My Slutty Diary Pt. 01

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Well then, we should probably start at the beginning. It seems a long time ago when this happened and my recollection is a bit hazy but I can still remember the excitement and the taste, even if the blow job I gave was pretty poor!

I had just started college, and me and a friend who at the time who was much more ‘free’ than me (oh how I have now beaten her to that title :p) got invited to an older guys party. It was his 19th and he had the whole house to himself for the weekend. It was the generic college party lots of loud music, cheap beer and horny guys.

Me and my friend let’s call her Sarah, because that’s her name, mingled a bit but it wasn’t long until the beer got to us and we started dancing in the middle of the living room. Soon boys were grinding up against us and touching us, we both smiled and went with it. After a few songs the guys whose birthday it was came up to me, he was tall with massive casino siteleri thick toned arms. I hugged him and wished him happy birthday and gave him a bit of a grind.

At that point I felt his bulge. This is the first time I have had any contact with a guy in that way, I’ve snogged a few guys but never got my hands down their pants. I turned to my friend to giggle to find her on top of one of the guys on the sofa sucking his face off. I carried on.

Most of the guys would dance with me for several minutes then move onto the next girl, but this guy didn’t he just got closer and closer. Soon I could feel his crotch rub against my ass and it sent shivers down me. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter, I agreed as I walked past my friend she leant out and slapped my ass and whispered ‘slut’ I giggled but how right she would later be.

He walked me into his room, which was full of posters of cars and sports gear, we fell onto the bed and started making out. He stripped me down to just my panties. canlı casino After a while I told him I haven’t done anything like this, he understood and told me he would help me. I slowly and very clumsily undid his jeans. His cock sprang out of his shorts I let out a little giggle again. He told me to hold it, and for the first time I felt the strong warm powerful shaft of a cock. He guided me through slowly showing me how to wank him, after a while he asked if I wanted to suck it. I did. Very much so. by now his cock was about 6 inches and a nice girth, he had a nice purplish head to him.

He asked me to lick the shaft and suck the head, I slowly worked his head into my mouth. I can still remember the salty taste to this day, I worked my mouth around his cock head slow getting more and more into my mouth. It wasn’t long before he was moaning. I have never felt so accomplished in my life. It wasn’t long until he started bucking and yelled that he was going to cum. He pushed my head out the way and took over, wanting himself kaçak casino hard. I was a little annoyed by this but I got to watch him explode everywhere, he covered himself the bed, my nose and my hair. I sat for a moment and stared as his beautiful cock. He looked at me and said wow thanks for the birthday present I smiled and said ‘no problem!’

I went into his on-suite bathroom to tidy myself up and to put my clothes on, my underwear was soaked. I looked into the mirror and saw my slightly ruffled hair and the bit of cum that had hit my face. One bit dripped onto my lip and I licked it off, I loved the salty taste, I haven’t tasted anything else like that. My nipples were rock solid, never had they been like this. My hand made it back down to my panties, I shoved 2 fingers deep into my pussy, and within seconds I was on my tiptoes, holding onto the sink, orgasming. Once I came down from my high, I realised where I was and that my firmed might be worried, I quickly tidied myself up, got changed and walked back to the party.

I shouldn’t have worried about my friend, she was still exploring every inch of some guys mouth with her tongue. I went to get another drink, and spent the rest of this night catching the eye of the birthday boy.

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