karen listening intently as woman after woman began sharing their experiences with cum rags and cum socks. It felt odd to her that these women would share such private information about their sons. That being said she couldn’t help but remember the time she had found the dried cum stains on Travis’ bed frame. She remembered trying to clean it off without much success. Travis’ had layered it with several coats and had stained the wood permanently.

She remembered being grossed out at first and then later simply amazed at how much “staining” he had done.

She didn’t bother sharing her story with the group. Instead she just nodded in agreement and continued watching the boys wrestle. She couldn’t help now but wonder how big Tommy really was. Before long she found herself inspecting all the boys crotches and wondered curiously who might have the biggest dick in the group. Her eyes traveled from crotch to crotch discretely, imagining what they might look like beneath the thin fabric of their soccer shorts. Did they all have pubic hair or did they shave now that they were older? Were they all circumcised or were there some like her son Travis, uncircumcised and whole?

“I wonder if they all jack off…” she thought to herself.

It wasn’t until her eyes landed on Travis’ lap that she didn’t have to imagine the shape or size.

A few weeks back she had gone into his room to pick up his dirty clothes only to find him sleeping naked on his bed. She thought about leaving and coming back at a later time but the sheer amount of clothes strewn across the dirty adolescent room spurred her into action. She could see him out of the corner of her eye but quickly went about picking up his clothes from the floor and his desk. She tried not to look in his direction but noticed some clothes on his bed. She walked over and quietly picked up the shirts and underwear hanging from his bed posts.

“How does his clothes even end up here?” she asked herself in disbelief.

In the end her curiosity did get the best of her and she couldn’t help but take a quick look between his legs. She paused her cleaning to take in the site of his resting flaccid cock that lay gently on his leg. She could tell he had just showered by the damp hair and towel underneath him. He looked so clean and cute even though his room was a mess. Although he wasn’t aroused, Karen could see her boy wasn’t so little anymore just by the thickness of his shaft. He was sheathed and mostly retracted but it looked heavy and very capable of growing. She watched quietly for another few seconds and noted how smooth yet soft his balls looked. Just then she heard Mark arriving from work. She quickly pulled the towel from underneath Travis causing him to roll over. She smiled at his cute firm butt and left the room with a hamper full of dirty clothes, flushed cheeks, and new appreciation for her son’s cute body.

Karen was still daydreaming of that day when Travis approached her.

“Mom! It’s time. We have to go to the other side of the field,” he informed her.

Karen quickly nodded at him and picked up her belongings before joining the other parents on the sideline.


Sunday went by in a blur. The team made it out of the group stage fairly easily and all the way to the final where they lost in OT. The team was disappointed but knew they had lost against a better team. Karen and Mark recognized some of the players from the other team. It turned out the European looking boys from the pool were actually Italian and were a very talented bunch. Mark wondered if any of them recognized his wife in her regular clothes. That evening the team and parents went out to eat. Everyone had a great time recounting the tournament and discussing their plans for later in the week.


On rus escort Monday morning some of the players and their families headed back to the mainland. The Reasor family however had other plans and went about exploring the Island. They visited different shops and the usual touristy areas before heading back to their resort. That afternoon they relaxed at the swimming pool and hot tub. The walking had taken its toll, especially on Travis.

Travis was in the hot tub enjoying the jets shooting into his sore body when his parents joined him from the pool. Travis got an eyeful of his mother’s cleavage as she stepped in and forced himself to look away. Mark noticed his boy’s actions and smirked to himself. No one could escape his wife’s curvy figure, especially when her breasts were practically spilling over the stretchy top.

“You sore bud?” Mark asked as he sat down.

“Yeah my legs are killing me. Feels worse than it did yesterday,” Travis replied as he made a motion to massage his quads.

“Maybe you mom can give you a foot massage later,” Mark said nonchalantly.

Without missing a beat Karen replied.

“Oh yes honey, let me know if you want one,”

“Eh, that’s ok mom besides it’s more my legs then my feet,” Travis replied a little uncomfortable at the thought of his mother giving him a massage.

“Well we have a confession to make,” she suddenly said.

“Your dad and I got massages this morning and it they were simply wonderful,” she told him.

“I feel a little guilty that you didn’t get one, so I would like to make it up to you,” she admitted innocently.

“Oh I see,” Travis replied pretending to sound a little hurt they had invited him. In reality he didn’t really care but enjoyed teasing his mom.

“You were sleeping and we didn’t want to wake you,” Karen said in their defense.

“I’m kidding mom, I’m glad you guys went. I was really tired. I’m glad you didn’t wake me,” he finally replied.

Mark listened in but made no comment as his wife continued with her proposition. He found the thought exciting if not intriguing.

“Well just so you know, I did take a mental note of what they did so I bet I could do a pretty good job,” Karen informed them.

Travis thought about it for a short while before finally replying,

“I guess a massage would be nice.”

“Well don’t sound too excited bud,” Mark laughed at him.

“It’s not like everyday a beautiful woman offers you a massage you know,” he told him.

Travis thought about what he had said and understood how ungrateful he had sounded.

“Sorry mom. I would love a massage,” he said more eagerly.

All three of them laughed over the exchange and hung around in the hot tub until it was decided it was a good time to head back to their room.

Karen wasted no time in prepping her work area as soon as they got there.

“Alright, first thing we need to do is lay down some towels,” she announced.

“We’ll be using lots of baby oil and we don’t want to make a mess,” she informed the room.

Mark sat down in the small living room area and watched out of the corner of his eye as Karen and Travis got ready. He watched Travis curiously as Karen leaned over the bed to spread out the towels. He was looking at his mother’s ass deliberately and Mark could only imagine what the boy was thinking. Instead of feeling jealous or angry he felt his cock pulse in his pants.

“Ok now wrap this towel around yourself and take your shorts off,” she instructed him.

Travis did as he was told and took his board shorts off. He wondered if he needed to remind her that he wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his board shorts but assumed she knew.

“Alright, go ahead and lay down honey,” she instructed him.

Travis laid face down and felt his mother’s warm, oily hands come down on his back. Immediately he felt the knots in his body giving way to her movements.

“How does that feel?” she asked as she squeezed his shoulders.

“Hurts a little… but it feels good,” he replied, his voice slightly muffled by the bed.

Slowly Karen worked down his arms and finally down to his legs. Travis cooed as his mother squeezed his sore calves. Finally she got to his hamstrings and Travis could immediately feel blood rushing to his cock. He wondered if he should say something but he worried his mother would make a scene or that his father would overhear him. Instead he remained quiet and hoped the feeling would pass.

Meanwhile Karen lost her self, massaging her boy’s strong legs. The back of his legs were smooth and the oil made his hamstring stand out wonderfully as she slid her hands over him. His legs were hard and rippling with muscle from having played soccer for most of his life. She felt herself getting warm between her legs and subconsciously rubbed her legs together to feel her own warmth. It wasn’t long after that she felt hot and slippery between her pussy lips. She glanced in her husband’s direction instinctively too see what he was doing. She found him surfing diligently through the plethora of channels on their suite’s tv. She readjusted her stance and took the opportunity to fold the towel so that she could get better access to the upper part of his legs. In doing so she made the surprising discovering that Travis wasn’t wearing any underwear.

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