My Sister My Valentine

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It was another Valentine’s Day, same as many with no one to share it with. At 48 I was divorced twice with a succession of girlfriends come and gone in between and lacking confidence in my prospects. That and here I was sharing an apartment with my sister, 52 and never married, Karen lived with a succession of guys, a string of lousy boyfriends mixed in along the way and here we found ourselves.

We both got home from work and without speaking to share our common situations Karen poured two glasses of whiskey and came to where I was sitting on the couch. She then plopped herself down on my lap and handed me a glass saying, “Here’s to fucking Valentine’s Day.”

At first I thought she might have started drinking before this but she had not. We both worked on our drinks, which were tall glasses and really didn’t talk.

Now Karen sitting on my lap wasn’t a regular thing, I don’t recall us ever being in this position. And it’s not like it was a comfortable position even for me at 6-2 tall and 245 pounds. You see Karen is 5-7 tall and weighs a pear shaped 230 pounds, she’s got average sized shoulders and 37B chest but wide hips, thick thighs and a big fat flat ass that she’s complained about since she was 15.

I almost asked what was going on but was content to just sip the whiskey and drown my sorrows when out of the blue Karen leans towards me and kisses me. I was shocked and startled causing me to shift in my seat which caused Karen to begin to slide off my lap. I reacted by reaching down with my free hand to catch her and what I grabbed was a big handful of her ass.

That kept her from falling etiler bdsm escort on the floor and I have to say after the kiss I wasn’t turned off grabbing Karen’s big well cushioned ass. So when she was sure she wasn’t falling she kissed me again. This time I returned the favor and kissed her back and continued to grab her fat extra padded backside. That’s when our tongues began to explore each other’s gums and she hugged me with her free arm we were plastered together.

When we broke off our kiss we looked at each other downed the rest of our drinks and Karen said, “Brad tell me you want to fuck me as bad as I want to fuck you.”

I looked my sister right in the eye, slapped her fat butt and said, “Your room or mine?”

“I’ve got condoms, so come on let’s go.” said Karen pulling me by the hand to my feet and towards her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom we both quickly shed our clothes and stood naked next to the bed. With no plan in mind I guided my sister onto her bed and followed, moving between her legs. This was uncharted territory for me, staring at my sister’s pussy was not a situation I ever thought I would be in or want to be in but I had been having a few lousy decades with women and to find one eager to get it on with me, even my older sister, I was all in.

I gave her snatch a kiss then got to licking and probing for her clit and enjoying myself at the same time. I reached under my sister and squeezed her big fat ass with both hands, I freely admit to being an ass man and well at least Karen can some attention from a man who appreciates what she’s got. It etiler elit escort was good to get some pussy, even if it was my sister, but better because she was into it and we were both enjoying it.

Karen was rolling her hips and I could sense that she liked my efforts and I sure was having a goodtime. Then Karen locked her ankles behind me and squeezed my head as she had a body shaking orgasm. I was happy she got off and proud of myself for being able to please her.

After a minute or so when Karen released her thigh lock on my head I rolled onto my back. My sister quickly just as swiftly rolled off the bed and began pushing me to the center of the bed. After I helped and got moving it was her turn to jump between my legs and go down on me.

My six inch cock was already hard and Karen wasted no time taking half of it into her mouth. How much talent my sister had for sucking cock had never actually crossed my mind before but that didn’t mean I wasn’t content to let her show what she could do. And Karen could do plenty.

She quickly worked her lips down to the base of my cock, deep throating it. It was fabulous to feel her lick the bottom of the shaft as she slid her mouth up and down the length of my cock repeatedly. I closed my eyes and they may have rolled back in my head as my sister fondled my balls while deep throating my cock.

Karen pulled back releasing my dick from her talented mouth which was momentarily disappointing until she reached over to grab a condom. My spirits rose to match my hard on and after rolling it on my cock Karen plopped down on etiler escort her back next to me and said, “OK Brad you got me good and wet and you’re as hard as a man can be so climb on and stick it to me good.”

Well romantic Karen never has been but she knows how to get laid. I scrambled between her legs which she thoughtfully has spread wide apart and wasted no time slipping the head of my dick into my sister’s pussy. True I was as hard as I had ever been and Karen’s snatch was wet allowing me to go in deep from the get go.

I didn’t feel like taking my time and Karen didn’t seem in any mood for slow and easy so I was quickly pounding down on her, pumping the full length of my dick into her pussy and driving her fat ass into the mattress.

I wouldn’t claim Karen had the tightest pussy or was the most fabulous woman I had ever been with but emotionally it was the most incredible fuck I could ever remember. Part of that was the look of joy and excitement on Karen’s face. Who knows how long it had been since she had been with someone in a mutually satisfying fuck.

When I was ready to cum I put my arms around Karen and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and we held each other climaxing. As we lay in each other’s arms Karen paid me what I considered high tribute, even it made us both think of so many years wasted when she said, “Dammit Brad if I had known we were that good together we could have started getting it on 30 years ago.”

I sighed and replied, “Well water under the bridge Karen. Tomorrow is all that matters.”

Karen to be honest forever has a few days every so often when she’s not a bitch, which is a major part of her failed relationships and I don’t open up to women emotionally which it seems every one I’ve ever been involved with hated. So this is the new path all that has led us and for the first time in quite a while I didn’t want to kick Cupid’s ass around the block on the 15th.

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